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  1. Do you ever have "one of those days?"

    Today I wake up after dropping my girlfriend off at the train station. I'm already up early, so I have to kill some time before work. I go to make a call and my cell phone doesn't work. Come to find out that my web payment didn't go through, and now Sprint wants to charge me $5.00 because of that. I have no idea why it didn't go through.

    So then I tell the lady to use my VISA checkcard to process the payment. The card is declined. I then tell her that I need to call the bank. The bank then tells me that the reason my card was declined was because of insufficient funds. I get to work and check online and then find out that the deposit I put into the bank doesn't post until the next day anyhow.

    So then tonight my girlfriend calls my roommate's cellphone and breaks up with me. So in the course of 24 hours, I've managed to:

    a) Get my cell turned off
    b) Screw up my bank account
    c) Get dumped

    Has anyone had one of those days before?
  2. Yes.
  3. I mean it is just something out of the twilight zone. I called her while she was on the train back to New York and she sounded great and happy and said she had a great time. Then I get a call around 11:30pm and she says, "I think we should break up."

    No logic, no continuity -- nothing. I just said, "ok" on the phone because I felt removed from the situation. As if it weren't really happening but yet it was. Like I was playing a part in a movie.

  4. The more interesting question would be "has anyone NOT had one of those days before?".

    Sorry it happened to you today Aphie, but it's part of life, and shit happens.

    Remember the old expression...(loosely paraphrased) "If it doesn't kill me, it makes me stronger".

    Aphie, I know today sucked for you. But looking back in the not distance future, you will see that in perspective, today was just not a good day. But certainly not a terrible day. Terrible days sadly will occur. Part of life. And you will live through them too.

    No logic that you could decode from a female? Gee Aphie, you were surprised about this? When did you arrive on Earth?

    Peace, and have a GREAT DAY tomorrow!!!

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    Destiny. I hate her ...
    De ja vue, too.
    Anybody seen "Matrix" ... ?

  6. Maybe your girlfreind emptied your bank account??:confused:
  7. Well now that I no longer have a girlfriend, I guess I should look at the positive side and just view it as a virtual pay-raise. :confused:
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    Distilled liquor doesn't have stings.


    Years ago when my now wife went to Columbia, I gave her a Debit card from my account in case she had an 'emergency"...It was such an incredible gesture that she cried and gave me a wonderful night in return.....HOWEVER....Knowing women like I do , I put a 100.00 limit on it ( unbeknownst to her).....Well we had a big fight and she stomped out and she found out because as she would later admit, she was going shopping and was going to go spend a grand or two to piss me off!!!!

    Women....Was god trying to help man....or just really piss him off!!:confused:
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    First thing s first. :D

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