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USA to veto UN vote on "Palestine"

  1. USA will do the right thing and veto the "Palestine" vote.

    Palestinians support terror, so voting for Palestine is the same as voting for terror.

    God bless Israel.
  2. Contributions on this vital thread are welcome, except from anti-semites and supporters of Muslim Terrorism, who should instead go to Afghanistan for NATO target practice :D
  3. I will start this thread off by saying that Americans will always be welcome in Israel.
  4. Then PLEASE immigrate there and never come back.

    A plus for both countries!
  5. Typical anti-semitic post. Go back to your cave in Iran or Pakistan.
  6. quote from rew:

    I get the part about 'a plus' for us, but for israel???

    I can think of NO country that has committed acts so vile against mankind so as to be forced to accept THE JERK as its punishment.

    I know, I know I know ... I've been reported to the spcj and all that shit.
  7. Well...which is it, Iran or Pakistan?

  8. How many virgins will you have there waiting for me ? :( .
  9. Okay, I admit that it's anti-Semitic to recommend imposing jakejones on Israel. Despite their sins they don't deserve *that*.
  10. I say give the Palestinians land...I think there is still plenty of land available in Antarctica! Oh, do they mean part of Israel...ummmm, already to small...plenty of land in Antarctica!
  11. their brothers in Jordan have lots of space... they can all become Jordanians probably starting about any time they want to negotiate that... the truth is they are supported where they are [by who knows who all exactly????] as political tools against the Jews...
  12. It doesn't really matter. We're gonna take out both :D
  13. quote from jakejones:

    Considering all the good you could do for your fellow israeltonians, have you ever considered a career as a suicide bomber?? Just think ... you could walk into a marketplace somewhere in either iran or pakistan ... you know, with one of those new fangled I.U.D.'s ... they're even available in suppositary form, now ... and then, like an atomic fart ... KA-PEWIEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Lol....he's going to report you. :D .
  15. quote from spiker:

    Yeah, he already has. And the S.P.C.J. is about as tired as we are of a certain someone's flapping their mouth around like a gefilte fish in its final throes.
  16. Latest news ...courtesy AL-JAZEERA.

    Israel wants to negotiate with the Palestinians , apparently an attempt to stop them going to the UN.
  17. Quote from spiker:

    The palestinians better make sure their pockets are sewed up real tight before they enter the room.
  18. The Palestinians are likely to commit acts of terror soon. This will necessitate a full scale war with the muzzie terrorists.

    If a full scale war breaks out, minor things like silly UN votes will have to be put on hold.

    If it does go to a vote, then at least Obama HUSEIN is a muzzie with a conscience and will veto it!! :D

    God bless Israel and USA and may the enemies of God's Chosen People rot in hell.

    The following countries are the enemies of the USA and should be bombed: Iran, Syria and various districts in Lebanon. Israel will provide American troops with moral support for these wars.