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  1. What does the US shut down mean for the markets?
  2. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/h...-handled-past-government-shutdowns-2018-01-16

    There's other websites that actually show market performance via charts when there's a U.S. government shutdown. Just use a search engine.

    In addition, I've seen charts of Gold and Treasury futures performance when there's been U.S. government shutdown in the past.

    First thing I notice on the charts...most of the shutdowns occurred when President Reagan was in office.

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    You mean US gov, not much @ all, on st0cks. Fundys, fundamentals + tek analysis means much more. I dont care what the media says; they said last year, stocks followed TGT down,[ blip down] as if all 500 stcoks were run/managed that badly/retail. LOL+ untrue. And they try to use DIA/DOW for a benchmark; easier to manipulate 30 stocks.:cool::cool: