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  1. I am a member of Tradingmarkets.com and I used to frequent their message boards daily. However, sometime early last week, (end of August) they posted a message saying that they are revamping the whole site and the message boards were gone. No further details were given as to when and if they would come back. The site has gone through a lot of changes in the past year, and many of their top comentators have abruptly left ie. Jeff Cooper. Their was also a lot of criticism of management posted by members on the message board. I am now wondering if this is the reason for the revamp of the site ie. no message boards, no criticism? Are their any fellow Tradingmarkets.com members on this board. Love to hear your thoughts about the site. Thanks.
  2. I agree with your observations. Until about 6 months ago it was very vibrant. Lots of good lessons and tutorials by pro's with proven track records (Borsellino, Boucher, Mader etc).

    Now it's mostly people with "after the fact" analysis and very few insightful lessons. As an example, the latest course is "How to profit in a bear market". What a joke.

    That being said. The courses by Borsellino, Mader, Haggerty and Boucher is worth more than the cost of a one year subscription, so I believe I've gotten my moneys worth (Iv'e been a member since the site's launch)

    I doubt I'll renew when my subscription is up.
  3. It is not what it used to be. I still read Boucher on Fridays and Landry, but that is it... Maybe I'll cancel this month.
  4. I've been a member of TM for a about a year now. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy the site, although I have to agree that their content has been thinning a bit as some of the authors left the service and others now require a separate paid subscription. I especialy enjoy reading articles by Dave Landry and Goran Yordanoff, although Goran writes very rarely nowadays and Dave has just started hiw own paid service.

    As far as message boards are concerned you can still access them through Traderswire. Btw, has anyone here used Traderswire? How did you like it?

    I subscribed to Traderswire last week and so far I am not sure I am too happy with it. They do alert to you to various setup but IMHO by the time you see the alert more often that not it's too late to profit from it.

    Aslo, TM is gona host a TradingMarkets 2001 conference in a month, has anyone attended their previous conferences? Is anyone planning to attend this one? Is it worth the $800?

    I would appreciate any and all opinions.

  5. Somethings the matter. They contacted me by phone two days ago alerting me that the basic subscription goes up to $25.00 next month and a "deal" if I went for one year. I think it is basically a good site but $25, is probably stretching it. A lot of hindsight at this site and with new "Pattern Day Trader" rules maybe a waste of time and money.
  6. Are you bullish on the NDX/QQQ? Miss your posts from TM message boards. Do you post anywhere else?
  7. Dave Floyd is one of the regulars now for his commentary there. He is a personal friend of mine.

    In fact I interviewed him almost a year ago on my website.


    He's got one of the best track records I have ever seen.

  8. Where has he been for the past week? One of their last original commentators, what is going on at this site, definetly not as good as it used to be, hope he has'nt left like Jeff Cooper.
  9. It seems that Goran Yordanoff is also leaving their service. It's sad as I found his articles truly informative. He also has just pulled out from speaking at the TM 2001 conference.

    Does anyone know anything else about Yordanoff? Do you guys think their conference is worth attending for the $895 price tag?

  10. If anyone went to the above, was it worth the time and expense? I have been disapointed with the site lately. Too much after the fact trading info. I signed up for a free trial of Realmoney.com today, seems real good, espcially the updated trading diaries of Todd Harrison and Jim Cramer, and good info frm GB Smith and Herb Greenberg. What do you traders think of Realmoney.com, is it worth subscribing to. Thanks.
  11. I've been with TradingMarkets a couple of years, and I agree with the comments here that it has gone down hill dramatically. For a while they were kicking RM's butt, but now I find I am on RM more and TM has become kind of an afterthought. Too bad, because they really had it together for a while. Losing Kevin Marder and Jeff Cooper was a big blow. I find Haggerty useless. If Goran has left as well they are in very deep trouble.

    I would not write them off too quickly however. From some correspondence I've had with them, I believe they are well aware they have a problem. They tend to be very responsive to legitimate issues, and I think they are certainly capable of turning things around. I agree that the trading lessons are worth the cost of subscription.
  12. I've been a subscriber for a few years and they keep getting better. Maybe because they developed a revenue base other than advertising.

    Todd Harrison is a superb trader with very good insight. Herb Greenburg is aften early on his picks, but I can't recall a loser out of all of them. And when he really nails one, the blow-up can be collosal. Jim Cramer is a market commentator now with longer term views, I liked him better when he was still at his hedge fund. I learned just about everything I know about technical analysis from Gary B Smith and have done very well trading his methodology.

    Many other good columnists, I'm on the site all day.
  13. I agree. I've been a member of tradingmarkets.com for a year now, and things have been deteriorating with the key traders leaving one after another. I used to visit their site almost every trading day. Now I only drop in a couple of times a week. I probably will not renew my subscription.
  14. RealMoney announced today that Todd Harrison was taking a "sabbatical" of undefined length. Too bad, he was very good and had an uncanny knack for trend changes.
  15. Hi,
    I just got back from the TradingMarkets 2001 conference. It was very nice to meet all those professional traders in person. Unfortunately the conference was not as day-trading oriented as I would have hoped, instead there were a lot of interesting presentations on option, swing and intermediate-term trading.

    Of the daytraders I did like David Floyd's presentation the most as he actually got into details of what works and doesn't work for him. Kevin Haggerty on the other hand presented a ton of information, but IMHO most of his presentation was extremely disorganized and not too usefull.

    Has anyone here attented the conference? How did you like it?

  16. Hopefully he won't be gone too long. They need to find new offices for the hedge fund since the 11th. He's president of Cramer Berkowitz now. He's mentioned how commited he is to writting, so I don't think he's abandonning it.
  17. Well, where should I start?

    Expectations - I had non. You can't expect much from such short sessions.

    Actual Experience - Vegas is always a lot of fun. After attending a couple of seesions, I decided to spend my time at the black jack table. There was nothing in the presentation that was a "brakthrough" strategy to say the least.

    I did enjoy meeting the traders there, and I found out why Jeff Cooper left (I used to be an investigator, so it's in my blood to dig:)).

    Looks like TM has major problems, because the guy who runs the show is ... well I can't really write it, but you can use your imagination on this one.

    Let me put it this way. The writers and presenters get ZERO! He gets all the money. Does this sound like a fair deal to you?

    "Sucker" is a breed that does not die. When one sucker finally has enough and leaves, a new sucker takes his place immediately.

    Here is what I mean: I spok with some presenters there and not only that they do not get ONE CENT from the $895.00, but they also do not get any royalty from sales of their material after the conference! Nice deal for the OWNER, isn't it.

    TM will never see one cent from me ever again! I will never buy a book published by Gordon even if it is used. I will not support this man. And don't get me wrong, I LOVE TM, and I spend hours there daily. But I go there to read material by people who NEVER get paid for their work, and that is a crime as far as I am concerned.

    Hope your was better than mine <g>

  18. What did ever happen to Raul?

    I met him at the Money Show in Las Vegas in May 1999 (or 1998). He was with a guy named Danielo. Raul introduced himself to me as the founder and owner of tradehard.com. (the name before it became TM). I just wonder what happened to him. http://www.tradingmarkets.com/index.cfm/12181999-3077/

    No mention of his name at all. The plot thickens ...

  19. Sniper_Trader1,
    Why did Cooper leave? I have been wondering about this for a while. What's the deal with Goran, is he also as good as gone?

    Also, if none of the get paid, why in the world do any of them do this? It seems that all of them are making some decent money as traders, why would they devote their time to TM for free?

    Also, which presentations did you like and dislike?

  20. I shouldn't have made my previous posts. I regret that I did, because there is no way I can support what I said without hurting anyone. This is not my intention. Please disregard my previous posts.

    I apologize for that.

  21. I heard a rumor...
  22. I just registered here today and i like the comments made by a lot of folks in what i have read over the past several weeks here. As far as TM is concerned, I have been a member for about 2 years now...i would say the site peaked sometime around march of this year, since then it has been all downhill. Goran is now at beyondthebull.com. The guy was great when the market was coming down but once we have a strong rally all of a sudden goran disappears from whatever site he is at. Now i like Goran and his comments but that is petty bs and bait-and-switch as far as I am concerned. I let my subscription run out last week. No way on God's green earth is traderswire worth over 1000 bucks a year.
  23. for those that didn't know, Jeff Cooper started his own service a couple of months ago and he appears regularly on mIRC.

    Many member are on mIRC also to chat after-hours, but there seems to be more conversations there than on traderswire these days.

    it all seems as though some people are migrating away.

    for those interested, e-mail me and I can give you Darren's e-mail address so that he can contact you about mIRC and the Cooper. I just don't feel comfortable posting anybody's e-mail address here, except mine ;)

    Scott Harper
  24. TM is a great site, loaded with info for all trading styles. Haggerty, Connors, Floyd...their market insight is invaluable. I know Dave Floyd personally and have learned everything I know from him. He is by far the best listed scalper that I have ever seen or heard about. :cool:
  25. Anyone have any views or opinion on Kevin Haggerty. Do you find his analysis helpful.
  26. yeah he's good...but if you're not on his page, meaning you understand all of his indicators and catch phrases, he's tough to follow.
  27. My opinion of Haggerty is a bit conflicting. On one hand I find his analysis and especially the volatility bands quite useful. On the other hand, when I visited his presentation during the TM 2001 conference, I found it to be extremely disorganized and somewhat confusing. He also has sort of his own terminolgy with funky names such as "Slim Jim" that means nothing more than a consolidation, etc.

    It seems that he is more of a reversal kind of guy and I personally prefer trading trends. Also, I like to follow 1 or 2 stocks and it seems to me that he follows a bunch of sectots and stocks at the same time.

    Anyway, that's just my 5 cents.