Trading Firms in Arizona?

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  1. Anyone know of any trading firms in Arizona?
  2. I know Bright has an office in the valley.
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    I thought Don said they closed it down. It was in Scottsdale, but no more.
  4. Oh I see.

    If you want to work with institutional clients you have Vanguard in Scottsdale & Charles Schwab in Phoenix.
  5. Thank you!

    Anyone know of any other firms, brokerages, etc in Arizona?
  6. We who live and trade in Arizona can be found easily. We do have electricity here so we use it.

    Scottsdale is a funny place. So is Camelback and 24TH. In both places you find employees who were told to move out of the big city or else. Same with the IRS.

    How far can you hit a 5 iron and have it roll less than ten feet? Our grass does not have dew in AZ but we do have coyotes who lick the salt off golf balls and broken tees. Golf carts must have sun roofs. Do not get balls that go off the links; rattle snakes are all pissed off every day by sand getting in their eyes by golf ball spray.

    Tennis courts melt every summer but they are very level with wavey lines all over.

    Replacing a kitchen windows hit by a golfballs at a guarded community costs about 3 bucks for the glass and 300 dollars for putting the putty in place and repainting.

    Women can go topless at poolside and the pool servers don't get excited about it at all; they wear sun glasses that have reflecting lens which are convex; the topless types love the enlarged reflections. nipplemania is par for the course. Rafting has a new meaning in pools in AZ; it is very topoffgraphical.

    To meet other traders is easy. Just go to a meeting run by out of state purveyors. Do not wear a name badge the females will invite you to their homes. Not having tan lines means they do not use trendlines either. They are not familiar with stopping either; all they want to do is start right now. Buy means something else, as well; it means they go both ways.

    If you drive into a canal and flip you are a dead duck.
  7. Jack,

    Can I email you or send you a message? I would like to ask you some questions.

  8. I have an office I trade out of in the Phoenix area. PM me if you'd like to know more. Always looking for other traders
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    What??:confused: :confused:
  10. My thoughts exactly OnClose
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