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  1. Looks much higher. I'm in at 93.13 and will review for exit if we close below 90
  2. Long term trade here. I believe prices will trend a lot higher.
  3. Why VDE and not XLE?
  4. One of my accounts is with Vanguard.
  5. XLE has better liquidity, maybe you don't care that much about it if it's a long term trade, but with XLE, you can sell options to hedge your position.
  6. Long term so concerned with liquidity. Thanks for pointing as I am not the only reader.
  7. 94.42 currently. Staying long here.
  8. We've fallen to an area that I would look as support. 93 to 93.50. Last print was 93.52. I look for buying to step in in this area for the next push higher.
  9. EIA reported a huge gasoline build and despite a decent crude draw, the report was overall bearish. Oil near the high of it's range and we might not see much strength in oil until early next spring.
  10. Buying did indeed come in the area described. We are at 94.59 right now.I'll hold long here.
  11. Still long here @ 95.72
  12. Closed today @ 96.19. This oil is starting to heat up. Staying long.
  13. Nice close today!! 98.26
  14. Another nice closing today @ 98.58
  15. Realized I mistyped this message. It should read---Long term so NOT concerned with liquidity. Thanks for pointing OUT as I am not the only reader---
  16. We have cleared a bot of resistance here and I am looking for the next major level to be 110 area. Currently 98.72 and staying long with full position on.
  17. Last print 101.67. Staying Long
  18. Last print 103.21 and a high today of 103.27. Staying long here. Currently a gain of 10.82 percent.
  19. Last print 104.66. Staying long
  20. We had a bit of a selloff yesterday down to the closing of 104.69 but overall I still think this moves higher. Today's last print looks to be 105.48 so we are .51 off of the Friday close. Staying long here.
  21. Last print@ 106.03. Looks like we'll make a run soon on the high of 106.65. Staying in here.
  22. I don't expect serious resistance until 110 area. We'll see.