Trayvon's Phone Photos and Texts - Not allowed as evidence

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    From TMs phone:
    November 2011 - texted a friend that he was suspended from school for being in a fistfight.
    Later in the month, on the 21st, he exchanged messages with at least one friend about another after-school fight.
    One of Trayvon's cellphone pictures shows two teens about to square off against one another as a third stands in the middle like a referee. TM said he fought a rival who "snitched on me."
    TM: "I lost da 1st round :) but won da 2nd nd 3rd."
    "So you just turning into a lil hoodlum," one friend, whose name has been withheld, texted TM.
    TM replied that his friend was just "too soft".
    "Boy don't get one planted in ya chest," the friend joked back.
    Also text messages about a friend getting him a gun, TM asking if a different friend wanted to "Share" a .380 with him, and pictures of guns.

    Just some of the text messages & pictures the jury wasn't allowed to see, because the defense couldn't prove TM sent them.
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    There was something on TM's facebook page about him assaulting a bus driver, too. Zimmerman was obviously not in any physical condition to start picking fights, let a lone with people much taller than him. I don't care if he was armed or not.

    TM just started a fight with the wrong easy mark. It would have happened sooner or later anyway.
  4. The judge is a life-long Democrat, so she's helping the prosecutors.