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Trading For Living - S&P 500 Market.

  1. Hi,

    Hi I am Becky Biggs, I will be posting my trades in the S&P 500 market here with screenshots. Drop me a line if you have any questions.

    Here is my last trade:

    18 July 2008
  2. Hi

    Here are the screenshots of all the trades I placed in June. It's a zip file attached.
  3. Oh goodie, I get to be the first to ask what your actual strategy is.
  4. I only trade big moves, I bypass all choppy and small trades. minimum target is 2 points per trade. Also some times maybe 1 or 2 times a month the market trend and keep moving in a single direction all day. I capture those moves and end up winning 10 - 20 points per trade but they are rare tho..

    I trade based on the Advance/Decline indicator which tells the real intention of the market in any given day.

    BTW, I don't trade every day only 2 or 3 times a week but when it happens I would be pretty sure it's a winner.. I take a loss every couple of months since I don't trade like 10 times a day. Last loser was last March.
  5. Another trader posting winning trades after the fact. Wow. How long until you offer us your winning system for a "small" fee?
  6. I don't have a system for sale I am not a marketer. I can show you my method tho and we can chat online if you want to.
  7. March, April and May trades.. Screen shots attached.


  9. Glad to see your post and look forward to hearing about your methods and results.

    Why don't you don't trade every day? I have been trading the ES every day since Dec. and I see 'trending days' about twice a week. Not catching them yet but I'm starting to recognize them in time to trade them.
  10. SWhiting, thanks I don't trade every day because I prefer to capture trending moves and as you know they don't happen every day. I prefer 1 big trade than few smaller ones ;-)

    bunds, Nah I think I am too hot for you :D
  11. So you are saying that you watch every day but don't take a trade every day?

    In your initial post you showed a 2 pt trade. Two pts does not seem like a 'trend' trade: I would consider it a scalp. What is your stop-loss on your trades?
  12. Very interesting thread for those of use involved in auto-mated trading. Thanks for sharing.
  13. I prefer to trade in trend days and target 2 points that's why I have a very high winning rates. Plus once or twice a month I manage to capture the trend and earn big (10 - 20 pts).

    I watch the chart every day for 30 mins after those 30 mins I know if I will trade or not. Also I know the exact entry and exit prices 5 mins after the market opens.
  14. Actually, the caption of the screenshot is 18 "July"....so maybe this is a "pre"-call???

  15. Sorry about that, tried to fix it but looks like I can't edit the post 30 mins after it's posted :mad:
  16. Becky

    The way your chart is setup it looks as though you are trading an envelope around a moving average rather than an advance decline indicator.

    Do you use actual advance decline numbers after 30 minutes to make your decision?

    If so, why is the envelope on the chart?


  17. The envelope is just a secondary confirmation tool. I watch the ADV/DEC chart the first 30 mins of the day if it's not moving strong enough then I wont trade
    If it hits the marks then I am good to trade.
  18. beck,whats the ratio u use on adv/dec that tips you off for a probable trend day,3/1 4/1 6/1?
  19. Becky this guy has been extremely helpful to me the last several months and he has helped a lot of people for free. Check out his site and maybe he'll benefit you as well. www.youtube.com/snp500trader
  20. The Advance-Decline I use is specifically the Advance-Decline Issues, not
    the Advance-Decline Volume or any other name. It's a chart in 5 mins time interval.
  21. Thanks, Will check it out.
  22. So how are you determining your stop loss?

    Points/-%/support and resistance, etc

    The markets are having some huge swings daily.
  23. Making a living on 2 handles, do you live in a box or trade 50 cars?
  24. Hey, if you can get 2 points a trade consistently with a minimum of drawdowns or "operator error" (ie being greedy or poor money management) that'd be fine for me as a daily intake provided I have no extraneous debts hanging over my head or am frivilous with my personal budgeting and spending habits.

    I wouldn't need to trade 50 contracts at a time to make decent money off a consistent 2 points on the ES.....come to think of it, I'm not sure I'd want to trade that many!

    Think about it -- commissions aside, 8 contracts = $800/trade which isn't bad if you can do it regularly. If you trade 10-lots, that's $1000/day. And so on.

    Bottom line is that as long as whatever she's doing is consistent, properly managed, and works acceptably for her and provides her the desired profits in a manner she can trade well and sleep soundly at night afterwards, I say GO FOR IT!

    Of course, the trick is to ensure you don't blow the winning trade by consistently making bad ones. :)
  25. Stop loss is 6 points I like to give the market a room to breathe and it's working fine for me since losers are like 1 loser every 2 months.. so consistency is the key here

    In normal days I trade to win 2 points, since it's consistent I am happy. Now it's a number of increasing contracts..

    On the other hand, if you checked the screen shots I capture big moves 1 or 2 times a month and earn about 10-20 pts in a single trade.

    Anyway, as rickf mentioned it's about consistency.

    You know how easy it is to make 5 or 7 points and lose them the other day.
  26. Hey Trading4Living,

    I admire your patience and performance. 2 to 3 days between trades? LOL, I can typically go 2 to 3 hours. After that I begin to get the shakes.

    Looking forward to reading your thread.....
  27. Nice, you're smart AND hot. Can you post a pic?

  28. Thanks, I will post my trades, entry and exit prices as I trade.

    I learned that keepin it safe and earn consistent profits every week is much better than trading every day and risk my profits.

    at least I feel better and less stressed this way ;-)
  29. attached :) Don't get too excited tho I have a boy friend :D
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    I think this thread is going to get VERY active LOL.

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  33. Now post your picture with tomorrow's wsj and these salamis will fall all over you.
  34. Me too. I only use my "Big Move" system to trade the S&P.

    It always keeps me away from those choppy and small trades.

    We're both so smart!
  35. There is no such thing "Big Move System" I appreciate your sarcasm tho.

    What I was trying to say is that I prefer to trade in trending days winning ratio is much higher for me this way.

    and I really doubt that ur smart :p
  36. i watch the uvol/dvol its not quite the same,what would i be looking for in the adv/dec
  37. I use Qcharts software so numbers might differ.. PM me or do you have a yahoo messenger?
  38. OK I will bite!

    Please share the exact filter method (ADX)that gives you confirmation to enter on trend days.
  39. This info is worthless in trading. Say market is tanking hard, A-D obviously in the dump, D outnumbering A by a fair factor and all of the sudden market finds support and high demand and we reverse; it will take quite a bit for A-D to catch up.

    It's all about support and resistance supply and demand stop looking for the magical key or holy grail, the sooner you accept this the closer you will be to the real deal.

  40. Who said anything about the holy grail or magical key? You have no idea how I place my trades.

    Besides which AD are you talking about?? there are AD issues, volume, etc...

    The way I use AD issues, the time I use it, the time I get in a trade and out it's what makes me profitable.
  41. ...three can do the train
  42. I can't give you the exact method in public, it's my edge why should I give it up?

    You can PM me or chat via Yahoo messenger to send you the screenshots
    and explain how I do it. But I wont promise to give you the exact numbers :p
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    Why not shut the fuck up and actually see how this pans out dipshit?

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  48. You can read ET without even registering. so your assumption is incorrect.

    I don't need to see where it's going, I already know, everything but P/V lags.

  49. I think maybe you need therapy,
    just google "I need thereapy" and you will find a whole lot of options :p
  50. So why register now and post this?

    I'll be the first one to scream bullshit if this ends with a link or snakeoil product. But nothing is suspect yet.

    Does "premature flaming" happen often? I think they have drugs for that.

  51. Couldn't agree more Incognito! I've never found a use for A/D.

  52. Flame all you want, I could care less, I'm immune to the ET attacks.

    You are just bitter because someone gave you some hope of some edge and someone, like me, said this info is worthless, look elsewhere.

    Hope, a daytrader's worst enemy.

  53. Well in case you didn't notice you are the one flaming. Again I am surprised you are saying it's worthless without even knowing how it works. hmmm :confused:

    if you are happy with your trading style why are you so angry mmm :confused:

    again go to google and type "anger management" I am just trying to help :cool:
  54. Quite the contrary. I don't trade macd or adx and my edge is just fine.

    I'm pointing out that the flame was premature as there is nothing outlined to draw fire.

    Let the thread play out....I'm may be right there with you.
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  57. T4L, I told you this thread was gonna get active. I think you're gonna get pretty tired of the responses you're gonna get here. If you're looking for quality feedback you're definitely in the WRONG place. Good luck though....still looking forward to your charts.

  58. i own all the knowledge on a/d see my oddball system dec 2000 active trader article.

    some things trouble me, years ago there was a gal named trader girl she appeared out of nowhere, she posted pics trades and herself, she was hot both ways trades and herself. in the end it was a dude having some fun.

    besides no one can cherry pick a trend day from a non trend day. the day just unfolds in front of you as it happens and you deal with it. to do this you have to work every day, not just when you feel like it's going to magically trend.


    oops a google search of your yahoo messenger name reveals the following.

    I also offer 1-on-1 coaching only if I have the time, e-mail me at wpkcs@yahoo.com if you are interested. Cheers, Becky.


  59. 4 months trading and now your a coach, i see. god if only i were a low life i would not just own what i do but i would be staking claims from my own space station as i fly by planets sipping ice tea.

    man i have to get with it - but i think i did prove something i'm smarter than anyone in this thread and most likely on et.

    becky the dead give away was you kept telling everyone to im or chat with you privately. this was your downfall.

    your welcomed for the advice now move on get another screen name and try it again. this is a really good lesson why people don't use their real name like i do.

    mark brown

    ps i can expand, on what happens after the free chatting if you wish me to go there, i know the whole scheme.
  60. I've been trading for the last 3 years I only started the blog this year so it doesn't mean that I only started to trade this year.

    I offer what I know for free If I have the time, it can never be done in a forum it takes me about 2 weeks to explain what I have to those who are interested.

    I posted my blog URL in the first post but it was removed by the moderator so it wasn't something that I wanted to hide.

    I am not sure about you being smart but I wouldn't say that again in public.

    and guess what? my real name is Becky

    I was here to post my screenshots and get comments dunno why it turned out that way.. oh bummer!
  61. Keep going Becky...
  62. is mark brown an old name of cold's,the i'm the smartest comment sounds familiar

  63. Why did the moderator remove that URL ?!
  64. yes please do not be deterred - the first good trait of any scammer. just look to our presidents as good examples or our local protected jack hershey.

    barron probally figures with all the morons here on et he can make a mint working with scammers - next becky's rights will be protected by the same mods "with different screen names" who protect jack which by coicendence are all supposedly women too. just look at jacks special protected thread he has going now.

    wow some nerve - people with scruples better get with it and start getting street smart or get run over. this is why no one makes it trading cause you have to be brutal. or at least be able to identify brutality quickly - defend yourself and keep track of your focus. if not your just a jh kool aid drinking zombie. or the latest incarnation, becky biggs "subliminal message there" i'm positive was intended.

  65. I guess it was considered advertisement.
  66. so beck,between flamers and bored oprah fans can you tell us how this mornings first half hour kept you out of the market
  67. LOL. I just threw something in there that I recently wrote and I'm coming back female. DOH! I think I'm gonna need a crisis counselor :eek:

  68. No trade today for me since the ADVDEC was hovering around the zero line in the first 30 mins so that's a no no for me.

    I trade only the first hour or 2 based on the advdec behavior in the first 30 mins in any day.
  69. thanks,keep posting,don't worry about the first few days initiation,as soon as you indicate a trend day and it happens they will shutup
  70. It takes you 2 weeks to explain how to use the ADV/DECL in the first half hour of the trading day for no more than one trade per day? Two weeks? Is your method that complex, or do you type very slowly? Just curious.
  71. Actually, I think it might take more than a single call.
  72. 1 at a time
  73. 2 weeks, 30 mins a day. When I have to explain what a candle is and what is a low and a high of a candle then yes it takes me time.. To really get the hang of it and practice it I'd say 2 weeks is pretty good.

    But if someone is smart as you and been trading for a while I thing he can get the whole think in a single day. Depends on who I am dealing with.
  74. I totally understand this Thunderdog, I've tried teaching trading and it takes a LONG, LONG time. If you really want to become a great trader just try teaching it. It's easily harder than trying to learn how to trade yourself.

  75. Exactly right, the student is the weakest link.

  76. Snake-oil mangina luring for victims.

    Preliminary conclusion for now.

  77. i will tell you this he can not call trades live can you sue "reference to johnny cash" for the unwitting.

    call a trade in real time as it happens, but first since you supposedly know what your doing. present a detailed outline of the exact method beforehand. that way all the dogs can follow along as you teach them.

    this is such a joke, it's unbelievable this scam works over and over in various forums. playing on mens bravado and some apparent carnal instinct to protect the woman even if she is _ fill in the blank here doesn't matter.


    if you know something show it or quit the pied piper scheme ok - we have enough jack's around here already.
  78. And if she does know something, or has some talent why would she come on ET to give it up? If you want to teach or coach for a fee then cool. You just gotta show brokerage statements.

    Or, you can go the other route. I worked with a trading coach a while back who came clean -- she couldn't trade herself but she was one hell of a coach anyway. Hell, you don't necessarily have to be able to throw a curve ball to teach someone how to do it but it sure does help.

    Either way, if you want to coach or teach you have to establish some sort of credibility. I don't know if calling trades in real time on a message board is enough.

  79. I sure don't I guess that makes 2 of us.
  80. Most of the people here actually ARE pretty smart and savy about trading. If you had started WITH a brief synopsis of your system then WHEN there is a trending market you can do a relatively live trade off of......you might have received some intelligent commentary. I too am very wary of PM ing people for their "systems".

    Your in the "Journal" section. Keeping a public journal is done for many reasons and the best journals are ones that state their system and track the trades...if you just wanted to come here and advertise your "blog" then go to the advertisment section.
  81. I don't know them (I'm new here, but I trade for a living for over 20 years), but both mark brown's and incognito's comments were the smartest in this thread...

    Trolls and scams are a major nuisance, especially if you are serious about trading. It's sad to see so many ppl fall for these pests over and over again. On other forums where I am active, double nicks and scams get detected via their IP address and removed and banned forever. It benefits the quality a lot...
  82. Becky

    I asked nicely once already.

    IF you want respect share your adx filter criteria for the first 30 mins.

    If it tests out well then you will have your respect.

    IF your just here fishing for newbies to sell something to then keep it a secret and all the fish will flock to you.

    Either way we will know what your intentions are.

  83. Why should she share anything with you Joab...What are YOU offering in return? Your "respect"?

    Don't make me laugh

    By the way Mark, whether the poster is a man or woman means nothing..and if you want to be understood, compose your thoughts in standard English so we can all get an idea of what you are saying..
  84. the poster has the unwavering love offered by et ers ,i've noticed that in bad markets i here less jokes ,that would probably transfer over into more negative responses also
  85. T4L how many contracts do you trade? I noticed that in your zip files there were only a handful of trades per month, so I would assume you must do significant size. Also, are you living off your trading income, or is it just to supplement your existing income?

  86. most likely using a 5 minute chart becky is applying the adx indicator to the adv/dec data in q charts.

    then after looking at the entry bars most all the trades are on big rippin candles which means becky is probably doing a opening range breakout of some sort.

    1.) adx on adv/dec indicates strength filter.
    2.) dmi+ dmi- on adv/dec indicates direction filter.
    4.) price indicates range expansion evidence of large range entry bar. range>average(range,x bars back) or something real simple as filter.
    3.) price is confirms direction when order is hit.
    4.) order is filled profit target is placed.
    5.) end of mystery.



    ps chances are i gave out a better system than becky actually has just now compared to whatever becky does. all hail "marcy brown" aka mark brown
  87. Based on the research I've done the S&P500 trends about 20% of the time and it takes 2 points to draw a line and 3 points to define a trend. If you go back and study the market and look for trends with more than 3 points you'll come away with a very small sample size. So, a trend following system means you are selecting roughly 20% of the data sample and trying to make your money in the last 25% of that move assuming trends typically end after the fourth move, which the tend to do.

    My overall conclusion - and this is definitely open to criticism and debate as technical analysis is open to interpretation - is following a trend is a highly inferior method of trading because you are trading an event that happens roughly 20% of the time and by the time you recognize what is happening it is likely to end.

    Anytime you use the word "follow" you are talking about something that is the antonym of success. In order for you to be successful other traders have to buy your shares/contracts <b>after</b> you, not <b>before</b> you so how can a trend <i>following</i> system yield positive results in the long run?

  88. Trend following works because there are liquid markets populated by participants with multiple agendas.

    In addition, we have institutions in the markets and they bring size and size creates momentum and sustains trends...

    If your reasoning were correct, the markets would simply oscillate up and down like an EKG tape of someone's heart beat.

    Finally, trend occurs on various time scales...so what looks like chop on a given day can actually be part of a larger trend..

    Unless it gets extreme I trade it all. What makes the difference is the tools you use....

    Becky's idea is interesting because it seems to minimize losers and keeps you out of markets unless you have a chance at hooking a big fish...depending on its accuracy that could be a nice way to go.

  89. 2 points is not a BIG fish in the S&P.
  90. Steve, you bring up the most important point -- it really depends on your time frame. Analysis of the markets is definitely open to interpretation. I've always found buying what everyone else is selling and vice versa works best for me but to each his or her own.

    The OP really isn't giving any information to draw any conclusions anyway so unless she decides to open the book a little more this thread is just about dead. C'mon Becks, let's talk time frame, specific entries, indicators you're using. Trust me, you could post your entire system and you wouldn't be giving a thing away because trading is an art, not a science. Sooooo much judgment and discretion is required!

    Trading is like stock car racing -- they all drive the same car but only one driver can win the race so let's hear a little more about the car your driving.

  91. Becky,

    Started this thread for one of three reasons.

    a. To share openly
    b. To get clients
    c. To stroke her ego

    Which one is it Beck ?
  92. Well Okay, first SWhiting

    2 points is not big fish true...But one can improve on what Becky is doing I assure you...and

    If you look closer at what she is stating, its not just 2 points. The system looks for bigger game and apparently stays in to catch those moves. To know what the real expectancy of the system is, you would have to average the big winners with the 2 point scalps. Minus the losers of course.

    Now Profit

    Ah, I am looking at systems like Becky's from a different point of view. I already have a system that works. Some of it is posted in the thread "Ideas for Struggling Traders".. My way of approaching this is to take a concept, and try to improve it.

    Becky says she looks at issues that advance minus issues that decline during the first half hour and enters based on that criteria

    If you wanted to reverse engineer that concept, why not go to your charts and look at how the market behaves after the first half hour when the ADV/DCL is at various levels. Make your own observations and check out the results.. Mark Brown is right about one thing, this ain't rocket science. What it IS, for those who want success is mostly the hard boring work of doing the data collection and then writing and testing your rule set. Any of you could do this just using an Excel spreadsheet in a few evenings.

    I hope this helps just a little.

  93. ok here is the deal... After the market starts I watch the ADVDEC Issues for a serious move in the first 30 mins. It happens 2 or 3 times a week that the ADVDEC rockets to a significant level let's say for example +6000 (in the first 30 mins) numbers might be different in your chart...

    So if it moved that big within the first 30 mins (most of the time it happens in 15 mins) it means that the market is most probably will trend this day upwards.. so I get in early based on the price action.. ofcourse the price must move in the same direction as the advdec.. so if advdec hits the +6000 level withing the first 30 minsplus price action confirmed I get in and get my 2 points early in the day.

    vice versa if it reach -6000 level this time I go short for 2 points..

    now it happens like 1 or 2 times a month that the advdec hits the +/-10000 level in the first 30 mins
    if that happens I ride the trade all day
    making a very nice profit

    that's it in a nutshell

    don't expect me to teach every one here and give you the exact thing and coach millions here.. I posted the outlines so you guys know how I manage to make those trades.
  94. I was just about to comment on the entry and exit of your first chart and then I read the above sentence. So I shut up.
  95. Fair enough,

    Thanks for sharing and that's all you really need if you manage your money properly.

    Best of trades to you.
  96. ah ha, we're onto something interesting now. Telling me what you are looking for/at, even if you gave me more detail, doesn't do a thing for my trading and I mean that in a good way. If you are generating profits based on lunar orbits you still need some sort of talent. Trading definitely isn't X+Y=Z. Steve says trading is not that hard and I agree with him, but it's not that easy either.

    I've tried to teach a lot of traders over the years and a few make it but most don't. I teach them the intimate details of my system and still only a few will get it. And, even the ones who do get it run into problems. There are many times during the day that I will pass up triggers that fit my system and take others that don't. It just comes down to intuition and experience. Intuition can't be taught but experience can make a fairly good substitute.

  97. Every trade in her blog for the month of June was for 2 points, and these appeared to be profit targets and not profits taken after trailing stops were hit.

    I didn't see anything about risk management, position sizing, stops, etc, all essential items in a system.

    Imo, having such small profit targets with a trend following system is a mistake. At least I would not/do not trade that way.
  98. It's a personal preference you can trail it you can exit 50% of the contracts at 2 points the other 50% at 4 points etc.. it's depends on your style.. I feel better taking the safe 2 points and be done for the day in the first hour or two.
  99. Yes, for whatever its worth I agree. Clearly profit targets reduce the overall profitability of all systems. Perhaps Becky doesn't know that or (more likely) she may trade a small account and cannot scale out after two points (which is what I would try to do).

    Finally, it isn't my system so I haven't done the research. I would want to know all the nuance as to expected range once you get 2 points (how often could you get 3 and more?) given the setup rules.

    As I mentioned in a previous post, for me, I just don't care about the specifics. I am more interested in concepts to test. Most of the time people post and have never really tested the setups. That is why so many here fail. They never verify the concept over a varying market, and invariably whatever edge it might have breaks down quickly.

    Thanks for the comments. Good luck in the markets.

  100. 1) Pretty girls can NOT trade. Exception being the daughter of a famous trader who then became an actress and GAVE UP Trading.

    2) I can easily tell who are the real traders here for example ProfitTakgFool is a real trader and Jack H is not. So I would be happy to learn Profit's system since it would not be a waste of months of my time like trying to learn Jack speak.

    3) For those that want to reply about that woman writing a forex trading book, all of those are fake bs. The only way to trade is with an edge. I have yet to meet a better forex trader than myself who has a verified system.

  101. I'll give you an example of why this strategy is flawed.

    Go back to 05/06

    Examine the values at 10AM, as you suggested.

    The rest speaks for itself.



  102. That summarizes everything about yourself.
  103. So a one day example where the approach did not work invalidates the whole approach? Are you saying it has to be 100% working all the time or it is crap? I know nothing about the OPs work or approach but your comment that one day it did not work does not really prove anything one way or the other unless you can demonstrate any indicator or filter system which always is right.
  104. Turns can not trade and is bitter about this fact.
  105. I chose one day as an example, lots can be found. There is no edge here.


  106. Turns works at McDonald's along with Spydertrader and Jack H.

    After work, they all go back to the home for the criminally insane.

    Where of course, they are provided with internet access, to spread their madness on the new traders here.

    Then later on, they take turns sucking off Jack so that he will tell them where he buried his $ billions that he made trading PVT.

    That is why Turns old alias was semen breath. :D
  107. I have no dog in the fight nor support the OP, just that finding some days where it does not work does not make the argument one way or the other.
  108. I repeat, it's not just one day or certain days.

    There are plenty of examples that nullify any gold on this method.

  109. you still have no idea how I trade or what price action I need as a confirmation so cut the crap...
  110. If threre is something I understand, is price action, because it is the only method I trade, as all else is worthless.

    My point which is the same point I had on my first post of this thread, is that if price action says we turn, adv-decl wont' tell you any sooner.

    Watching Adv-Decl is useless.

  111. (thread hijack)

    It never ceases to amaze me how on ET when someone finds something that works well for THEM it's suddenly open season on them by folks looking to trash 'em and their strategy.

    I'll link to what I said in another thread that devolved along similar lines:


    (end thread hijack)
  112. Perhaps because of the constant worthless info posted.

    You really think this Adv-Decl works?

    You think Volente's Rule of Crap 10 works ?

    How about chart patterns, think they work over time ?

    MA Crossovers ?

    I could go on posting worthless methods but I think you get the picture.

    There is a reason 95%+, or whatever the hell that number is, does not make it and that reason is because the only thing that works cannot be explained in a freaking ET thread. The market is way too complex, the psychology involved goes beyond words because the winning formula is directly related to years and years of experience.

    It just shows the ignorance that adorns this forum.

    Show me someone talking about Wyckoff and I assure you, I will shut the fuck up, in the meantime when I see a bullshit method I will raise hell because it's false spread of information.

  113. Hi Incognito,

    I am an advocate of price action as well. Let's get your
    scalper thread going since I am interested in your input.

    Posting some charts would be appreciated.
  114. Just thought I'd tell you that I watch the NYSE A/D line everyday. I've watched it for decades. LOL. Believe me, I wouldn't be watching it if I didn't think there was something useful in it. I don't do anything as formal as watching a chart of it. I just watch how it acts relative to what the market does.

    That said, on the NYSE there are something like 3200 stocks that trade. Where do you get the number 6000? Or 10000?


  115. You got a few things to learn. Price action is definitely valuable. I use it myself. But everything else is not worthless.

    Rather, there is a whole variety of things that provide context to price action. If you don't understand the context then you are basically doomed to chasing ticks around.

    You're right....price action will tell you when a turn is at hand, sometimes well before the A/D says anything. Of course, price action will tell you of some little piker turn as well, which had you known the context of the market you might have ignored. In fact, you might have used that small contra-trend move to establish or add to a position.

    By the way, there are times when the A/D is definitely telling you a specific direction. Price action won't go for long against the entire market unless something changes in the A/D.

  116. Couldn't agree more
  117. So once ADV/DECL gives you a strong reading and price follows, do you just enter indiscriminately at that point, either at the 15 or 30-minute mark? Or do you have specific timing criteria in addition to this directional criteria which is identified at the 15- or 30-minute mark?
  118. A/D reading to -5000, oh wait, there's only 3200 give or take, wonder what the hell this mangina is looking at.

  119. what part of "numbers might be different on your charting software" didn't you understand?
  120. I wait for a certain price action/movement before I get in.

  121. Welcome to ET :D
  122. A day full of trading opportunites for people with other methods is wasted by you!!!
    How could you sit there watching the market move up and down, offering money, but refuse to take it?
  123. What the hell you talking about, there are a limited number of equities in the NYSE. I don't give a shit if you are using Mangina Charting for Dummies the fluctuation should be minimal. You spoke of a number as high of 6000 NET, when the exchange has about half of that, TOTAL.

  124. A/D is a seriously lagging indicator, when you see your number coming up, the trend is largely over. That's why I find the chart in the opening post ridiculous: entering a reversing red bar, sat through an opposite color bar...Any normal trader would have got out, except me, I never exit without a profit:D
  125. You are a liar!

    You said you based your trades on A/D, that's why I didn't comment on your first chart.

    Now you say you wait for price action/movement (by the way, action and movement mean the same!), then your entry and exit do not make sense!
  126. I wonder if you could elaborate a little more on what other things provide context to price action please. I use sector's relative strength, QQQs, adv/dec ratio, etc...

  127. not every method catch every move.. I said before that I trade in trending days and since that day was going up and down then good look to other methods

    I am happy with my humble method as long as it's consistent.
  128. Maybe if you read the posts again you will see that I said I wait for the ADV/DEC to reach a certain level as my main tool then I wait for price action to confirm before I trade..
  129. Here is a screen shot of the a/d issues see it reached the 4500 that day so stop saying it has a maximum if 3000 I dunno what a/d ur talking about...

    also that day I knew the market was going down by just watching the a/d in the first 10 mins thanks to the a/d chart then the price followed the a/d action. so guess what it's not lagging

    oh well...

    screen shot attached.
  130. wow did you get that on your own?
  131. there was another website i went on a couple years back and all they did was bitch about who was right and who was wrong,trading and making money was secondary,all you bitches get back in your yard,there are plenty of sites where you can go and be worthless and appreciated at the same time. If i came on here and told you i traded long or short that day depending on which corner my dog walked to first and whether she took one dump or 2 this morning,you would bitch,if i said 2 dumps on the north corner was a trending up and 1 dump was just a higher close and it worked you would all be asking what my dog did this morning,so shut the f### up and wait for op to give an example, if it works we will have a trend day indicator right here on et, if it doesn't you can go back to your bitchin
  132. Let me see if I can clarify this for you. On the NYSE there is a total of something like 3200 issues that trade on any given day. For instance, today, 3287 issues traded.

    Obviously some issues advance, and some decline. A few are unchanged. Today at the close we had 1321 Advancers on the NYSE, 1867 Decliners, and 84 unchanged.

    So when you come up with a number like 4500, 6000, or even 10,000 that you mentioned in one post, it doesn't seem to relate to the basic data that it comes from.

    For that reason, it would be helpful if you could explain what makes up your A/D chart, so that I could have a better understanding of what you're looking at.

    Not trying to bust your chops. Just looking for some understanding.

  133. Here's what gets me about this post of yours. I've been trading for several decades, successfully. One of the things I look at is the A/D line. I didn't say it was the only thing, but it's one thing. I said it provides context for price action.

    Now, I recall reading a thread of yours where you were quitting, or said you were. Evidently you were fairly unsuccessful. And yet, here you are telling me all about the A/D.

    It seems to me you should be reading, questioning, not opinionating. Because whatever you believe evidently does not work. What am I missing here?

  134. For a long time now, more than 50% of the NYSE so-called "stocks" are actually preferreds (that act like bonds), closed end bonds funds, foreign stock ADR's and REITS. This is why the number of advancing or declining issues can exceed the number of "operating companies" known to be around 3200 or so.

    Frankly I don't expect Becky to know this, but some of you big shots should otherwise why would you folks be so vocal in your criticism of her system?
  135. Becky, sorry to get off topic here but....just out of curiosity, how many people have visited your blog since Mark posted the link and how many requests have you had for "coaching" your technique?

    I'm not being judgemental here (in fact I think you're rather clever in the way you went about this whole little process), I just want to know what kind of traffic elitetrader posts such as yours generate.

    Thank you
  136. Let me tell you what you are missing:

    1. Death="I've been trading for several decades" You don't see death is waiting around the corner. How old are you?

    2. Waste="One of the things I look at is the A/D line" You don't see A/D is a redundant correlation of market action. You have been wasting your time.

    3. Humor="I recall reading a thread of yours where you were quitting" You don't see sense of humor. Maybe the concept is alien to you. If I quit, do I have to announce it on the Internet?

    4. Erroneous judgement="Evidently you were fairly unsuccessful" You don't see the standard/definition of being successful.

    5. Arrogance="here you are telling me all about the A/D" You don't see your own arrogance. A public forum is a two-way communication tool, not one-way: from you to others only. Even JosephStalinAdolphHitler had advisors.

    6. Freedom of speech="It seems to me you should be reading, questioning, not opinionating" You don't see other people can say what they like to say on the Internet, First Amendment right.

    7. Hallucination="Because whatever you believe evidently does not work" Actually what I believe works.
  137. Steve:

    Don't know if this post was directed at me, since I first used the number "3200". In any event, I've been careful not be critical of Becky's system. In fact, I don't really know what her system is.

    However, as to the NYSE A/D statistics, the total is 3200. This includes both operating and non-operating companies.

    Of the total 3200 stocks, about 1700 are common stocks only as shown in Barrons. So this would not include things like preferreds. The best estimate of operating companies only is about 1200.

    However, when you see the A/D intraday, or you look at it as reported on a quote provider like E-Signal, they are looking at total NYSE stocks....that 3200 number, which includes everything.

  138. Here's what your opening post said in your thread:

    From this we learn you've been a part-time trader for a year, who cannot follow a plan, have decided trading is not for you, and that you're quitting. Evidently you have not reached a "successful" level (you heard it takes 5 years).

    Again, given this, I wonder why it is you are expressing with such confidence what works and what doesn't. If I were you, rather than showing my stupidity, I would be trying to learn what works and what doesn't, since you clearly don't know yourself. You'd be better off keeping your mouth shut, and your eyes and mind open. However, it appears there's little chance of that.

    Either way, it makes no difference to me how you trade. I'm not trying to convince anyone here to use the A/D. It's only context, as I already said.


  139. Ouch..........Busted!
  140. Hey Oldtrader

    According to NYSE the correct total of listed companies is 3244

    I will look into the other stats. Its a good thing to know for other purposes.

    Thanks for your comments

  141. Maybe it's your age. You just don't absorb. Let me repeat

    Number 3 that you are missing.

    3. Humor="I recall reading a thread of yours where you were quitting" You don't see sense of humor. Maybe the concept is alien to you. If I quit, do I have to announce it on the Internet?

    When you get senile, nothing can help you.
  142. Just a small point, but according to Barrons, every day last week we traded more than 3244. So I would guess that number is out of date.

    Here's a link to Barrons. Scroll down to NYSE Composite Daily Breadth:


    You can also review the NYSE Common only statistics at the same link.

  143. No, I don't see any humor at all in your posts. Here's one you posted just today....was this also an example of humor?

    By the way, you don't have to post you're quitting on the internet. But you did. LOL.

    When you're a moron, nothing can help you.

  144. T4L,
    during RTH, could you please take a screenshot of the adv-decl indicator AND please include a time line along the bottom so I can see how the numbers correlate with other datasource at specific times.

    If anyone out there has same feed (Esignal) as Trade4Living, could you post this A/d indicator identifying the specific trade day date, along with a time-line, just a few 5minute bars would be all I need as ling as I have the date and the timestamps, general value of a-d index.
  145. Have you considered the software could be compiling statistics from all the major exchanges (NYSE+Nasdaq+Amex)? Nasdaq has more than 3000 companies
  146. neke,
    I wondered about the same thing.

    I looked at total issues traded for the past week for each of the markets and just wrote down some ballpark numbers.

    NASDAQ 3030
    AMEX 1300
    NYSE 3280

    these are total issues traded, not just common stock.

    sum of all three (just ballpark) about 7600.

    If this adv-decl index available can print levels like 10,000, then it has to be modified in some way, not necessarilly giving an absolute difference between advancers and decliners.

    I fooled around with the following equation based solely on the NYSE adv and decliners.

    Esignal might be using an equation something like this, with a multiplier to insure whole numbers (if the adv-decl index referenced is exclusively NYSE based, the following formula would produce numbers akin to those mentioned in the thread).

    ((NYSE advancers - NYSE decliners) / (NYSE advancers + NYSE decliners)) *10000

    attached is chart showing yesterday in 5 minute bars.

    formula above is represented in the subchart.

    does anyone out there have this adv-decl index from ESignal? If so, can you tell me are these numbers anywhere close?

    use the high in the adv-decl index (-2366) just before the morning decline.

    use the low in the adv-decl index (-5769), the lowest point after noon to tell me if there is a ballpark here?
  147. Nice...... dumbass
  148. The only data I have access to is from my Interactive Brokers TWS. If you open a "Market Scanner" tab and select "Market Statistics" it gives you most of this data.

    Thing is, it shows advancing issues and declining issues as separate line items and doesn't have an explicit "A/D line". Theoretically there's a symbol "ad-nyse" that shows this, but it doesn't work.

    Another indicator on this screen is the TICK indicator; it's related to this and gives a more real time feel for sentiment.
  149. Has it ever occured to you genuises that maybe she's using a CUMULATIVE adv/decl indicator?
  150. You trade as ugly as you look?
  151. P/V lags also by the time you see it on your chart or T&S and certainly after you try to digest its meaning. The brain lags, hence computerized trading.
  152. It occurred to me. But on a down day for instance, it would need to keep declining since every 5 minute reading would make it more negative. Looking at the example Becky posted, it didn't look like it was doing that. In fact, it looks like it takes a difference between A and D, then plots the difference, every 5 minutes. What you can't account for is the Difference.

    In any case, someone ought to be able to tell us how this indicator is constructed.

  153. Here is my first trade in July:

    03 July 08

  154. can u really trade 4 living earning only 2 pts each time or is this just one of your many strategies u trade?
  155. This is the only way I trade

    I average about 15 points a month.. I trade 8 contracts that's about $6k so yeah that's how I earn my living

    Most of the months tho I average about 25-30 points because I get to catch a trending day and ride it till the close.. I do that when the ADVDEC signals a very strong signal in the first 15-30 mins of the day...
  156. Not that it really matters much to your strategy but your exits are typically my entries. I was also long on the two bottoms from earlier in the day.

  157. With your discipline and patience there is no reason why you can't make A LOT more money. Just a random thought.....you should add an additional setup to your repertoire (I probably butchered that word :D), that also has a high prob of winning, and trade a little more actively, and make more money. It sounds as though you have a tremendous amount of potential. Why not put that to work more often?

  158. From the QCharts site, they create something called Breadthalizer statistics from all US stocks (without saying what that includes but it appears to be NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ). If OP says what symbol she's using it would be easy to look up what her AD indicator is.

    Regarding AD it definitely has utility for me. Its level does give an indication of the relative safety of fading a breakout or going with it, to give one example. Not something I watch every minute but as OldTrader said it provides context.
  159. For Interactive Brokers try AD-NYSE-I-NYSE
  160. Here's a page that describes all the Breadthalizer statistics. http://www.linnsoft.com/QFeed/bStats.htm

    they do have an advance-decline statistic that includes all US stocks, as well as separate ones for NYSE, Amex, Dow and Nasdaq,

  161. I wonder how adaptation is made ot the extremely tight ranges that were in evidence on Tuesday and Wednesday last week.

    Using a 5 min chart to justify each bar would require 4point / 5 point stops just to maintain a position. There were 3.5 point reversals (14tick) on the ESU8 during those legs. Reversals like those usually stop out most holders, as they are targeted by larger traders (hedges, floor, pool operators).

    Others define those tight ranges as scalp trading, depending on the size of the bar or interval of their charts, whether tick, volume, range, minute or point/figures.

    So, again, what advice, other than noticing those conditions and withdrawing, might be made?, or has this condition already been discussed?
  162. Hi Becky,

    First off, thanks for sharing your trading pics and . I have no idea why your journal is drawing so much negative criticism. You're not asking for money and you're not drawing anything more than a very nice 'salary' from the market relative to the time you spend in it. So, good for you.

    I see that you took a loss on March 13th, but that's strange because the trade had to have gone at least 4.50 pts in your favor, even if you sold the low of that 3rd 5 min price bar. So, I guess this was a trading error on your part because you let a trade that was way past your profit target take you out for a huge loss, right?

    From your pics, it looks like your stop-loss is determined by a takeout of either the high or low of your entry bar on a closing 5 min basis. Is this correct?

    From my experience, in target-based trading, traders with high winning percentages who aren't high frequency scalpers typically have larger-than-normal losers, taking back up to 3 of their previous winning gains. This isn't a bad thing, just the way things tend to play out with this method of trading.

    Traders (successful ones) with very high winning pcts tend to see their payoff ratio (avg win / avg loss) go towards 0.50 while those with low winning pcts (30-40%) tend to have 3.0 - 5.0 for their payoff ratios. I think the most rare thing you will ever find among daytraders is someone who has a 70%+ winning pct with a 2.0+ payoff ratio.

    Anyway, I wish you much success in the markets and thanks for posting your trades. You have a lot of guts/confidence in yourself to be willing to take up to 4-6 pts of heat on an ES trade wtih 8 contracts ($1600 to $2400) in order to take 2 pts ($800) of profit per avg trade. Your system will continue to work beautifully so long as you stay above a 70% winning pct. and occassionally let your winners run (as some of your posted charts have shown).
  163. Thanks for posting, Becky.
    Keep up the good work!:)
  164. I've found divergence between A-D and Index to be a pretty powerful and consistent scalping type trade.

    For instance:

    Plot the net difference between ADV - DECL

    Plot ES

    Both side by side using same time frame, say 1 min, 2 min, your choice.

    If ES makes a HH, but A-D does not, short ES for a quick gain.

    These opportunities does not happen often, but when they do, they are golden.

    Trick is to compare the price action on both and assume the index is wrong, not the A-D.

    Quick comment for the OP, if you gonna share, share, don't give half ass answers.

    Good luck.

  165. With my daily trading I use 4 hours chart and use fibonacci to find the entry market point.

    Forex from start: www.forexspecial.net
  166. Hi

    well the loser trade on the 13th of March it was one of those big trades that I ride all day.. When I am in a big trade I don't use trailing stops cuz most of the time I get stopped and then the trend continues in the original direction so I take the heat with confidence since a loser like that rarely happens.

    My stop loss is when the price reach the close of the first candle of the day which averages about 6 or 7 points.
  167. I really enjoy the chart you posted! Keep them coming, please. Did you trade today?
  168. No trades yesterday. Looking forward to making some good trades this week :)
  169. Just happeneed to skim through this thread and sure enough when a female trader shows up the clowns of male gender show up in mass.

    Kindergarten males have a difficult time seeing a female do well where the male flunked. I mean come on guys give the Lady a break, she is trying to help.

    Insecure men have a hard time dealing with women of beauty, class, smarts, intuition, etc, etc.

    Wise up loser guys, if you can not handle a Lady trader showing you up then you best quit trading because you are being narrow minded and this game requires the mind to be open for reality and revisions because the best of us are constantly learning and reviewing and tweaking. Are you loser guys scared stiff a lady is on the other side of all your losing trades?

    For the guys that can not handle any women besides the bimbos they chase in the trailer parks.. <a href="http://www.sweetim.com/s.asp?im=gen&ref=11" target="_blank"><img src="http://content.sweetim.com/sim/cpie/emoticons/00020119.gif" border=0 ></a>
  170. I wouldn't assume the OP is a woman, or that "her" pic was of "her" or someone else. After all, if "the camera creates its own reality", this certainly applies to the internet even more so.

    None of this matters to me as long as I get useful information that I can apply to make money.

    I *did* have a somewhat off-topic thought though. Since everyone on the internet is so gullible, what better way to get real trading help/ideas than to pretend to be a woman? Maybe I should start posting a pic of some hot chick and say my real name is "Stevie"

    I say off-topic, since the OP isn't soliciting for help, but rather offering personal insight.
  171. What we do know and can spot are males that are jerks. She is a women stevie, DEAL with IT.

    Time for bacon.
  172. That's what I am doing actually I have few more setups but still testing them before applying them.
  173. [​IMG]

    2 more points today, pretty choppy week huh?!

    Becky Biggs
  174. Do you plan on giving any other info about your trades in your journal besides the "I made 2 points again"?
  175. I guess you didn't read the preceding pages in this thread. There's more info there.
  176. I did read the preceding pages. The criteria for her entries are vague. She suggests that you email her if you want further info; then she asks for money.

    Sounds like a good scam.

    :p I will give her/him credit though....it is probably working because she is still going on without providing any substance.
  177. Beautiful.
  178. Good trading to you. Forget all the negativity and epeen comparison contest in most of these threads.

    What happens when the trade goes against you after entry? What is your exit strategy or stoploss levels during a loss?

    I find out the most about a trader when they talk about their losing trades and how they managed them.
  179. uhmmmm HELLO...will you be gracing our forms with your unique methods again?

    I sooooo apologize to all that this shill is female...if she is not then I take back my apology.
  180. I am sorry I decided not to post here any more.
  181. What criteria do you use to "avoid choppy days?"

    I would be a millionaire already if I had such a filtering system.

    Share it with me and I'll buy you an expensive bottle of wine when my account reaches $1M.

    edit - Aw crap I just saw the post above this one. You couldn't have waited 2 more hours to answer my question and then decide to not post here anymore? :(
  182. Becky Biggs , I tried to Pm you , but looks like your box is full

    Dirk Digler
  183. I'm in agreement with OldTrader,

    I have been trading since I was 18, and there are 2 distinct problems I have seen with Becky's logic:

    1) Using the Advance / Decline line to predict future price movement is dangerous. EXTREMELY dangerous.

    Many times Market makers use this data to whack daytraders.

    2) If Becky can discern what days will be choppy and which days will not be choppy, then she is simply clairvoyant as in my past over 10 years of trading that is impossible to ascertain.

    There may be a reason Becky has gone silent:


    Take care everyone, best trading to you,

  184. Retiredat29,

    From a statistical point of view, it's pretty clear what's going on here. She has an extremely high winning pct because her avg win/loss ratio is so low (aka payoff ratio). That is, she's willing to give up around 2 to 3 wins for every 1 loss on average. This comes from using a large stop loss with the majority of backlashes on the initial momentum not triggering her stop-out criteria.

    It doesn't seem very far-fetched to me to expect a super high pct of trades to go your way on the ES if you're looking for 2 pts on high momentum and willing to give up 6 or 7 occassionally and then the 5 pt win here and there to pull that avg loss into the 5-6 pt region.

    As far as the A/D line goes, that also doesn't seem out of line with how she uses it. If the A/D line is going to be faded to "fakeout" traders watching it, then it's going to go super high or low on the open and then go to the other way usually within the 1st hour of the day. She allow the A/D to settle out to determine whether the market has a higher pct chance of sustaining a bullish or bearish tonality.

    The reason she's not posting so much is also obvious. Who wants to keep a journal and constantly be exposed to negative criticism? I certainly would not.

    My opinion is that Trading4Living is on the up-and-up. She can continue to do what she's doing so long as her winning pct. stays in the 80%+ area with that low of a payoff ratio. If she drops below there, she won't make it (e.g., trade for a living) with the system she's using.
  185. Thoughtful response Steve. However "look at me I won 2 pts today" is not a journal. All "she" seemed to want to do is draw attention to her blog where she promoted her "system" and solicited money. There are a number of journals on ET that are not flamed because the intent is to be honest and a true journey in the trading world.
  186. Richard,

    Right. I'm certainly not vouching for anyone's character here.

    I think the progression in this case is not starting from something that doesn't work and fooling others into "buying" it. I think it's more that Becky does indeed have something that works out to a positive expectancy and her contract size is accounting for her ability to make enough to live off of. However, the losses in this kind of system are big when they do occur and the easiest way to compensate for that is to sell others on the system so that their payment(s) can help to offset those losses.

    Personally, I couldn't do that. I would rather make my money from the markets and, if I want to make more of it, I know full well that all I have to do is raise my contract size and continue to trade consistently with my positive edge.
  187. I've been getting tons of PM's from people asking me to post my trades back and to ignore all the insults that I get.

    I stopped posting because I was spending time here and all I was getting is hate. Now since there are tons of people still interested I will post my trades again.

    Even better, I will post my trades live as I place them I will post the prices, entry and exit as I trade this way I am sure all ET A-Holes will shut the hell up.

    Cheers :D
  188. I'm glad you decided to come back. It gives me a chance to ask a question...
    "Come here often?"
  189. the a/d line on a chart is a great indicator for trend days,one flatlines the other goes straight up,,so i dont think beck's a fraud,I'm just curious how you can spot it in the 1st 15 minutes

  190. A good example of this was friday when the market fell 10 points(using the rule of 10 which doesn't work) from the early high but adv issues were in the 70's (no edge) before resuming the rally.The retrace was a cluster of fib ratios (which also dont work) in a common reversal zone (they dont work either),was part of a reversal from the mid week lows,fuelled by the probably false rumour on Lehman (context) finally forming an intraday pattern which is part of a repeating cycle of patterns (even less people wanna believe that one). Just because there are lots of tools in the box doesn't mean i need to use them all- some days all you need is a screwdriver.But i dont leave the toolbox at home when i'm trading
  191. Becky,

    I'll give you the greatest tips for ET you can ever get imho.

    When you get a troll....

    - Never ever reply

    - Place on ignore, not mentally but literally

    Looking forward to your posts.

  192. Thanks a lot guys, much appreciated
    looking forward to making some good trades next week.
  193. :D :p :D :p nice rich...seriously Becky I'm looking forward to your real time (or as close as possible) calls...good luck and good trading.

  194. i am sorry to break this to you guys who want to believe in becky b; but here is a reply to my email inquiry sent only 1 hour ago.

    steve, pft, etc; all one would have to do is inquire themselves and her/his true motive will appear.

    i will add though, after years of hard work; why would anyone give free direct guidance, thus giving that person possibly years of short cuts?

    additionally, what profitaking fool mentioned about the "art" in successful trading imo is so on the money. i constantly reiterate that point to anyone who i talk to who wants to trade or is looking for answers as a trader.

    here is her/his reply:

    Thank you for your email, I am glad you like my blog. well I have over 470 requests
    from people interested in my trading method so I can put you on a waiting list
    and get started with you in a few months or we can get started right away but that wont be for free. Let me know which one suits you better.

    so, a complete and utter scam or misleading intention; whatever you want to call it.
  195. I am really shocked how you manage to translate everything you see to "Scam"

    where is the scam? I have over 400 requests can I train 400 people at the same time for free?? Guess what No!!

    So I offered you to train you for free maybe in few months, or right away for a fee.

    So If I am not able to train 400 people at the same time for free that makes me a scammer?

    Oh come on get real! I already offered to post my trade "live" here for free!

    Go figure

  196. amen. it's this simple fact that keeps me from starting a thread of my own.

    i've been lurking here, but wanna say

    wtg, becks!

    i have my own system that wins a few points consistently, but i trade every day. i can't sit at the screen and watch like i used to do when i was a newbie, because this new method is about as interesting as watching paint dry.

    i tell my friends about the method but they're just not that into the market and particularly futures, so it falls on deaf ears. nice to see someone else sharing, though.

    again, wtg becks! don't let the naysayers get you down....
  197. However if she is willing to post real time trades on ET...and keep a legitimate journal I still say cut her/him some slack. give her a chance. (Although It amazes me that so many ppl would respond to someone's website who has traded for such a short time.)
  198. this thread is funny AND informative. some people have really helped illustrate why so many traders struggle in this business. instead of focusing on gaining a better market understanding, people devote cycles to whether or not BB can trade or is selling something or whatever. many have tried to emphatically declare her method CAN NOT be profitable. unless someone has the exact parameters she is using, i can't see how it is possible for anyone to determine whether or not her method is profitable. but, just like in trading markets, people continue to base their position on their own beliefs and biases. even when faced with conflicting or completely contradicting information, they keep selling into the big, real-deal rally.

    BB has been criticized and attacked for not giving all the details of her method. she has been attacked for not just giving away everything she does. the market gets criticized and yelled at for doing the same thing. people always want a free meal, a shortcut, a gift, a way out of sharpening and developing their own active observational skills. damn the market because it didn't go my way immediately and give me 9million points on a 1-lot. good luck with that.

    flamers will flame, losers will lose. it continues until it stops.

    G/L BB and back welcome to ET.

    have a great weekend all :)
  199. If you are offering anything that resembles a service on ET you must post live trades, otherwise your thread will turn into this...

    If you don't discuss your methods and then don't post live trades nobody cares.

    This thread deserves everything it got.
  200. my only point is this: she is only here to get "clients"...that is her/his only reason. if she makes calls like she said and they have the same winning percentage she blogs about; then i will say"great job"; although i still will believe that this is just a way to get clients.

    i don't see see atticus, steve, oldtrader,optioncoach, etc sending out "i will teach you now for a price".....please all you becky lovers, be clear on my gripe.
  201. Nobody cares about your gripe.

    If you've read through the journal or read any of her blog you would see that she's sharing one of the most powerful concepts in trading that you can get, regardless of whether it is implemented via a ADV/DEC Line or any other derivative methodology.

    That simple basic concept is:

    a) trade Long when the market is making a strong uptrend.
    b) trade Short when the market is making a strong downtrend.
    c) sit tight when the market is in a consolidation phase or isn't showing any trendiness.

    Sounds easy in concept, not so easy to implement when actually trading, and even more difficult to discern on a universal scale for any and all markets (which would do away with your wait time Becky, and negate your urge to try to fix what isn't broken).

    The concept is a powerful one, and if it is being implemented successfuly by the OP I would tend to belive she's a woman or a very disciplined male who can get his ego out of the way and trade his system.

    Either way, I hope you folks got someting out of this besides another ET bitch session, because there is something of great value here.


  202. i may be new here mandy; but it is clear to me most good long time guys here call out frauds. so if my lack of posts translates to not knowing anything in your opinion; i really don't care.

    she wants to sell you something; using some language most traders will gravitate to. it's that simple. since i trade options (for better than a decade) and vix future time spreads; does that mean i have no place here calling out (to me) a clear fraud?

    reread her own words again mr iq:

    Thank you for your email, I am glad you like my blog. well I have over 470 requests
    from people interested in my trading method so I can put you on a waiting list
    and get started with you in a few months or we can get started right away but that wont be for free. Let me know which one suits you better.
  203. ... so does that mean that once she proves she isn't a fraud you will STFU and go away? :confused:

    Lets all hope so.

    The real question is why anyone would want to post anything of value on this website anymore ... oh yeah, they don't.

    P.S. ... and if you want to play vendor police on the site, you're really barking up the wrong treee with this one.

    LOL, idiot.
  204. if you are correct, i will not post any more to this thread or subject. imo, the value i am bringing is in saving others who may be inclined to look for a holy grail that you know does not exist.

    if i am proven correct, will you go away apologizing to me on your way out?

    you do have some ego and seem very sure of yourself. you must be quite the profitable trader.

    the only thing i have is a response to pay her/him for the chance to get 2 pts.

    i will not and cannot compete with you. i had the time today, but during the week it is all vol trading. good trading to you.

    she still is a fraud.
  205. nobody's talking about a holy grail, or any other kind for that matter. Becky is talking about high prob directional setups taken with some "umph" behind them. She also mentioned a trade that resulted in a loss for her ... so far so good, sounds like BAU in the trading world to me. Nobody's selling Kool-Aid here.

    why of course I will ... but you don't have to apologize to me on your way out, apologizing to Becky for disturbing her thread will be just fine. :)

    everything is going very well in my world ... but thanks for sharing your opinions about other traders here on the board. now back to your regularly scheduled program, LOL.

    very very true. good trading to you too.

    this remains to be seen ... i've learned to give the benefit of the doubt when questioning others' motives. those who are frauds and scam artists tend to show their colors soon enough.
    We're all looking forward to your continued postings Becky. As far as the hecklers are concerned, they have always been at this website and they always will be, there's a low barrier to entry when the membership is free. :D

  206. Good luck to you.

    Being a person of your word, you are going to prevail.

    However, what a lot of us would definitely like you to include in your "live" trades is your stop loss provision, if you have any.
  207. I have a 6 pts stop loss. I always like to give the market a room to breathe. Most traders specially newbies get shocked when they hear about the 6 pts stop thing.

    Most of the time the market just makes a reversal then it continues to the original direction, so you can place a 2 or 3 points stop and get stopped out so often or you can place a 6pts stop loss and win most of the trades.

    In the end it's about the winning %%
    the way I play it I get stopped every 12-15 trades.
  208. Just entered a trade today.
    Short at 1280.00

    Will post back when I exit the trade
  209. Exit at 1278.00 that was a fast one today
    2 points earned.

    will post the screen shot shortly on my blog minimoneyblog.com
  210. Good hit.
  211. Looks like a good one. Best of luck.

  212. 6pt stops and 2pt targets. Good luck with that.:)
  213. You just don't get it don't ya?
  214. What?? Nice sentence.:confused:
  215. It's nice that Becky Biggs is posting her trades, but I still see no strategy posted other than vague references to the a/d line.

    Maybe I just didn't read all of the posts in this thread and I missed it. Becky, the reason the haters come out is because hundreds of people come on this forum with their "trades" and no real sharing of strategy specifics.

    It still amazes me that anyone who trades the ES doesn't use the simplest strategy and the most profitable one I have ever come across.

    Fade the PP in the direction of the Nas, XLF, and A/D line.

    I shorted right after the open (1284.75) using a stop 2 pts above the PP. I keep exiting a portion every time my key overbought/oversold indicator goes to extremes and continue moving my stops down on the remaining.

    At this point, we are extremely oversold and my stop sits above the high of the previous 15 minute bar (1270.25).

    It's not a complex strategy and it makes a nice load of money. There are a lot of days where you get chopped up a little or the PP is never hit, but I have other strategies to enter on those type of days.

    There's the explanation of the simplest and probably most profitable ES strategy you will ever find (no charge, no blogs, not seeking fame and fortune).

    Okay, Becky....can you describe your entry, exit, and money management techniques for us?

    Thanks in advance.
  216. finally stopped out per above post at 1269.25 (using previous 15 min bar high).

    Great day to trade, now it's time to take the dog for a long walk and enjoy the outdoors.
  217. I trade based on 2 things price action and adv/dec issues. on the opening I wait for the adv/dec to hit a strong level like +3000 (numbers might be different on your chart) for long trades or -3000 for short trades. then the price has to confirm too so if the advdec reached the +3000 level upwards and the price moved 4 points above the open price I simply go long and vice versa pretty simply method and it works very well I don't trade after 11:30 tho
  218. No trade today based on the action of the Adv/Dec in the first 15 mins...
  219. Today long at 1275.50
  220. sold at 1277.50 winning 2 pts today
  221. What readings on the adv/dec did you get today?
  222. Nice hit...do you increase or decrease your exposure after each profitable trade?
  223. Please, review how the adv/dec gave you a buy signal this morning. Thanks in advance. (didn't the es open at 9:30am at 1272?)
  224. Yeah, I got in on the Long trade using a customized TICK Indicator myself, it was a good trade.

    But I won't be sharing that on the board, either. :D

    Good trading,

  225. at 10:20 every thing was all set. the advdec reached the +3000 level and the price action confirmed by moving 3 or 4 points above the open that was a go signal for me.

    Of course there are details much more details on how exactly I enter a trade and how to determine the exact price of entry but that will take much more time and a lot of posts on my end ;-) .. people here asked me to share the basic idea and I guess you all know it by now.
  226. I guess I'm not too smart and a little slow. I guess I don't "know it by now".

    What adv/dec do you see that has a +3000 or -3000 reading?

    I don't even see what basic idea you have shared other than buy 4 points above / sell 4 points below the open, which you have now stated is not really the entry at all (now it's 3 <b>or </b>4 points and some other details?).

    Sorry to be so dense, but it seems like you are just posting trades after the fact without really sharing anything of your method.

    I look forward to your sharing of what adv/dec +3000 -3000 you are looking at.

    Thank you in advance.
  227. You gotta be kiddin me!
  228. not at all. please, let us know what adv/dec indicator you are looking at that has a reading of +3000 / -3000. as I said, I'm pretty dense.

    thank you in advance for the explanation and the sharing of ideas.
  229. You can just check yahoo finance if you want to see advances vs declines.

    This image is from today.
  230. Thank you so much. I do know what the advaning and declining issues are.

    What I don't understand and I can't find where Becky Biggs has ever elaborated on is, what is the +3,000 / -3,000 number that she refers to as her main filter for a trade.

    It would be great if Becky Biggs could clarify (or maybe I just missed it).

    Thanks in advance for clarifying and sharing.
  231. Trading4Living

    You share more on this board than 90% of others with their 1000 posts, don’t waste your time searching their history.

    I enjoy following, keep it up.

    Your entries aren’t great, you don’t buy near the lows and sell near the highs (entries), yet you consistently have a high win ratio....hmmm I think there is something there for all of us. :)

  232. Hey there , could you respond to my question above?

    I think what Don Kee is trying to get at is , is the entry point +3 or +4..you had previously stated that were looking for +4.

    What would probably best serve your purposes is that you state whether it is a buy/sell (potential) at approximately 9.45 as you did for the non -trade day yesterday...consistency is the key that will support your thread.

    Anyway, as I see it you 2 for 2 this week...tres bien:cool:
  233. Nah, Don Kee is being a donkey. :eek:

    If he wants someone to come on here and share their entire system on the board maybe he should ... oh, gosh I don't know. :confused:

    Start a Journal! :eek:

    Hey, now there's a novel thought. :D
  234. Thank you for the clarification, sir.

    I had originally thought this was a thread on Becky Biggs sharing some of her ideas on trading and how she determines when and why to take a trade. As per your explanation, I now see that is just a posting of someone's entries and exits.

    Again, thank you for the explanation.
  235. With my current profit targets I trade 3-5 more contracts every month.

    Now I am trading 10 contracts, next week I will be trading 13.
  236. :confused: ... have you been reading the same thread as me?

    It looks to me like she that is exactly what she had done ... if any of you guys are going to continue shorting strong markets and buying weak ones after reading this thread, it's your own fault! :eek: :D

    If that's all you've gotten from the thread maybe you should just move along ... the invitation to start your Journal is still standing, I'm sure you would be much happier playing in your own sandbox. :p
  237. don't you think there is some basis to distrust her "motives" based on the solicitation for payment "to avoid the waiting list"..

    how can you overlook that point? i do agree a person should not be abused for posting her strategies; just after reading that post i must pause and scratch my head.
  238. Frankly, I don't see anything wrong with her posting that response.

    Neither you (nor anyone else) need to pay her for her services if you don't need them, or put yourself on her waiting list, for the same reason.

    But if someone does need help it sounds like she has a sound strategy for trading the e-minis and making some consistent coin... which is much more difficult than most people realize.

    Or they can take the route of putting in the "ass in the seat" time so that they can develop a consistent trading methodology for the e-mini's ... and if they choose that route, I'll see'm in 3 to 5 years hence, if then. :)

    The only thing I would like to see is that she post blotters confirming the size that she is trading, that would really seal the deal for me. Earning the right to trade 10 (or more) cars on the ES is nothing to sneeze at :cool:
  239. Will post a screen shot of my account next trade to confirm the size, no problem :cool:
  240. how come you only trade 13 contracts when you said you've been trading for 3 years and this method makes you $1000 a day?

    And you've only been posting a blog for half a year :eek:
  241. trade4living........thanks for sharing your info........one of the few ET threads worth reading
  242. It takes time to build an account up. It doesn't start out making $1000 a day ...

    The length of time that Becky has been running a blog is not relevant to this conversation.
  243. It takes more than you think to build an account besides I kinda spend some big bucks every now and then.

    Posting a blog for half a year has nothing to do with how long I've been trading!
  244. Expecting a long trade today, Entry price 1294.75 will post back once I am in.
  245. Thankyou for the heads up...

    I am little intrigued...your initial statement was that you go +-4 points to enter...fair enough....then yesterday it was 3or 4 points to enter...but today we have an opening of 89.00 and your entry point is going to be 94.75 ....5 3/4 points from opening....

    Simple question....why the difference?
  246. Correction...my mistake should read 89.50 for 51/4 point difference.
  247. It's not a fixed number depends on the setup but it averages about 4 some times 3 some times 5.
  248. I'll keep watching till 11:00 if it keeps moving sideways I am out and done for the day.
  249. What readings on the Adv/Dec have you been getting today?
  250. ok that's it for me guys, No trade today.

    Adv/Dec moved to 3000 in the first 15 mins I was expecting a good trade today but the price never confirmed so I am off.
  251. This thread is an obvious troll for money to "teach you to trade".

    On page 1 Becky says "I don't have a system for sale I am not a marketer. I can show you my method tho and we can chat online if you want to."

    1) we find that she will teach you her method for a fee

    2) she still has not explained what configuration of the adv/dec she uses to trade (could be, she's not really sure herself).

    3) she expresses that her entry is 4pts above the open at the beginning, but now it could be 3-5. this is really no big deal though, as break-out systems should reflect atr.

    In conclusion, Becky has really not "shown anyone her method". Some of the more experienced traders on here have asked her about the adv/dec indicator etc, but it has never been answered.

    Becky, ET can be a great source for sharing ideas and information, but I think as you have found out, there are a lot of experienced traders on here who can "spot" the people who try to sell to others under the guise of a legitimate trader.

    The biggest eye opener for me is your statement that 470 people have PM'd you. WoW. This is a good place for someone who has something to sell. Why not just proclaim yourself as such, get some students, and let them testify ?

    If you are really in this to share, then why not answer the simple questions about the adv/dec indicator or your entry?
  252. hmmm.. ok will you post a screenshot next time then?


    Well, I think most people here on this forum are selling their methods... but she probably exaggerated though i agree with you on that.. will see what she will post next:)
  253. i had to post in response to this one, because it's almost exactly the same technique i use. it's boring, but makes consistent money. 90% of days pivot is hit. i'll take a 9:1 winner any day....
  254. Which type of pivots are you referring to
    Classic, Woodie, Camarilla, DeMark ?
  255. It took a while to get there, but if she (or anyone else) had taken the trade for the basic "2.0 pts ES" type of trade it would have been a winner .... stated far in advance of actually entering the position.

    That's hard to beat around here.
    Don't let "teach me to trade" whiners scare you off Becky, most of them don't know where to start to create and implement a profitable trading system, and you obviously are way ahead of the game when it comes to that one.

    Good trading
  256. BoyBrutus, you will want to use the PP's that are most commonly used which are the classics. The others might work, too I've just never used them. As you put up the PP's day after day, watch how the markets react to them and do pay attention to the Nas, XLF, and adv/dec for a general bias.

    Nothings 100%, so use good money management. stops, targets, runners, etc.

    good luck with it.
  257. <i>"90% of days pivot is hit. i'll take a 9:1 winner any day...."</i>

    False. Recheck your stats... daily pivot is hit roughly 66% of the time, over the course of time during pit-session hours.

    Still 70% odds of that happening. However, a number of those hits come from price action moving towards the pivot and halting right there when touched with no further movement into the close, no fade-trade setup available.

    Fading pivot points is +/- 50% odds of probability over time. If there were a defined edge, it'd have been programmed to death in blackbox format long ago. Countless programmers have tried.
  258. DonKee, since there's been some discussion about what A/D indicator the OP is using, could you specify exactly what *you* mean by A/D?

    Also, why use the XLF in the mix for sentiment?
  259. I would just watch the normal adv/dec on the nyse. Like right now, it's 2256/838. XLF is up 2.87%. XLF was a huge per cent of the S&P 500 last year when all of those stocks were near their highs. Of course, as they crashed they became a much lessor part.

    You are correct though about the XLF becoming almost a sentiment indicator at this point. At this time, the biggest players in the market are tied to financial institutions. On any given day, if the financials "feel good" we can get a rally going. If the financials "feel bad" (XLF going down) the path of least resistance is down. When the Nas and the XLF are in sync, just trade in their direction. ie: buy pullbacks if they are strong, sell rallies if they are weak.

    Today, so far, this has been a "no brainer" and worked beautifully. As we get near the close and into the holiday weekend, there will be fewer players and more chopping.

    And please, don't anyone take my word for it. Just watch for yourself and see if you can use it to make some money.

    Good luck.
  260. I give Becky credit for having the discipline to follow her "rules" and not trade even though it is a great trading day...but like shifting sands there is subtext to her rules that I believe are not really "teachable". There is no method out there than can teach someone how to be consistently profitable in the market. Period. While she may give some guidelines to a newbe, no way can she guarantee profitablility over the long haul nor can ANYONE else. No offense but I've lost interest in this because there isn't much depth to it...as riskarb might say...boring.:p
  261. Don't worry DonKee, I don't just run off and trade every idea I see.

    As far as the PP is concerned, the day you posted your idea (8/25) the open and PP were very near each other. So you setup that day was fairly straightforward. How about days where the open and PP are farther apart? Also how do you handle situations where the price is above the PP, yet the sentiment is bearish?

    Also, do the other levels (R1/S1, R2/S2) come into play for you?
  262. I understand from Trade4 that if the opening price objective has not been reached by 11.30...the trade is cancelled...today Trade4 took an early mark , closing just after 11.est...the trade 127475 did not happen until just before 12 noon est.
  263. There are a lot of folks who read these threads and I believe observation of the markets and observation of others' ideas are a good way to formulate your own trading method over time.

    If the other filters (nas, xlf, avd/dec) don't line up with the fade, then I'm more cautious. More cautious to me entails, less contracts, tight stops, and small targets. Yea, I use the R2, too. You can usually fade an R2 hit with a 4 point stop (today's R2 = 1297.50), but it doesn't get hit that often. That's the entry on that, but again exits are important, too.

    Remember, this is just one method that I trade. I have others that I trade for both the indexes and the ec. Over the past month the ec has been my the part of my trading that has been huge. The moves have been insanely good and trending.

    If you're going to pay the bills every month in this game, you must have a few different ways to take advantage of the markets that are the easiest to trade during that period. That's how I stay "alive".
  264. By "ec" you mean ECBOT ag and interest rate futures?
  265. The financials have been a classic tell for the S&P500 for years. Whether you use XLF, BKX or your own individual issue(s). Believe it or not Merrill Lynch was the magic crystal ball to the S&P and all of its derivatives until the banking loan fiasco completely obliterated the old standbys.

    Man, I was really pissed for a while there ...
  266. I know my targets every day a bit early
    but I don't prefer to trade late I don't watch the market all day. so if I am not in a trade till about 11:30 I walk away.
  267. euro currency / ecu08
  268. i'm just now reading your question, bb, so i'll just say i agree with what he said.

    i've been reading a lot of books, mostly recommended by smilingsynic, but others that i've discovered too. when i read "mastering the trade", by john carter, i had that "aha" moment. i read his section on pivots and an idea occurred to me. he tries to overly complicate things, so i don't use his method exactly, but the pivots are simple and i came up with a way to use them that works for me.

    not to be cynical, but it seems as though a lot of websites, etc., and even authors of books, try to make things seem very complicated so that you'll pay their astronomical fee for their monthly service. you don't need that. it's best to keep it simple. just figure it out for yourself.

    i think that a well thought out book can be a lot more helpful than a website, even if it is free. there are a couple of books that i have read that have paid for themselves hundreds of times over. that's the kind of book i like....:D
  269. one more thought and them i'm out. when i was very new at this, i would see people saying to figure it out for yourself. i thought, yeah right, like that will work. but it's true. someone can try to teach you their method, but until it makes sense to you, it won't work for you. reading the books and figuring out an edge to use has worked for me.

    if you look at it objectively, any value that is touched 90% of days becomes an important value to watch. if you can figure out a way to use this information, it can be extremely helpful.

    good luck with your trading.
  270. expecting to go short at 1290.00
    but advdec is not showing any strong numbers yet it is at -800 so not expecting
    much today most probably no trade
    unless the advdec rockets to -3000
  271. Many agreements here! We always come around full circle to one single point and that it comes out to be a personal thing! Why? well! There can't be anything less personal than how we treat our money and since its about our money we just don't except every thing that is thrown at us.
  272. Yep. and markets are constantly changing and you must change with them. Becky's break-out is just her own version of Tony Crabel, Mark Fisher's ACD, etc. Nothing new, she has just wrapped it into something she says is working at this time. Buying or selling a 4 point break-out might work when Average True Ranges are high. In 2006 and most of 2007 the ATR on the ES was in the lower teens vs now where it is high teens-lower 20's.

    My goal is to take money out of the markets. The markets are always changing in some way, so must I.
  273. Nah, that's not what I do :p
  274. and I am in a short trade at 1290.00
  275. sold at 1290.00
    bought at 1288.00

    winning 2 points for the day :D
  276. it is at 78 now...
  277. Seems like selling 1/2 at the 2 point target and moving the stop to BE on the remainder seems like an improvement to consider.
  278. Thanks I've been testing that for a while I exit 7 contracts at 2 points and let the other 3 run since most of the time I can actually get more than 2 points.
  279. wtg, becks!

    i would point out to the readers of this thread that 7 contracts at 2 points apiece is $700. if you can do that even 3 times a week, that's 2k/wk, which is 8k/mo, which is a good living for most people.:)

    on top of that, the 8k/mo is only charged at 15% lt capital gains rate (for 60% of it; oridinary income tax on the rest). so not only are you making a good living, but unlike a regular job, you are taxed less on it. very nice indeed.:D
  280. lol, i just heard that obama wants to increase taxes on the financial market though, like the dividend tax :eek:

    anyway Becky, do you have a screenshot?
  281. Something that always worries me about index futures: sooner or later liberal "let's stick it to the rich" types in Congress will target the favorable 60/40 tax treatment.
  282. Here is a screen shot to confirm the trading size for today's trade
    I shaded the account # on the screen shot for privacy.

    screen shot attached
  283. Well done:cool:
  284. I love the 60/40, but it is an unfair advantage given to futures traders by friends in Congress. I am surprised it has lasted this long.
  285. well, stevie, i dare say that none of us is "rich" by mccain's definition of earning at least 5 million dollars per year....:D
  286. Moving the stop to BE is the only problem this way I will get stopped out most of the time I'll have to use a bigger stop and risk the profits that I earned.

    Will test it and see if its more profitable on the long run tho.

    Becky Biggs
  287. I guess the main goal would be to leave at least some contracts out there to catch any bigger move. You'd have to work out the math for the different scaling ratios versus how much to tighten the stop (if at all)
  288. Thanks Becky for posting your trading technique. I think you have provided the foundation of your system here and anyone involved in trading should have a pretty good idea of when to enter a trade. I'm glad you decided to continue posting and I look forward to your journal entries documenting your success.

    In regards to the A/D factor from Qcharts, it could be similar to a simple formula like this one.

    A/D Factor = (A/D - 1) X 3333 for advancers greater than decliners.

    A/D Factor = -1 X((D/A - 1) X3333) for decliners greater than advancers.

    For example:

    A=55% and D=45% yields A/D factor of 740
    A=66% and D=34% yields A/D factor of 3137
    A=75% and D=25% yields A/D factor of 6666
    A=80% and D=20% yields A/D factor of 10000

    You can adjust the 3333 scaling factor to your liking in order to raise or lower the result.

    I would also like to thank DonKee for posting the PP fade technique. It made some nice money on Friday. Way to go DK.

    Great trades everyone!
  289. on page 25 of this journal, I posted a formula for lines that mimicked (in terms of formations, zigs zags, peaks and troughs) the values that were shown for this "AD" indicator.

    this could be verified if someone could just take the time to post this indicator for a specific date on a chart with a time line across the bottom (5min bars), then I could look at the values (an obvious peak and a trough, each with a labelled value) and compare it to the outcome of the formula listed below, it would become obvious whether the formula mimicks the index or not.
    Afterall, it is just relative values.

    here's the formula I posted back on page 25,
    and no one,
    not one single person bothered to post a screen shot of the e-signal ad index indicator with a date, time line and a peak and a trough labeled.

    ((NYSE advancers - NYSE decliners) / (NYSE advancers + NYSE decliners)) *10000

    (Tthis is simple and basic and the 2 times I have seen this esignal indicator posted, it mimics the plot of the indicators and lines, but the values I cannot tell for sure. The multiplier brings the ratio's decimal numbers into whole numbers)

    It should be obvious to anyone that if the ad index indicator referenced in esignal by OP is producing values above the total combined number of issues traded, that is not simply an addition of advancers minus decliners for one or even all three major exchanges.

  290. Yes, DonKee...nice easy 4-5 handle trade. Thanks.

    Re: the adv/dec indicator from Becky. Thanks in advance to whoever figures it out. I suspect that Becky never provided the details of what it is, as she herself probably doesn't know (i'm not slamming Becky in any way, being a profitable trader is much more important than knowing how an indicator is derived).

    Maybe Becky could either post the symbol on e-sig or post a chart with times, so someone can just match it up.

    Thanks again, Don!
  291. expected to go long at 1301.75

    I will try to post the advdec chart today after trading
  292. I am in... long @ 1301.75
  293. Do you have any statistics as to the p/l of the trades you take when the es opens up or down beyond 1% of the previous close?
  294. Lost 6 points today, Even tho I was 1 tick a way from winning my 2 points. But that's trading.
  295. Ouch! A $3900 loss (6 points x $50 x 13 contacts). More than half a month's profits gone in one trade. Am I right that this is your first loss since March?
  296. I think if you add TRIN with the AD your winning % will be much higher. If TRIN > 1, short only and if TRIN < 1, long only. Today the TRIN has been over 1 since the open.

    Just a thought.
  297. Yes first loss since march
  298. If this is the a/d indicator that Becky is referencing then it's pretty simple:

    If there are about 900 more advancers than decliners or about 900 more decliners than advancers than she gets her signal.

    Simple, no chart needed for this....just look at the adv and dec.

    When she posts her chart of this adv/dec with times and dates someone will duplicate it or if she has the symbol for e-sig.
  299. Yes, Don,
    totally agree.
  300. Here is a screen shot of the advdec that I use. +/- 3000 is a significant sign although I wait for a minimum of +/- 2000 to get in a trade if lower than +/- 2000 I just pass.

    I hope this helps!
  301. I looked at the lines generated by the formula I posted (A-D/A+D)*10000 compared to the chart posted by trade4.

    the lines generated by the formula mimic the movement of the chart posted, but values are quite different.

    ad line produces the same similar peaks and troughs
  302. Hey vertigo, I actually implemented your proposed formula in my own real-time app and I do find it useful.

    As far as calibrating this against what the OP is looking at, I'm still scratching my head. My peak readings yesterday just after market open were in the 5600 range. The corresponding time on the OP's chart is around 2500.

    I don't recall the OP saying what charting service this is coming from (eSignal? QCharts?)
  303. it was Esignal, I am not sure what the ticker symbol used for the AD indicator is.

    nominal price levels may differ, but really the position of the lines is very similar.

    anyone with Esignal know what the ticker used to get the AD indicator?
    Is there a reference in Esignal that explains the formula used?
  304. I believe the OP has stated that she uses Qcharts and the Advance/Decline Issues as an indicator.
  305. MiniDowtrader,
    does Qcharts provide it's own generated data or is it a front end for charting data from a service like Esignal.
  306. Didn't e-sig buy qcharts a few years ago?

    I thought Becky said she takes a signal when her adv/dec indicator exceeds 3,000? I don't see it above 3.000 on her chart from Tuesday?
  307. In an earlier posting yesterday or today Trade4 indicated that there is some discretion applied +- 2000 and 3000...I am sure there will be a reasonable explanation for that as I also understood it to be +-3000, too.
  308. Thanks for posting! I got that as well! I thought maybe I had missed something! I watched the yahoo sight and didn't see the adv get to 3000+ so I skipped my entry.
  309. Lucky you:D
  310. Try $ISSU symbol on qcharts...5 minutes...candlestick.

    It is the same chart that Becky posted with different numbers on the x axis. You can go to qcharts.com and plug it in for free.

    It looks like $issu combines nyse advances/declines/unchanged to get its' value.
  311. I forgot to add that on page 17 of this thread becky posted the following:
    "So if it moved that big within the first 30 mins (most of the time it happens in 15 mins) it means that the market is most probably will trend this day upwards.. so I get in early based on the price action.. ofcourse the price must move in the same direction as the advdec.. so if advdec hits the +6000 level withing the first 30 minsplus price action confirmed I get in and get my 2 points early in the day.

    vice versa if it reach -6000 level this time I go short for 2 points."

    6,000.....3,000. Becky, you can see why people get confused. 6,000 and 3,000 are different values.
  312. Numbers on my chart change from time to time 2 years a go it used to be +1000 or -1000 then they changed something dunno what it is and I change my setups with it.
  313. Ever consider using ratios instead of outright levels? Ratios are self-adaptive to the continually changing number of issues.

  314. TRIN is a ratio of ratios

    trin = (Advs/decliners) / (uvol/dvol)

    problem is, you get one stock that is up on huge turnover represents only 1 additional advancer but skews divisor.

    straight ratio of advancers to decliners should produce a line very similar to just and advance decline line in terms of the way it moves.

    advance decline line is just advancers - decliners

    attached is 2 minute ES chart.

    in first subplot is advancers minus decliners

    in second sub-plot is advancers divided by decliners.

    advantage of ratio would be specific nominal levels (for consistency)
  315. Trading4Living,

    First I would like to thank you for sharing your strategy and trades. Nice work!

    Have you ever considered how your strategy is affected when the market gaps up/down like it did yesterday? Have you looked back at your previous trades when a similar event occurred? It seems to me that these days would not work as often since gaps like yesterday, in my experience, tend to revert back to the previous day's close. Just a thought!

    Thanks again!
  316. Yep, actually I knew it's was a risky trade that day the price moved over 20 points from 3:30 am till the open 9:30 a strong drop was expected I just thought I could get in and make my 2 points fast actually I was 1 tick a way from my profits but it just didn't happen :)
  317. And why would there not be a potential sell trade today? ...A/D appeared to be in excess of -3000.
  318. there is, I am waiting for the price to hit
    1260.75 pretty choppy tho.
  319. From the time you posted the ES dropped two points and then some. :)
  320. very fast trade today short at 1260.75
    and out at 1258.75 :D

    I left a portion of my contracts running since that was a very strong signal today
  321. Quick and easy today Becky! Good job.
  322. Becky,
    you left some on, what would criterion be for taking profits on the remaining
  323. And would that also mean that you have modified your profit goals from the original system....what portion of the exposure are you holding...

    This modification flies in the face of your discipline you have apparently maintained over the last 6 months....why the change now?

    At what point would you have described this modification to you prospective clients/users? Today....?

    I have a feeling you have just opened Pandora's box:(
  324. No modifications happened.. If you read the older posts you will see that I already mentioned that when I get strong signals I let it run. ]

    If you checked my blog also you will see that on some days I earn 10 or more points in a single trade. They are rare but they happen.
  325. well, i don't know about that, but obviously she does have a working system and it's not a bad idea to continuously refine it. Making the r:r ratio higher then 3:1 should be priority there
  326. Dude - what is your problem? You've got this negative vibe about you....its like you're trying to find fault in everything Becky does. If you dont like her what she posts, then why do you even bother coming here to read her posts. If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say it.
  327. Dood, negative vibes are what this place is all about. :cool:
  328. Not putting Trade 4 as I would like to see everyone be successful ..

    I will go back over this thread to see where this "mod" appeared...to save time Trade4, if you could give me some direction where I could see that would be a help...

  329. Its on the first page of this thread.
  330. Nice trade Becky.

    It break down at @ 10:30am and I knew it was going for a longer ride. It's good that your system can interpret stronger trend days.

    Good trading
  331. Thanks.
  332. Thanks, I will post back when I close the current positions.
  333. I don't normally respond to half wits , but since it is your first post....Read this thread carefully and you will find that I have NEVER attempted to create a negative view of what Trade 4 is doing as I understand the concept being applied.

    My question was very reasonable and Trade4 has responded .

    Now, you get back to school or your classroom, dude:D :D
  334. Good advice! If you had followed your own advice and read the VERY FIRST POST, you would have found the answer to your questions. :D
  335. Ok this trade will take a while :D
    I will place a protective stop at 1252.75
    and take a walk. will check back in 15 mins.
  336. I think I will stay in till the close
  337. WTG B

    Excellent discipline
  338. ok that's it for me today out at 1240.00
    that's a total of 20.75 points for 3 contracts + 2 points for 10 contracts
    not bad huh? :D

    I hope you all did great today guys!
  339. congrats! :) that's more then the loss of monday!
  340. Great job...yep, I think a few joined you today.:cool:
  341. What Advance/Decline indicator is being used? Thanks...

  342. Have to believe that Trade 4 had another winning trade although not declared.
  343. A-D very bearish today... runner again?
  344. Based on what I've read so far in the thread, I woulda been looking to go short at around 1225.25. Bearish A/D and 4 points below the open of the 9:35 bar.

    Currently bouncing off S1 at around 1222.
  345. my s1 @ 1220.50...are you only using pit hours for h/l/c?.
  346. I *think* I'm using 24 hours. I'm using QuoteTracker; I'll have to investigate where this is set.

    I'm using vanilla pivots.
  347. s10 is for me 1222, auto calculated by my charting software. You sure your using standard pivots?
  348. maybe my numbers are wrong
  349. h-1277
  350. 1277 it is...thanks
  351. Good trade today too, but I wasn't able to log in my internet connection was down all day :mad:

    I would've gone short at 1223.50 and exit at 1221.50 for a 2 points profit..

    anyway I am not mad yesterday I made some good profits so I will enjoy my weekend and get back to trading next Monday.
  352. Looking forward to go short today at 1272.00
  353. out at 1270.00 winning 2 pts
  354. Becky,
    Can you explain today's trade?
  355. Today is a reversal trade, advdec shoots up high to 3000 and price moves down
    we go short in that case
  356. The call before hand.
    The trade.
    The explanation.
    ... and everything is totally transparent (that means the calls were made way in advance and a logical explanation was given for taking the trade).

    Sweet. :)
  357. nice trade,
    thanks for explanation

    price point of entry a curiosity,
  358. I have a couple of questions:

    Is Mandlebrat also Becky? It seems like he / she tries to answer a lot of questions directed to Becky.

    If this is Becky's reversal strategy, then on her 6 point loser the other day, why didn't she stop and reverse at the 4 point mark, which would be the set-up she had today?

    If Mandy is not Becky, then please Mr/Ms Mandlebrat, let Becky answer.

    Thanks in advance for your explanation, Becky.
  359. I agreed with your proposed entry point and bearish bias.

    However I've had solid negative readings on the A/D all morning and never saw a +3000 like you observed.
  360. DonKee You are pathetic!!
  361. 4 points from the close of the 1st 5m candle seems the standard. (whether this is related to ATR or not...?)

    What remains in question is Becky's indicator and the discretionary use of it. Since no one seems to be able to duplicate it (I believe you have come close vertigo) or grasp the use of it (ie: when to bail for just 2 points, hold for bigger gains, or even fade it as in today's case), then it simply becomes a proprietary indicator that confirms an ATR breakout IMO.

    I say congrats to Becky! She has something that works for her. And as stated by a previous poster, as long as her winning % stays high and she catches the occasional runner she's going to make her living. :)
  362. LOL, I'm Jimmy Jam asshole ... bring back old memories?

    Becky has a solid system which gives her a detailed understanding of market dynamics and how to successfully trade them (that's just a fancy way of saying she knows when go Go Long and when go Go Short, and make an extremely high percentage of winning trades).

    You keep wanting to push her to reveal the reasoning and logic behind her trades, when the fact that she posts her entry signals and and completed trades way in advance should be enough for anyone who doesn't have their head stuck up their ass.
    While I realize that you might be struggling and need help with your trading, she doesn't owe you anything.

    Is everything clearer now? ... if not, just pull your head out and you'll get a better view of things.
  363. Not sure about your indicator here is a screen shot of mine attached
  364. Thank you, lol

    Your postings on here of your "strategy" are very inconsistant, while it is obvious that you have no idea what your indicators are.

    The bottom line is Becky Biggs is just another troll / fraud looking for gullible newbies to pay him / her to "teach them to trade" the S&P 500 market.
  365. FWIW, this chart matches up with mine on TS - the all market Adv/Decl which is $ADUSD in TS.

    Becky - nice job calling the trade in advance, and getting another win. Forget about the naysayers.
  366. Ok since you've come up with this clever conclusion after all that time... Does that mean that I will never hear again from you DonKey?
  367. Yep, just wanted to make sure I got your name in a few posts about the reality of your strategy, so that when someone google searches your name, they find some realistic comments.
  368. Why are you still here on this thread? You seem very interested in what Becky has to say for someone who thinks shes just a troll and fraud.
  369. wow you know how to use google?? I hope you wont post that google is a fraud some day :D
  370. Actually her strategy is very consistent ... and she has shared more than enough information for a smart guy to reverse engineer a portion of it ... I guess you aren't that smart.

    Hmm, I just said she has shared quite a bit of quality information in this thread, so that negates the concept of her being a troll, now doesn't it? :D

    Point in fact, you're the one trolling the thread, and pretty hard I might add. When, if you feel so keen about sharing your information with the "gullible nOObs", you could put 1/10th of that energy into starting your own thread. :)

    If everyone else is seeing what I'm seeing, you're the one with the problems, not Becky. :eek:
  371. Becky, I noticed last loser day and today are both gap up days where the longs didn't work. So generally you like to fill the gap?
  372. I also saw that wednesday was a gap up day where you went short. So generally gap days are suppose to be taken the other side of the trade?
  373. Look at a chart of the AD and ES together. If they gap up at the opening but both start to trend down, look for a short. If they gap up and continue to trend up, then look for a long.
  374. I don't care much about the gap cuz that's not how I trade. I only focus on price action and ADV/DEC
  375. Thanks. Sorry, it turns out I'm having a problem with my data.
  376. LOL, I knew you were going to give that answer ... I just decided to let you do it.

    LOL some more.
  377. hm, ok thanks for the answer:) so a strong trend 3000 and more can be short and long?
  378. Of course, you knew.

    MandelbrotSet /Jimmy Jams / etc is also Becky Biggs trading for a living S&P 500.

  379. Thanks, Looks like you know how exactly I trade by now I am glad to see some bright people here that what makes up for people like DonKey :D
  380. Becky,
    would you still have taken the short at 1272.0 if the AD had not hit the 3000 mark? :confused:
  381. Not at all.

    I use a similar logic with my own indicators, so while I can grasp the concepts you use to trade by incorporating the adv/decn, I don't know the specifics ... if I want to find that out, I'll have to drop you an email. :)

    LOL, unlike him, there are some reasonable people on this site who believe that those who do the work should be adequately compensated for their efforts and talents.

    Go figure. :D
  382. DonKey - Give it a rest and stop polluting this thread. Those of us who've been around ET a while know full well that MbS/JJ is certainly not Becky Biggs. Please move on to some other topic somewhere else to pursue your conspiracy theories. Thank you.

    P.S. So now that I've debunked your conspiracy claim, do I become part of the MbS/JJ/BB multiple personality consortium? :D :D
  383. It amazes me why with the most profitable strategy you have been obsessed with this thread :confused:
  384. Morning, Trade 4 what was the outcome this morning ? I saw the advances in excess of 3000 so I figured it would have prompted a trade.

    What is the price deterioration you look for to determine a SELL trade against a positive A/D indication ;or vise versa?
  385. AdvDec reached that level late after 11 I don't start a new trade after 11.

    Also at that time the price moved quit a bit already so no trade for me
  386. Look forward to your comments.
  387. You could try quoting yourself some more. :D
  388. The reason I did it as it was not answered previously....Good Morning to you too:D
  389. Yeah, goofy.

    That probably means that she didn't want to, ya think? :p ... (not that it would help if she did answer you, LOL).

    But hey, good luck with your paper trades over on the Rule of 10 thread. :D
  390. Normally, I don't respond to half wits, but you can be one of the exceptions...keep trolling..then take a break and get a real life.:D
  391. Always amazed by those who expect others to help them yet bring nothing to the table.
  392. Did everyone just give up on this? What the heck? Becky did you stop trading? The last week has provided plenty of action. Anyone else?
  393. I am staying out of the market this week after the major news of Lehman brothers and others markets are unpredictable so I will keep it safe and wait till next week
  394. 35 points on the pivot point trade today, although my stop at this point is 1158, so I might net out 25. I'll take it any day (any week, too).

    It's been a great week so far. Let's hope it continues.

    <b> now over 40 points, stop at 1151 to lock in 31 points</b>
  395. Becky, since you are taking some time off this week could you perhaps post a recap of your strategy. A clear explanation would greatly assist those of us who are trying to get onboard and understand your approach. I have gone back and read through all the posts, however it would be nice to have a more comprehensive and detailed description.
  396. Where has Becky gone?
  397. Ouch!! That is hot!
  398. I will get back to trading starting next Monday.
  399. Just wondering whats up? Becky, you said you would be back trading on the 6th. Any news or updates? Have you given up on this forum?
  400. i think she is waiting for the gap to get filled. :)