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up 29% this month!

  1. Sweet!
  2. Now, this is a meaningless thread .. what a waste of technology ...
  3. you have not seen anything yet!
  4. haha be not envious of my number
  5. just this month? how about previous months? some guys here can generate profit monthly but not me
  6. read losses up 29 % in an upward market :p

  7. i hear you. this is my first month, and im not using much money.
  8. You turn $100 into $129 lol?
  9. Why would anyone be jealous of a number on a screen? Why not say you're up 290% or 2900%? They're numbers of no substance just like 29 since you cant back it up why not make it look really good?
  10. You arent jealous??? damnit! because, you know, that was my first intention.
  11. I made 25% in the last two weeks... do i win?
  12. thats awesome bro. if only we can hold on to our gains right?
  13. People with small accounts like to talk about their percentage winnings. Up 29% sounds good, but on a $10k account it's not too big a deal.

    People with large accounts like to talk about their dollar winnings. A $20k month sounds good but if it's a dude with $5 mill in the bank, that's pretty pathetic.
  14. 29% in any account is a big deal. the risk it took for that 29% must be amazing. I bow down to your iron stomach.
  15. Percentage without dollar value is meaningless.
    Dollar value without percentage is meaningless.
    Percentage and dollar value posted as profit by someone else is still meaingless to YOU.

    You do not make money, lose money, nor gain any new knowledge from someone else's profit or loss numbers.

    Therefore this thread is meaningless to everyone but the OP. Just stand aside and let him have his moments of joy.
  16. +1 on that.

    Nothing screams 'amateur piker' like chest-beating about returns.

    But since you're new and I suppose we were all guilty of bragging a little in the very beginning, I'm glad for you.

    Bottom line: Unless you've scored enough to retire on one single trade, gains mean sh-t without consistency.