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  1. I am looking for the following programs , If you have any of them let me know and we can trade , i have a lot of courses and programs , or will buy as well

    Pristine Prop trading program
    SMB foundation
    T3Live Swing trading program
    T3 Live Active trader program
    T3Live Momentum Trader Program
    Pristine Master Class for winning psychology
    How to Succeed in the Trading Business Pristine
    Advanced Management Strategies Pristine
    Advanced Gap Strategies – Pristine
    Advanced Scalping Techniques – Pristine
    Pristine's Wealth Building Seminar Tape reading 101
    Millionaire trader mindset
    Timothy Tim Sykes LEVEL 2 DVD
    Timothy Tim Sykes Best of LiveStock DVD
    Timothy Sykes Conference DVD
    Oliver Velez 5 simple tactics for wealth building
    Oliver Velez Power trading
    Oliver Velez Trader Life
    Oliver Velez Trade for wealth

    I can trade this for a lot of programs i have so if you have any of the above , message me and we can trade or if price is reasonable i will buy from you
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    What do you have from this list for sale
  3. xtour


    What stock programs do you have?

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    You do realize this post is from #1 Oct 22, 2012
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    Lol...saw that for sure. A lot of these programs/videos are often archived links to the respective course in video format. Wasnt sure if you had the physical courses or links.