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Trading Monday, October 22nd

  1. What is your plan for tomorrow? Some big news was released over the weekend. Will the slide continue or will we see a rebound?

    - Turks and Kurds have started attacking each other (oil goes up)
    - IMF warns of inflation (people become afraid the Fed won't cut)
    - More bad earnings released
    - Guaranteed Asian market decline going into tomorrow
    - What am I missing?
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  3. Why didn't you title this thread "Black Monday" like you're supposed to? Besides, you should have started it the second the markets closed on Friday. Get with the program.

  4. lol...brace yourselves for the return volley.
  5. Very difficult question. I am often trading in aftermarket hours but I did not saw usuall signs of rebound.
    More scenarios are possible but I guess that sliding will continue as minimum during first half of trading.
  6. Um 1. no one cares about the tuks and kurds

    2. not a big deal.

    3. um that is obvious

    Market will rebound
  7. Why hasn't this guy been banned? He obviously doesn't know anything about Finance.
  8. Someone said it before - he's all about parody. You can actually learn something from him, but not in the way most come here to learn.
  9. Explain the parody in what he said. You can take no information from that garbage.
  10. Hello, he is much more educated and intelligent like he want to look on this forum . Several times he really surprised me /ad hominem, etc/ - probably when he did not pay attention to his play.

    Btw, did you consider that one need to be quite intelligent to play that way so many peoples are hating him? It is not easy as might you think.
    He loves his play, that is obvious. I personally think that face to face it will be quite nice and probably very shy guy that is playing arrogant rabiat here.

    Stocky3, I am right?

    Live and let live him (until now it is not possible to kill anybody directly via internet, god thanks).
  11. He represents the herd/cnbc view, which is always right until the market gets punished. People have been screaming at him, telling him how stupid he is but his calls have been right simply because making money in a bull market has nothing to do with how smart you are (smart people tend to be pessimistic, ie bearish bias, in my experience). Bad news? Like he said it doesn't matter, no-one cares, not yet anyway. When the sentiment changes it will be interesting to see what he does.

    *Not implying that you are stupid Stock. Just that it doesn't take much brains to buy the leaders in a bull market.*
  12. carry trade is collapsing!
  13. Wow, you are right. Look at that large movement in Yen value.
  14. AP
    Halliburton's 3Q Earnings Up 19 Percent
    Sunday October 21, 5:47 pm ET

    HAL beat the numbers at the top end.. This will play well for drillers...
  15. Shorts please try to contain your excitement

    Enjoy this reversal while it lasts

    we're not entering a bear market or correction
  16. Your bold statements contain no useful information. Leave my thread troll.
  17. Wowza..my last trend following short from Friday at 16:02 that I held over just finally covered at 788.40 for 14.0 points on the Russell..sheesh that was fast. :eek:

  18. You are missing BAD NEWS ON HOUSING without which the pots never cooks. Wait till Wednesday for this nasty sulfur addition.
  19. Shorting equities that have broken to the downside. There's been a few sectors that have sold off and are oversold....not gonna play them. Housing is one.

    Tech is gonna get knicked tomorrow. Stuff like oil, steel, and defense should fall too.

    Watching for a break in biotech as well.
  20. speculate

    Main Entry: spec·u·late
    Pronunciation: \ˈspe-kyə-ˌlât\
    Function: verb

    Inflected Form(s): spec·u·lat·ed; spec·u·lat·ing
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    Hey Just want to try to do my best to get you all back in to
    grips, I was reading and seeing a lot of post here and on some
    other areas, just be careful before you pull the trigger on a stock or index this week, look at your charts take a second to think

    1) "DO I HAVE A SET-UP"



    It gets hard to be objective when we see the markets fall like they did on friday, and the futures tank when they open Sunday night but please be objective don't get to bearish or bullish, remember the pros need us to be on the wrong side to profit from us and the overnight markets can be pushed around easy!

    Try not to let our emotions get the best of us

    :D :mad: :confused: :eek: :(

    I did a short clip on Behavioral Trading

    It may be of interest to some, and check out the others as well
    I will be doing setups and exits soon so if you want just hit the subscribe button and you will be notified when I post another
    clip !


    Take Care,

    Joe B.

    Oh yea and the part about SPECULATE I just wanted to point out
    that is says nothing about gambling, we first need to SEE something before we pull the trigger not "THINK" we know
    what the market is going to do
  21. Acting like you're incredibly naive isn't a bannable offense.

    Anyhow, they wouldn't want to ban someone who generates so many page views, would they?

    My theory is that stock_trad3r has been around ET a few times in the past, under different user names.