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    Hello, I'm looking for a trading partner. I have been trading for a little over 3 years. I went from extremely successful to bombing hard . So I'am looking for someone to work beside hand in hand where we can teach and learn from each other, create accountability, in which I would expect a friendship to sprout. I trade stocks, crypto, and Forex.

    Goal is to get trading back to my main income. If interested please reply so we can talk details, about myself, you, and what I 'am looking for. Whether you have traded for any amount of time , it does not matter. Merely looking for someone ambitious, no BS attitude when it comes to putting in work.
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  2. asking when you were extremely successful why was that were you working with someone then? i ask because the most money i ever made the fastest was working with someone. it's hard to get that back once you have it and lose it.

    or were you just in the zone and it seemed like you could do no wrong, sometimes we just get a good run that fits the style of trading perfectly. a slight change in market dynamics can completely throw a method off course.
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    I was working alone but spent all my free time studying . I ended up losing big time when I put all my focus back into college rather than trading. I am quite good at adapting to changing markets , especially now that I have been learning so much,m I just keep stumbling because of my impatience I have created. I am hoping that working with someone could help that issue along with me helping whoever works beside me. It has become a challenge to remain focused alone these days and I know that working with someone can greatly increase success .
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    I had a colleague who was successful with cryptos. He said, that he made , 6 times his money. I don't know how much was the starting capital.

    But i know, that he called that process trading and his strategy was buy and hold after ICO's.

    & all that i have to say about it :

    ,, You could be right - for the wrong reasons ''

    - Howard Marks

    P.s kudos to you for your nick name :fistbump::thumbsup:.

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    I day trade cryptos then at one point tried to shift to long term holds. That was my mistake with cryptos. Trying to play the long game when I new nothing about long term holds. So now my focus is back to swings and day trades on markets. Biggest issues in my impatience, somewhere down the line I lost my patience as if a new trader.

    Thank you for the motivational video and the support that I will make it. I believe I will, it is only a matter of time. I hope what ever ventures you are on, you are doing well. :fistbump::thumbsup:
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    Focus on college. A good trader will understand where the reward to risk ratio is the highest in the long run.
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    Thank you, I understand the long run for sure. I graduated college a couple years ago. But during college is when I was best at my trading. Not sure as to why that was. I would bust through my homework, get a week or two a head and then trade.
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    Essentially you want someone that's successful considering you stated "bombing hard" about your own current trading situation.

    Why would a successful trader be willing to give up his/her privacy so that he/she can teach & learn from someone else that's less successful or not successful at all ???

    I've seen threads like this within the past years by others online like you in Seattle, Mount Vernon, Tacoma, Kirkland, Vashon Island and Olympia.

    My point, you willing to relocate if you find someone to work beside in person ?

    Also, have you checked the forums of the broker & charting vendor that you're using or have you consider creating a online trading group for Northwest Traders...maybe you can meet someone from your group ?

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    You didn't have the pressure or stress as a college studen that trades versus now you're on your was so much easier to let off steam (tension) when in college.

    Been there and done that.

  10. RDK91


    A lot of people are in your situation, people who were trading crypto's during the bull period. Most of them didn't realize they probably where just buying and holding. Now that the markets aren't going up all the time, the reality of how difficult actual trading is hits home hard.

    Good luck.
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