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Trading from a tethered laptop?

  1. Anybody tried to trade from the boondocks where the only internet was on your phone? You can get the net to your laptop tethering it with a USB cord. I was wondering how it effected the connection speed and lag time?

    Anyhow I am going to do some experiencing tomorrow.

  2. I guess it depends how you trade and how important latency is to you. I've done it many times in the past without it affecting my trading performance.

    I think any delay comes from the phone's data connection refreshing its connection with the network so if you can keep the connection alive by running something in the background and don't mind using the additional data then that should help.
  3. I've done it as a backup when my fixed internet dies for whatever reason... works fine but I wouldn't run high speed algo's on it.
  4. I only want to do a few swing trades per day, so latency shouldn't be an issue. I assume just running 2 charts wouldn't use much of a data plan?
  5. Charts are not very data intensive, I think you would be fine. Like less than 50MB of data per day.
  6. When I saw the title of this thread I immediately thought of this guy, and how tethering your laptop would be a good idea when trading with it on the boat. Except at the end.

    Hehe sorry, carry on.
  7. If your plan doesn't include tethering, or enough tethering; ...there are options to circumvent scrutiny from your carrier.

    In general, tethering works fine...at least in my experience using wifi tethering.
  8. I tried it and worked fine at home with my laptop with ethernet port. It just needed to download a few drivers. But the travel laptop I usually take on the road doesn't have that and so far I have been unable to make it work with that one. Maybe I can connect it with Bluetooth, but that also sucks more power...
  9. I have day traded from opening bell to closing through my phone for 10 years and lost connection 2 times, likely i made more profit on the trade I all most had a hardtack because I dint had a stop/lose, You mast get to know your data connection.
  10. OK, I am on location right now and I am getting 7Mbps speed via the phone so all good and dandy... Have to monitor the usage though. I guess no 4K po... I mean polka dancing for me...
  11. 7Mbps? Vorizon am Lucky to get 3Mbps Fronter is ISP land line and only get 0.50 Mbps
  12. 7Mbps? :wtf: Shit... I thought I lived rural-ish... I'm doing 100+

    Definitely don't do any algo stuff on that... what's the latency? Ping?
  13. Here is my cable and verizon phone hotspot pic
  14. What kind of ping, download and upload speeds are you getting ?

    I have traded ES off iPhone and tethered to laptop over the years but prefer high speed cable isp and have had a good experience. Do you have a back up cell service if your current one goes down ? I've compared my primary cable isp to cellular performance on the dom but can't tell much difference in quote updating or execution but there is a cell tower within 1000 ft of my residence and my cellular speed is frequently 80-120 mb/s

    Get the Speedtest app and see what results you are getting.
  15. Last day of the vacation so it is not that important anymore. I actually got 11 Mbps download speeds in the rental. Yes, I had back up, the public library. :)

    (for comparison, the library's speed is only 3 Mbps)