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Ubuntu Linux or Windows 10?

  1. I'm planning to buy a new Dell desktop. I'm using Windows 7 and quite happy with it. I just want another for a backup. I'm not too big on changes and may opt for another Windows 7. But between Ubuntu Linux and Windows 10, which do you prefer and why?
  2. Suggest getting another exactly the same as what you have already. That way if your rig craps out you can plug the drive into the other machine and be running again in no time.

    As for "what to buy today"? All seems up in the air until Intel gets the Meltdown/Spectre business under control.
  3. Here's an idea. On your next machine set it up as a dual-boot between the two. After a year or so you'll know which YOU prefer.

    I've messed with Ubuntu and it is clean and fast, but depending upon your needs you may like Windows better. Only way to know is to try.
  4. Or just buy a Windows machine. You can throw Linux on it "whenever." It's free.
  5. If you plan on running trading software you will probably want the windows machine... If you don't care about software support, linux will be cheaper :)
  6. What are you trying to backup? Your data or your entire system.
    If you just want to backup your data, why are you buying another system? Windows is anything but maintenance free.
    If you buy a Linux backup system, unless you regularly maintain and test the system, you don't have a backup.
  7. Thanks to all!

    @DaveV I just mean the second machine as a backup in case the primary fails. I only run Ameritrade basic (not Trade Architect) and 2 to 5 finviz chart and screener tabs.

    @Scataphagos ... i like your idea best. Just thought I'd get some wise counsel from others.
  8. Really depends on your use case. I'm huge Ubuntu (gnome) advocate, but it's not for everyone. There is almost always a open source alternative for any commonly used software package, but they usually aren't as good. Excel, for example, is far better than libreoffice calc.

    For my workflow, I find Ubuntu to be a much more productive environment. Window management, tiling, etc is much better for multitasking, in my opinion.

    I dual boot Ubuntu gnome 16.04 and windows 10. Only time I ever use the windows side is for PowerPoint or Excel that I need to share with others. That being said...win10 is the best windows I've used.
  9. I personally stick to Windows 10 to save myself trouble and time fixing software incompatibility issues with Ubuntu. Time is worth lots of money too!
  10. Windows 10 for work and games, GNU/Linux for privacy.

    Windows is just decades ahead in term of optimization and compatibility but i wouldn't trust it with sensitive data.
  11. Do you want to be a trader or IT geek?

    Traders go for the thing that gets them up and running fastest. IT geek love to mess with tech but make no $$$ at the end of the day.

    Win 10 is much closer to win 7 than Ubuntu.
  12. I changed my OS on my laptop a few months ago... from Win10 to Linux.
    My reason was that my laptop was just getting slower and slower... the change definitely helped.

    But... It's not an easy OS to use. I don't really like it, since it's more technical... takes me too much time to add new programs etc. So... If I would buy a new laptop or pc, it will be Win 10 again....
  13. both Ubuntu and Windows, the overhead is not much.
  14. Mac is the best....
  15. Try Linux Mint.
  16. for programming purposes I think linux (without a window manager) is a lot easier. If you're planning on using it as a desktop then ms windows hands down
  17. IF the software you want to run will run on GNU/Linux, it will run faster than on Win 10.
    (music, monitor color calibration, etc., are all mind blowingly better with GNU/Linux, typically upon install; but this is not your concern for trading)

    GNU/Linux will have a learning curve.
    • If you're not technically inclined, you may wish to avoid that.
    • However, the total effort is significantly less than I've spent fighting Windows over the years. As in, effort per box is significantly less with GNU/Linux than with Windows.
    • That said, if you go with a trading-dedicated machine (below), it will be more time/effort to get your first GNU/Linux box up and working as you want.
    A common recommendation is to have a machine that is dedicated to trading, NOTHING else. That greatly simplifies both the maintenance and the risk.
  18. Windows 10 has a decent user experience but you have to deal with a lot of garbage when coming from 7. First it's all the spyware that is pre-installed and sends all sorts of information out, Spybot and the likes help to disable most of it. Then it's the utterly dumb way it updates itself, taking a lot of control away from the user - Windows 7 was much better in this sense.
    Driver compatibility and the ability to play games makes Windows more user friendly, it's why I prefer over any Linux OS.
  19. I play modern games on Linux all the time, using Steam, but there are also other ways. Firefox/Chrome supports DRM (ugh) for Netflix etc.
    You may need to install graphics drivers manually though, to get the proper drivers for your GPU. Otherwise, most works but need some more initial tweaking than on Windows, but then much less, more stable, secure and private.
  20. That's good, things have improved over time. Stability-wise, I've had zero problems with W10, it has been completely solid.
  21. Classic Shell to the rescue!

  22. The biggest reason I would say to stick with Windows is the driver support and learning curve if you've never used Linux before. I used Ubuntu for about a year in 2014 but got fed up with the system breaking every time I wanted to install a new component or major update because of driver issues. This was also on a custom built machine, so if you're desktop is a popular model out of the box it may be much less of an issue. The learning curve is also fairly steep to set up some programs if you are unfamiliar with using a command line.
  23. I use Ubuntu Linux but let's not kid ourselves, Windows is a better product for almost anyone that would be asking this question.

    Usability, stability and driver/application support are the most important features of an operating system. You can make Windows very safe easier than you can make Linux more useable with better support.

    If Ubuntu Linux was better, Microsoft wouldn't have a commercial product.
  24. Bingo. If you have to ask, then windows is for you.

  25. Only switch to Linux if you have a need or if you are really interested in learning a new OS and are willing to invest time and mental energy in the learning process.

    If you want an OS that just works then stay with Microsoft. Windows 10 is superb.
  26. been telling people this for years, windows>linux

    maybe if you're a true unix guru with deep skillz, you can make it dance, but I always found it to be way too messy for anything serious.

    i run 100 diff apps on Windows and its rock solid 99.999999% of the time.

    havent had to rebuild my setup for near a decade

    case klozed