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True Scary Stories

  1. This story is 100% true, what I saw I don;t know, but it scared the crap out of me, and still the thought makes me literally shake with fear... I have only told a few people this story, and this is the first time it has ever been written down....

    Being a rational scientific minded person, I have a difficult time with stories of the spirit world, ghosts and mysticism of all types. However, several years ago, I had 2 experiences that scared the living crap out of me. I still don't know what this was, demonologists would call it an incubus or a succubus or something like that-- to me, it was the most terrifying thing I ever encountered and I still get chills thinking about it.

    Late night in King of Prussia, PA, several friends and I decided to go get a pizza at the local strip mall pizza joint. This place was in the burbs and surrounded by residential housing. It was around 11PM, as we were waiting to be served, I happen to hear something tapping on the window, one booth away from us, looking up into the rainy night, it was a stunningly beautiful blonde girl just standing there in the foggy rain staring at me ( us ). The entire parking lot was desolate and the pizza shop was the only store open in the strip mall. This girl had the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen up to that point. I thought it was very odd she didn't come inside, but just stood outside-- slowly tapping on the window. I went outside to see what was going on and to talk to this stunning beauty. As I approached her, and said hello-- she smiled with the most disgusting rotted teeth I have ever seen-- the beautiful image quickly turned repulsive, I looked away, looked back and the person had vanished. I rapidly made my way back into the pizza shop, telling my friends she was some kind of crack whore and it must have been the lights that made her look beautiful----

    3 years later, I couldn't sleep and took a walk down to the docks in Nantucket around 1AM. I saw the exact same person dangling her feet in the water at the end of an empty dock-- from the rear she looked stunning, i had a strange "knowing" feeling but couldn't place it immediately---- as I approached her to say hello, she turned, and had those exact same nasty nasty teeth--- my mind flashed backed to our earlier meeting--- she whispered, I have been waiting for you.... I turned and ran back to my hotel-- thankfully, I have never seen this creature since.....
  2. Maybe it was large marge..

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  4. It was the TA witch. Just like TA she lures you from afar with her tidiness and beauty. However, once you investigate closer she is anything but. Legend has it that she seeks out wannabe traders who secretly use TA and denigrate others for doing the same.
  5. Aye matey! Tis is she indeedy. She hath brought drowned many a traders and blown up their accounts
  6. It was the TA witch. Just like TA she lures you from afar with her tidiness and beauty. However, once you investigate closer she is anything but. Legend has it that she seeks out wannabe traders who secretly use TA and denigrate others for doing the same.

  7. I think your twin just posted this earlier-- you need to get him under control. surf
  8. Wrong again moron.
  9. ok, whatever you say, friend. surf
  10. learn a powerful pray, practice it daily so you remember how to pray during the darkest hour. Want to scare yourself? watch "Paranormal Witness: The Hollywood Sign Haunting" on SyFy channel.
  11. Whatever. You did not include the most important piece of information....if nobody found out about it would you do her?
  12. There's always an explanation.

    One time I was driving my car on a small road near Ste Maxime, France with my girlfriend on the passenger seat and at one point we see a pedestrian woman walking the same way, slowly, with some kind of hoodie over the head. It was weird because there is generally nobody walking at night on this road... As we reached her level with the car, she starts screaming...the most terrifying noise I have ever heard in my life, straight out of hell...What was even more disturbing is it was hard to know where the noise was coming from, At first I thought it was my girlfriend shouting straight next to me. We watch behind the car to see what happened to the woman, she is still there, walking slowly, we couldn't see her face in the dark..."Get the fuck out of here"

    I later heard from locals that this woman had recently been internated in psychiatry, she had been doing it for a long time. I think a sane person wouldn't be able to produce such a sound, it was the closest thing I experienced in my life to something "from the other side".
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  14. I found a man who had just committed suicide when I was about 10 years old. That was pretty scarrrrrrY
  15. it was late at night when I turned into my neighborhood I glanced at rear view mirror and saw a person in white walking along my drving direction. Being neighborly I slowed down and was prepared to give her a ride but I took my eye off the mirror for a second and when I looked again nobody there. From that turn to my house it is about 2m walk so I have a funny felling every time I take out my trash at night.