TWS Just Disappeared... Great...

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by version77, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. Anyone else just have TWS disappear? I don't remember this
    happening before.... :mad:

    They won't let me re-login either...
  2. H2O


    No Problems here, on Swiss server though..
  3. TWS is back. Such a stable platform... :D
  4. Htrader

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    all this might have something to do with either your java version or that particular tws version. try stepping down to the previous release.

    I haven't had any problems for a while.
  5. could it be your auto-logoff feature
    was modified ?
  6. taodr


    Try enter the java nodraw line they are recommending.( properties) I had fade aways but none since then , touch wood.
  7. CalTrader

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    .... Just a completely unbiased comment - I have no business relationship with TMBR or IB ......

    We have had very few problems with this platform - occasional glitches but nothing like you keep reporting.

    Are you sure this isn't something related to your ISP or telco provider or configuration ? I'm sure you have looked at this. It can make quite a difference - one of the issues with using a public internet connection to go to a critical service. Some ISP's reset connections randomly which can disrupt some applications: others filter traffic at their routers in ways which they dont announce. Some default routes have less reliable nodes. Some line qualities are just plain bad. Also some software firewall programs can cause problems you would not expect. .... Just a few ideas.
  8. My tws has disappeared several times in the past. posted it on et. hasn't happened today. I have msn isp. I don't think that the combination is very reliable, whoevers fault it is.
  9. Using Java 2 Runtime Environment , SE v1.4.1_02

    TWS version Build 808.3

    Perhaps I need to upgrade to a newer version? Untill last
    week I was not having the disconnecting/disappearing problems...
  10. No, this isn't the problem...
    #10     Nov 18, 2003