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  1. Could anyone who speaks japanese translate this book into english?
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    Lol, how much are you willing to pay for the translation of entire book into English?
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    Google translate - 390 characters at a time. I will do for $500.

    Introduction The way of winning has not changed since I was a simple child. On the other hand, I feel like I have come a long way. I feel like I have grown up with three children and I feel like I haven't grown up. I came as an individual trader under the name cis. In 2000, when he was 21 years old, he started investing for 3 million yen, and his current assets are 23 billion yen. It seems that it is known as an individual trader, and it has been called by the now-lost standard program of lunch, "Let's laugh!" I know about me on Twitter, the shareboard of 2Channel, or the summary article of "A man who can move the Nikkei average with one power" on "Shibu Kabu full power 2 stories" which is a financial summary site There may be people. As an investor, you might think of someone who helps a company through buying stock. I'm not an investor in that regard, but I think it's more like a gamer and gambler. Other games
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    There's a few traders here fluent in Japanese. They are not going to translate the entire book for free for you. :D

    Best to go to a language forum and find some geek that may do translation for free or for a very low fee.

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    1. If he is publishing a book, he probably lost his edge.But anyway, chances are you are not going to learn how to make money from it.
    2. The book will be published in English sooner or later.
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    #1 - Ridiculous

    Don't personally know the guy but I've heard the book is not about teaching a trade method. Thus, there's no edge to be lost. :wtf:

    Last of all, too many professions where someone (e.g. athlete) has written a book just because they're under contract including the profession of writing. Too many people make comments like you do without any knowledge of the content in the book nor understand the language.

    Next, you then assume that the OP is trying to find a translator of the book to learn how to make money. Seriously, maybe the OP is a gamer like CIS and was hoping to gain some insights about the gaming world considering CIS is well known to mix both (gaming / trading) in his lifestyle and online postings.

    Actually, from what I've heard from those that do speak Japanese, most of his comments online are about gaming. Therefore, based upon your logic...maybe he lose his edge in gaming. :D

    Maybe the book is simply about the philosophy of his life as a trader / education info about what to do for your next trade.

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    Good point, but could mean no edge to be gained too. Also, just because he is good at trading, not necessary good at philosophy.

    It isn't him wanting a translation, it is American publishers wanting to sell books.
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    Actually, I didn't think about that American or maybe even a publisher trying to profit off his book. A lot of that going around the past 10 years.

    In college, a Japanese friend wrote an Anthropology book just for a small group of professionals in his field that were Japanese and understood the culture.

    Other people outside of Japan tried to get translation of the book and one of them was a publisher.