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Trading Zoo?

  1. Anyone know them? No testimonial at all from this site.
    Who they are? Anyone taken their 1 week free trial or already a member. Care to gives some feedback.
  2. There's very little information about them.

    How did you hear about them ?

    Also, do you plan on trying the free trial...if not...why not ?

    (a.k.a. NihabaAshi) Japanese Candlestick term
  3. Thank you Mark.
    Agreed with you that not much information from them.
    I just found them today at the almost end page classified of January 2006 Stocks & Commodities magazine.
    I had sent an email to them 2 hours ago asking when is the next free trial and I have no reply from them yet. Will wait and see whether they reply to me.
    At the same time, that is why I asked for some feedback, hoping someone might know something.
  4. At least the premise seems sound.
  5. well it's almost 24 hours now and I get no reply email from them.
    Does not give me any good indication of potential customer support from Trading Zoo.
  6. Please refer to this forum here and this guy AHK who works for the Zoo......True vendors..no substance...ask them the tough questions before you pay....ask AHK for his statements....it's the same person as the one who wants you to email them here on elite...brand new poster spells trouble...

  7. why thanks...it meens a lot to me...post us your opinion of the zoo and you can get free publicity
  8. How many animals live in this Trading Zoo?...
  9. I wonder if they are affiliated with GorillaTrades.
  10. I encourage you to read the real Zoo thread found here...


    here are some other points copied over from that forum...

    "I think this deserves to be addressed in light of the fact that AHK has used this to promote the Zoo. I encourage people to read the entire trading Zoo and Blue Falcon threads.

    AHK should disclose on this post that he is paid a referal fee for each new "member" he signs up

    AHK has been unable to provide statements for any of the above trades nor his only posted trade and has not clarified whether they are real or hypothetical to this date

    AHK has been a ZOO memeber for four months yet he needs to get referal fees and can't provide statements to even one trade...makes me wonder... my opinions are expressed here on these forums..."
  11. A few of my ex-patients are members and they are quite satisfied.
  12. It appears that some of your concerns have been addressed by the TradingZoo, Specifically, they are offering a conditional money back guarantee and daily reporting of the trades taken by the owner. They also have testimonials. In fact, one of my patients is quoted there, so I can at least confirm that one is real.

    Unfortunately, the price has increased $1000 to $6000.
  13. No actual statements then no actual trading. These guys are a scam!! Has anyone ever taken a room trial where the "after the fact " posted results didn't match up with the trades posted in the "Live" room? Well I have and this is just another way to fleece you from your dollars...Run from this outfit...
  14. Sounds like we have found someone who either (1) knows nothing about the TradingZoo, or (2) has been burned by a vendor. A search of his ranting and raving can be found in the notoriously biased mypivots.com forum (under the alias of BruceM), which is apparently run by one of the most outlandish scamsters in the business--Guy Ellis. Do a Google search on Ellis and deltat1 and see what you'll find. Check out ET also.

    Anyway, I know for a fact this business is legitimate because one of my patients was a member there for 18 months and he earned almost $500K trading 16 ES contracts. I saw his trading statements. He has since moved on and now works on the trading desk of Bear Stearns.
  15. How much does it cost to become a TradingZoo member?
    $6,000 (lifetime)
  16. yes, please go to the mypivots site and read about the zoo and how they keep coming back there under different names to drum up business...still no statements from Anyone who has been involved in the zoo....

    and don't forget to read my trading setups in the pitbull thread...yes that is me...BruceM....the zoo shills don't have the balls to post their real names..gutless sales people...frustrated that they can't trade....
  17. Clearly written by a man in deep need of therapy who is looking for attention for his trading indicator. Most likely a shill for Guy Ellis. BruceM was also put to task by a zoo member who wanted to have a one-on-one trading challenge and he ran for cover like a thief in a candy store. Read the posts and get a great laugh.

    Ellis was jilted by the TradingZoo when his request to get a $500 discount for mypivot members apparently went nowhere. He wanted to opportunistically capitalize off a glowing review that was written about the Zoo by one of his members that he enthusiastically endorsed ( And, of course, he subsequently turned on this member like he does to everyone when they disagree with him)

    ET gets more high value content posts in 30 minutes than mypivots.com gets in a year. Looks like people are smart enough too stay away from the stench that was exposed there by conbuster when he/she posted here. mypivots.com seems to have earned its reputation as the laughingstock of the industry.

    Ellis and his merrymen were first exposed on the trickortrade.org sight by a bounty hunter looking to serve a lawsuit on Guy Ellis. Check it out and forgive me for getting off topic.
  18. So you can prove your "patient" (is he a mental patient?) has made
    money using the Trading Zoo's room. From the posts in the thread
    I have seen everybody says the Zoo is a piece of crap ripoff. And
    now your friend works for Bear Stearns. That's a good one... LOL...
  19. Yes please do read all the Zoo posts there and see how the Zoo folks backed down. You will also find some setups that are not based on indicators and are FREE. The Zoo folks once again are posting lies. Would you want to do business with a trading educator who employs these types of individuals and has to use such poor marketing tactics?

    Unfortunately for the Zoo they where the ones who backed down and where caught trying to have there shills pretend to judge other trading services when in realtity they where just trying to plug their own. Of course they came out looking the best. Then we had this knucklehead Aaron "barry" Kelly and Max and others posting from the same IP...OH the list goes on and on....PURE scam, stay away from them.........

    WE are still waiting for even one days of profitable trading statements and none can be provided. Use your best judgement folks...123magic works for the Zoo..How pathetic....get at least 6 months of PROFITABLE statements before you buy any method like this. You will NEVER get this from the ZOO...

    It's a zoo out there...don't get eaten by the tigers
  20. All those people amount to one person, BruceM and he wasn't a member. There is not one negative post from a Zoo member.

    I can't disclose my patient's name or other details about him. That would be a federal crime under HIPAA regulations. Ask your doctor about that and he'll concur.
  21. I must be thinking about the tsunami thread then...:confused:
  22. And you work for Guy "the slime" Ellis and shill for his forum which is a front for all the get rich quick systems boys that advertise there. There is nothing of value at that forum and that's why the place is as quiet as a morgue on New Years Eve. Except, of course, BruceM's, free setups that don't work.

    And let's not forget that Ellis thought so highly of the TradingZoo, that he told prospective members to hold off joining so he could get a $500 discount for them. In essence, he became a salesman for the TradingZoo. If you care to read that, you'd better hurry, because Ellis has a history of deleting posts which incriminate him when he's caught lying.
  23. You were Version and I respect you for admitting the error.

    But get this: Guy Ellis still allows Tsunami to advertise on his forum despite the fact that Tsunami is a REAL scam as confirmed by its members. Ellis is a money grabbing sloth and will do anything for a buck. The only people posting in that forum are his gimps who nod their heads in approval to every word he writes. When TradingZoo ignored his request for a $500 rebate, he simply took his anger out on them. mypivots.com is just a group of punks who know nothing about trading and make their money by peddling the rubbish of thieves like Tsunami.
  24. I always get a kick out of these ZOO clowns.....Lets leave it with this:

    Put up some real statements and a real audited track record...till then you shall remain a scam....

    nuff said

    There are those who trade for a living and those who just can't do it so they need to sell stuff...good luck MAGIC 123...you'll need it...
  25. Ya gotta love their "100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee".

    Money Back Guarantee
    We are so confident in our methodology that, if within 30 business days from the time you joined the TradingZoo, our official trades, as posted in our Performance History section, have not yielded a profit of $6,000, based on a hypothetical $20,000 account trading 8 S&P E-Mini contracts per trade, excluding broker’s commissions and exchange fees, we will refund your tuition back with no questions asked.
  26. laotaoyin

    Registered: Dec 2006
    Posts: 3

    Re: zoo

    Do you want 1 or 2 months of trades?

    vanquish wrote on 01-19-07 09:03 AM:

    That sounds great if you can get a real time track record together, an of course I would sign a non disclousure document. So let me know when you have the track recored together

    laotaoyin wrote on 01-18-07 12:38 PM:
    You should discuss this with him.

    My old statements have a bunch of other things in them other than Zoo trades and I'm not going to black out a lot of stuff as that will make credibilty an issue. However, I opened a new account in which I'm only trading Zoo setups with 4 contracts or less for this very porpose. I started today. If you want to get back to me in a month or whatever, I'll share it with you, but you will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement first.

    vanquish wrote on 01-18-07 08:49 AM:
    Sorry for late reply Barry I was out of town. As per Zoo it all seems really good and I am considering joinning, do you or MP have really account stmts, proving that you can get those fills in real time?

    01-19-07 11:40 AM

    Above is a email conversation I had with a Zoo saleman.......

    I am still waiting for account stmts, from this member of the Zoo, since Jan/07, I emailed him at the end of March/07 to see if he has the account stmts, and his email got returned with no reply, so I guess he got blown out by the Zoo System.

    Again just one mans opinion
  27. I think Larry Levin challenges any vender to post his statements with his own. Don't know much about him but if it's true at least he's showing what he actually trades.
  28. His statements end a couple years back, about the death of the pit time.

  29. I don't think Larry Levins trading statement means anything. Show me recent statement. He has no free trial.

  30. You can sign up and get there real-time trade results the following day. Nothing great at all. I think the secret is to start a company offering the newbies the world, so you dont have to make money trading:p
  31. Trader273 you are 100% correct. I am not looking for a holy grail but if some one has taken any course and thinks education was worth the money please send me a email with info. My email adress is Sayeed @cox.net. I have taken a lot of these seminars I can give rundown of most of the seminars.:)
  32. I believe Larry has gone back to trading on the floor.

    Now what does that tell you?...:eek:
  33. I doubt any trading course is able to make traders having close performance. So their performance "statement" has no value and very likely is ideal picture of "what if full swings were taken".
  34. Since the last thread by SEBEN on the Zoo was removed, I will make the same offer I made on that one to answer questions about why I joined or other things as long as it doesn't cause me to violate the non-disclosure agreement. I realize remarks from others can get very ugly and base, so let me repeat what I said in the other thread: I will not acknowledge or answer any poster who is vulgar and disrespectful. I'm not here to get tarred and feathered by a lynching mob

    Considering the on and off controversy about the Zoo, this could have value for members of the trading community if it doesn't sink into the abyss of name calling. In other words, let's try to keep it professional even though opinions may vary.
  35. just have them or you post some actual WINNING statements.........funny how you didn't apply the same due dilligence to the Zoo that you where concerned with on the Blue Falcon thread..

    But we always knew the Zoo folks wouldn't go quietly and would return under different names...they ALWAYS do...

    Just the statements....don't you guys get tired of the song and dance routine..?

    No need to reply unless you have the statements..otherwise it's just nonsense...
  36. the zoo has already been tarred and feathered...your too late...either put up or shut up......this forum has shut them down...find some other suckers

    oh yeah, no disrespect intended....lol

  37. I actually did much more due diligence on Zoo than FTD. I took 4 trials under various aliases, spoke to many members off site and saw the statements of two of them. One was a member for a year and the other, 2 years.

    To me, it was much more valuable than seeing MP's statements. Why? Because he might be a terrific trader, but a poor teacher or vice versa, but the bottom line is whether his students can emulate him and have their own success. Of those I spoke with and reviewed statements from, I believe they can.

    If I had a statement I would provide it to you, but I have only been there 2 weeks and not trading yet. I hope my statements in a year look as good as the ones I reviewed.
  38. For those watching at home, this is how Trading Zoo does business.

    This is a PM that was posted on a thread earlier that was subsequently deleted due to the vile remarks of the reps at the Trading Zoo. This PM posted by Seben was pretty inflammatory and embarrassing to them.

    Just some information for you to consider when making a choice.....

    you see, the problem with this is that the people Trading Zoo hires to cruise forums and shill for Trading Zoo (and bash competitors) get a referral fee for anyone they send over there...hence the name dropping, apparently.

    Do your own due diligence is all I am saying....would you want to be associated with someone who is using underhanded techniques and betraying your trust?

    Honesty is the best policy Trading Zoo. Secret spam PM\'s can come back to haunt you....

    P.S. If the original poster geox (which magically only has a few posts YET AGAIN and is magically enamored with Trading Zoo) has only two weeks experience how does he truly know how much MP can teach? I mean hell, the free trial last a week.

    Something to consider.
  39. ...a little bit more to consider...

  40. And another penny for your thoughts:


    If you have a few minutes, read through that thread I linked above....the subject of this study is an employee of Trading Zoo named 0two50in4point5. Watch the transformation of the spam artist from casual connoisseur of Trading Zoo wares to full blown Trading Zoo shill. Hilarious.

    Funny to watch 0to50 or whatever his name is swear up and down he is innocent and that no one can prove anything....and then it culminates into a saved spam PM he sent to Seben shows up, along with other posters who remember that he said he had a helicopter and a mansion in the hamptons...LOL

    Almost like an opera or something. lol

    But if you are pressed for time just read the last few pages and you'll get the gist of it.

    Hope I helped any inquiring minds.
  41. Wow, at least I'm not alone, a few years ago I blew a lot of money ( relativly speaking) on Ken "Woodie's" CCI room. Same M.O. The great trader who never actually trades, but calls out profitable setups after the fact . After the market close looking at the days chart ( I can also look at any historical chart and tell you when to get in/out,I mean who couldn't? doing it live is the rub!) nice Mr Woodie goes over all the profitable setups he took. The leading indicater, the CCI , which leads before price action( his words) always gets you in/ out of the market before the masses. As dumb as it sounds not many question without price there is nothing to indicate, so how can an indicater lead price?
  42. I can't say whether MP trades since I haven't seen HIS statements, but the trades posted on the Website are called out loud and clear in the room in realtime. I monitored them during my trials and I do it ever day now that I'm a member. These are not after the fact calls.
  43. Woodie's Room is free.
  44. So far, I'm very pleased with my decision. I have not seen anything yet to make me think MP isn't a good teacher. Remember, I spoke to quite a few members off site before I joined. My due diligence analysis was extensive and not done in haste.
  45. LOL here it goes again.
  46. Yeah in only 8 posts you have spoken to quite a few members...

    4 of those posts were on this very thread touting Trading zoo...

    And even if you were talking to people off ET, misery loves company....Hell if I had blown 6 G's on something I'd probably feel better if I knew others did too. But that's just me.

    Refer to the posts above...We all know Trading Zoo's game, we know what 0to50points said about having a helicopter and about having a mansion in the Hamptons and having retired multimillionaires toying with the market...

    We also saw 0to50 going from being a casual member to being a full blown shill in a matter of hours on a thread...as we have seen the same with Tandori Chick and Trex (on Trader's Lab).

    Like I said...we'll see how long your ruse lasts before you crack.


    nice try.

    You guys never stop. LOL

    Wonder how many PM's you've sent out.

    Let's see how long you last before you start lashing out like your pal (or alter ego) 0two50points

    tick tock tick tock
  47. How much was hottcom subcription? , what was his kickback?, Esignal, etc. How much are his supposed " Trade a longs" ? that's where you learn the the secrets, at least thats what they told me, I went to one ,( you pay for it) thats when I realised I was had. I 'm not blaming anyone but my self, however I have aright to express my opinon , thats why I like elite trader , I able see what others think. As far as free, if you think so ,fine, but it doesn'nt change the facts ( I've done some research on this) Woodies CCI as he preaches does not consistantly work, and I have never met anyone using it that makes money,( I've talked to over 50 people in his club, most if not all have quit him) and Woodie doesn't trade even at the "Trade a longs". I spent more than a year trading at Woodies, beleive me the money I lost following him was far from free!
  48. I see your point, however my point is that he doesn't personally charge a membership fee. I have no idea about how well his method works, as I am not an indicator man myself....but to be blowing real money without at least testing the methods wasn't a very smart thing to do. I would suggest testing a method for viability before risking real money in the future...

    Would you take a sidearm into battle that you had never fired before? Always good to know something works before game time.

    I also noticed you have 1 post (now 2) and have only bashed another vendor...not accusing you of anything, but if I see you start up about the Trading zoo being your savior, then it's on.
  49. sorry, I don't trade wiht anyone but my self, and am doing O.K. I don't endorse anyone, everything I've learned about trading ( except for a few books I paid for) I've learned for free. I was just reading this post about con men and jumped to share my experience. Yes your right I shouda done this and that, but I can'nt change history. If you want to know how I trade it is just using point/figure charts, earnings, splits, mostly using options, all my info is free from the internet, my opinion is there is no need to follow any "GURU" as I don'nt and will never pay for their advice again.

  50. Sorry to sound like I was jumping to conclusions...but yeah I totally agree....I learned to trade myself, and used a few books and research to get basic ideas to refine....it worked fine...

    There is no one out there that is sane who will teach you their edge that they have worked years to gain...they may give you some odds and ends...but those are cheap, and surely don't cost $6000....you can find them in books and the internet for cheap.

    Like you said earlier about GURU's...what if you paid $6000 for a shiny new chat room membership and the next day the owner got hit by a car and died? Chances are you wouldn't see your money again, and you sure as hell wouldn't know how trade for yourself...Same goes with any black box/proprietary indicators, etc.....no matter how much time and effort you put into learning them...you are building your house on the sand....
  51. I never spoke to anyone on ET. I spoke to other members of Zoo and off site means away from the Zoo trading room, on the telephone. My due diligence was extremely thorough. So far so good I'm happy to report. No complaints. And believe me, if Ihad any here is where I'd publish them.
  52. I agree, for example, one of the Trading Zoo's spammers got banned recently for being vulgar and unethical and basically harrassment after being banned from another forum for the same thing, they lashed out here at those responsible for getting in their way. Actually it was the same people who had them banned at another forum that are also members here.

    It's just an example of the point we are discussing...I would scrutinize the promises of gold and diamonds very carefully, given the information about them found on threads, same goes for any vendor.

    You have to really be on the lookout for those who wish to sell you the keys to the kingdom, if they had it, why would they sell it to you? Regardless of any reason anyone gives you, make sure you really think about it for yourself.

    Again, I totally agree with you. If you really want to learn how to trade, you can figure it out on your own, using reference texts and socratic discussion with others to distill ideas and develop new ones.

    You will never totally believe anything that someone tells you unless you know it from the inside out, and that same thing goes for trading. To have developed a method for yourself gives you an unbelievable amount of confidence, far more than any end of day posted track record on a vendor website can give you.

    Good luck, feel free to PM me with any questions.
  53. Spoken like a real basher, I mean expert. Isn't there an FX thread on this forum? Look at the bright side, new territory to bash and give soap box lectures!
  54. Your behavior is really starting to get out of hand. I am asking you to stop following me around different threads bashing my character for which you have no basis to do.
  55. I was here before you. Are are confused. If the shoe fits wear it.

    The calm and reasonable act is real fun. I'm lovin it. Bet it doesn't last long and we'll see the other side real soon. Just use the ignore button and all will be well.
  56. I was thinking the same thing about you and what you do to the Zoo and other businesses here. Great minds think alike. Again use that ignore button; there's no extra charge.
  57. Mixing it up was fun enough, but there is a point where it gets old and out of hand.

    Like I said, stop following me around and attempting to bash my character. You have no reason to do that.

    What happened between me and the zoo is between me and the zoo, not you. Let it go.

    Unless you are affiliated with their marketing department, which is against forum rules, it's not your business. Thank you.
  58. If it's in the public domain, it's everyones business. You should have thought about that before you did what you did.

    I have 1 post. As Siddhartha said, The longest journey begins with the first step.
  59. geox, I am very interested to learn about your thinking that made you join. I promise to act in a professional manner and will not act like Reaver did to others who posted on other threads.

    For the sake of disclosure. I have no affiliation or any relationship with the service.

    Is that agreeable with you?

    William Fogwell (my real name)
  60. oh yeah you're the guy we banned from Trader's Lab for sending harrassing pm's. I can send the screenshot if you'd like.

    I did nothing but expose Trading Zoo for their lies and deceit. I would like for you to prove otherwise. Have a nice day.
  61. William, I'll be delighted to be as helpful as I can within the rules I stated above. For your own peace of mind, I strongly advise you to NOT engage in any further chat with Reaver. Read the history of his posts on ET and the reason will be very obvious.

    Now, what's on your mind?
  62. You sure are aggressive for a "one poster" lol...welcome to the ZOO...it's almost as if you where made for this thread........HMM..i guess you Zoo guys need to make the sales quota..so we'll help you out....

    I guess the zoo folks don't care about the "bad publicity". I suppose they never think about all the people that have been turned off to the Zoo by these threads and by the way their members conduct themselves.

    It's odd that Sam B. would spend all that money advertising in the trading magazines only to have that effort ruined by what prospective purchasers find when they do an online search of the ZOO.

    It would seem to me that you could attract more buyers with honesty and integrity and by having a good reputation. Then again there are always those who are attracted to the dark side of life......strange way of conducting business.

    " If the ZOO fits, wear it..!!!"

    It's a shame that nothing constructive comes from these threads but I guess a few suckers get roped in and dozens more get turned away........

  63. I am an attorney by trade. As I reviewed your posts, most of which were deleted (which I can only assume because the powers here and other forums believed them to be false) I would say unequivocally and professionally you haven't proved anything. A judge in a court of law would throw out your case as a matter of fact. However, you did express your opinions. You have a nice day, also.

    William Fogwell (my real name)
  64. geox, thank you for engaging me. I am an attorney, so I completely understand confidentiality and the like. You'll have no problems with me on that score.

    You mentioned you conducted thorough due diligence. Can you elaborate? What did you do to satisfy yourself the service was not only legitimate, but one with value and integrity?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

    William Fogwell (my real name)
  65. LOL

    well I guess that rules out you being a daytrader.

    I could retrieve the posts from the database same way a computer forensics investigator does when court ordered for piracy and the like. Nice try, I didn't even go to law school for that. That one's free.
  66. The burden of proof remains on the ZOO...there is not one shred of evidence that says they can trade profitably but lots of evidence on these forums that they have members who are manipulative, foul mouthed and obnoxious.

    Oh and lets not forget what is most important:

  67. You couldn't do that. Only an officer of the court could with a subpoena and a reason to show cause. You stick to whatever you do, and I'll stick to my area of expertise. I know way more about the law of Cyberspace than you. In fact, I specialize in Internet fraud, libel and defamation. But this isn't about me or you. The topic is the service. Have a nice night.

    William Fogwell (my real name)
  68. Do you understand what "burden of proof" means and how it's applied? Is the service on trial or engaged in litigation that I'm not aware of? Please enlighten me. Thank you.

    Willaim Fogwell (my real name)
  69. You should contact Aaron ( Barry) Kelly about fraud. He posts here under 0two50in4point5 and before he was banned there he was known as AHK at the mypivots forum. I believe he is from the NJ area. He claims to know a lot about fraud and threatens lawsuits often.

    Look him up, I'm sure you won't have to look far....lol

    Good night kids...Don't forget the pimple cream...

  70. There are many people here who are the same way, in fact that is human nature especially in America. That's why this forum is for entertainment purposes. People come here and have fun venting their frustrations. I have seen more of the things you described from the critics of the service than those who allege they are members. So what is your interest here?

    Thank you pittbulltrader.

    Willam Fogwell (my real name)
  71. I'm not here to solicit business, thank you. I have more than I can handle at the moment. However, I advise (for free) that many of you reconsider the idea that you have unlimted First Amendment rights on the Internet. In other words, be careful of what you post and don't violate any laws. If you are unclear of what the laws are, consult an attorney (but not me).

    Good night and thanks for your participation.

    William Fogwell (my real name)
  72. Hey Bill,

    " I specialize in Internet fraud, libel and defamation."

    What are you doing or can you do about the Freaken Nigerian scam artists?
  73. Yeah you're right...but good thing we're not in a court of law, don't you agree?. Alas, I will do my best here:

    P.S. Since I will be accused of photoshopping this, anyone interested can go to the forum named in this pic and search for the user williamhfogwell to confirm that this is the same POS we banned at Trader's lab for harassing PM's to a bunch of the members who got him and Tandori Chick and Trex banned.

    Sadly, through all this, he still has not been able to even pin down my real name or even what branch I was in.

    But yet they claim to "own me". LOL
  74. I'm exercising my right to be obnoxious.
  75. But please, do carry on with the discussion of Trading Zoo, since you're obviously not affiliated with them.
  76. Hello,

    my name is Dr Rigels, and I am a professional doctor by trade.

    I professionally diagnose symptoms in individuals who display medical need, and I also trade as well.

    I would like to know more about this trading zoo as well. I have heard quite the bit about them. There owner is a professional trading prodigy who has a few of my clients money under management in a hedge fund.

    They are quite the satisfied.

    Under medical professional regulations I cannot disclose the information, but I am thrilled to hear more information about the Trading Zoo.

    Ignore this Reaver fellow as well, he is obviously a paper trader or else he wouldn't think that Trading Zoo was bad. Obvious math. 1,2,3.

    So let us hear more about this Trading Zoo. My patient today mentioned something intriguing about a zoo line, and didn't go into detail other than that.

    Thaks you and good evening.

    Dr Rigels, (my real name)
  77. Oh my God, seriously?

    Funny how as soon as geox and William Fogwell stop posting (were they banned or something?) you start in the fray.
  78. Ya know what though....just humor me on this...

    please show me where in the legal books this would be the case.

    Especially when the owner of the data was willing to turn it over to a court of law...

    I am just a long haired country boy and need some guidance on the laws of cyberspace. Being a lawyer (as you obviously are because you said you were on a forum), I imagine it'll be a snap you.
  79. actually there are about 351 of my posts left....FYI, but more importantly

    Interesting how you both (you and Dr Hamptons...wonder if he also has a helicopter?) show up at the same time so nobly using your real names and crusading for honest discussion of vendors!

    Mr Fogwell, would you kindly let us know what state you are licensed to practice law in? Also what school did you obtain your degree from?

    My cousin is a lawyer and he said he'd be more than happy to look up your credentials. He said it is also illegal to say you are a lawyer under false pretenses.

    I hope you aren't banned yet, because I would very much like to hear your responses!

    Thanks for being so sweet and using your real names! Gives me a warm spot in my heart.

    Oh, also,
    You being a lawyer, I am shocked you would assume such a thing! Assumption is not a professional way to go about being a lawyer. Surely you have familiarized yourself with the forum guidelines, that any suspected spam will be deleted....sometimes they have to throw the baby out with the bathwater, and sometimes that means god guys like me have to have their posts vanish too, since there are no longer bad guys, my posts wouldn't make much sense.

    Nice of you to assume though. Being a semi-intelligent human being, I can only assume that you are not really an attorney, and perhaps you have already been banned in just under 10 posts.

    Have a nice day, I am waiting to hear your reply, maybe one of your aliases can pick up the slack for you when you register again. No problems there.

    I am not looking to start trouble, but you guys keep logging in under different names and bashing me....
  80. I don't have a clue who Dr. Hamptons is--I think he's just a parody of someone else. I won't address his questions. Not getting a warm fuzzy feeling.
  81. William, I started this project about a year ago. At that time, I never traded futures. The extent of my experience was investing in a few mutual funds during IRA season. I wanted to be independent, make enough money to comfortably support my family and have the ability to donate money to a couple of charities, my favorite being Habitat for Humanity.

    I read John Carter's book as a short primer on trading and trading in futures. I read a couple of other book mostly on psychology to see if I had the right stuff to take a shot at this. After that, I was faced with a dilemma. There was so much information on trading that I felt confused and overwhelmed about what to read, which tools to buy, seminars and so on. I did not want to become a trading professor, one who knows everything about all the studies, terms, systems etc. I didn't have time to do that and that seemed like a life long job in itself. So I asked my, what can I do to shortcut the learning curve and increase my chance of success. So I decide to find a teacher/mentor who had a good reputation, solid references and a dedication to his students.

    After some research, I decided to take the path of an Internet based model, rather than a 1 to 1 arrangement. I don't live in a big city and if I found people who were interested in taking me on, it would be too expensive to travel, stay in a hotel, etc. since I wanted to interview at least 5 mentors. The Internet seemed like a decent model to do this much more efficiently.

    I investigated the following services: TradingZoo, Tsunami, Falcon Day Traders,Simpltetraderway, Kingfish, AceTrades and JPJ.

    (I've got to sign off now. This will be continued later when I get some free time)
  82. I'm sure you knew this was coming so I ASSume you are prepared.....

    Lets have your attorney registration numbers and all those goodies so we can check you out to make sure you are real.......

    Credibility always helps...gotta go trade now...have fun at school
  83. I'm with you on that. In fact, I'm going to take your ground rules as well to decide who I will chat with here. Proper courtroom etiquette will do just fine.

    William Fogwell (my real name)
  84. Thanks very much, geox. I'll look ahead to learning more. Good start. Very articulate.

    William Fogwell (my real name)
  85. I have taken the liberty of ignoring certain members who I feel may be counterproductive here, so if you ask me questions or make comments directed to me and I don't reply, in all likelihood you are muted.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    William Fogwell (my real name)
  86. he is you prick T28
  87. you are that cunt (SORRY) T28
  88. Bogan, I just complained to management about your post. There is no place on this forum for profanity of that nature.

    William Fogwell (my real name)
  89. I'm just curious is your real name William Fogwell? It's hard to tell, you should definitely put it on every post:eek:
  90. Yes it is. I won't write that anymore, thanks.:)
  91. No problem.

    William Fogwell (NOT my real name):p
  92. RE: Trading Zoo

    Is it fair to conclude that nobody here believes that Trading Zoo stuff is worth $6000?
  93. Aaah, the same spinoza that was on the forums looking for strategies that worked, and now you're here passing judgement on other real traders. I was taught by a master hedge fund manager and I think you're probably just a little too poor to be running your mouth.

    You my friend have been exposed and we all know the truth about you. You are a poor little sap who is still searching the forums trying to learn strategies that work in trading.

    I feel so sorry for you, I am thinking about helping you pay for a membership, but you have to take a free trial first and write an honest review.

    I am a professional doctor and last time I checked you were not.

    Now allow me and the real traders here have a sparkling conversation.

    I will no longer abilify you to detract this post any longer, I have no affiliation with trading zoo or any other vendor.

    Now back to business. geox kindly tell us more of your experience! I am eager to learn! So I see hoe you got started but what would say the best thing about Trading Zoo is in your eyes?

    Dr Rigels (my real name)
  94. Unless I'm mistaken, geox is the only member here, so he would be in a strong position to answer that. It would be awfully hard for me to form an educated decision since I've never been a member. But I'm sure others will have opinions and those I would take with a grain of salt.
  95. Hard to take this doctor seriously.

    Dr. the owners here frown on spamming for businesses. If you keep this up, the thread mihgt get deleted or locked and then the serious dialog and value is gone. Please stop touting. I am suspicious of your motives. Might you be a sheep in wolf's clothing coming off as pro service when, in truth, you are a foe who's mission is to destroy this thread? If so, I'm not fooled.
  96. Yes it is quite interesting how you say it is counterproductive to ignore requests for verification of your credentials when you giving legal counsel, especially when what you are saying is so ridiculous that the statements you are making prove you are not a lawyer...but whatever you say. LOL

    Once again, William Fogwell (his real name) was banned from Trader's Lab for harassing me and sending threatening PM's...don't believe me? Look it up, and see the member under williamhfogwell that is banned on the same day the original trading zoo fiasco kicked off, October 2nd 2007.

    Coincidence? hmmm...

    Interesting how he and Dr Hamptons jump on the scene using their "real names" all the sudden on a new marketing twist no doubt....LOL

    Put more work into your scams, they are merely half baked.

    Ol fogwell and Hamptons both sign up and make a beeline to this trading zoo member and start asking questions...there are 82,000 members here and a shit ton of posts about trading, etc..but COINCIDENTALLY, they both want to jump on board this one about trading zoo magically.

    Something to consider for those of you considering taking these people seriously.

    Also, please take a moment to look up geox's posts, he joined about two weeks ago, and every one of his posts are either bashing me, touting trading zoo, or bashing on of TZ's known competitors.

    The evidence speaks for itself -surely you can appreciate that Mr Fogwell.
  97. Why would you say that? I mean you don't know who William Fogwell (his real name) is either do you? so why don't you ignore his questions?

    That's a really odd thing to say, as it pretty much implies you know who William Fogwell is. I am confused now.

    Nice move, someone pimping the zoo loses a little credibility, and all the sudden the two zoo members who haven't been totally exposed start trying to throw him under the bus.

    Hmmm, I wonder if a shiny new one post wonder will show up to engage in conversation specifically about Trading zoo?
  98. Hi T28 (let me guess..i bet you pretend that your IQ is 147),

    hahaha..thanks for telling us that you are a "professional" doctor..

    That makes it seem really cool and official T28.
  99. Yeah Dr is definitely a reject.

    I think has some ulterior motives. He is probably here only to tout the Trading Zoo, but let us continue our discussion of the trading zoo.

    Sorry I can't use my real name, but you see me on TV sometimes and you know I gotta keep it quiet around here.

    Thanks for totally owning this spammer.

    Now can you discuss some of what you've learned at trading zoo?

    I am very familiar with signing contracts, so I understand there probably isn't very much you can say, as well will all need to sign up for a free trial to understand.

    But even though we will have to sign up for a free trial to get the picture, can you explain a little about setting profit targets on your trades, or just a taste?

    Rock on! Thanks!

  101. This is coming from someone who signed u p and immediately made a beeline to discuss the trading zoo.

    But anyone else who discusses it is a sheep in wolf's clothing. Nice try to ditch your boy in an attempt to gain credibility.

    Jeez man what's wrong with you people?
  102. Wow this is quite an interesting thing for William Fogwell to be saying!

    Let me know if you have any trouble opening it. Use use Opera browser and it gets weird on me when I upload stuff.

    I will email it to you if you would like.
  103. Ruh Roh, looks like ol' attorney Fogwell and geox are one and the same.


    quick! Think of something to say!

    You thought you deleted it in time....
  104. welcome to my ignore list geox the 3rd.

    Interesting how you come straight and here wig out on me.
  105. Why are you adding fuel to the fire? Obviously, you're familiar with this member. This post will agitate and the tit-for-tat nonsense will go on and then the thread gets hijacked, closed, removed or moved to the basement of ET.

    Posts such as this are not helpful. Are you trying to get this thread deleted? There is no place on the forum for this language and unprofessional treatement of others Please refrain from doing it again. Thank you.
  106. Reaver,
    Looks like people from some cult are after you to join their secret zoo society...kind a wacky...
  107. yeah you should check that attachment out I posted on the previous page of geox replying on accident as William Fogwell.

    Pretty freaky shit...

    wonder if they are posting from Jonestown?

  108. In case any of you missed it the first time around...

    this is a screen shot of geox accidentally responding to something I said under William Fogwell.

    Like I said Trading Zoo, put more work into your spam and scams.

    it is your only job and yet you can't even do it right.
  109. LOL..LOL..

    ..maybe they should spend more time improving their trading systems, instead of stalking non-believers??
  110. yeah I agree, it's kind of disturbing isn't it?


    wonder what Seben would say about it?

    *sigh* I guess we'll just have to wait for the new Trading Zoo aliases to come out and pretend this never happened. I sure hope the mods don't delete this...there is no reason for them to.

    This shows Trading Zoo's modus operandi beyond a shadow of a doubt, and it would serve the community well to keep it up for others to see.
  111. I would imagine a new thread would be started soon because as soon as the ZOO is cornered and their members can't handle the tough questions they run for cover..

    IF you are looking to sign up for the trading zoo see if you can get even one of their members to supply the following:

    Let me see six months of real time trading statements that match the hypothetical results posted on your site.

    Nobody has them – not even the “master” himself – Sam Baun….What a joker!!! Makes you wonder

    Think hard before signing up for this scam… they take a beating and get threads deleted on all these forums because they are just salesman full of hype…
  112. QUOTE]Quote from geox:

    austinp, thanks so very much for this most insightful and honest post. I tried in good faith to have a normal, value added discussion on TradingZoo (I'm a new member) and was attacked with the the fervor of the Gestapo by the man you allude to in your first paragraph--Reaver. He brings along a pack of hungry wolves (you know the names) to make sure there is nothing left in the threads except him and his pack. Ultimately, the thread gets so hijacked and convoluted, it's either removed or locked by management. It's frustrating and very disappointing, but I guess that's life here in ET.

    Reaver, by the way, lead the assault on Timmay as well. So he is batting two for two in the threads you mentioned.

    I've really gained some great insight from reading your comments. You are the real deal and most helpful. Very astute to observe what Reaver' mission is on ET. I guess the management approves of his ilk and modus operandi.

    Keep up the outstanding work.
  113. Of course all this is coming from one vendor to another...maybe they work on referrals.....all of a sudden Austin P is a god.....how cool is that?
  115. [/B][/QUOTE]
    Can you spell : JEALOUS? He could out-trade you under the table and he certainly adds more value here than you library of bashing posts. Damn, Reaver could also outtrade you now that I think about it and he doesn't trade ES!.

    Go back to mypivots. Someone may have posted there in the last 24 hours; who knows there may even be two posts. Yep, yours and Guy's. Moderator, lol.
  116. Nice try Aaron..burned again...another one for the good guys......

    I still remember the Zoo's one imaginary after the fact trade over at mypivots and how they dropped the ball on the challenge to me...Priceless.....As usual I kicked their butt.....they couldn't even give a statement for one single after-the- fact trade...how pathetic...

    step aside and let the real men trade...you keep peddling your goods....

    Can you spell : JEALOUS? He could out-trade you under the table and he certainly adds more value here than you library of bashing posts. Damn, Reaver could also outtrade you now that I think about it and he doesn't trade ES!. [/B][/QUOTE]
  117. What's up William Fogwell?

    Should I post the screenshot again?

    LOL stick a fork in geox, he's done.
  118. Does anybody here believe that Trading Zoo stuff is worth $6000?
  119. So geox, anything to say for yourself? Still ignoring the screenshot?
  121. apparently geox (geox) and William Fogwell (geox) do.

    Oh, and 0twofifty (geox) does also.
  122. SPAM/THREAD SABOTEUR (better than the ignore button)
  123. Dude you got busted posing as another member touting the trading zoo, don't call me a sabateur, you're the one that sabatoged yourself on that brosef.

    All I did was post the screenshot proving you wre spamming the Trading Zoo under different user names.

    I will post it again if necessary.

    Never forget if you are considering the Trading Zoo, this is the type of tacics they use- SHADY.


    just a question.
  124. SPAM/THREAD SABOTEUR (better than the ignore button)

  125. Wonder if they are making money oft of of the ZOO system; or do they have to re-sell ZOO-membership to really make money?
  126. SPAM/THREAD SABOTEUR (better than the ignore button)
  127. Geox,
    I will give you a chance:

    Tell me what % return you have earned?
  128. SPAM/THREAD SABOTEUR (better than the ignore button)
  129. reselling it.

    assuming they can even do that.

    he got busted posting as William Fogwell touting the trading zoo and now he is acting like a kid saying I am a thread sabateur...I guess to him...I am. LOL

    You can call me the Zoo Tamer.

  130. Geox,
    I will give you a chance:

    Tell me what % return you have earned?
  131. I been there three weeks and still learning, not trading. Tell Reaver who thinks he knows it all to check the IP addresses of me and Fogwell. They are different. So much for your screenshot.
  133. When will you start trading real money?
  135. In a month hopefully.
  136. WOW! saying the same thing over and over and over again. That is something a six year old does till they get their way.

    Ignore button, better than listening to the six year olds.

    ps. AGAIN TZ, please stop making names, putting all of you people on ignore is taking up all the room on my ignore list.
  138. Well, why not come back after you have traded the system for a few months and let us know how it is going.

    Might be too early for you to evaluate their trading approach right now.
  140. LOL yeah really, anyone can use an anonymizer, but I posted the screenshot for all to see.

    Is it everyone's lying eyes making you look bad?
  141. ,Are you serious? This thread has gone into a meltdown thanks to the Master destroyer, Reaver.

    It is now clear to me that William Fogwell was never a objective person. He like that Dr. an alias by Reaver created to lure me into a conversation and then discredit me. Clever move, but I figured it out. Reaver has that screen shot because he is Fogwell and he wrote that post and then "shot it" and then deleted it, to show the world what he discovered. WOW, talk about no life. He did the same thing at TL deleting posts that made him look foolish months after they were posted. He's a real cracker jacker hacker.

    Listen, I befriended a few members of TradingZoo and they showed me their trading statements for 1 year. And that's what moved me to join. I see these people making money everyday in this room, like an ATM--believe or not, I don't care. Only a newbie like me could think he could come here and share my experience of how, what., and why I did to take this path. I should have known better, but,hey, I'm a bit of a dreamer. I now realize this is mission impossible and frankly not worth the time. No one here cares and the majority are out to haze.

    People ask, ask, and ask, (after bashing) for the members to post their statements here . Let me tell you it won't happen. Why? Because it is a trap to get tangled into the same nonsense with the same cast of characters all over again. The way to get statements is to be honest, genuine, and seriously interested and treat people with respect, not venom. It worked for me. Try it.

    God bless you all and good luck.
  142. "Reselling"...is it a pyramid kind of deal?
    (remember AMWAY)
  143. Anonymizer is your baby rattle right SEBEN, WILLIAM FOGWELL and HAMPTONSTRADER? You think everyone here is a moron and can't see through your transparent cloak-n-dagger game.
  144. LOL now you're calling me william fogwell? ha hahahahahahahaa
  145. Like the Nine Inch Nails song:

    I am the Great Destroyer!

    dude you are toast.

    You got busted and you're trying to pawn it off. Nice try. Sure took you a while to think of that answer though.

    I go by Reaver for a reason.

    Reaver (my real name)
  146. yeah they are doing the final cuts for their infomercial on public access as we speak. LOL

    Them and Kevin Trudeau are teaming up.
  147. Has anyone else ever noticed that it is all the crazy people and lunatics that run around saying God Bless?

    Seriously if you haven't noticed already just pay attention...from the alcoholic on the corner, to that fundamentalist polygamist in Utah that just got convicted, to Susan Smith who killed her kids, and to the spammers on this forum.
  148. Nice one!! Excellent..they did this over at mypivots...brought in a ton of people to play pretend....ahk, max, T-rex, daywalker.....the list goes on and on......their approach doesn't change.......

    and they keep getting caught...great stuff!

    What a bunch of Dumbasses!!!!

    Really makes the zoo look like the scam that it is.

    They'll be gone soon!!!
  149. Definitely a "red flag"....
    ...Do you think was going to try to "Resell" here at ET, before using it himself?
  150. and all the vendors that use "god" in their advertising and chat rooms.......shameful at best!!!
  151. oh yes, as he was "discussing" trading zoo with Mr Fogwell, (also geox) and got busted...

    he is not even a new member there, he is part of the marketing team.

    Just business as usual for them brother.
  152. LOL exactly,

    I think there is a special place for those who use God's name in vain...says so in the Bible...

    But that's as far as I go into religion on a forum! hey I'm from the South what can I say?
    Crazy what these guys will do to drum up business.
  153. I mean you saw what they did to poor SEBEN.
  154. LOL...
    ...."ZOO people mean to SEBEN"...
  155. Like Devil in head!

    not really an insult...more of a compliment.

    Tell us the 3 best things about marketing Trading Zoo?
  160. I agree, I think it is his way of saying Thank You for helping him be bathed in the truth.


    yes I would love to hear what the kickbacks are on referrals, etc.

    Must be nice to spend this much time devising ways to spam.
  161. Why thanks you're too kind!
  162. Dumbasses? ROFLMFAO ALL DAY

    They owned mypivots and used Guy Ellis for free advertising so badly, that he asked for a $500 commission. Have you forgotten about that? Buy the time Ellis woke up, the party was over anyway. When the zoo people left that place sunk.. It's a ghost town there. The Zoo folks still laugh about that. When you speak to Guy tell him mp says thank you for sending 15 new members, most of them ex-Tsunami.

    Early indications look like the same number of Falcon Day Traders will join too. And they should. Blue is a fraud. They deserve better. MP and the zoo members will dazzle them in the trading room

    And lastly, TradersLab was a home run. 32 new members (great job, Reaver and brownsfan, send your address to mp he wants to send you a bottle of champagne).

    You don't don't get it, do you. The bashing is free advertising which only makes people curious. When they see the reality in realtime, people making points day in and day out, they are impressed. So you guys, please don't stop what you're doing okay? The return on investment is terrific for the Zoo and you're also doing traders a great service by showing them a place where they can learn to trade like pros and make lots of money.

    Hats off to Reaver, pittbull, SEBEN (now deceased I think) HamptonsTrader, WilliamFogwell and, of course, Guy Ellis) You've been played and the best part is you don't even know it.

    p.s Reaver you should have listened to version. He was smart enough to realize what would happen by your efforts. Too bad you weren't. Have fun and keep up the great work. TradingZoo loves you all!

  163. geox,
    Thats a lot done in just three weeks:
  164. They have a great time talking about these sophmores during the slow periods. The jokes are hilarious. Since most new members ask about the forums and such, they got the full story. That's how I found out. The new members think its a stroke of genius using these bafoon bashers as lead generators. Really, it's ironic. Actually, to coin Reaver's favorite word, PRICELESS. :D
  165. OK, so you admit you are marketing Trading Zoo...
    Will you become a paid sponsor at ET (instead of pretending to be a new Trading Zoo member for 3 weeks)?
  166. So I guess it's official that you do work for them after all.

    That is all I wanted to prove.

    Have a nice day. Thanks for coming out!
  167. Yes geox, after all I believe it is forum policy. Be a sport will you?
  168. But Reaver, you did it, I didn't. I was 100% honest in every post I made here and I do not work for the zoo. Don't you realize that you did the marketing? I was your pawn. I wasn't sent here by anybody and my intentions were in good faith.

    The bashers, not me, are responsible for the marketing of the Zoo, just as version asked you earlier when you created the SEBEN thread, "TradingZoo--NOT HAPPY" He asked you why are you promoting the Zoo and you answered, "I work for the Zoo." How beautiful is that? You do work for the Zoo but you don't even know it.

    If I was the management here at ET Reaver, I would be livid and ban you in a NY minute and all your IP aliases. But they, too, are at fault because they do nothing to stop the bashing. And so it goes.

    How much is sponsorship?
  169. Oh well, you can keep the idiots..as they say a fool and his money are soon parted...

    I'll stick to looking out for intelligent people who care about their money.

    Now please become a paid sponsor. Be a sport, give back to those who have so graciously given to you.

    By the way, I actually made $67,876.00 trading yesterday, thanks to your bashing...LOL wanna know why it doesn't matter? Because I can't prove it, they are just words....

    Just like your supposed 32 paid members from TL. LOL
  170. Since you haven't been blacklisted yet I trust you have an ownership interest here or you've got some good dirt on the owners. How else to explain your continued presence?

  171. Why would I be blacklisted? I haven't done anything but expose vendors...I don't think that is a ban-able offense.

    I don't think it made too many people mad except Trading Zoo shills.

    Did it make you mad BrightPropGuy? Bogan? Brownsfan?

    email baron or drop him a PM and he'll get you set up for paid sponsorship...he's a good guy, and it's only fair. It's the rules.

    Give back to the community that gave so much to you.
  172. Guess what Reav? You should have kept your promise you made at TL to stay clear of ET. Coming back here did you no good. You're totally owned and deflated. The destroyer has been destroyed by his own sword.

    And you continue to disrespect people by saying that people who are Zoo members are idiots. If they are idiots, they are laughing all the way to the bank and financial independence from boring monotonous day jobs like selling real estate in a dead market.
  173. I have no doubt SOMEONE is laughing all the way to the bank....
  174. I have proven loud and clear that you work for the Trading Zoo by your own admission....

    That was my mission.

    I hope no one falls for your tricks, but hey, the more people that believe in little zoo squiggles the better for my account.

    Case closed.

    Great Trendfollowing thread going on right now I must attend.
  175. LOL..Vendor laughing all way to bank...
  176. LOL
  177. Run rabbit run. You should see the email being prepared now to send to Baron which documents your infractions of the ET agreement. If it were in paper, you'd get a hernia.

    In a few seconds, Im going to post your violations but to save bandwidth, not the links for each and everyone of them. I am going to expose you for what you are. And that is my mission.

    And by the way, the registration you sent in for a free trial with the phony names is going to be part of that package. Zoo server logged your IP :D Needless to say, you won't be receiving an invite although you sure could use some help.

    This could get much more uglier for you than a simple ban from ET.
  178. Well since you've logged my IP and intend on using it in a court of law, I guess that rules out my being Mr Fogwell using an anonymizer. Please think your statements through before posting them.

    LOL go for it. I am sure after finding out you have been taking advantage of ET for spamming your company without paying he is going to be most receptive to your input.

    I have done nothing wrong, and I am not really concerned with your threats.

    I get bored easy.

    I just called your bluff...what are you gonna do?

    I have good lawyers...in the family...

    Have a nice day.
  179. well the reason I know you're full of it, is that I didn't sign up for any free trials. LOL


    thanks for coming out, Mr Fogwell/Dr Hamptons.

    I can however, send you the email I sent asking for a track record that went unanswered if you'd like to submit that in the package.

    Good luck with all that.
  180. Okay, with that said-

    Let this thread die. Submit your package, file your papers, call your lawyers, it doesn't even remotely get me nervous. Do what you gotta do....

    You may be opening a can of worms you don't want to...so be careful. Remember you know nothing about me. There may be reasons I am so confident in what I do here.

    but after all that-

    Seriously, it's getting old and tired....I am here to have progressive discussion with other traders, not throw stones with vendors who are angry because I cut into their profits.
  181. As Ice T sang "You played yourself."

    Your backpedaling is too funny now that you've been trumped you want a truce. LOL. Where's the bragging Reaver, the Destroyer now?

    The damage you did here makes the stuff BruceM did at mypivots look like childs play. Baron won't stick up for you. The rules of this forum are clearly stated and broke most of them at your own risk with your eyes wide open. It's clear what your intent was and the evidence is overwhelming. Come back later and you'll get a glimpse of the Federal laws you broke in addition to the rules of this forum.
  182. a TRUCE?? HA HA naah just very surprised you haven't been banned yet after admitting you spam for Trading Zoo. But hey it's not my call.

    There is nothing more to say,

    Like I said put up or shut up. I already called your bluff.

    That goes to both of you geox AND Stealth Traitor. Oh yeah and Mr Fogwell and Dr Hamptons too.

    Don't sing it BRING IT.

  183. There you go again, lying. I never spammed for anyone. You did, over and over again. I have your screenshots telling verYsion "I work for the Zoo." Anyways, I'm glad I'm not you. You best hightail it back to TL and scram from this thread. Enjoy the forum--the rest of it--while you can. I'm happy you have lawyers in the family. Perhaps they will work pro bono.
    <<pressing send button to Baron with links>>
  184. Reaver, I suggest you read the rules of this forum again. Listed blow are the ones who flagrantly broke. The links from the threads are easy to find, except for the threads deleted which have preserved, if you care. After all they are all written by you. Read em and weep. The game is over and you now will pay for your crimes.

    To wit:

    If you agree to the terms below, please press the Agree button at the end of the page.

    As an interactive computer service, we are provided immunity by Congress in Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 from being held responsible for material published to our site by users. As a user of this site, you will be held solely responsible for the content of any message that you post . If you post libelous, defamatory, slanderous, or otherwise untruthful remarks about a person or company, you could be putting yourself in legal jeopardy.

    You agree that you will not post any content -- including text, communications, software, images, sounds, data, or other information -- that:

    contains excessive profanity or vulgar language;
    is excessively insulting or argumentative without merit, unlawful, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, deceptive, fraudulent, invasive of another's privacy;
    impersonates any person or entity

    Registration is limited to one username per member. Elite Trader may, without prior notice, immediately terminate any or all of your accounts after discovering you have registered, and/or posted under, multiple usernames.
  185. CC: Baron (with links)
  186. geox...My what a tangled web we weave when first we aim to deceive....you are are bagged and tagged.

    I am done with you unless you can hold up to your threats. You are a total waste of my time.

    Anything you can think to accuse me of, anyone with a brain and two eyes (even one for that matter) can see where anything you have said about me is totally false. Weigh the evidence along with the context of reputation and motivation of why one would make posts. I really don't have to say more.

    Your accusations are hollow, you are pathetic, a compulsive liar, and you betray the trust of others to make money. You are reprehensible, disgusting and despicable.

    Never forget when you sow to the wind you reap the whirlwind.

    I am waiting for you to stand up to your threats.

    Unless you do, understand that is a white flag on your part as far as I am concerned.
  187. Ok preacher man. Drill down time.

    Do you want me to post the links and screenshots? Maybe that will jog your memory.

    I can hear you now in a deposition..."UH I didn't say those things and type those posts (and PM also)...someone must have hacked my IP address and impersonated me. I think my virus software wasn't working or some stuff like that"

    I hope the family lawyer is a good one.

    Listen, it's time for you to go back to TL land. If you issue a formal apology to the members of the trading community, maybe this will all go away as you requested earlier and you can move on. I hope this was a lesson to you. Ball's in your court. And please, no more goofy replies that you wrote using a thesaurus and a dictionary.

  188. You heard what I said. Back it up.

    Post away, Bring it. I'd love to see it for myself.

    Suck it up Buttercup.

    Don't talk about it be about it.

    Stop stalling with your talk and make your move.

    Failure to do so is my victory. You talked the talk....now walk the walk.
  189. Please, for once and for all, stop stalking and harrassing me. You are tailing me on every thread and I'm getting a bit nervous that your intentions are evil and dangerous. You posted you owned a miltary rifle. Stop threatening me with violence.
  190. Wow this is ridiculous. Again, Baron can see that this has in no way transpired.

    My complaints have been registered about you. I have made an ultimatum for you to put up or shut up, and you did not back up your threats.

    You are totally crippled and worthless, and I cannot believe I have spent this much time on you.

    You heard what I said, I told you to back up your talk and you couldn't. You are totally impotent. You did not back up ANY of your claims of me, or threats, but you have been exposed for working for Trading Zoo. That was my mission. Completed.

    Any questions, please read any of my previous posts.

  191. Don't forget to email MP your address so he can deliver the champagne.

    I heard you asked him for a commisions or finder's fee from all the members who came from TradersLab. Don't you think 25% is a bit steep? I mean you did play a part but you didn't add that much value. How about 5%?

    Does this Reaver have balls or what? He tells you one thing and then attempts make a few bucks off the Zoo's success. I guess people resort to this type of thing when they don't have consistent income.

    Next thing you know he'll be getting into that Nigerian check/lotto scam. Be careful, and don't ever give him your email address. He is spamming MP for a kickback and the Zoo's registration server with aliases.

    Sad. Very sad.
  192. Please post said emails. This is totally false.

    I work in mortgages and lending and make plenty of money. I am not a realtor or originator. I do not work in the subprime industry. In fact our business increased after the credit hit.

    I make plenty of money to even begin to stoop to pick up a what did you say 5% finders fee? That is $250. No way in hell I'd sell out for that BS. You must have me confused with someone else.

    I have integrity and would not stop to such a level.

    You can call me whatever you want, but I am not some kind of two bit con artist like you and the company you keep. Make no mistake about that. I put my life on the line for my country one more than one extended vacation-that takes integrity and honor. You think there is any way in hell that I would flush all that self-respect down the toilet, and sell out like that over a few dollars?

    You are starting to thread on thin ice.

    You are on ignore. You fucking piece of shit.
  193. If I asked you once, I've asked 100 times, stop stalking and harrassing me. I want you to leave me alone. Stop asking me for things.

    I can't negotiate your finder's fee either. That's between you and MP but I'm fairly certain he's not going to pay what you asked. Guy Ellis from mypivots asked for 10% and that was rejected.
  194. I can't promise anything, but would you consider 7% if MP agrees?.

    Just curious about something else since you mentioned it: if you make "plenty of money" why did you post in TradersLab in July that your wife chips in 10% of her paycheck into your "big" trading account? That doesn't make sense does it? And why were you asking about the cost of a trading computer to that community? Care to explain to the ET community? I'm sure your followers are very interested.
  196. You can tell you are full of shit because you keep running it into the ground. LOL you said the same thing about pitbulltrader...

    you should come up with new material.

    Also, if I were some two bit con sellout like your ass why would I post this:

    If I were some scam artist I would think I'd know better than to post something like that, as it would cut into my profits...I posted that after I got your sorry ass banned and now you aren't even allowed to advertise at ALL on Trader Lab even as a sponsor.

    You have mental issues....I do make plenty of money, by the way I am 25. Not 24. Of course I was in the military for 4 and out 21 you fucking jackass what does that add up to reject?

    Post every thing I sent you ever. post the emails that ask for a commission for referrals. Hell you don't even have a fucking clue what my real name is, how the hell could you be cutting deals with me if you don't even know my name? what send it my anonymous swiss account? Jesus H Christ you are nuts.

    My point is, you have sour grapes that me and a couple guys that also post here got your ass kicked off Trader's Lab because we are not scam artists and don't welcome that kind of bullshit.

    Say what you want dude, I never said I was rich LOL I make plenty of money to be 25 though. I don't see your point of making fun of me because my wife puts money into my trading account. LOL Hell my wife makes bank, and 10% of big money is still good money to have.

    Come up with better material.

    Why would I threaten to shoot you, please prove this...you keep threatening this, but don't do anything. You are impotent. You haven't done 1 damn thing you have said you would.

    That's about 8 miles of dumbshit if you ask me.

    Why don't you get in your claimed helicopter and fly on down here? LOL

    You are a sad little man.

    You can say all you want about me, but you lost. The war is over, you are a complete and proven imbecile.

    You do not back your threats up and you are a snake-oil salesman. bottom line.

    You have to live with that, not me.

    You can trip on me all you want about working full time, LOL I imagine there are quite few here that do that. Hell you're full time job is to shill here...so I mean what's the difference other than the fact that I don't lie and con for a living?

    We both work 9 to 5, you're job is a little shill fanboy underling for Trading Zoo. So is StealthBitch, Dr Hamptons, 0two50, Tandori Chick, William Fogwell, t28 and hell that's assuming you are even different people. ha ha ha


    you guys kill me.

    fuck the ignore shit keep it coming.
  197. I also find it hilarious that you went from saying you had done due diligence on Trading Zoo so timidly, and now you're wigging out with all their supposed inside stats etc. LOL


    no matter what you say about me you're so busted for lying.
  199. God you're so awesome geox, I hear it was a sweet move you pulled off in the room today. Reaver is definitely a reject.

    I think has some alterior motives. He is probably here only to bash the Trading Zoo, but let us continue our discussion of the trading zoo.

    Sorry I can't use my real name, but you see me on TV sometimes and you know I gotta keep it quiet around here.

    Thanks for totally owning this spammer.

    Now can you discuss some of what you've learned at trading zoo?

    I am very familiar with signing contracts, so I understand there probably isn't very much you can say, as well will all need to sign up for a free trial to understand.

    But even though we will have to sign up for a free trial to get the picture, can you explain a little about setting profit targets on your trades, or just a taste?

    Rock on! Thanks!

    Fuck Reaver let's discuss trading zoooo!
  200. Yeah his wife probably gives him like 10% of 25 cents cause she is so poor!


    OWNED :D
  201. wow.
  202. Wow, for the love of God. TZ stop making names. It's obvious when your join date is either the same day or around the same day. Or if you've been registered a while, all your post are in support of TZ and/or knocking all other vendors. So here's a list for anyone that wants to add them to their ignore list:


    I'm sure there will be more or are more out there. So sad and pathetic. You would think that a company that has had one day of losses in 5 1/2 months of trading would have people banging on their doors to get in.
  203. The Zoo canceled its sponsorship because it believed there was little value in continuing. After all, 32 new members is a very good return on investment. All the low hanging fruit is gone. Again, MP thanks you and brownsfan for all your help in making that happen. You guys were great, seriously.

    Did you send him your address yet so he can give you that bottle of champagne?

    How is your negotiation going with MP on the finder's fee deal? Have you guys come to an agreement? He mentioned it in the room this morning. Members, especially the new ones from TradersLab who know you, were howling with laughter.

    Have a great day selling Florida swampland.

    Reaver, the Destroyer? Naw, more like Reaver destroyed.
  204. Correct, there is a waiting list at the present time.
  205. Thanks, but I couldn't have done it without Reaver. You should have seen the "ROFL and LOL" scrolling in the chat box from all the members. It looked like a realtime print of time and sales on a volatile day. Hilarious. We call Reaver Forrest Gump.

    Let's start a new poll, okay? How much commission should Reaver be entitled to for his help in recruiting new members? It's not an easy thing to figure out, because brownsfan and pittbulltrader also played a role. Maybe Reaver will split the pot with them. That would be fair.
  206. I think it's pretty obvious that I have no such deal, especially since the people at TL wouldn't be howling with laughter if they knew i was making money off them..that would be a silly thing for someone to do.

    Make up your mind you cannot have it both ways.

    Bottom line is that you are not allowed to post or advertise on Trader's lab anymore-the only thing you can do is accuse people of trying to cut deals with people, when you don't even know my name or email address.

    You do not hold up to your threats, you cannot back your words up.

    You can secretly spam and advertise here all day, that is the moderators problem....my only goal is to keep you away from Trader's Lab and you won't be there anymore. I promise you that.

    I had a discussion with James, and I believe me, him, and Trading Zoo all know the truth of the mater there involving multiple accounts and spamming and dishonesty. That is all that matters at the end of the day.

    Nice try reporting me to james for the false accusations, but those who know me at TL know better and that is why you ended up being banned. Nice try.

    It is sad to know there are people out there like you, but hey what goes around comes around. karma is real brother.

    You can falsely accuse me all day and that ain't gonna stop you from getting what's coming.

    Have a nice day.

    And by the way, simple logic dictates you don't have a waiting list...or else you wouldn't be spamming for business.

    You say that you have financial freedom to go fly helicopters and have parties in the hamptons, but yet you work for a vendor spamming message boards all the time. I like my full time job better than yours. Again, I don't sell real estate. I counsel non-subprime mortages.

    I for one know that I wouldn't be working for anyone if I was as rich as you say you are. For someone who has only been a member for three weeks, you sure seem to be in the know over there. LOL

    Bye, have fun with your multiple accounts. All these accounts that keep showing up to attack me just prove my point of your dishonesty.

    I won, as usual.
  207. Let's set the record straight, Mr. Florida realtor. The Zoo canceled its relationship with your beloved TradersLab five days before the agreement was due to expire. Don't take my word for it, ask James. In the advertising world, it's called a test. And, as a matter of fact, James sent many emails effectively apologizing for the posts both you and brownsfan spammed his forum with about the Zoo. In one of them, James states that he doesn't agree with brownsfan. I have copies of these emails from the marketing dept.

    In addition, he admonished you and, in particular, brownsfan, and gave you an ultimatum that if the derogatory comments continued, he would have to ban you from the forum (also in his emails). Magically, after that, both of you stopped bashing over there (James removed ALL of your untruthful propaganda) and planted your fat asses here and picked up where you left off. Those are the facts and you can spin them any way you want.

    Now, let's get back to your commission. If I understand you correctly, you no longer want to get a cut, correct? I'm sure that will be fine with Sam. Have you conferred with brownsfan on this? If you want to continue to work for the Zoo for free that's up to you.

    I knew you weren't the sharpest knife in the drawer and now you've confirmed it.
  208. James wouldn't say something like that.

    I am done here, my posts and your backing down from a challenge to put up or shut up speak for themselves.

    Good luck with everything.
  209. Want to bet he would? I have the emails. Since you speak to him so often, ask him. If he denies it, let me know and I'll prove it by posting his emails right here, in this thread. I dare you to report back here on this! How's that for a challenge Mr. realtor?

    I seriously doubt you are done here. You're a man you doesn't know fact from fiction, lies from truth. You'll be back, I guarantee it, with the same old song and dance. And I'll be waiting for you.

    As Ice T wrote: "You played yourself."
  210. OK, I have read all of this Trading Zoo thread and it looks like a lot of disagreement on many issues.

    However, looks like it is fair to conclude that nobody here believes that Trading Zoo stuff is worth $6000!!

    So, ET people should know that fact!
  211. Sheesh...all these zoo stories. :D

    Simple measure these days everyone..if your trading educator can't get their system defined enough to build it out automated, then move on.
  212. just a bunch of sneaky monkeys, nevermind them!
  213. ...LOL...LOL...

  214. Just found a pic of MP from the TradingZoo...

    <a href="http://tinypic.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i23.tinypic.com/214wd3a.jpg" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>
  215. Hi version. Too bad Reaver wasn't smart enough to take you advice. Oh well. Nice photo. At first I thought it was me!
  216. I think the fair market value should be $15-20K, not $6K
  217. And very profitable monkeys, too, I would add.
  218. Funny stuff....$20K for that Trading Zoo/Zero shit!!

    ..LOL..ha ha ha....:D
  219. Maybe MP should auction memberships. Then he'd really know what the market would be.
  220. OK, let the bidding begin:

    I'll bid 0.01 cent.
    (I'll wait to see if anybody here bids more)
  221. It doesn't work that way. It's a Dutch auction with the bidding starting at $6K, the reserve.
  222. LOL..LOL..ha ha ha
    NO WAY, highest I'd go would be 0.10 dime.

  223. If the strategy can't be automated I do not bid....that is the standard now.
  224. Not a black box deal, sorry. That monkey is cute. :)
  225. Bet won again! Hey realtor, what did James say about those emails? I'M WAITING..........

    Not only will I post them here, but TL also, just in case a few of your friends over there don't visit ET.
  226. Hey gang! Notice in my prior post I quote Reaver's most recent one. Well, guess what? It magically disappeared.

    ROFLMAO, he got caught deleting his post. You got to be faster next time, piker. Oh lord, you are making this too easy. Better than a screen shot! Just hit the quote button.

    You're right about not being able to be in the room and not laughing. Guess what? We're laughing AT YOU REAVER for the very thing you just did in addition to your other stumbles.

    It's worth repeating, realtor, you played yourself and I caught you again just as I predicted with 100% confidence. Down the toilet you go......And you want people here to take you seriously? That's a major insult to the trading community's collective intelligence.

    Now tiptoe on back to your playpen AKA TradersLab and get out of here before I bust you up again.
  227. I am sorry but you will have to do better than that. Nice try though, but you have already been caught making up quotes from me before.

    As I said, my posts in the past and your backing down from the challenge to follow through with your threats speaks more than you or I ever could.

    Have a nice day. Don't get caught over there chainsaw.
  228. You have mail, my friend.


    Dr Rigels (my real name)
  229. OK fool, if you ddn't come back then (which you did and you know it and other people here saw it also), you most certainly did now and I win! And thanks for proving your using the HamptonTrader alias as well. Totally piker and boorish.

    Let's get back to James. Have you asked him about those emails? LOL. Maybe I'll post them over at TL only rather than here; after all, James probably doesn't vist here. Do you dare me to do that realtor? Do you? Do you want me to expose you at TL and in the process, throw James under the bus and totally discredit you and brownsfan? Think it over the weekend.
  230. Reaver, give it up. Where's your sophisticated lawyer alter ego William Fogwell. Dust him off and post with that alias. Greenhorn.
  231. At your service sir. Now where were we before Reaver interupted us. Please continue with your story. It's sound so intriguing.

    William Fogwell (my real name)
  232. Again, I have asked you numerous times to post them publicly. You cannot and will not because the said emails do not exist. You have already been called out numerous times. You do not follow through. Until you do, I would venture to say that you prove my point of being a liar.

    You rely on hollow threats to get a rise out of people. No one cares what you have to say. Like I said chainsaw don't fuck up and do anything stupid at TL. Not gonna have you talking shit about James, he's a good guy and doesn't have anything to do with this. he gave you a fair shake and you couldn't help but lie and spam and create multiple aliases, thereby violating forum rules and by popular vote your company was ousted.

    Have a nice day, anything you say about me is overridden by your lack of proof, and remember, in this day and age emails are considered admissible in court as official documents, so be careful about fabricating things. You making up quotes and PM's are one thing, but be very careful about forging official correspondence and posting it publicly.

    Since you do not have my email address or my name for that matter, suffice to say your words are weak and the ground you stand on is shifty.

    Best of luck.
  233. ROFLMFAO. For the love of God, Reaver get a life.
  234. Thanks for the advice, but I dont need it. The emails are real addressed to support at tradingzoo from jameslee at traderslaboratory. They are all timestamped and signed for your viewing pleasure. They are not considered confidential, so no trust is violated and no laws will be broken. They will not be altered in any way.

    Your insistence to disbelieve is going to make you and brownsfan look like the dorks you are. And YOU, not me, brought James into this so you will have to deal with it with him. He was warned about both of you and soon he will understand why. I'm going to give you one more chance to change your mind now that you challenged me to do it. Think it over the weekend, seriously, and speak to brownsfan and James. Ask him about the emails he wrote to TZ which I described and tell him you posted here they don't exist AND you challenged me to post them here and TL.

    I'm not playing or joking now, pal. Go do it and save yourself and James much embarrassment. It's great PR for the Zoo, but that is not the purpose of this. The purpose is to expose you and your false world you live in and I'm prepared to do it. With me, buddy, you met your match and I'm not going to let you skate away from this unless you retract. So think it over real hard.

    P.s. If you don't want this continue in public, PM me. Honestly, I'm not out to assasinate your character or cause James aggrevation, but this issue is important and cannot stand as it presently is portrayed by you. It's totally unacceptable.

    Enjoy your weekend.
  235. You've lost me I don't even know what you're threatening anymore. All I know is you said I was asking for a commission and had emails to prove it, apparently you're on some other page......

    See the problem is in that anything you post from anyone else has nothing to do with me. Even if they are about me, I frankly don't care...opinions vary.

    I am stabbing in the dark here as I have no idea what you're even talking about now, I can only infer from your ramblings.

    Met my match? I have no match you little bitch don't compare yourself to me. Fucking pissant civilian.

    well anyways, Do your worst, until then....STFU.

  236. This is the page I'm on and you better get on it too. I'm not playing or joking and having fun now. I'm dead serious.

    So just to clarify my thinking, are you challenging me to post the TZ/James emails because you submit they don't exist or not? You said you got TZ banned from the forum and James was on your side, etc., etc/., etc. A simple yes or no will suffice. Do you get it now?

    I'm losing my patience with your rope-a-dope tactics. You do as I say and call James and brownsfan before you reply. I feel like I'm saving you from some sort of self-destructive wish you have.
  237. My moms dead but I'll tell her when I see her. Jackass.
  238. Don't worry about little old me, you fucking pissant civilian.

    Fuck you, how is that for answer?

    Do your worst, I frankly don't care who was on my side or not, I have no idea what you are talking about.

    I don't give a damn who thinks what about me, it doesn't affect anything. I, unlike you, am not affected by the opinions of others. You run a business and are on a different field as far as that goes. I don't really care what you say/do.

    How many times do I have to say it bitch?

    Fucking wishy washy civilians.
  239. Thank God for the complain button. Keep breaking the forums rules. Maybe one day, the owners here will realize they need to see you out the door.

    Have a good weekend and don't forget to follow my orders to confer with james and brownsfan, PFC Reaver. At ease.
  240. geox, how does it feel to be a bitch who talks the talk but can't walk the walk?

    You want to start threatening James and brownsfan who have nothing to do with this? Leave them out of it, James gave you a fair shake and you blew it. It's you and me buddy, and I have already gotten bored, you fucking mark.

    Maybe you'll grow some balls one day and follow through with your threats.

    LOL Just like I thought. Wishy washy. Weak.

    I'm done here wasting my time, and wrongly giving you the impression that you're worth it.

    Have a nice weekend sweetheart.
  241. I said no evasion, no skirting and no playing like you have a bad memory. Look back on your posts and you will understand. YOU WROTE THEM REMEMBER.

    You have until Monday. Remember, James lives in Japan, so be mindful of the time difference when you call him. brownsfan is in the US and he'll be watching Cleveland this Sunday, so you can reach him then. Good luck with you're chore here. You created this web of a mess for yourself and you have no one to blame.

    Remember you're karma talk? Apparently not. What comes around goes around and you reap what you sow. Be thankful, I'm not vindictive. Just tell me the truth and this will all go away. I shouldn't have to ask you so many times and I'm done. Ball is in your court.
  242. what part of this are you having trouble understanding?
  243. Your not going to get me into the sewer with your endless profanity.

    You have until Monday. I made that promise and I will keep it. After you speak to James and brownsfan, maybe some logic will compel you to do the right thing. If you don't give a damn about them, then fine. I will do what I have to do and the emails will speak for themselves. I won't have to boast or brag like a boorish realtor. The emails will do all the talking.
  244. Oh well, I'll check in to see if you followed through on Monday.

    have a nice weekend in your helicopter. LOL

  245. Civilians? LOL. Now he thinks he's still in the military during the Afghan war. Conflicted and delusional. Cybil Speaks.

    As the Mommas & Pappas wrote: "Oh Monday morning you gave me a warning of what was to be."
  246. So, it is worth $20K to join this Cult movement called: Traders Zoo?
  247. LOL

    depends on what you're looking to accomplish... if you are looking to waste money as quickly as possible...it's a close second...
    flushing your money directly down the toilet is a little more efficient...

    but if you're looking to get rid of some spare money, have a total lack of self respect, and you hate donating to charity...
    then yeah Steely,

    it's a pretty quick way to dispose of cash.:D

    So in that case, I guess it would be worth it. :D
  248. ..LOL..LOL...
  249. I think him and Timmay have a partership in the works...Timmay is a little hesitant though, as MP/geox/TZ/stealthtraitor never actually had a hedge fund, they just claimed to...

    I'm sure they'll work it out.
  250. Reav, are you guys still planning on having that BBQ for Sunday's games? Count on me to bring the beer, friend. Just heard from HamptonsTrader and SEBEN and they are good to go. Can't wait!

    William Fogwell (my real name)

    p.s. geox, you are a horse's ass. You too ST. Now, let's continue our discussion of the thread's topic shall we? What indicators does the Zoo use? cool:
  251. LOL

    yeah that makes a lot of sense.

    are you gonna fly in on your helo? All the way from the Hamptons?
  252. Cool. See ya Sunday around 12:00. GO JAGUARS!!!
  253. Huh? Why you acting like we aint in this deal together bro? Oh shit, I get it now, you want them to think I'm one of them. Damn, sorry man, I forgot. You may be a pro at this psoting thing but Im new remember. Okay, sorry.:confused: Don't be pisses at meok?
  254. http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/teams/jac

    Can't wait man. You make the baddest spare ribs and corn bread. What I wouldnt give for dat recipee.

    William Fogwell (my real name)

    Did I do it right this time Nate I mean, Reav?
  255. LOL

    I am not from FL, I just live there...nice try on my team though. LOL

    but no cigar.

    If you'd ever tasted my cooking you wouldn't be saying that I make the best corn bread or ribs either for that matter. LOL Probably wouldn't be around to post right now.
  256. lol. Nate man I know that. lol. Don't beso modest about your bbq man cause it BAD. Anywayz, Ill be there sunday, like I said. Yo, nate, you my main man bro , for real. I don't mind doing this posting shit for you, really It's cool, k? If it helps you , im here to help cause you saved my life in vietnam and Ill never evr forghet that.

    Check you out later at the Hayseed Shack, ok. First round on me. I'm out!

    Wiiliam Fogwell (my real name)
  257. OK, guess I came to the party a little too late.

    Geo, don't know who you are and have no desire to read this thread, but I can tell you this - I also have an interesting email from James with his view of the Zoo. If we want, we can compare notes. I don't care.

    You say you have emails from James about me, so I say post them. I'd love to see them. If you want to just email them to me directly, send me a pm and I will send you my email. In return, I will send you what James had to say about the zoo to me.

    I have no desire to carry on this ranting and raving about the Zoo. It's just not worth my time. I would however love to see if James is telling me one story and then telling you another. Again, no hostility here. If you want to exchange these emails, I am open to it. If not, that's fine but leave me out of this discussion please. I am just done with this stupid Zoo junk and would prefer to be left out of it.

    A few clarifications of your misinformation:
    1) I was never reprimanded by James directly. Never. Quite the contrary actually. In case that's not clear, keep in mind that I am still posting at TL while the Zoo is not...
    2) The posts removed ALSO contained the bullsh*t from the Zoo as well. You left that part out. While my posts were deleted, so too were the Zoo's.
    3) I'd love to know how you can call me a fat ass when I am sitting here in the best shape of my life. Just b/c you may be a 400 lb lard ass that sits by his computer all day, not all of us are like that.

    Please save me the typical Zoo reply with some random, useless rambling. Again, the offer is there - let's share these magical emails and if need be, I will confer with James for clarification. I've got nothing to lose here, so let's do it brother!
  258. I am also going to direct James to this thread immediately b/c if he is telling me one thing and you another geo, I have no beef with you. I want to know if he's just playing each of us or is someone lying.

    Again, I have nothing to lose and have no problem asking James to explain what's going on here. In the meantime, please pm me those emails and I will do the same.
  259. Okay, we have a deal. Maybe.

    Why should I take you at your word as a man in light of your Zoo bashing history?

    I don't wish any harm to James. I think he's basically a good guy, but way over his head in his business venture of TL. That's my opinion. Perhaps he took the Zoo on for the money and didn't think about the ramifications. I don't know. The Zoo severed its relationship with TL before the agreement expired. This is a fact and supported by documentary evidence as everything else I stated here.

    And so are the emails about you in particular and bashing the Zoo in general on his site. But here's the concern. How can I trust you? What is your interest here? What will you do if the evidence I have supports my claim? Stop posting on TL? Tell james how dissapointed you are that he was playing both sides against the middle? And what does this do for the Zoo? What's the incentive, if you will?

    James, if I can believe you what you say, is between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, he wants the sponsors money and on the other, he doesn't want to lose members. Looks like in this instance, he played one off against the other figuring neither of them would ever get to this point. He was wrong, thanks to Reaver who pushed the envelope.

    If you've read my last few posts to Reaver, I really wanted to do this away from the public domain, but he was a hardass and challenged me. I don't work for the Zoo, but I am appalled at this BS and care enough not to have scads of false accusations about what transpired at TL be continually bandied around by Reaver, who seems to speak on behalf of TL.

    Okay, I am ranting myself here (lol), but how can you assure me this won't become a public display or a cut-n-paste game and on and on and on (you know what I mean). I need to hear a few things from you and what your goal is here. No BS, this is the real deal. I swear.
  260. I guess we scared Reamer off. LOL

  261. Hardly.

    I am just not going to argue with these people anymore...I'll joke around with this silly Fogwell alter ego of geox's (yours?) but I am not going to sit here and make myself look like a fool...My granddaddy always said...never argue with a fool, sometimes it makes it hard for others to tell who's who.

    Like Brownsfan said, this is silly and childish.

    Not going to let this bother me anymore.

    I don't believe you for a second about James. He's always shot me straight and you're just trying to discredit him because he isn't here to defend himself.

    That is dishonorable and cowardly.

    Oh well, I'm gonna wrap this one up, have fun boys and girls.
  262. Geo,
    My goal is this - if James is in fact playing me, I am done sharing over there. It's that simple. I don't care about the Zoo and I'm done with that. I just want to know if I am being played.

    That's it.

    As for my integrity and honesty, I promise you this - I have one simple PM that anyone at the zoo would love to read. You apparently have the same. This is two men finding out if something fishy is going on here. It sounds like there may be something going on behind the scenes that is adding fuel to this fire and to be honest, I just want to know who is telling the truth and who is lying. That's it.

    If that's agreeable, send me a PM. I will upload this PM to tinypic.com and you can share the link with anyone over there at the Zoo. I would ask you to do the same.

    That's all I am going to say about this. I have no desire to continue this ranting over the Zoo's service as my opinions are all over this forum. I would however, like you to do what you said you would and share these emails. I will do the same in return, so now you actually get something out of the deal.

    If not, that's fine too but please leave me out of this. Fair enough?
  263. Reaver, I don't know you and you don't know me, but I swear on my kids lives I have what I say. I wouldn't be so emphatic about this and spend so much God forsaken time on this if I didn't have the goods.

    We all like to play around on ET and let our ya-yas out, but this TL thing struck a nerve because you, too, sound emphatic. On this, I respect you and brownsfan now after reading his post. I think James was two faced, trying to please both of his customers--you guys and the Zoo--and I think the way he did it is reprehensible at worst and stupid at best.
  264. The Zoo and you were both being played by James.

    Agreed in good faith okay? BUT, I don't see how this helps the ZOO repair some of the damage done by you and Reaver here. Do you have any suggestions on how that's can be accomplished?

    It's nice to know you won't post on TL, but what's in it for the Zoo if I may ask opportunistically? The Zoo has been harmed by this. Reaver, feel free to chime in (but no cursing ok?)
  265. I doubt he would come here to defend himself, since his tit is in the proverbial ringer. What's he going to say? That he never wrote those emails to the Zoo or to brownsfan (and perhaps you, I don't know). The truth will set you free, but in this case, it will make James look like a manipulating politician.

    By the way, I'm not Fogwell and dont have a clue who he is. I thought he was one of your friends. Just another ET mental patient on the loose I guess.
  266. Oh Christ, don't tell me you are going to fall for Geo's sincere approach...? Hell, call his bluff...he has nothing to post... the Zoo guys never do..their full of crap.....

    Brownsfan and Reaver will never see any actual emails that geo allegedly has because they don't exists.....Don't let him try to shift this away from the Zoo and make it a Traders Laboratory thread...( you could start another thread if you really need to hash that out)....

    If the Zoo is really that concerned about the facts and damage that this thread has done to them then they can change that in a heartbeat....

    Just post 3 months of actual trading statements that match the online results ...Gheesh is there an echo in here.....It's the same old crap that we've always asked to see...

    Seems like a simple way to fix things and shut everyone up for good....

    I guess we'll wait..... let the games continue......It is my assumption that the Zoo's days of vending are numbered.....

  267. And speaking of mental patients on the loose, here comes the same ole broken record. Statements...blah...blah..blah...statements.

    Go back to mypivots. I think some old lady who has an IRA question wants you to approve her post. (The policy at mypivots is that each and every post must be approved by a moderator before it gets published; hilarious considering they get 3 posts a day, two of which are from the mods.)

    Thanks for stopping by BruceM.
  268. James has earned my trust as much as it can be earned by someone on the internet. You have not. Occam's Razor wins.
  269. Understood. What would happen to that trust if James were exposed as a double agent?
  270. same old song and dance from the Zoo.....they never come through with the goods.....they ALWAYS avoid the real issues......I guess that's the best they can do since we have proven they don't trade.......how pathetic !!!.....lowlife non-traders belong there..just another attempt to redirect the real questions......

    BruceM ( my real name)
  271. Bruce - I am fully aware that these emails will probably never be sent to me. Geo sent me a PM asking for my phone # so we can discuss this on the phone first. Yeah, ok, sure. I've got nothing better to do on a Sat than discuss this over the phone.

    I've asked a number of times for these mysterious emails and nothing has come of it.

    The zoo has a tremendous history on here and TL of not producing anything they are asked to. We'll see if that trend continues here...
  272. It's really simple geo - Reaver and I both contribute a lot to TL. If either/both of us were being played, you can bet we are going to make that known over there. This in turn puts the guy that did this to us AND the Zoo in a precarious position.

    After the Zoo getting banned from TL, I would think this would be bittersweet. I of course will inform the membership of how this all started and that perhaps the Zoo was in fact misrepresented.

    What else could you possibly want? Esp if you don't work for them. I believe a post in this thread said that, so that should be more than enough to satisfy some guy that just hangs out at the zoo.

    So, I will look for a PM from you with links to tinypic.com with these emails. If not, you've been called out (just like every other zoo spammer) and cannot actually produce anything (just like every other zoo spammer).
  273. You kill me DG. :D

  274. thanks.

  275. I would normally respond, but I can't because you killed me..oh wait..nevermind. lol
  276. If you can't or won't keep our private conversations private and confidential, there is nothing more to talk about.

    This is now a deal between you and me, not this forum, or Reaver, or the Internet. You stand the most to gain, because I don't doubt James played both sides against the middle and frankly, it's old news. I have no doubt he badrapped the Zoo and I don't need to see anything from you to prove it; I'll take your word for it.

    But you need to know if he played you and the only way you can confirm that is through me since I doubt he will send you his correspondence. I'll wait to hear your response to my last PM.
  277. This is all just a ploy to indirectly bash James.....the implications are that this is some secret operation, but yet those that read it just see bad stuff being said about James.

    And the other goal is to make it look like brownsfan is consipring secretly, when in reality, he is just trying to get an email from you that you said you have....
  278. Banned? The Zoo, not TL, CANCELED the agreement. If James told you different, he's lying.

    How long do you think a post calling James a two timer would stay up? A nanosecond?
  279. This is not a ploy for anything and stop defending James. He's a big boy and if wanted, he could come here and rebut. I speak nothing but the truth without spin regardless how difficult that may be for you to believe. James did what I say he did and he knows it. If he's reading these posts, I'm sure he's not happy now, but hey, you make your bed and sleep in it.

    As far as your remark about brownsfan, he inserted HIMSELF into this dialogue by requesting the proof because he wants to know if he got the rummy. I owe him nothing, but I am willing to give him what he seeks, but not without certain conditions. This deal isn't a one way street. Period.

    Now go ahead and continue to cut me down and rip me. I am not going to continue here with what should be done privately between me and brownsfan. Doing otherwise is disrespectful and unethical.
  280. That's what I was hoping for. That is a private matter between you and brownsfan.

    I am just wondering what seems to be taking so long for you to send that email over.
  281. If it's a private matter, how do you know he doesn't have it?

    See, that's a major concern, confidentiality, and if brownsfan is keeping you informed that's a problem and a dealbreaker.
  282. No the only indication I have is that you are still talking about it and referring him to the PM's you have sent in regards to making a deal...

    It is a logical deduction. Don't be paranoid. I want no part of your BS.

    Go back and read your post earlier to see what I am talking about.
  283. You are waiting with baited breath. How do you know where we stand in the process? Just keep you mouth zipped if you want no part. Mind your own business.
  284. This is as much as I know clown. For all I know you are flying your helicopter over to his house to give him a hard copy of the emails as I type this.
  285. Geo - you already said that you would post these emails right here, in this forum no later than Monday. Remember? That was your 'threat' to Reaver and myself.

    So you either:
    1) Post them directly here for all to see and/or
    2) You email me the tinypic.com links so I can verify these emails.

    So the question now is whether you plan to actually follow thru with all these 'threats' that are throughout this very thread. Even if our 'deal' does not happen, you still said you would post these emails right here, on ET, by Monday.

    Either way, I get what I want, which is a copy of these emails. That's assuming of course that you actually follow thru with your 'threats'.... I will say this - it would be the first time a trading zoo spammer actually followed thru with something here other than taking up bandwidth.

    I just don't get you Zoo spammers - all talk and no follow thru whatsoever. I guess I am a man of action and so when I say I am going to do something, I try to get it done.
  286. Geo - the spammer, TRex, was in fact banned from TL. That's where the mess started - TRex was their rep, just like you here, and he was booted from TL. So yes, the Zoo was in fact BANNED from TL.

    Of course James was more than happy to collect the advertisting fee from the TZ banner! I would too! He banned them from posting in the forums and still collected their fees from the banner ads. Makes good biz sense to me - boot the problem and still collect their $$$. Maybe the Zoo could learn something from this to incorporate into their spamming programs.
  287. Agreed....sounds like a good deal to TL for me. LOL
  288. browsfan, the only way to get what you want is stated in the PM. No need to respond to it if you don't agree. And no need for me to stay here any longer and listen to your lies and speculation about what really went on at TL because you don't have a clue. By the way, my offer expires at 12:00 pm EST tomorrow.

    Your real intent is probably to manipulate what I send you, edit and redact it and continue to try to discredit me and Zoo by posting it on the Internet. I told you twice and I'll say it for the last time, I'm not going to get sandbagged by a piker like you.

    The end.
  289. No one gives a shit about this. You just want to be center stage. I thought you were gonna talk about setups and shit.


    Nate (my real name)
  290. lol nice try.
  291. There is no controversy. I'm a member and trade with MP everyday. It's the real deal, and members are making points day-in, day-out. There are those who take action, trade dynamic systems and make great money. Then there are losers who post endlessly on threads like this and essentially have no life.
  292. Be prepared to get flamed, called a shill, post trading statements......blah blah blah ad nauseum.

    The fact is they don't have a clue. Most haven't even had a trial (they can't get through the screening process because of their anonymous email and bogus phone numbers.)

    Good thing you registered over a year ago, not this month. Anyway, these hicks will say you're a Zoo sleeper cell. lol.

    Worth repeating: brownsfan my offers expires tomorrow at 12:00 pm EST tomorrow so I can watch the Jaquars and enjoy some BBQ and brews at Reaver's oceanside mansion. I get the impression, as Jack Nicholson said toTom Crusie, "You can't handle the truth!"
  293. Where is the best site to get verified/audited performance on the Trading Zoo?

    I can't seem to find any documented results anywhere? Thanks!
  294. Hey man try http://hayeahfuckinright.com

  295. Call Price Waterhouse and ask for the partner who handles TradingZoo. Douchebag.
  296. I'm here to help....

    We have established at least that geox works for the Trading Who(?).....
  297. The Zoo felt sorry for James so they kept the banner. The facts, again, are that each and every time the Zoo complained about brownsfan's posts bashing the Zoo--and the Zoo threatened to CANCEL the agreement and get a pro rata refund--James IMMEDIATELY deleted said posts and sent an email message to the Zoo confirming it as fast as you can say "Johhny Appleseed" and apologized for the infractions by brownsfan! He was afraid to lose the Zoo as an advertiser. It's all there in black and white, as well as throwing brownsfan way under the bus.

    Obviously, James isn't making any money trading and so the $200 from the Zoo was meaningful income to him. And who said the Zoo doesn't believe in charity? I think it was Reaver.
  298. ROTFLMAO. Your here to destroy. I just got asked to be the Chairman of the Board. LOL.

    Reaver, never forget that military people ultimately answer to civilians. At ease soldier.

    How old are you? Be honest for once in your ET/TL life. I am guessing you are 50-60, not 25 and retired in FL. There is no way you work given the fact you are in these forums--both ET and TL for 18 hours a day starting at 9:00 am.

    Is your German shepard bitch still sick? Next time put a condom on before you make love with her.
  299. geox,
    Do not let an honest question hurt your feelings:

    Where is the best site to get verified/audited performance on the Trading Zoo?

    I can't seem to find any documented results anywhere? Thanks!
  300. http://www.pwc.com/
  301. I tried that site looks like they need Acct#/password for login.

  302. Okay, here's the password *********

    Your welcome!
  303. I tried that site and they need Acct#/password for login (So, obviously that site link proves nothing).

    Need some performance audit to document "Zoo" results!
  304. Is there an echo in here? Listen, do us all a big favor and stick to what you do best--bashing. The warm, sincere shit is ludicrous coming from you. Thanks!
  305. lol I am not sure where you got that info from about ultimately answering to civilians. LOL

    I paid taxes in the military too and got to vote. I got just as many votes for congressmen and presidents as you did.

  306. I know Steely, it's the damndest thing ain't it? LOL
  307. TRADING WHO!!???
  308. Ever hear of Secretary of Defense? Is that a civilian position PFC Reaver?

    Like I said Reaver, you are no match for me intellectually. Of course, I have a slight advantage in that you said you never graduated from college (admissions officers have guidelines and I don't think certified psychopaths like you with an IQ of 37 ever get admitted) and I have an MBA from Wharton.
  309. And that is why you spam message boards all day I guess.
  310. Yep, it is sure is, but by your logic, I voted for the president that appointed him as SECDEF when I was in the military...so who did HE ultimately answer to?

  311. I don't spam any more than you do and I don't post all day, like you.

    My downtime is before and after market hours and weekends if I'm bored.
  312. you must be pretty bored. Helicopter in the shop again Mr Intellectual Wharton man?

  313. Trading zzzzzzzzz...ooh
  314. Damn Reav, this dude is da bomb man. I dont know jack about playing chess, but I think he checkamted your pal brwonsfan. Listen man, I'm getting tired of this shit. Yo, I need more moeny if you want me to keep this up, dig? Plus my ole lady is getting pissed.:(

    William Fowgell (myreal namme)
  315. Reaver, you need to hire new shills. LOL. This one is toast.
    Next time, do a bit of due diligence before you pick an alias or shill.


    Too funny and too easy. Rename this thread the "Reaver/brownsfan/James Lee ownage" thread. The three stooges. And let's not forget pittbulltrader, SteelyDan and HamptonsTrader. Gives new meaning to "The Boys in the Band."

  316. But yeah. I guess I was right about that one huh Mr. Wharton?

  317. I tried not to participate in this stupid thread but now you have taken it far. I have no idea who you are but probably work for or paid by the Trading Zoo in terms of referrals. However, I dont care.

    I am a professional prop trader for a securities firm in Tokyo, Japan.. The level of trading and capital we deal with is something you will never comprehend because you waste your entire life lurking on forums. I took a neutral stance on the Trading Zoo issue to diffuse any conflicts by the vendor and members. I believe I did this professionally and swiftly.

    Geox, I do not care to know who you are but please get your facts straight when you post any comments. This is your own reputation on the line and you do not even realize that YOU are the one ruining the Zoo's reputation and your own.

    Please note this is my one and only comment as I find this thread unbelievably ridiculous. I will not be following up any further.
  318. anybody remember this oldie...

    The job is done and I go out
    Another boring day
    I leave it all behind me now
    So many worlds away

    I meet my girl, shes dressed to kill
    And all we gonna do
    Is walk around to catch the thrill
    On streets we call the zoo

    We eat the night, we drink the time
    Make our dreams come true
    And hungry eyes are passing by
    On streets we call the zoo

    We eat the night, we drink the time
    Make our dreams come true
    And hungry eyes are passing by
    On streets we call the zoo

    Enjoy the zoo
    And walk down 42nd street
    You wanna be excited too
    And you will feel the heat

    We eat the night, we drink the time
    Make our dreams come true
    And hungry eyes are passing by
    On streets we call the zoo

    We eat the night, we drink the time
    Make our dreams come true
    And hungry eyes are passing by
    On streets we call the zoo

  319. geox,
    That link shows reaver as a guy just trying to share ideas with people, and trying to generate a constructive discussion about specific trading methods/ideas.

    Thanks for link! This sort of thing should be encouraged; he does not act like some vendor trying to market some BS product.
  320. I knew it was only a matter of time before you'd arrive. Reading this must have made you squirm. Anyway, welcome to ET, the trader's court.

    I waste my life on forums? You created one and you are the most prolific poster on it! Why would a big swinging prop trader who has access to massive capital create a trading forum and try to get revenue from Google ads and by selling "Premium" memberships to newbees? Doesn't make sense.

    So you took a neutral stance on Trading Zoo? That's not what your lieutenant, Reaver, and Sargent at Arms, brownsfan, claim. In fact, brownsfan claims you sent him 2 PM, one as recently as yesterday that say very disparaging things about the Zoo. So, who is lying here? You or brownsfan? Is he lying or are you trying to cover something up? I think it's the latter, but I don't trust him either just so you know.

    And don't worry about the Zoo's damage because there isn't any. Business is booming and membership at an all-time high, so get your facts straight. Actually, many TradersLab members made that happen.
  321. Fine, then maybe you can help explain it. I can't see how anyone can make any money trading from this, but hey, I'm willing to listen.
  322. This thread is for you to explain the basic concepts of Trading Zoo, and show how it is worth $6000.

    What are the key concepts of Trading Zoo trading methods?

    (that reaver/traders lab thread is still active over there for that discussion)
  323. Everytime I've attempted to do that, the bashers filibuster. The basic concepts are explained on the Website. Feel free to read it. I'm not here to prove it's worth $6K. That's a decision for each individual. Frankly, though, I think it's a bargain.
  324. Do you have a financial conflict of interest since you are a marketer for Trading Zoo?

    That is, could your statements here at ET about the "Zoo" be influenced by a profit motive?
  325. No.
  326. geox,
    Do you make money from marketing Trading Zoo?
  327. The more I reread James' post, I can't seem to find one iota of a rebuttal or denial to what I said about his emails with the Zoo about brownsfan. NOT ONE.

    Instead, he has redefined the word "neutral." Neutral now means I tell both sides I agree with them with the hopes neither will ever know what I said to the other. A high probability trade that didn't work. brownsfan, if you read this, that should be all the proof you need. James had a front row opportunity to come here and set the record straight about his correspondence with the Zoo which you find impossible to believe and he didn't. End of discussion. 45 minutes to go before my offer expires btw.

    Miami vs Cleveland. I'll take the Browns.
  328. What's wrong with you? I answered that in the prior post.

  329. So, you are marketing Trading Zoo for free?
  330. Ignore button activated.
  331. SteelyDan

    Registered: Sep 2007
    Posts: 103

    New Post 10-14-07 01:10 AM

    Quote from woodstockkid:

    There is no controversy. I'm a member and trade with MP everyday. It's the real deal, and members are making points day-in, day-out. There are those who take action, trade dynamic systems and make great money. Then there are losers who post endlessly on threads like this and essentially have no life.

    Where is the best site to get verified/audited performance on the Trading Zoo?

    I can't seem to find any documented results anywhere? Thanks!

    Steely - this will be my last post on this thread: I stand by what I said. I could care less about audited statements and track records. I trade Tzoo setups daily and make money. Take the trial they offer and make up your own mind. MP is a professional trader and mentor. IMO, the $6 grand is peanuts considering what is being offered to traders willing to dump pre-conceived notions and adopt what they offer. Good luck.
  332. ha ha ha you got that POS into a corner. good one.
  333. Nice move! Let's see what he ends up doing after making that statement.

  334. Geox, Have fun working 9 to 5 as a paid shill for the Trading Zzzzzzwho(?)

    James is a good guy and does a lot for the community over at TL very unselfishly. More than you can say for yourself.

    I think the council has spoken on your ass.

  336. Imagine that ...!! The zoo losers have nothing constructive...full of fluff as usual...you'd have to be a horses ass to sign up with these knukleheads....

    Imagine us having the nerve to ask for statements before forking over 6 grand to some high school kids.......lol...

    Like I said before the Zoo's days are numbered....

    You just can't keep scamming people and spaming message boards before you need to rip down your web site

    Isn't it great how Geox said the Zoo got so many new customers from Traders laboratory but then he also writes how the ZOO is the one who canceled their advertising on that site....

    Why would you cancel advertising on a site that got you so many new customers? As usual, more lies from the Zoo...

    These Zoo folks tell so many lies that they lose track of them....

    Busted once again...

    C'mon Zoo bring out the heavy hitters...this Geox guy is a rank amateur ...Gheesh , he almost makes Daywalker and T-rex from the mypivots forum look smart.... we already know geox, 0two50in4point5 and AHK are the same...can't you find anyone to give us a challenge.....

    So easy to push their buttons...



  337. Look at that geox.

    Here's James in the flesh and I think he's made his view on this clear.

    Big surprise.



    I am not about to indulge your fascination with me and give you a direct route to me. I'm really beginning to think there's a man crush going on here.


    I appreciate it geox, but I don't swing that way brother.

    Just post the emails here or send me a pm.

    It's that simple and IT'S WHAT YOU 'THREATENED' TO YOU. Remember? You called me out saying that you would post the emails right here, right on ET, by Monday.

    Was that just another empty threat by another Zoo spammer?


    This is just getting old.

    You guys at the Zoo constantly never step up to the plate.



    Any sensible person reading this thread sees that:

    1) You called me out many, many times in this thread prior to my arrival.

    2) I show up saying to produce this 'damaging evidence'. I even offer something in return.

    3) You then ask for my personal phone numbers and email address.

    4) I say No Thanks, that's not needed.

    5) You now back off saying that something is going to happen on Monday.

    6) I am here telling you that you can either post these emails right here (as you said you would) or send them to me through tinypic.com.

    7) You still refuse to do this, but continue your 'threats'.

    I don't get it...


    You are constantly back tracking on your earlier statements before I showed up on the thread. You were talking an awful lot of smack about me before I showed up. Now, I am here and calling your spamming bitch ass out and you continue to not produce ANYTHING.

    That's the theme here with the Zoo - they constantly produce NOTHING. And until ANYONE there can prove otherwise, you and all the sheep at the Zoo are just mindless zombies following some wannabe trader.

    Now, there it is. I even numbered it for you so you could follow.

    You said that no later than Monday you would post these incredibly damaging emails if me and/or Reaver did not lay off. Well, neither of us has. We've called your bluff. And now James has stepped into the discussion and discredited anything you have to say.

    What you gonna do now sheep?

    Time to act on your threat or run away and see what the Master now wants you to do.
  339. That's all that needs to be said about the Zoo.

    In all the spamming and personal attacking, there's one constant - THEY NEVER PRODUCE ANYTHING.

    Buyer beware.
  340. I guess the zoo garbage competed too much with VSA this and VSA that bias....LOL!

    Now all this TL sludge has toxified ET shores....yikes!
  341. brownsfan,

    Your not being totally honest here.

    I didn't ask for your personal email account. I said you could create an anonymous one (like you did when you tried to get into a free Zoo trial and were caught) to hide your identity. I also asked you to keep this between us and not disclose what I showed you. My intuiton was correct that you can't be trusted. You would have manipulated the emails, edited and redacted them to serve your REAL purpose, which is ongoing Zoo bashing. You really didn't care what James said. You just want a dociument to cut-n-paste for deceitful purposes. Clear as day.

    When you came storming in here with guns blazing to defend James and deny he two-timed you, the dynamics changed and the Monday deal came off the table, so I don't know why you keep bringing it up. The deal then was between you and me--a private matter, not for the Internet. You let the deadline pass without responding, therefore the negotiations are over and no offer is presently on the table. Obviously, it's not that important to you to see the evidence that James rolled over on you. Fine with me and no sweat of my back either. Now you can go back to TL post like a bandit and make like nothing ever happened. That's called being in denial.

    I know what I know. James did not refute one thing I said. Not one. Why? because he knows I speak the truth. Thing about it.........He came here to tell us he is a Master of the Universe for a prop firm. If anything, he made himself look like a short sleeved politician parsing words not wanting to alienate the left or right. Anyway, I have no beef with him, because I totally believe he pacified and patronized you by badmouthing the Zoo. I don't need to see your PMs. And he did that because you and about 5 other people (excluding him) account for 90% of the posts on TradersLab. If you and Reaver left, that place would follow mypivots.com into the world of who cares and why bother, leaving James with no sales pitch to prospective advertisers. I think you can see that taking place now that Google ads are there. I don't see any Google ads here, do you?

    Glad to see you and pitbull back here doing what you do best; bashing the Zoo in a fit of rage, anger and jealousy over its success. Like I said before, the best advertising for the Zoo is crybabies like you and your ilk endlessly posting which creates the buzz that drives the traffic to the Zoo.

    How bout them Browns, huh?
  342. Geox,
    What are you smoking there pal?

    When did I sign up for a Zoo trial? What are you talking about?!?!? Please expound on this b/c this is news to me. Go ahead, let's see all that 'proof' you have.

    You asked for my personal phone number and email. In case you don't recall, would you like me to post the PM's here?

    That's what I thought.

    Again, YOU THREATENED ME. I said, let's go!!! Let's see what you have! I said we can do this here or thru email.

    Clear as day.

    Once again, you've retreated.

    You said you would post the emails here by Monday if Reaver and I did not let up. We have not let up.


    Or were your 'threats' empty and full of shit, like everything else at your little zoo where the MB tells you what to do? Go ask MB what to do when you are stalking two guys on the internet and you can't help but keep posting and coming back to them. You even start threads to discuss them. Ask MB if that's still good spamming techniques or not. Maybe the MB will agree that man crushes are excellent spamming techniques as well.

    Once again, nothing comes from the Zoo. You threatened me you little coward and didn't have the balls to follow thru. Why am I not surprised? Here I am you little coward with a man crush on me. I'm waiting for all this damaging stuff you have about my internet alias.

    Please try to get some sleep tonight and not think about me and Reav. See if you can contain yourself and wait in anticipation of seeing us on the forums come Monday. Maybe you can ask MB to stop by as well and we can all discuss things.

    Where is MB by the way? MB obviously reads these threads but never posts? Or does he and is just another coward like you? He probably has a man crush on me and Reav as well. Tell the MB I said hi and hope he has a great day on Monday! Tell MB to stop by and say hi for a change!


  343. yeah everyone knows we should steer to the pristine waters of Felton trading. STFU piker.

    Go back to your own fucking thread.
  344. LOL....yeah that is a little odd...he started posting links here to my threads at TL so others could share in his man crush...

    geox is also a contributing member of NAMBLA I have found out.

    Again, empty words, hollow threats from the zoo.....
  345. Let's take a look at the posts from GEOX and his 'threats' to myself and/or Reav. We will also see what happened from these 'threats'.


    RESULT: NOTHING TO MY KNOWLEDGE. Reav still posts here with no problem.



    RESULT: Why stop advertising there if you got 32 new members at $6k a pop in one month? Makes great biz sense!



    Geo is a real hard ass while I am not around. He starts the 'threats' against myself.


    GEO SAYS HE HAS EMAILS THAT WOULD 'DAMAGE' REAVER'S AND MY INTERNET REPUTATIONS: http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=62221&perpage=6&pagenumber=36


    GEO STARTS THE 'THREATS' BY SAYING HE CAN THROW ME 'UNDER THE BUS': http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=62221&perpage=6&pagenumber=39


    GEO SAYS THAT REAVER HAS TILL MONDAY TO TALK WITH ME OR ELSE... http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=62221&perpage=6&pagenumber=42


    ONCE AGAIN, GEO SAYS "You have until Monday. I made that promise and I will keep it. " http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=62221&perpage=6&pagenumber=42


    I SHOW UP TO THE THREAD: http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=62221&perpage=6&pagenumber=45


    I TELL GEO HE CAN EMAIL ME THESE 'DAMAGING' EMAILS FOR MY VIEWING. I ALSO OFFER AN EMAIL IN RETURN: http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=62221&perpage=6&pagenumber=46


    ALL OF A SUDDEN GEO STARTS TO BE MORE FRIENDLY WITH ME AND REAVER... http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=62221&perpage=6&pagenumber=46


    GEO REFERENCES THE PM'S HE SENT ME ASKING FOR MY PERSONAL PHONE NUMBER AND EMAIL: http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=62221&perpage=6&pagenumber=48

    I explain that this is a little too much for some simple emails.


    And Geo then starts backtracking and forgetting about his 'threat' to "You have until Monday. I made that promise and I will keep it. "


    Geo, it's right there for you to see. YOU STARTED IT AND I AM FINISHING IT. You 'promised' to post these incredibly damaging emails right here, on ET for the world to see, by Monday. It was a 'promise that you will keep'.

    So, are you going to keep that promise or not?


    Again, I am a MAN of ACTION. I have said you can email these directly to me or post them right here. I DON'T GIVE A SHIT. If you can't tell, your empty threats have led to me and Reaver calling you out constantly. You thought you had something that would scare us and it's been the exact opposite. You thought you could shut us up with lawyer talk and bullshit about some mysterious emails.

    Well, you were wrong. I'm sure you're used to hearing that though if you are following the MB.

    So, your promise to the world here on ET was to post these damaging emails by Monday. That was YOUR PROMISE to us. Now, are your promises just like the zoo and full of shit and empty or will you actually fulfill your promise to us?

    If not, we can just keep playing this charade and you can keep growing deeper in your man crush over me. Your man crush over me is as obvious as the great trading that takes place in your zoo with your MB.
  346. Yeap...tl toxic sludge at the shores of ET....now GO BACK to the tl circus where you came from.
  347. The magnum opus of this entire thread.

    Brownsfan's got you dead to rights, geox.
  348. Sure go ahead. POST ALL 3 of them, but remember, I have the originals, so don't try any fancy photoshop work on them. You'll simply reconfirm what I've been saying here. Go on. All 3.

    You see brownsfan, I have something you desire, BUT YOU HAVE NOTHING FOR ME IN RETURN because I believe you that James spoke out of both sides of his mouth. He told what you wanted to hear and told zoo what it wanted to hear. Perhaps he eas lying to both of us, who knows. Maybe he thinks we're both full of shit. Hard to tell.

    Anyways, as my PMs will show, I asked for certain assurances and conditions from you. Your response was total and complete silence. And that's when you confirmed to me you can't be trusted and you had a hidden agenda. If you care to see the evidence that unequivecally has James admonishing you, then you're going to have give something up. This isn't a one way deal, despite how much you want it to be. You have to assure me you're acting in good faith. For some reason, that's a hurdle for you.

    Answer the questions in MY THIRD PM and perhaps you'll get closer to achieving your goal. You're wasting your time with all these massive ranting posts about me and the Zoo. You think anyone cares enough to spend an hour or more to read your novel? All does is tell the reader you are obsessed with the Zoo and jealous as hell of its success (How many times do I have to tell you that).
  349. Reaver, you said this was a private matter between me and brownsfan, so please zip that mouth for once and for all.

    Go play and fight with TradEStar. He sounds like he's more in your league. Thank you.
  350. Very simple. In fact simple enough for even you to understand. James started to use Google and our ads with Google started to show up on his site. Why pay for a banner when we get the same thing for less with Google?
  351. Yes he did make himself clear. He completely avoided the issue at hand. He didn't refute ONE thing I wrote about taking down your posts over there and admonishing you for writing them. I wonder why???????
  352. Please post ALL my PMs. Then we'll see what I requested and so will everyone else now that you insist on making this a public matter. And remember, I have the originals so no games.
  353. you say "our ads", are you advertising on ET WITHOUT being a paid sponsor???

  354. Re: advertising. Zoo captured all the low hanging fruit; that is the traders smart enough to realize all that happy horseshit indicator voodoo (including your candlestix) over there doesn't work for daytrading. So they took a trial and saw the power of trading with PRICE ACTION only, and took a positive step in their trading careers by joining. Also, James started to post Google ads on his site and since Zoo participates in that, there was no need for redundancy and pay TL more for a banner. Zoo ads still appear on TL via Google.

    Re: Email? You have not provided an email address. I asked you to open one at yahoo, gmail or you can got to hushmail, metromail and many others where you can ANONYMOUSLY send email and no one can trace back to you. You flatter yourself. I could care less who or what you are other than what I know from these forums; namely, a Zoo basher who's jealous and obsessively envious of the success the Zoo traders enjoy, day-in and day-out.
  355. Coke, I think you're a bit out of the loop here, but the answer is NO.

    Market opened, so I'm out for awhile.
  356. Perhaps I am, but I read "our ads" so I can only assume you are. If you are not, would you mind quickly explaining what "our ads" means? Thanks

  357. Coke, what is your point? I don't see any Zoo ads here do you? The remark was made in reference to TL not TZ.

    As far as I can see, there are no posts from Zoo that contain links to its Website nor is there any promotion going on. There is a debate, however, and so far the moderators are letting it continue.

    My position has always been that the bashers are the ones doing the advertising since they continually spam the thread in bold letters.

    Take care.

  358. I'd say since you failed to follow through with your threats and promises....it is no longer a personal matter. That time has passed sweetheart.
  359. Yep, he dropped the ball. Let's see if he manipulates my PMs. Doesn't matter. In his mind he's got to be aking why James didn't come here and refute anything I said. Unless, of course, he's in total denial. Like you are.
  360. Well geox, here is Monday.

    You 'promised' to 'throw me under the bus'.

    Let's do this - you promised to post these emails by Monday and there's still a few hours left.

    I'll see you carry through with your promise.

    If you do, I'll post your man crush pm's here.


    I see you in all your posts here that you did not bring this up at all.

    Wonder why.
  361. You also stated that I tried to sign up for the Zoo.

    Please back up this insanely ridiculous comment.

    Maybe I'll post the email from MB asking me to be a salesman for the Zoo.

  362. Once again, you have nothing to back up your claim that candlestick analysis does not work for daytrading.

    Just b/c MB told you it doesn't work, doesn't mean that's the truth.

    One day you'll put down the kool aid and see what's really going on here.

    Since you seem so anxious to critique my threads and Reavers, let's see all the threads you've started that have produced profitable trades.

    Go ahead, I'll wait.

    Of course, more bullshit from the horse's mouth.

    See, you want to criticize (just like ot, chickie, etc.) that got BANNED and you have nothing to show how great you and the zoo are. NOTHING.

    Since you obviously have nothing better to do than lurk at TL, go ahead and start a thread showing how smart you are buddy! Just like 0t, you won't have the balls to step up to the plate. While there, take a look at my YM call that netted OVER 500 PTS IN REAL-TIME.

    How's that jackass?

    Oh yeah - instead of posting here during the day and lurking at TL (we have your IP address for tracking), I suggest you learn how to trade for yourself so when MB decides that it's time to let the sheep go, you won't blow your account out in one day.
  363. Hey you asked me if I wanted you to post my PM to you and I said yes. Where are they? Maybe I missing some posts but I can't see it?

    Who is "we" at TL? Are you partners with James? If so, that makes the ass reaming he told Zoo he gave you becomes even more damning.

    Also, where's that email address to send you the stuff you so desperately long for? Bottom line: you're just another basher. One difference that seperates you from the others is YOU got a major tongue lashing from James (he threatened to ban you) if you continued your bashing ways on his site.

    Please post my PMs I sent you. I believe there are 3. You have my permission loudmouth. ROFLMFAO--"I'm a man of action"

    You're a liar who can't handle the truth. JAMES THREW YOU UNDER THE DOUBLE DECKER BUS! HE THREATENED TO BAN YOU FROM TL IF YOU DIDN'T CEASE & DESIST BASHING THE ZOO. This is an undisputed fact that James does not deny. He came here and did not refute it. Period. He didn't even take the Fifth Amendment. Don't you want to see it in black and white yankee candle boy?. As I said in my PM, it's for your eyes only, so don't give me that it's Monday, blah blah post it here crap. That's yesterday's ballgame.

    Oh the humanity!

    p.s. Keep posting and bashing. Please don't stop. I think this thread has more hits than any other on ET, thanks to you and Reaver. Who needs banners when you two are working for the Zoo for free! Stupid, silly ass fools. You should have listened to version.

    Bottom line: I win, the Zoo wins, James wins (since you're scared to see the hard cold evidence because your big ego refuses to believe you were played by him) and you LOSE.
  364. Anyone checked out the Zoo's results for today?

    On their 3rd trade, they lost $40,800.00!

    A long at 10:57 that lost -4.25 times 6 positions!

    Did MP fat finger a trade or what?...:p

    Looks like he spent the rest of the day trying to make it up.

    Seventeen trades for the day. They never do that...LOL...

    Finally total: -$12,800.00 for the day. They never do that either...:eek:

    Maybe this thread has MP very, very nervous?...:confused:
  365. 10/15/07

    09:47 Long 1569.50 +1 1600.00
    10:05 Long 1567.50 +1 1600.00
    10:57 Long 1563.50 -4.25 times 6 positions -40800.00
    11:22 Long 1558.00 +1 1600.00
    11:22 Long 1557.00 +1 1600.00
    11:28 Short 1558.50 +1 1600.00
    11:32 Long 1557.25 +1 1600.00
    11:39 Short 1560.25 +1.50 2400.00
    12:03 Long 1559.00 0 0.00
    12:12 Short 1561.00 0 0.00
    12:31 Long 1558.50 +2 3200.00
    12:44 Short 1558.25 +2 3200.00
    13:05 Long 1553.50 +3 4800.00
    14:11 Long 1552.50 0 0.00
    14:17 Short 1555.00 +1 1600.00
    15:17 Long 1552.75 +1 1600.00
    15:25 Long 1551.00 +1 1600.00

    Sum $-12800.00
  366. Well, so much for the arguments that the performance is phony. Who would post losses like that if they weren't real?

    Even the best of them have losing days. Honesty and integriity. That's what the Zoo is all about. Thanks version for posting that.
  367. Probably just thrown in a day of losses since they have only had one other in 5 1/2 months of trading. It makes it more realistic if they have 2 days of loses not 1.

    Numbers in excel don't me shit. Any retard, as proven by tz, can put numbers in a spreadsheet and put it on a website.

    Think about it, 2 days of losses in 5 1/2 months puts a trader in uber-superstar trader status. Yet they continue to peddle there "system" for a measly $6K.
  368. MP is an uber trader. One of the best in the US I'd venture to say. I'd put him up against anyone in the ES market.

    It's not a "system." Systems are for gamblers. Pricewise, I agree that it's a veritable bargain. Too bad there's a waiting list to get in. Take a number before the line gets any longer. :)
  369. Actually, neglecting to answer a question is an implicit invocation of the 5th amendment.
  370. LOL

  371. yeah there is a waiting list, and that's why you're still spamming for the zoo...to drum up business for the waiting list. LOL

    How does a chat room even have a waiting list? LOL

    wonder if that $40K loss will still be posted tomorrow?

    Let's see what geox says if ol MB actually edits it, after touting the Trading Zoo's honesty and integrity and confirming the loss....

    and if he doesn't change it....well, folks...I don't think that is very good risk management...what do they call it....uhh..gunslinging?

    Isn't that the buzzword these days?
  372. Pipe up. You don't know wtf you're talking about. You don't even have a college degree. Stick to bashing, not giving legal opinions like your shill/alias William Fogwell.
  373. That loss is what it is and will not come down. Honesty and integrity--two words that are not in your vocabulary or world--are the earmarks of MP. He trades with cash while you are a paper trading legend.
  374. Chris, aka brownsfan, I just looked at my PM send file and I made a mistake, so I apologize. I sent you 4, not 3 PMs, so post them all in the order you received them please. Thank you. We're all waiting for you to back up this post of yours.
  375. Let's see some action on you posting my PMs to you. I don't know how I can email the stuff unless you send me an email address. LOL.
  376. Chris, if you're reading my mind the answer is a resounding YES. What's taking you so long to do that? Is your Adobe photoshop, edit, delete and redact software not working? No funny stuff, greenhorn, I have the originals so don't even think of altering them.

  377. I don't need a degree to know what I am talking about.

    I don't see any proof of your degree either, now that I think about it. is your degree in business? or is it law?

    Wharton..yeah right. LOL




  379. hmmm...

    Really? So an MBA makes you know more about law than me?

    Interesting theory.

    Of course, I guess it's beside the point since you don't actually have a degree from Wharton or you wouldn't be here shilling as a little do-boy for the Trading Zoo.

    It was still an entertaining thought though.
  380. Okay, here's your degree. A 2 year associates from Dumfuck U. in Home Economics.

    Tworp. You didn't even the smarts to get a degree under the GI Bill.

  381. Actually, the GI Bill is $1200/mo and I signed up for online classes at a community college that my wife did for me, and I put the GI Bill income (which is an extra $900 or so a month after the tuition) into my trading account.

    Pretty good idea to me.

    So...about your Wharton Degree....I'm sorry but you just crack me up with that garbage. LOL

    ha ha ha you are a little do-boy for trading zoo on a forum, and you want me or anyone else to believe you have an MBA from Wharton? LOL


    tell us more about it geox.
  382. Reav (as your partner in bashing, Chris, so affectionately calls you) can you do the readers of this thread a favor and ask Chris (brownsfan) to post the PMs I sent him? He seems to be dragging his feet and we're all anxiously waiting.

  383. Yes, good idea to take the money the taxpayers gave you to misrepresent your intentions and bastardize the program by taking bogus cyber classes (remember the old days of getting a degree from a matchbox cover?) and keeping the money in your pocket. Is that what you were encouraged to do? Defraud he government. Do you also agree with doctors who overcharge for Medicare/Medicaid? Do you thinks it's right for people to get foods stamps when they really have no need or welfare for that matter? I call that stealing and fraud, Reaver. Sadly, you boast of it.

    Truth be told. Honesty and integrity are two words you don't respect. Thank you for telling the world you stole from the government to fund your picayune trading account under the pretenses of procuring a college education.

    You're a disgrace to your country and the military and you disgust me.

    Goodnight thief.
  384. He geo,
    I have a fucking life you retard. Sorry I wasn't sitting by my computer waiting for you to reply, as you did here. Obviously that man crush is really getting the best of you. Look at your posts - you cannot wait until I show up.

    How cute.

    As I said, post these emails that you 'promised' to do by Monday and I will do the same.

    You conveniently avoided that part of my request.

    You said you would do it by Monday (only 21 minutes left) b/c you 'promised'.


    Time is a ticking.

    Also, please post evidence of:

    1) James directly telling me that I am about to be banned

    2) That I tried to sign up at the Zoo

    Once you post those requests, I'll post your pm's.

    See, I am showing the people here what a joke the Zoo spammers are b/c you can't even follow up on your 'threats' and 'promises'.

    What about Reaver? When is your lawyer going to sue him?

    You are a joke, just like the service you spam for. You and MB are a match made in heaven. Assuming of course this is not MB.

  385. Hey loser, I suggest you get a life.

    See, I was out doing stuff b/c I have a life.

    I don't sit by my computer waiting for my man crush to show up on the internet.

    You are the epitome of a fat ass loser. I'm sure you are gobbling down your cheetos as you just wait for me to show up so you can now relax b/c I am here.

    Seriously, this man crush is just going way too far. You want my phone number, my email address, you now hunted down my first name...

    This is scary.

    I mean, take a step back and see what you are doing - you are literally 'e-stalking' me. I go away for a few hours b/c I have a life, and I come back to see that you are just posting and posting waiting for me, you are sending me another PM and you then went out and found my first name.

    This is crazy ridiculous. I think it was you or one your aliases that referred to someone as a 'lamer' and I think you just profiled the words 'lamer' 'homo' 'loser' to a T.

    You've just proven what a loser you are. This is no longer about the zoo.


    Between PM's asking for my phone number, email addresses, you posting here just waiting for me to show up and now you somehow went out and spent your time trying to find my first name...

    I'm done with you.

    I don't need some 400 lb lard ass faggot showing up at my door tomorrow asking for a hug.

    Get a life, you are now on ignore.

    Beware everyone, there's a pycho stalking spammer on the loose and this one is a real winner.
  386. Yes this is becoming disturbing. Geox, you have crossed many lines. Seriously, it is now sick and not funny.

    I am done here.
  387. I think Geo is just trying to push the thread too far so the moderators shut it down.

    He realizes he's made a huge mistake and in typical Zoo fashion he's trying to cover his tracks. Getting it shut down lets him start new. Hopefully the Mods see the light..!

    Geo is the same person as AHK from mypivots and 0two50in4point5 from this forum.....busted again..

    Why would anyone sign up with people who have no respect for anyone?

  388. Chris, why are you too frightened to ask James if what I post here is true? What is stopping you from doing that? The truth Perhaps? Just skype him and ask if these statements I've said are true and then report back here.

    If he says yes, that's then end of this drama for you and you can cry in your beer. If he hems and haws and doesn't give you a straight answer, that's a yes also.

    Step up. The truth will set you free.

    Maybe I'll post those PMs so everyone will know your a lair if they don't already realize that. Too funny, you threatened to post those PMs, i say go ahead and now back off like a sissy and choke on your words.
  389. Reaver no reply? I hit a raw nerve here didn't I? You're speechless. Members, aren't you happy to know your tax dollars are funding Reaver's trading account rather than being used for their original purpose, which is college education?

    Run rabbit run.
  390. I think it's hilarious. You (Nate), brownsfan (Chris) and James (James) on the run.

    You'll be back here Reaver as sure as the sun sets at night.

    I won and you and your bashing pals lose. That is the Net Bottom Line.

    He's what everyone has learned from this, which you started by the way:

    1) Reaver defrauded the Federal government by using GI Bill grants to fund his trading account.

    2) Chris gets admonished by James of TL for Zoo bashing which results in James threatening to ban him from TL if he continues. Not surprisingly, the bashing on TL ceases. Chris refuses to directly confront James about this.

    3) James shows up here after reading the whole story and, instead of refuting my claims and defend brownsfan, he instead uses the opportunity as a "photo op" to promote himself and his forum by revealing he's a prop trader with access to lots of capital (a comment totally off topic and irrelevant).

    That is the takeaway after slicing through all the noise.

    THE END.
  391. It's too bad that there are those who lose sight of the meaning of a thread......seems that Geox only purpose was to spam for the Zoo and he got too caught up trying to win an argument....

    Could you imagine trying to get your "money back guarantee" from the Zoo when they will go to such extremes to just try and "win" an argument......so far 60 something pages on this thread of pure garbage

    WOW these Zoo folks are pure nuts...I kicked their butts over at Mypivots and it's great to see them getting absolutely slaughtered here......keep up the good work.....Geox won't let it "end" here...he'll be back.....so predictable.....they'll do anything except answer the questions...We don't forget!!!

  392. OK, So let me summarize this Thread:

    1) Trading ZZzzWho costs $6000 (and only the marketer/geox thinks that it is a good product). No verified performance provided; and

    2) However, the "ZZzzWho cyber-stalking" is free and unlimited.

    3) geox claims to be marketing this stuff for free. (..?)..
  393. 1) On the contrary. If the thread closed, then the bashers free advertising would be gone. That's not a good business decision.

    2) I have no idea who those posters you mention are. Sorry. Nor have I ever been registered with TradersLab. (Sorry Chris, no IP for you) or mypivots.

    3) You'd be amazed how many sign up. People who see the value in the teaching and realize all the trash talk is false, Even a few died-in-the-wool bashers/skeptics have joined. They are realistic and smart enough to see performance is the final arbiter; not jealous rants by losers such as yourself in forums. Members respect each other, not bashers who know nothing of what they speak.
  394. Larry's recent trading statements can be viewed on his webpage, Secretsoftraders.com. I believe September may be the lastest. Check it out to see.
  395. Are you absolutely sure you don't want to revise this statement? I believe you are the same as AHK and 0two50in4point5 or know them.....do you care to come clean..?
  396. I gave Geox a chance to come "clean" and he blew it. He has lied to the forum and here is proof that Geox, 0two50in4point5 and AHK from the mypivots.com forum are the same poster. He says he doesn't "know" them..

    One thing that this knucklehead from the Zoo forgot is that you can change ID's but it is harder to change the key phrases that a person uses in their postings.

    Lets take the phrase " Oh the humanity ".
    Not used very often but it just so happens to be used by Geox, AHK and 0two50in4point5. It also happens to be in threads ( on this forum) that are trying to put down one vendor and spam for the Trading Zoo. Highly unlikely at best that all three would use the same slander AND the same key phrase...screen shots will be in later posts..

    This person AHK from the mypivots forum was a huge Zoo spammer and initially came on the forum to troll for Zoo customers also.

    Here is the link to the post from Geox on this forum page 64...


    Here is 0two50in4point5 from the Falcondaytraders thread..page 9


    Here is AHK from the mypivots forum..


    Note the phrasing and how it is used...

    What initially made this phrase popular was the broadcaster who covered the Hindenburg disaster of 1937....You may remember it from High School...lol...here is an excerpt


    I guess the trading Zoo wants to go down in flames...how fitting!

  397. Screenshot of AHK's post on Mypivots.com....
  398. Screenshot of 0two50in4point5 from the Falcondaytraders thread...
  399. Screenshot of Geox on this thread....

    So we have more Zoo lies....nice try...what desperate attempts from the Trading Zoo..

    No need to reply as I know Geox is scamming in other threads now...the moderators should take note.....a shame that these losers even exist on forums....why don't they get jobs after school they can feel good about ?
  400. Geox has registered under multiple usernames in Traders Laboratory. This is a message from our system detector:

    "h75933 seems to have multiple personalities using half naked popcorn and gai kew and Trader Van Gogh and chainsawtrader and h75933 sharing the same computer. "


    "Tandori Chick seems to have multiple personalities using larry.gooden and M80 and Tandori Chick sharing the same computer."

    That is 8 different usernames from one computer. These are also names that I see here on ET.

    The following usernames registered on our board to spam threads on the Trading Zoo. It appears the same thing is going on here.
  401. It times like this that I wish the moderators had more control...I hope you can remove this cancer from YOUR forum James....what a shame that this has to go on....thanks for the update,,,

  402. WOW! Great find pitbulltrader and Jamestlab! Now we know that all of these
    clowns are the one and the same shill for the Zoo!


  403. Ok please save yourself the time if you plan to post a bunch of nonsense about how I'm a sock puppet or shill or anything else of that ilk as I really couldn't care less what anybody in this forum thinks. But having seen this thread posted for reference in a few other places I simply have to ask.

    Why do you care? I mean seriously, why is all the bashing of the zoo and/or its members and why does it matter to you so much? I admit I have not read all 70 pages as so much of it is the same stuff over and over again. But I simply don't understand what the value is or what the goal is in bashing the "zoo"?

    Are there referral fees paid to people bringing in new members? I don't know so perhaps that is what bothers you as I dislike referral fees for trading info as well. But short of that I simply don't see the issue.

    You can have a free one week trial see for yourself and take the calls on your own account (as I did) and determine if they are or aren't profitable. Is there anything else that matters?

    I know I have seen a few people post how Sam doesn't even trade he just makes calls, but again I simply can't see how this matters if the calls are profitable. I have been a member of the zoo for about 5 months now. I have taken a 20k account to 62k as of the close of trading on Friday. I have not taken huge risks and I have used a number of the trade setups that are taught in the program. I will admit that it is NOT the only way I trade but it is a large part as much of the methodology is based on price and volume reading which we all should know is the one true way to trade.

    For those that will ask, yes of course I have statements to prove the above but really what does that matter either? To those that don't want to believe or are too invested to be proven wrong you will simply say they are doctored or you have no proof of how many of the trades are Zoo based etc...

    The bottom line I paid my money I am quite happy with the value. I don't care about referring anyone and I sure don't care about proving to anyone whether what I've said is true or not.

    So my simple question is WHY do all the zoo bashers feel it is so important to spend as much time and energy as they do bashing?

    I just can't get my head around the amount time you spend trying to post screen shots and making accusations etc.... what is the underlying goal?

    People should NOT listen to YOU, me or the shills.. they should take the free trial for themselves, if it suits them and their style, great.. if not, no cost no harm down.

    Why the huge hate for this site/company? I find it oddly baffling.

    Can anyone shed some light on the value of all the bashing?

    As stated please don't waste your time attacking me or calling my credibility into play as I simply couldn't care less what your opinion is of me or what dirt you will claim to find on me..

    Sorry for being so long winded but I have seen this thread for so long and just can't get my head around it's point.
  404. It's really quite simple.....we are looking for proof that the calls are taken by any member or that they can do as well as they say......lets not recap this whole thread....THEY DO NOT TRADE AND YOU DON"T HAVE PROOF EITHER

    Your just here to try and shift the focus...it isn't about a flimsy one week free trial where the calls are so quick that NOBODY can match them....

    This is about alerting people to "ask the tough questions".

    This particular vendor brought it on to themselves with their deceptive practices......


    That we now have proof that Geox is on this and other forums spewing forth his vile and trying to generate vendor business for the ZOO....He is doing this under many names...

    Not one Zoo member has ever provided evidence of a winning trade

    Why hasn't even one ZOO member come on any forum and prove they can actually trade in their scalper fashion? Why don't you address some of the real issues? This is how the Zoo operates when they are caught " red handed" doing very unethical things.

    Anyone who actually pays these people 6 grand at this point is beyond help......... just the mere fact that they have been caught spamming and lying on public forums should tell you a lot about this organization.

    If they will lie and manipulate people on a forum then what will they do if you ask for a refund from their hypothetical performance guarantee ? You can bet your ass that they will stop at nothing to make sure they keep your money. Stay clear from them

    "Is there anything else that matters?"

    How about finding someone ( including the instructor who doesn't actually trade) who actually trades the calls and can prove it with statements... 3- 6 months minimum....don't fall for the old trick where the vendor tells you it's against CFTC regulations or it's too much work to "white out " their account info....my 18 month old could do that... ..this is beyond laughable and this thread is a joke......I'm sure glad I don't have my business name attached to it. A Google search brings you right here.....talk about self - destructive...

    For now I'll keep my focus on how we caught the ZOO doing what they do best....lying!!! You can keep spamming!!

  405. The answer can be summed up in two words: Jealousy and Envy.
  406. I never registered at TL. It must have been an imposter trying to damage my good name.
  407. The truth can be summed up in two words: Lies and manipulation.

    Thanks for confirming your multiple ID's.

  408. How do you explain the substantial increase in membership since you claim to have all the answers? And where are the members who could easily come here and dump on the Zoo, like what recently happened at Falcon Day Trading. Tell us?

    You see, your reasoning is flawed. The only thing that matters is performance and intelligent people realize that. The bashing that goes on here is totally discounted by logic. I know you don't like to hear that, but it is the fact.

    You're bashing has no effect on what goes on in the Zoo or to the people who trade successfully with MP. You are fighting a losing battle. No one cares. But it doesn't cost you a cent to spam bashtalk so continue. Think of the hours you've spent trying to prove this that and other. What do you have to show for your efforts? Nothing. You think your hurting it but the effect is opposite. And you're too obtuse to realize that, because your ego has a need to feel important.

    The Zoo is the premier service of it kind on the Internet. And educated consumers and its members can attest to it.
  409. I haven't confirmed anything especially by you or J. Lee. I hope Mr. Lee learned a lesson by harboring Zoo bashers--brownsfan and Reaver--and then encouraging them to come here and do his dirty work. It almost brought TL to its knees.

    Manipulation of what? Lies about what? These things are taking place in your mind, not in the trading room. MP trades every day with his members. His integrity is beyond reproach.
  410. Yes, those are the words you and your bashing buddies use in vain to discredit an enormously successful trading service.
  411. You did the same thing at mypivots: You dumped on and pretended to be an ex-member of another service so you could "plug" the Zoo. The old bait and switch...it's a common marketing ploy.....your doing it again on the Blue Falcon thread....

    You are just a plain liar who has been busted once again. It frustrates you because you don't trade and now you have been exposed by the same person again. You have been outwitted....nuff said.

    I didn't know the Zoo had any actual members left? Last I heard it was just all hype and a big multi level marketing plan. It obviously has no substance as no real trader has ever stepped forward from the ZOO....

    All we get is more " new Members " on this forum telling us how "great" the Zoo is but nobody actually trades.

    There is no performance...you don't actually trade...can I be more clear?

    Nobody actually trades with MP...just paper traders trying to sell more education to people who don't know better

    This sums it up Geox is a confirmed liar and manipulator on this forum. Why should we believe anything he says from this point on? He's always been a shady character but now we know the truth.

    The ZOO is finished!

  412. Okay, whatever you say. I give up. You're right and I'm wrong.

    And speaking of mypivots, have you checked to see if its respirator is plugged in. Last time I passed by, it looked like there were 4 posts in a week, 2 of which came from you and the other 2 from the owner, guy. Yep, the Zoo did own that place for a long time until guy finally realized he was being played. Did he ever get that $500 referral fee he asked for?

    :D:D :D
  413. Ok Pitbull let's talk about this like adults shall we? I promise to not do any name calling and I'll try to see if I can grasp what you are after. But in fairness you have to do the same.

    First of all, I think one of the biggest issues here is really what proof is enough proof for you?

    I stated quite clearly that I have used the method for the bulk of my trading for the last about 5 months.

    If I were to send you copies of my statements for that period of time even without covering any personal details, how does that PROVE to you that I took those trades based on the Zoo methods?

    You see where I'm going here? I could send you those profitable statements but before I do that I am curious how is that proof to you?

    If you were involved with the zoo you would know there are over a dozen setups they use, so if one or two or five are called in the room as part of the official record there might be another 10 that day that are simply called and not taken by Sam, but are by other members.

    So just to recap and see that I am on the right track here, what you are looking for or what you would consider REAL proof is if someone could show statements that mirror exactly the trades that show in the official track record?

    I just don't see how any other statement could possibly be enough proof for you, if I'm incorrect please do let me know.

    I disagree I am not here to shift anything I simply asked some questions you replied and I'm doing my best to understand what the issue is.

    As for the calls, I took the one week trial. I watched the calls for the first day, they had a high level of success. I took the calls for the last four days, trading 8 contracts and paid for the 6k fee. Again there is no way I can prove that to you, so I don't really know how this will ever be solved to your satisfaction.

    There is NO doubt that sometimes the calls in the room are NOT ones that if you are ONLY relying on the call (IOW you are not seeing setups yourself) you will NOT be able to get the same price as someone reading the setups on their own. But that of course should change over time as you become more aware of what you are looking for.

    I agree with you 100% NOBODY should plunk down 6k, hell 1k screw that, nobody should plunk one penny down on any trading method, or course etc.. without having all THEIR questions answered. Nothing could be more true.

    But this brings me right back to point number one. You say you want statements but is that really going to be enough? I ask that in all honesty. If I send you four or five months of statements how does that prove to YOU or anyone else that the profitable trades there were with the methods I am saying they were? I just want to be clear on what makes sense to you.

    I don't care about I have no involvement, I don't recruit I don't want any referral fees etc. I have suggested to ONE friend they have a look at the methods of the Zoo. They did, they liked what they saw they signed up I did NOT receive ONE PENNY of referral fee or finders fee whatever you would like to call it.

    I also agree if there are people here that are using sock puppets and aliases etc..and spamming or posting rudely etc.. they should be banned and I would hope that same standard would be applied on both sides of the discussion.

    Again, what is proof to you? It can't be a simple statement as I don't see how that proves to you that it was a Zoo trade.

    I can only assume and I'm speaking for myself here it's because there really is NO way for anyone to prove what you're asking. As stated a number of times in this post. A simple statement showing profitable trading can't be enough as you have NO proof it was done with Zoo setups. So I am not sure how they can ever meet your criteria of proof.

    I have said I would send you those statements if you think that somehow proves anything to you. Again I repeat, how is that proof of the method in question?

    Actually if you did check you would see the CFTC very clearly states if you are using statements as an enticement to sell somebody where you receive a commission or finders fee those statements must be audited. So there is some grey area there. I agree too many vendors use it as a crutch to not provide any type of track record for what they do.

    Well I've not lied. I've not spammed, I am not promoting anything and I have made a sincere and serious offer to try to determine what it is that would provide you with proof.

    I have a hard time understanding what you would accept. If I send them to you and you say ok now prove it was zoo methods, how do I do that? If send them to you and you say ok that is profitable but you're one out of how many... I think you see my point.

    I just don't know that there will ever be a way for you to be satisfied.. not that it's a bad thing but I think you can see from the other side of the coin how it's very much a catch 22.

    Also for the record anyone posting with aliases or multiple personalities etc, have clear mental problems and I wouldn't trust a word they said on any subject.
  414. CVK, well written and logical.

    Don't hold your breath waiting for a reasonable and rational answer. The person you're addressing has one agenda: to bash the Zoo and everyone associated with it. He has hundreds of posts on multiple forums to prove it. He's a professional vendor basher and Zoo hater. No different than a racist.

    He won't come back to you in a well mannered way because he has no real interest in the facts or truth. To him, you are just another shill as is everyone who has ever said anything favorable about the Zoo.

    It all gets down to jealousy and envy that people can really learn to trade from MP and do it successfully and consistently.
  415. This would be great and anything less than this is just an attempt to cloud over the fact that we caught a Zoo member, GEOX in lies and manipulation.

    We don't need to discuss what I or anyone else would consider proof as your summation below covers that. You will obviously have those that will detract no matter what is posted but you will also find those that find value in it. The broker will need to be able to be contacted so we can confirm. We'll need an account number etc...I'll set up an email you can scan it in and send it or else just post it here for all to see. Five months and actual statements must match the website results...

    Any jerking around about the following items below will just be considered a stall tactic on your part ( I've been through this before with the Zoo folks):

    1)Bruce M I need your full name so that I can contact you

    2)Lets "talk more about what is proof to you"

    3) Why should I do this , What's in it for me?

    There's just too many items that will allow you to not do this. For once lets just have a Zoo member do something without a great big "ordeal.

    And lets not forget that it currently looks like that you are picking up where Geox left off.

    Just do as you say. Lets not waste our time unless you are ready to follow through.
  416. He said he would send his statements, not those on the Website. He doesn't have access to that since it's not his account. Do you want statements from a member or not? You continually harp that no one has ever proven they can trade, well here is a chance.

    And what will YOU do if he does that? This isn't a one sided deal. You've spent the greater part of your life bashing and so at the very least, you should come out like a man and say you have seen the evidence and it is real. Otherwise, what's the point?
  417. This sure sounds like Geox ( the known liar) is now the mouth piece for this new person...looks like they've opted for option 3 as I mentioned before...lol...so predicatable....not only does Geox need to learn how to be honest and trade it now seems that reading may be a problem....

    What little credibility he may have had with some looneys has finally been shattered....

    You better start yet another new ID Geox ( As if you hadn't already...lol)...to post your vile....

    Your dead to me!!!! CVK knows what needs to be done.....contact me privately through the forum once you have the statements ready. I'll wait...

  418. Can you believe that this is the best the ZOO can do? Make fun of another forum!! I guess if you can't handle the truth and confront the issues then one needs to go on the attack....

    Where is their A-team?

    I wonder how many people here think Geox would be a much happier person if he could just trade profitably instead of of lying and trying to hustle for a commission from the trading ZOO?
  419. Don't hold your breath. There is only one person who has the power to do that and it isn't the one you're replying to.

    The best you can hope for is his personal statements. He may be the same one who shared them with me, but I don't know.
  420. Pitbull, you seem to forget that PROOF is a two way street. Your continued attempts to lump no matter who comes here together as the same person or with the same motives simply paints you as being unreasonable.

    But of course we need to know exactly that. Whats proof to me, or proof to you or proof to someone else is exactly the question.

    Please read this part very very clearly read it twice or three times if you must. Just so you can understand it and it's clear for anyone else that might come along to see this thread in the future.

    I and I doubt any OTHER member of the Zoo would EVER be able to show you statements that mirror the trades shown on the site as is. WHY? Because those are NOT my trades, those are Sam's trades. So you can shout from the rooftops all you want, you can make all the excuses up you want you can claim this that or the other about me, Sam or anyone else you like as long as you set a completely unreasonable expectation NOBODY will be able to live up to and you will continue to claim victory. Which sounds like that's all you want any way.

    As I already explained to you in my first (or second) post my trades DO NOT match the website results and I doubt many if ANY members do. The Zoo is not about simply going in the room and parroting what Sam does it's about learning to see the market like he does and learning to become a profitable trader. It works for many, I'm sure not all.

    Now that you have explained exactly what you want as proof you MUST remain consistent. No more of your harping that NO member will show statements.. .that's not what you want.

    You want a member that takes the EXACT same trades that Sam does, you then want that member to post those exact same results for you here. That is unrealistic as I've already explained. Now that you've made your requirement clear anybody that comes to this thread in the future will now have very good reason to know WHY nobody has proven anything to your satisfaction...

    I couldn't care less about the items listed.

    I had no idea your name was Bruce, nor do I care who you are, where you are from or what your phone number is, no worries there.

    Nope no worries here either, you have now stated very clearly for everyone to see that you want "someone to post statements that exactly mirror the trades listed as official trades on the site in their personal account" clear as day thanks.

    I offered to do it so I'm not sure why I would ask you wants in it for me. I simply and honestly have already told you I am unable to provide the proof you want. I just can't do it. I don't take the same trades as Sam I made that clear in one of my other posts. I don't know that anybody does.

    There is no ordeal, there is simply fact. You've asked for something I have honestly told you I can not provide. I doubt you will EVER find someone that can do this for you. It's an unreasonable expectation as the point as stated is NOT to simply parrot Sam.

    I am not sure how anything I've done looks like anyone else. I have simply asked you a point blank question you provided that answer I have admitted to you that based on YOUR criteria of proof I simply will not be able to provide what you desire as proof nothing wrong or deceptive there, simple fact.

    I think that my few posts have been far from wasted I think they have provided a wonderful amount of insight for the casual viewer. Through all the bluster and repeated claims you've made about how "NO zoo member will provide statements" you have now refined that request to you want a zoo member to "provide a statement that mirrors the official trades on the site" well as already stated this is simply very unlikely to happen, ever!

    So now you don't have to waste your valuable time anymore, I am here as a bona fide full time zoo member to tell you that there is about one chance in a billion that anybody other than Sam can possibly post statements to match those trades as they are his. I don't see what value it would be to him to do so, as I am pretty sure he neither reads this forum or cares one way or the other what you think of him or his teachings.

    For the record Bruce on the day in question a short while back that somebody pointed out that Sam posted a loss for the day. I was actually profitable that day, as were others I know as like I've stated we don't follow Sam's trades as the only way to implement the Zoo methods.

    I could show you my five months as statements still if you like. It would detail I think about 6 or 7 losing days in those five months. It would show a wonderful capital increase and ROI from month to month, but as you've already stated they have NO value to you as they don't mirror the trades on the site, so I am sorry to have wasted your time.

    But if nothing else we now have a criteria plainly set out by you. So all future readers of this thread can do one of two things....

    They can see that your request is reasonable and ignore any and all Zoo shills until someone complies...

    Or they can see your request as a loaded request couched the way it is as you know it's virtually impossible to comply and dismiss it.

    Either result is a good one as it will suit the personality of the person making the judgment.

    I suggest a very simple course of action. If anyone is unsure of the value of the Zoo take the one week free trial, open a fresh demo account, take each and every trade called in the room and see at the end of that week if you felt those calls were ones you could have made and got fills on based on YOUR personal experience. If you like the atmosphere in the room and you talk to some of the people in there that are willing to offer more one on one help go with it.

    If you think it's all a pile of bull then let the trial expire and move on to whatever does suit you. Really that's the best solution for all involved.

    This thread now contains useful information in my mind.

    Thanks for replying Bruce and thanks for finally spelling out exactly what you are looking for.

    Take care,
  421. Again, clearly stated and totally reasonable.

    But Bruce's history will support my claim that he will say you didn't deliver, the zoo is a scam, no one will post statements etc. Why does he do that? Simple. He hates the Zoo. He despises the fact that there are traders out there who actually got value and learned to trade like a professional from Sam.

    If Bruce were sincere about this rather than continuing his 18 month anti-zoo propaganda campaign, he would accept your trading statements after confirmation they were true. IN OTHER WORDS, IF REALLY WANTED TO SATISFY HIMSELF THAT A ZOO MEMBER CAN TRADE VERY PROFITABLY, THE OPPORTUNITY IS THERE. But he will hem and haw, do the rope-a-dope and talk in circles to avoid seeing the truth. Why? Because when the truth is revealed the game is over for him and his reason for living is over. In effect, he will be faced with defeat and his bashing career will come to a complete halt.

    But he won't agree to that, because that would force him to admit he was wrong and swallow his pride. Go ahead Bruce, prove to the trading community you don't have an axe to grind. Accept this man's statements as PROOF that a ZOO MEMBER CAN MAKE MONEY FROM THE TEACHINGS OF MP.

    I dare you.
  422. Ok CVK...post your 5 months of statements so we can see that someone who at least supports the zoo can trade proftably....

    No more excuses..

    At least you had the guts to admit that nobody can match the posted website results to statements...it's a start

    I expect either an email with some statements or them posted here...please make sure they're not a complete mess and a hack job....I'm sure with so much riding on this you have legit ones to send...right?

    Failure to follow through just proves that you are only here on this forum in an attempt to "clean up" the mess Geox has got himself in..

    Perhaps you will prove to be an honest individual.....Go for it...

    What ever you do please don't reply to the forum with more words......we need action...not speeches..
  423. Thank you.

    I don't want to speculate on what Bruce's actions or motive are. I simply wanted to understand what HE will accept as proof, I now know that. I wish I could provide it for him but as stated I simply can not do so. If Bruce wishes to take that for anything other than what it is, he is free to do so. Let's face it at the end of the day each person has to do what is right or wrong for them.

    In Bruce's mind if the ONLY thing that will prove to him that Sam or ANY Zoo trader is profitable is by seeing statements that exactly reflect the site's official results then that is exactly what Bruce should hold out to see. He must live up to his own expectations for his own piece of mind, nothing wrong with that at all.

    But therein lies the rub does it not? I mean I can and still will forward him my five months of statements but what proof does he have that I traded for those profits using methods taught by Sam? He simply will NOT have that proof based on my statements. He would have to accept my word that is how I accomplished it. As he doesn't know me from a hole in the ground I would gather he would be unlikely to do so. More so if I was trying to sell him a membership to the zoo for a fee of some kind.

    I can assure you there are many people that read this forum and this thread and see Bruce's requests as reasonable and they would want to see the same level of proof. While others see him as a bit of an over the top anti zoo zealot. Both are right as they are seeing in him what most closely resembles their personal point of view in this debate.

    So like it or not Bruce is actually performing a very valuable service in this forum and to traders at large.

    As I stated I don't promote the Zoo and I've never received ONE penny in any form from them so my interest in stepping into this thread was simply to determine what exactly Bruce wanted.

    He has now made that very clear and I strongly believe he should stick to his guns and maybe someday someone will come along that follows ONLY Sam's trades and finally in Bruce's mind the debate will be put to bed.

    In the meantime there will be silly immature shills for the Zoo and those that are anti zoo that will come along on both sides of this debate. At the end of the day the only thing that matters is what the reader sees and how they value the opinions as stated. Nothing else really matters.

    I am not sure what else I can possibly add of value to this debate but by all means I will be happy to offer any insight that is requested. I have to admit I seldom read this forum so don't be offended if any future posts are not made in a timely manner.

    Take care
  424. Ok, for now I will ASSume you are a person of your word . Don't back down ...the trading world is eagerly waiting for a zoo member to step forward....

    The reality is that you probably couldn't do too much more damage to the zoo then was already done.

    Of course your motivation comes into question due to the fact that you said you weren't compensated by the zoo.

    If anyone is actually still reading this crap they have to be wondering why you would just pop onto this forum to post your thoughts.

    So lets keep this dance going...the zoo is going under and you need the customers...

    This seems like a good substitute....
  425. Your 5 months of statements will go a long way....it will prove that somebody that actually trades supports the Zoo.

    Of course if you back down now and say something lame like "I'm sorry but your definition of proof won't be met BruceM so I can't send the statements" then this just feeds the fire that the Zoo is a complete con....

    Here is my prediction:

    You won't be sending statements...you'll find some way to back out.....Hope I'm wrong....
  426. Bruce, as stated I will be happy to send you the statements if you so desire, you've stated you do so I will send them.

    No backing down. I do feel bad that you have such a negative nature towards everyone but the fact remains you are now attempting to put words in my mouth.

    So let me state it again right now for the record.

    I fully understand that by sending you the statements it is NOT meeting your criteria of proof for the Zoo as a whole. What is does do, is simply provide proof that ONE person (namely me) that has positive things to say about the Zoo can show they are trading profitably. Nothing more nothing less.

    Oh you will in fact be wrong, the only question that will remain is if you are in fact willing to then admit it.

    I will send them to you privately as I am not about to post my statements in public for no reason and I will make the assumption you are a man of honor and will NOT post my personal information in public. Because by doing so against my clearly stated wishes would be illegal and I know you have no desire to do such a thing.

    I am very new to posting here as you can see, so would you please direct me as to how to find your email address so I can send along the statements?

  427. I sent you a message...it contains an email you can use...
  428. The statements have been sent to the email you gave me in PM.

    I also in the email made a few comments regarding the statements so there was no confusion or so you would not feel I was hiding anything.

    I look forward to your comments.
  429. As I said in the email it's actually 4.5 months of statements, sorry I was including October but we are obviously only half way through so that correction needed to be noted.

    Ummm, I'm sorry you have me at a bit of loss here, "more" excuses? I have not made a single excuse for anything. Perhaps if you gave me a little more info on what you are referring to I can address that issue directly for you.

    Bruce, if someone you know or rather you taught how to trade (just making an assumption here that you taught trading) went on a forum somewhere and was telling people what a great teacher you were and how awesome they are now and the people they were talking to said wow that's great, show me BRUCE's statements. Do you think that person would be able to? I think not either, unless they asked you and you allowed it. Now of course they would be able to produce their own statements but as we've clearly stated that is ONLY proof that the PERSON in question is trading and how profitably or not, it is then up to the person receiving that information to determine if they BELIEVE the skill was learned from the teacher in question.

    So I will NEVER be able to produce Sam's statements. Why would I pretend otherwise?

    You have an email with a zip file with the statements in question. There is NO hack job and anybody that trades can simply look at them and see they are 100% legit.

    I am a little curious what you think I have riding on this? I speak for me and nobody else. I found the Zoo to be worthwhile and the fact remains that my statements prove that I am making money as a trader. The fact that I believe the zoo to be of value does not mean anyone else will take away the same experience from it.

    I am not attempting to clean up anyone else's mess.

    I am quite sure if you've read the email you will see I am as the saying goes, as honest as the day is long.....

    Action taken.... I only replied to this as I missed it when you first posted it.

    Take care,
  430. I received a file to my personal email but my virus software is coming up saying it's infected.....I have requested CVK to upload the pages ( he has blocked out his personal data) to the forum. He says he may be able to upload them to a website to download......

    At this point and since this is the Trading Zoo thread, I would feel most comfortable with them uploaded to the forum. While CVK seems to be sincerely trying to send something I can't help but be skeptical.... just a quick update if anyone is still with this thread
  431. Well as you previously said I would not send anything and I would back down etc you have to admit you were wrong at the very least in that regard.

    I find it at least a little odd that your VS shows a virus when both AVG and NOD show the zip file as clean. I have also scanned it via Trends and Norton's online scanning engine and still no issue. Not sure why you seem to be having issues.

    I will NOT be uploading anything to the forum. The issue was YOU personally called me out tried to claim I was a shill or not honorable or in some way I would find a way to weasel out of sending the documents I offered. So it is of the UTMOST importance for you to see PERSONALLY the documents so you can then come back to the forum and if nothing else say.

    I was WRONG a person that supports and speaks in a positive way about the The Trading Zoo and Sam has shown me absolute proof of profitable trading.

    It simply must come from you as you are the one that has repeatedly said nobody is willing to provide such info and I am clearly doing so.

    Odd I was thinking the very same thing about you. I have scanned the zip file with four different name brand scanners and NONE have an issue, but you seem to.

    I have resent to your email the files one by one as their native PDF format. Not zipped...

    I have never seen anybody able to embed a virus in a PDF file. If you make sure your computer has the ability to fully view all file types in your settings you will then be able to see if there was a false extension etc..so you can see very plainly they are in fact PDF files.

    I will upload them to a file sharing service if that is needed, but I will only allow YOU to see them or download them. For the reasons stated above.

    FYI - it's getting late here in BKK I am going to be signing off for the evening. I will be delighted to wake up and see your post to everyone following along at home that I did EXACTLY as promised.

    Thanks, take care.
  432. Bruce. Hear that sound? It's the clock ticking down on your bashing days. Virus....LOL. How lame of an excuse can you come up with?

    CVK, you can use tinypic.com to download (you will have to make jpg files) and send each and every page to Bruce via PM here or his email box. It's a lot of work for 4.5 months of statements, but may be worthwhile as it will eliminate another excuse for him to see something that would crush his deep seated belief that no one trained by MP can trade profitably.

    The problem as I see it is can Bruce be honest after staking his reputation and life on a false theory that the Zoo is a scam and no one there trades? I think not. I say he comes up with more excuses, objections and diversions when faced with hard cold evidence.
  433. Is there any way one of the mod's here can start a 'Trading Zoo Spamming Aliases' thread so I can block all these aliases?

    I'm still receiving PM's from these losers and they don't seem to understand that I want nothing to do with them.

    If there could be a thread of known spamming aliases, that would be appreciated.
  434. Man, you got some brass balls showing up here again after the shellacking you took at TradersLab a few nights ago.

    Here comes the man who got owned. brownsfan, no comment on those emails from James Lee that undeniably show he sacrificed you to kiss up to the Trading Zoo? Do you still want them to be posted here in this thread? You were spared the public embarrassment by having them sent via PM. Can I get a big "thank you?" from you?

    Obviously you're not living up to your promise to leave TradersLab. In fact, it looks like you have put your posting in high gear. Did James deny he wrote those or did you deny what you saw with your own two eyes. You are a spineless man with no pride or self esteem and your guru, Lee, lied to your face and you continue to embrace him as if it never happened. I guess you really need your forum posting fix pretty badly to continue over there. Pitiful.

    What a joke you are and all your pals over there now know the truth about you and Mr. Lee. Reaver actually replied to his PM and thanked the sender. I think you should do that also.

    The lesson for you is this: You play with fire, you get burned. Next time think before you open that big mouth.
  435. I'm waiting on my single file pdf's that I've been promised. from CVK...thanks for all the support from those who emailed regarding viruses...I'll see if I can get some feedback on Ez anti virus that makes sense

    Seems like it would just be easier to post them on the forum so all can see....

    You have nothing to hide do you....?

    I expect to see some kind of screen capture from CVK saying that the emails have been " sent " to me.....They'll stop at nothing....

    It's laughable how these Zoo and Blue falcon threads are in amongst the joke threads...
  436. BKK=Bangkok

    Have some patience and try to be less sarcastic until you receive the docs. Remember, he's doing this for your benefit.

  437. The files were sent LAST night my time to the Email you gave me. I suppose now you are going to claim you never received them? Odd how you received the zip file to that address but not the next email.

    It's not a case of easier, it's a case of YOU claiming nobody would follow through I have done so and it appears you will continue to deny receiving them and reviewing them as it takes away your long held belief that ANYBODY that feels positive towards the Zoo doesn't trade.

    I have no idea what place this comment even has in the thread. I sent you a zip file you claim it has a virus where as no other virus program online or off agrees with your program's POV.

    You are an odd one I'll say that Bruce. The funniest part about all of this is that you and I both know you've already seen the single file PDF's and you've already seen that I am in fact and have been for very close to five months trading profitably.

    I simply don't follow your line of thinking. "They'll" stop at nothing? Who is they? I have made it very clear right from the beginning I speak for me and only me, not for Sam not for the "Zoo" not for any other trader. I took the Zoo course I found great value in it, my trading account balance agrees and I offered to show you proof of what you say NOBODY else can do, that a person that speaks well of the Zoo does indeed trade profitably month in month out. You have always held out 3 to 6 months as the time frame and I am showing you 4.5 months as that's the total amount of time I've used Sam's methods. I would be happy to continue along with another 1.5 months if that will make you happy as well.

    I guess then the bigger question is if this thread is so meaningless and pointless why do you spend so much time posting to it and "calling out" as it were the so called non traders that felt they received value from the course?

    The reason I will NOT post the results to a place like tinypic and then post the url here is that I am sending those results to YOU not the entire world. Secondly the files I am sending you and have sent you twice NOW are the actual PDFs from the broker, not screen caps, not scans, the actual files.. so you can see ZERO tampering or editing has gone on. By doing screen caps etc it only gives you more wiggle room to try and claim they aren't real.

    I'm sorry Bruce but your credibility is taking a huge hit here. I sent you the files TWICE in good faith one you claim not to have seen the other you claim has a virus... how about this, I'll post the zip file in the forum, with a password on it, so nobody else can view it, but they can download it and scan it and we'll see if anybody else gets a positive reading on it?? Sound fair?

    What I will do is post the single file PDF docs to a file sharing service, and post the link here as I already gave you the password for the docs so anyone can download them but only you have the password... that should take all the issues away wouldn't you think?
  438. Well Bruce I simply can't imagine what excuse or reason you will come up with this time to avoid admitting you made a mistake and in fact at the very least I AM a zoo supporter trading profitably.

    As stated my issue with posting directly to the forum is that YOU asked nobody else so I want to send to you. This also allows all my personal financial information in the docs, including my Futures account number to remain private between you and I, assuming you are in fact a man of honor.

    I have also said in private I will allow you to contact my broker if you want to in order to confirm the documents are in fact real.

    You claim to have received the zip file but YOUR virus scanner finds a virus.

    You claim you did NOT receive the second email which contained the single PDF files for each of the months in question.

    I have the perfect solution so you have no reason not to read the information and report on my honesty and your mistake not to mention anyone still reading along at home can play too.

    I have uploaded the files to a free file sharing service. Sendspace, I even paid for the premium service so I could send you a direct web based download link.

    This does a number of things, first of all I have included the original zip file, so anybody else reading the thread can download that zip file and see if they get a virus warning on it.

    The PDF files in the zip are password protected YOU alone have that password and I KNOW you received it, because it was in the FIRST email I sent you with the zip file that you have confirmed you received.

    I have also included the PDF files individually so you may download them that way if you in fact still believe the zip file has a virus.

    I have also included a screen cap showing my AVG results of the scan, which show the file to be clean.

    I simply don't see what else I can do here, not to mention that anybody else can download the files in question to confirm for you there is NO virus, yet ONLY YOU can read the contents with the password you already confirmed for everyone you received by posting that you received and scanned the zip file.

    So I will now await your admission of error and apology to at least me. Of course you will then also NO longer be able to claim that NO Zoo member or supporter has ever traded profitably.

    Thanks for your time I'm glad I was able to clear this up for anyone else following the thread.

    Please also note I have received TWO PM's from people asking me about the Zoo I am NOT here to sell anything I will NOT refer anyone for any fees. The URL to the site has been posted many times simply go there to get your information if you desire to learn more. I am not a salesman and will NOT reply to sales questions.

    The truth is a wonderful thing to have on one's side which is why I am going to the lengths I have here to show you the proof you have so longed for.

    I fully realize this only proves that I as a trader am making money and it does not prove that everyone that joins the Zoo will do the same, I also can't explain why nobody else has provided this proof for you. Perhaps they just didn't want to bother, but in a case like this where I feel a service I've used and received great value for is being unfairly maligned I will take that extra step to make sure the record is straightened out.

  439. Hmmmmm 7 people have now downloaded the zip file, I wonder was one of them Bruce? More interesting I have not seen any of the 7 post any proof of a virus being in the zip??

    The clock ticks.... Bruce?????

  440. CVK, your hostility is starting to shine through already...You have some serious issues and your replies are too wordy.....I can't imagine anyone reading all that....is this the point where your shills come on and praise you ? Are you still having them generate all the download hits..? I'll have more to say tomorrow.....you are a mess!!! We'll nail this statement thing down soon....I hope they're legit..I hope all info is there except personal stuff..
  441. Hostility? Do tell? I have complied with every single request you've made no matter how unlikely or unproven.

    Issues? I have told you my experiences and I have backed them up with PROOF for anyone to see. Which issues are you referring to?

    I never claimed to be short winded, but I also don't like to leave any stone unturned... I would much rather give too much info than not enough.

    What do I need shills for? I am neither selling nor promoting anything. Which is the purpose of a shill.

    Anyone in this forum including people that you consider your friends and allies can simply download the public documents and verify whether they are infected or not.

    What exactly would that prove? The only person that can at this point open and read the documents is YOU as you confirmed receiving the password.

    So people downloading would be doing so for their own piece of mind to see if in fact you were getting a legit virus reading. So far NOBODY has backed you up or shown any proof of that being the case.

    I'll anxiously await your apologies.

    Huh? I have done exactly everything you've asked.. right down to posting access to the docs in this forum. How in the world am I a mess?

    You know what's there already not sure why you are taking another day to make your comments. They are 100% legit as I've stated a number of times they are the ENTIRE statement emailed to me from the broker with ONLY my personal name and address missing.

    Plus I have already stated I will provide you with my brokers name and number if you wish to confirm the information in the docs.

    The ball is in your court. You asked, you've received now you are back tracking.

    Bruce I have no hard feelings and no ill will towards you. I admit to not understanding why it's so hard for you to accept that just because you don't like the Zoo or don't feel it would work for you that somehow means that it must be the same for every other person on the planet?

    I admit to being very interested to see how you will attempt to NOT accept the obvious and honest proof before you now. But the real key here is that now that the files are in a public place anytime I want I can post the password to them as they are mine and every body that ever reads this thread will then be able to look at them.

    So you can claim they are fake if that is going to be your next tact, but if I open them up for everyone else to see you will either prove yourself to be a liar or simply not very knowledgeable about what a legit trading statement is.

    As stated, I anxiously await your next post.
  442. I wouldn't download a file if it might have a virus. You never know
    if your virus checker will find it before it does it's dirty deed...

    New virus's everyday...:(
  443. That would be true in most cases but NOT when a file can scanned online for any viruses first.

    Plus the simple fact remains you can NOT get a virus on your computer simply by downloading a zip or pdf extensioned file. You would have to double click those files to run said virus if it had one, plus on top of that you would run your virus scanner on them before doing anything.

    Plus look at the issues,

    Pitbull asked for the files to be emailed,

    I sent a zip file, he claims it was infected.

    I resent the pdfs he claims he never got them.

    I have now uploaded to the web in public. Now he has no comment but has begun his name calling towards me.

    I find it very hard to believe that anybody with any common sense would come into a forum post a link to publicly available files they themselves put there (me in this case) that had viruses in them.. I mean everybody would see I admit to uploading them.

    But you are quite right for an unknown source you must be careful.
  444. This is what I meant with my post. I didn't mean to imply that you
    would put out a file with a virus in it. Sometimes I wonder if when
    we send a file whether it could become infected on it's way since it
    has to pass through other computers to get to the other person.

    Is that even possible?
  445. As a general rule a virus is something that has to be run on your machine. As in code of some kind or an application of some kind. There used to be a time when only a .exe .bat etc.. executable files could do harm to a machine, but these days with active X code and self executing java sometimes simply visiting a webpage can do damage to your machine.

    Would it be possible for you to send a file from YOUR machine, via email to someone else and have it become infected along the way? I have to admit I don't really know, but it would not surprise me at all if that were indeed possible these days.

    As it would have to at the very least go to your ISP's mail server and the other person's mail server and any hops along the way..

    You will find that is why more and more people are using things like PGP and of course built in virus scanners with online webmail accounts.
  446. I will get to these files sometime today and will hopefully be able to review tonight......

    CVK, You mentioned that 7 people had downloaded your files already....I'd be curious if some would step forward as I'm wondering who is left following this thread.

    I'm also wondering why they would try to download and start scanning files that they can't open as they supposedly have a password lock...

    Lets not lose track on this thread : it is about the trading Zoo and their methods.

    These include not only trading results but also methods used to spam and deceive forums

    If you think you will change the "tone" of this thread by attacking my integrity , you are wrong....that's old stuff.

    I really hope what you sent has meaning to both of us.
  447. What would I have to apologize for?

    Is it that far of a stretch that a Trading Zoo member would send virus emails to someones personal account but clean them up before posting these files to the general public?

    Your forgetting that trading Zoo members have been caught lying and spamming with multiple Id's

    Get a grip man!

  448. Looking forward to your feedback.

    Actually it's up to ten. I would also like to see some feedback on anyone that did so. I don't have the ability to track IPs on that site so hard to see if they are all from the same person or anything like that.

    I can't really say. I can only assume that it was either people that didn't realize they had security or people that wanted to scan for themselves and have not offered feedback on those results yet.

    I came very late to this thread and I am only offering up my experiences, I do not speak for the zoo or any of their other members....

    The trading results should speak for themselves as I said I have NO idea why nobody prior to now would not have offered up proof I admit that boggles my mind.

    The spamming is just beyond belief anybody caught doing that should be banned and tarred and feathered.

    You actually are the one that has attacked me in the last two posts and I have done nothing of the sort simply defended myself. I have no desire to change any tone of anything. I only want to prove what I say I am doing is fact.

    I know it will as I know it's legit and you will see that when you view them.
  449. For saying I would NOT post my statements which you did say a number of posts back saying how you would bet that I would come back with some excuse for not posting them... which as I have clearly done you would owe me an apology.

    I have no idea, as I am a person. I speak only for me and my actions. I don't judge others based on actions other than what they prove they have done themselves...

    I am not forgetting anything. I have NOT been caught doing anything so to tar me with a brush of that nature is unfair.

    I simply have no idea what you are talking about here. Sorry.
  450. Attack, attack, attack. Bruce's modus operandi. He turns it up when faced with facts and reality that go against his beliefs. Read the mypivots thread--he literally had a mental breakdown there.

    It was inevitable. Bruce's objective is to bash the zoo because of its alleged spamming and marketing techniques, not get the truth about whether the methods work. This whole show of seeing statements is BS--he has no interest that.

    He will now focus on Zoo spamming, zoo this, zoo that. I hope the level headed readers here realize now that Bruce is a bash spammer and he's waisted ALL YOUR TIME with his cover story that no one from the Zoo trades, let alone profitably. He has the hard evidence that refutes this and he will talk around it or try to bring the focus of the conversation somewhere else. He will do a rope-a-dope and a duck walk.

    The only liar and spammer here is Bruce. He spent 18 months on a soap box telling the community Zoo is a scam, no one trades, etc etc.

    The party is over and he will have to find another place to pley and another service to bash. He has seen the truth and he ran from it. Game over Bruce. You like brownsfan, Reaver, and James Lee, played yourself into a big pot poker game and got beat by a professional trader from the TradingZoo.

  451. Bruce, If I told you once, I've told you a million times, if you treat people with respect, they will do likewise, so drop the chip on your shoulder and the boorish sarcasm. You instigate and needle too much and then get defensive if others do it to you..
  452. Before I post my findings from these statements on this forum I want to know how many people are interested in "seeing" the results


    I will still do the analysis for my own benefit but need to know who actually cares.

    Replies need to be from people who have been on this forum for more than 3 months.....no new posters please

    I don't want more Zoo shills showing up....this will show me if anyone actually is interested.

    I will be able to post my findings tomorrow providing I'm not infected by a virus...or there is just an obvious problem with the statements....hopefully they are clear and easy to follow....
  453. I am curious what difference it makes? I mean you have posted many many times in this thread that NO ZOO trader would ever dare show their statements. You didn't seem to care then if anybody was reading or wanted to see them other than you. So as you've posted repeatedly that nobody would dare to do what I've obviously done. All that matters should be for you to review the statements, then respond to thread saying all you want about Zoo shills or spammers etc.. but you would never again be able to say that NO ZOO trader would ever send statements as I have done just that.

    Again as YOU are the one always posting that NO zoo trader would send them, YOU see to care. So when you are shown proof that a Zoo supporter/trader did dare to send you profitable statements someone with honor would admit on that one point they were wrong.

    You are really funny. I would love to see how you would get a virus from a static PDF file.. if you do please let MS and Adobe know as you would be the FIRST recorded instance in the computer industry.

    Bruce have you ever placed a trade in your life? I don't mean to be rude, but how hard is a statement to read? I told you there are the exact statements that my brokers sends to me at the end of each month, less my personal name and address. You will see the broker name, and a day by day accounting of my profits/losses and fees. You will then see a recap on the last page of the opening balance, the closing balance and the net change +/- for the month. Nothing could be easier.

    I have to tell you and I am NOT being hostile at all, but for someone that kept shouting at the top of his lungs about how NO Zoo trader would send statements ever because none of them ever trade or do so with profits you are sure dragging your feet on this issue.

    The bottom line here is I don't really care one way or the other, I will continue to trade and make money just like almost every other day, just like today another 1700 done by 10:30 as I am most days.

    I honestly can totally understand your anger with spammers and shills and abusive posters and vendors... but I am simply a trader I am not selling anything and I'm simply trying to show you that on your ONE point that No Zoo supporters trade or with profits you are in fact wrong. Nothing more nothing less, why you continue to now drag your feet and put all these conditions on is very curious to me. If I look back a few posts when you "demanded" I send them, then predicted I would find some way to back out of doing so I didn't see you then asking if anyone else cared..so why now after I've done what you ask does that matter so much??

    I fear you really don't want to know as much as you've been claiming for so long, at least that's how it looks to the casual viewer.
  454. CVK,

    I think you and everyone else who has followed Bruce and his Zoo bashing mission for the past 18 months knows the answer to your questions.

    Right now, he's probably looking to disappear and crawl under a rock. He'll be back harping on something else about the Zoo (spamming, shills etc.) but this is all noise. His major claim is the Zoo is a scam, it's members don't trade, MP doesn't trade, and as a result, no one has ever posted any trades or shown statements. You have just mowed that entire argument down.

    So what will he now talk about? The same old stuff. As I've always said, it's all about performance; the rest is noise.

    Hopefully, Bruce will fade out into the sunset like his other friends who got owned--browsnfan, Reaver, trader365, version and James Lee (the Master of the Universe from Japan). Maybe then, a nice clean thread can take form here without these bashing saboteurs spamming it to the point the mods have to put it in chit chat. That would be a real benefit to the trading community.
  455. CVK, your giving me a bad vibe already and I haven even commented on the statements let alone download them...lol...

    You and your buddy Geox sure have a lot to say to try and put me down....in typical Zoo fashion

    So far no takers or interest in having my findings posted. Lets see if we can get a few seasoned posters to get on board.

    You still haven't answered this main question:

    Why are you afraid to have others download the statements if all personal information has been removed?

    We can only hope that these statements come even close to what is on the Zoo website...otherwise these could be anyones....I guess it could show that a member of the trading zoo has access to someone who trades but without knowing who you are and having a name on the account then this is kind of foolish

    Please send me your name and broker info in private email so I can contact your broker...I will need your information first BEFORE I make the call to confirm YOU are a customer...You said I could check this information out ....I will have them forward me the actual statements ......

    Nobody would expect me to rely on some scanned in document or one that could be forged...we will do this the right way...if this ZOO member is due credit for actually trading then they will receive it

    We'll let the statements "speak" for themselves......if I have any further question I will post it here..

    Don't back down because I'm bringing this to the next level...you guys did that when you failed at the trading challenge you pretended to initiate with me on mypivots

    No excuses....just get it done and I will start with the downloaded ones while I await the actual ones from your broker....
  456. Well that didn't take long did it? More requests, more concessions, more of everything to avoid believing what is staring him in the face: Four and 1/2 months of statements from a SUCCESSFUL TRADINGZOO MEMBER. Just as I had predicted.

    Bruce, no one has responded to you, because you are viewed as a joker who has no interest in the truth. The people here are burned out from your BS, and your pursuit of discrediting the Zoo has no followers. Sad but true. You are talking to yourself (Oh, but let's not forget all those people who gave you advice on how to avoid viruses.)

    All you want is a pissing contest.

    CVK, is doing you a favor since no else cares. Your bubble just popped. If I were him, I'd tell you to read em and weep and you can go on with your bashing ways. After all, that is your mission and you never went into this with GOOD FAITH INTENTIONS like CVK did. CVK this goofball is playing you. Don't be a puppet on a string. You havre nothing to gain and this clown will find any reason on erth to discredit you, even if God confirmed everything.
  457. I am interested in the truth. I thought I read that CVK does other
    trades besides the Zoo trades. So only the trades on his statement
    that line up with what is posted on the Zoo site should be counted.

    It has been said that the Zoo has over 12 setups. From what I see
    on their site, the trades look like the same fade setup with maybe
    an add once in awhile. So they are posting only 1 setup out of more
    than 12. And why woud they do this? Maybe because the other 12 are
    mostly losers?

    It's obvious, that on the Zoo site, that mostly winners are being showed
    minus that big loss the other day and one losing day months ago.

    And how do we know CVK is really a Zoo member?

    On the mypivots site, it was spammed to death by the Zoo. When
    Bruce called them out, AKH or whatever his name is/was was attacking
    Bruce's wife, ect with very vile comments. I can see why Bruce
    doesn't like the Zoo whatsoever.

    Any outfit that pays referral money to get members to join up
    is a second class outfit IMHO...
  458. I think CVK is wasting his time here. You bashers will never be satisfied, it's just the nature of the basher. You will always have one question after another like a prosecutor trying a capital murder case.

    Version you know nothing about the Zoo by your own admission. The trades on the website are MP's not anyone elses. What don't you understand about that? The Zoo is not a black box system.

    And no one cares about Bruce's baggage. It was clear he hated the Zoo before anyone got down in the dirt with him over there at mypivots. He attacked this ahk from his first post and only got more hostile and aggressive from there.

    CVK, please give it up. These people are wasting your time and jerking you off big time. I think you know this.

    There was a time when the Zoo made an offer to Guy who appointed himself spokesperson for the forum to negotiate a deal where the statements backing up the performance section would be provided if mypivots would issue an apology to MP. That went nowhere because Guy was never serious from the get-go. He accused the person who was appointed to negotiate for the Zoo "a kid from Indonesia" or some crap like that. In other words, he wasn't speaking in good faith. HE HAD NO INTEREST IN THE FACTS OR TRUTH.

    I suggest that CVK leave this forum and if anyone is interested in his trading, contact him via PM and keep it private between the two of you. Nothing is going to be accomplished here considering who's asking for the information and their true intentions. Let's not kid ourselves and think a leopard will change his spots.
  459. What is your motivation for the truth? You have stated your opinions here endlessly and it's obvious you are a basher. What do you want to achieve? Are you looking to be born again?

    Your goal is to spam people with bashtalk to prevent them from joining the Zoo. Your last paragraph says it all.
  460. I never said it was a black box system. What don't you understand about that?

    Here is a nice disclaimer on the results page of the Zoo:

    " Simulated trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefits of hindsight. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profit or losses similar to those shown."

    Yeah, I bet those are real trades by MP! At least Nihaba Ashi
    says his trades are real...

    I do know I followed the trades on the Zoo site for the first few
    weeks or so and almost every trade was at the exact high or low
    of a really long run. Nothing will teach you that. So it looks fake.
  461. You sound like you are born again. Good for you. You also sound
    desperate your referral money will be cut in half... You should be
    learning to trade instead of worrying about the referral money you
    will lose. Unless the referral money is all you are worried about.

    Answer one question: Why does MP have to pay money to get you
    guys to refer people to his room? Isn't word of mouth good enough?

    Okay, it was 2 questions. Hope it didn't blow your mind.
  462. Call the CFTC and ask them if that disclaimer is REQUIRED BY LAW.

    Again, you know nothing about the Zoo and its methods. For you to say "nothing will teach you that" implies you know everything about trading. Somehow, I doubt that. It may look fake, but it isn't. Just like that big loss on 10/15 looks fake, but it isn't either. Mp is the epitome of honesty and integrity. If you were a member, you'd know that. Instead, you're on the outside looking in and bashing.

  463. Yes, yes, yes... I dare Sam to put a statement on his website saying
    his posted trades are REAL trades and NOT hypothetical.

    I will be waiting...:p
  464. This thread is closed. Keep it up and you will be banned.