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  1. What's a good/ your favorite make and model trading chair? Where did you get it? Got pics, links?
  2. costco office star big and tall.
  3. The problem with chairs is the seat cushion wears out way too fast.
  4. Any recliner with a nice thick foam rubber cushion on the sea. Ahhh!!!!
    And just relax.:D
  5. I added an exercise ball in addition to the office chair. I switch off between the two, and the stability ball helps to keep my back healthy and increase blood flow to the legs.
    They are really nice, they just work well.
  6. First think about it:
    What happens if you do not use some muscles?

    Even with healthy young men muscles get weaker in a very short time if they are not used.

    Therefore all the chairs that provide more "comfort" for the person sitting on it will result in causing muscle degradation, back pain and possibly even more worse things (prolaps).

    Best is to have body positions which keep some load on the muscles.

    Some people think: "Ok, I'll sit for 6 hours in that comfortable chair and then I'll have 30 minutes workout."
    But that's completely different (much worse) than having 6 hours small activity in the back muscles.

    (Also: Might it be better to trade in a body position that would allow to sleep or in a position that requires the senses to be activated?)

    To achieve this something like this item would do the job:

    (Drawback is it needs quite some space and doesn't look so good.)

    This kind of chair would also be ok:

    Another solution is to put something like this on top of a simple chair:

    As often cheaper does not mean worse.

    Sitting all the time should be avoided.
    You need frequent changes of body position: Sitting, standing, moving around.

    It's even evidence based knowledge that when already back pain is present it is better to keep the back moving instead of immobilizing it.
  7. i don't want to start a war on the interweb about chairs of all things but i don't think anyone on here except the one poster would ever consider using a big ball to sit on (please don't make any jokes - they're too easy for us ET'ers:D ).

    a lot of us spend 12 hours or more sitting in a chair every weekday. can you imagine doing that with perfect posture w/ no back/arm support? how stupid would you feel if you fell off the ball and caused a suffered a huge loss on a trade?

    with that being said, obviously everyone can do what they want but i prefer an aeron chair combined w/ exercise everyday.
  8. i don't want to start a war on the interweb about chairs of all things but i don't think anyone on here except the one poster would ever consider using a big ball to sit on (please don't make any jokes - they're too easy for us ET'ers ).
  9. It all started last summer, when Assistant Editor Maria Masters came across a shocking study in the Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise (one of dozens of research journals we comb each month as we put together the magazine). Scientists at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Louisiana analyzed the lifestyles of more than 17,000 men and women over about 13 years, and found that people who sit for most of the day are 54 percent more likely to die of heart attacks.

    Here's the article with HTML links.

  10. +1 for the Aeron. you can get a used one on eBay or CL for less than $500. replacements parts are easy to come by.

    personally, i have (well, had. the ex gf has taken it hostage) a loaded herman miller ambi. its a very nice chair as well.
  11. You just killed this thread. Close the thread; the chair has been found!!! :D :D :D

    Now the only thing that'll allow the thread to go on is the price tag!. A little shy of $2000!!!
  12. Tiki, looks like you are going to be my bad influence on ET!. First it was box building, now it's sitting options! :D

    I saw your ball and was quite tempted. On a serious note, how does it feel? Do you not feel that the ball will slip away and make u land on your a** or maybe that you would roll over the ball?
  13. Has anybody one of these handy they could try and report back?
  14. -1 for Aeron.

    Five or six years ago when I was looking for a chair, I 'assumed' that I would end up with one. Considering how much time I spend in a chair each day, price wasn't a consideration. However, after doing some Google searches, I found that a number of people's legs go numb from the hard plastic that holds the seat webbing on the front of the chair. Sure enough, when I went to test chairs, my legs quickly lost feeling. I ended up with a Steelcase Leap chair.

    Do a search on ET as this topic has been raised several times & some of the threads have new chairs not mentioned here.

  15. Equa XR... by Herman Miller.

    $300 @ Costco. I've had about 10 office chairs over the years... some high back, some plush leather... but this Herman Miller is the best office chair I've ever had.

    I just checked Costco.com. They have these chairs even if local stores do not. $339-$659.
  16. I guess chair belongs in the hardware forum...kinda funny though. anyway, I've been using this herman miller copy (mesh all-around) for 6 years now, and it's starting to break down. I'm seriously considering aeron B....but these things don't come cheap. cheapest I can find is $700.....and that's w/o the lumber support. how much did u guys pay?
  17. What are you doing, building a pergola?
  18. Traders spend a lot of time in front of a computer. Skimping on the chair is like skimping on the PSU.... not a good idea.
  19. Boy is that a true statement.
  20. This is a great chair and I bought the leather version with headrest about 5 years ago. This puts it at around the same price as the Herman Miller Aeron.

    Prior to this chair I bought an Aeron with lumbar support. It's not a bad chair but the hard plastic front is definitely uncomfortable after just a few hours of sitting and the lumbar support is marginal at best. It also gets pretty dusty and is a pain to clean. The chair now sits in the corner of my office collecting dust ... but it looks nice.

    The wheels on the chair above also roll a lot nicer on my hardwood floor i.e. they are a little bit flexible so the chair rolls with a small amount of resistance. The Aeron wheels are rigid and if you're not careful the chair can go zooming out from underneath you.
  21. I spent the last 3 weeks researching chairs.

    Here's a good link. Topic is programmers and chairs but same idea.
    Investing in a quality chair

    Some of the top choices,
    Herman Miller Aeron
    Herman Miller Mirra
    HumanScale Freedom
    Knoll Chadwick
    Raynor ErgoHuman
    Steelcase Leap V2

    I ruled out Aerons since I've used them in the past at work. Just wanted something different. But there are a ton of them available used on Craigslist. Make sure you get the correct size (A - smallest, B - most people, C - largest)

    I checked out a Mirra from someone on CL. Thought it was ok but this was the basic version without the adjustable arms or lumbar. Could have bought it for $250. Decided to pass.

    Guy had Knoll Chadwick for $250 on CL. I bought it because he lowered price to $175 but regretted the decision. Arms were not adjustable and not much back support. I realized I need a high-back chair. I'm 6'2". But I was able to sell it for $250 on CL. +1 for buying brand name.

    Another guy had the HumanScale Freedom on CL. I was able to buy it for $360. New, they go for close to $1k. Very nice chair, headrest is a plus. Principle of chair is simplicity, very few knobs. Negative for me, the headrest doesn't cradle your head when sitting upright, only when you lean back. Arms are ok but not very big. I like to slump back and have good arm support.

    I've seen a lot of (Youtube) reviews on the ErgoHuman. It's available online at Office Depot. I don't see it being sold used so there doesn't seem to be a big aftermarket. From what I read it's made for taller people. Videos seems to suggest the headrest will cradle the head better. Armrest can be set pretty high. It's available in some places for $607 new. There is a newer version that goes for $745. Model number is V200HRBLK. They may have improved durability since it's one of the complaints for the first one. I'm gonna see if I can sit in one, if really feels that good, may sell the Freedom and go with the ErgoHuman.

    Heard lots of good things about Steelcase Leap V2 but haven't sat in one yet. No headrest. Probably not gonna go this route. Either keep the Freedom or get the ErgoHuman. 2 places where you can try out some of the chairs, Design Within Reach and Room and Board.

    Hope my experience helps.
  22. I bought the Herman Miller aeron about 6-7 years ago. Back then I got the large chair, and various options like special rollers for hardwood floor and a back support. I think I paid about $900. Very good chair, no problems with it at all. Best chair I've ever owned, still looks like new. Prior to this chair I used to buy a new chair every year or two because they wore out or fell apart. I bought it through a place called the Ultimate Back Store.

  23. I've heard lumbar support is actually counter productive.


    That site talks about a lot of bad things found in chairs. Here is what it says about lumbar support:

  24. In his chair screed Philip Pawley says "No chair can give you good posture. The best any chair can ever do is be less bad for your posture than another chair." Fair enough I suppose. I wonder which saddle is recommended for trading from horseback; Western or English?
  25. Hope the comfortable chairs do not make us sleep off during the crucial times. :) :D ;)
  26. I use a memory foam office chair from Costco. Its pretty fantastic:


    I tried to find a link for the product on the Costco website although it looks like they don't carry it anymore.
  27. Some people say the Aeron sucks.

    I've seen quite a few Herman Miller Aeron review sites that say it's not as good as its popularity would lead you to believe.

    I see those chairs all over tv, though. They're on sitcoms, in commercials, etc.
  28. If you want ultra-adjustablility, then Bodybilt is the way to go. $$$ though.
  29. must be a fat kid...?
  30. I use a wooden chair, on wheels, it also rocks. It does not lean back easily, unlike many executive chairs. I want to be alert.

    Dream chair would be Aeron A. That Recaro looks sweet, I have looked at them for a car but need to sit in them first prior to buying. I need to travel several states for a sit...

    Another great alternative for a change of pace is those chair where one can kneel as you sit on the butt, adjustable angles. Mine was like 2o bucks years ago.
  31. Best type of chair I have found so far for trading is a stiff back, wooden chair. It forces me to sit up straight as opposed to slouching back like you do in those reclining chairs often found at work desks. The only drawback is the viewing angle on a stacked-monitor desk stand. The straightback sitting position also has me paying attention better to what I should be during trading hours.

    But that's just me.
  32. in time you will ruin your spine.
    lots of luck.
  33. Care to explain how sitting up straight will ruin my spine as opposed to slouching in your reclining desk chair?
  34. "care to"
    you should use the word please to get better responses.

    in a wood chair your spine does not receive proper support.
    in a well designed desk chair your back does not slouch.
  35. care to explain, then, how a kneeling chair or exercise ball is recommended more for long sitting then your desk chair, if back support is supposed to be so important? In a wood chair, you do not rely on the chair back for support - it encourages you to lean slightly forward, as do these.
  36. Yes forcing yourself to sit upright away from the backrest is excellent and will help your spine.
    The exercise ball requires you to support your spine and engage the abs, which strengthens the abs and in turn supports the spine.
    The muscles of the back are also engaged and must work to maintain an upright posture increasing their strength.
    Basically the core muscles will have to work active-dynamically to keep you upright. In a chair leaning against the backrest it is passive. You can lay back against the backrest and the chair will assist to keep you seated, which in turn over time can decrease the strength of the core leading to back problems.

    These links have good information.

    American College of Sports Medicine
    has many papers in their journals covering these topics.
    Also try the

    National Academy of Sports Medicine
    National Strength and Conditioning Association
  37. Why am I having a hard time trying to find a decent reasonable price desk chair that I can sit on all day long to trade on?

    Can someone give me a good recommendation. I need a high back and a seat that will fit my thighs. And no nonsense leather ones from Office Depot. I need a real chair.
  38. My Herman Miller Embody arrived this week. Umpgraded from the Aeron and this is MUCH better, IMO. Very customizable and a bit more rigid than the Aeron.
  39. +1 to the Herman Miller stuff. Love my Aeron. They come with sticker shock upfront, but keep in mind they have a 12 year warranty. That's well under $100/year, and that assumes it has no residual value when your 12 years are up. You will have been through quite a few uncomfortable low-end chairs in 12 years time.
  40. Very true. I've seen Aerons on craigslist for $250ish too. That's a steal, IMO.
  41. I quite like the look of this:

  42. +1 for Steelcase Leap.
  43. Sitting for too many hours during the day could significantly increase your risk of dying, according to a new study published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine. Data collected from Australia's The 45 and Up Study found that people who sit the most during an average day are up to 50 percent more likely to die within three years compared to those who sit the least.

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035456_sitting_health_risks_sedentary_lifestyle.html#ixzz1r9CLnwNV
  44. Looking for a decent "carpet friendly" chair. New place has wall-to-wall and it's your standard "family room" type carpet (not low-profile office/industrial carpet).

    Those plastic chair mats are really ugly and I don't want to use one. Wife and I have his & hers desks so I'd like something that's somewhat affordable since I want to buy two (matching).

    Want something that will roll reasonably well on the carpet, be comfortable and look fairly minimal.

    Budget <$500 per chair. Ideally this would be something I can find on craigslist used??
  45. Here is my chair:
  46. +1
  47. haha...is it real??

    what a babe!!
  48. this is typical of ET. never ask a factual question. the response rate is usually near zero.
  49. So you respond without answering the question...
  50. simple... i don't know the answer but with tens of thousand of et members an answer to a factual question should be forthcoming but is not.
  51. Hopefully you'll stick around and straighten this place out.
  52. These should do the trick, Hoss.
  53. I trade standing at a "Jefferson Desk", named for President Thomas Jefferson. I'm considering getting a treadmill to go under the desk. My former chair was an executive chair from Sam'sClub.
  54. who trades from a single laptop? :eek:


    how many markets can you watch from a single lap?

    i'm like in 7 markets at any one time!
  55. Could you advise on your position sizing method?
  56. Strongly recommend All-Steel Acuity.

    http://www.allsteeloffice.com/acuity/ (starts @ around $725)

    Have had it for nearly 4 years now for trade-desk, phenomenal. 10-hr day type use.

    For reference, have 2+ yrs seat time in well optioned Aeron, and shorter period in Steelcase Leap. Acuity hands down. I'd stick to mesh back and seat pad cloth or leather material left to personal preference.

    Never cheap out on work chair or mattress.
  57. One week in and I'm happy with my Herman Miller Mirra chair. Neckache due to multi monitors has been a problem for a while now but the chair has made a positive difference over the past week so I'm adding a second one for another workspace...

    I was considering the RH Logic 400 but the price was quite a bit higher and I know the Mirra does the job for me. I purchased an expensive lounge chair in the past after testing in the shop and it ended up made my neck ache worse. The point being that it takes days or weeks not 20-30 minutes testing in a shop to know if the chair will work for you.
  58. Ergonomic Guidelines for arranging a Computer Workstation - 10 steps for users
    Creating a good ergonomic working arrangement is important to protecting your health. The following 10 steps are a brief summary of those things that most Ergonomists agree are important. If you follow the 10 steps they should help you to improve your working arrangement.
    You can also use the Computer Workstation Checklist to help to pinpoint any areas of concern and take a look at the 'Computer Workstation summary' diagram' for specific tips. However, every situation is different, and if you can't seem to get your arrangement to feel right or you are confused about some of the following recommendations you should seek professional advice.
  59. I haven't read thru the full thread,but I read enough to see that most of you are dying to have back issues...

    First and foremost,get a seat where your knees can be below hip level.

    Get up and move or switch positions every 30 minutes or so.

    Do not use the backrest as the sole support for your torso.

    If you cant sit on a stability ball for at least 30 minutes,get off your fat asses and do some core training.Work your posterior chain,and make sure you can maintain neutral spine ...
  60. just curious, how many of you trade standing up? no, i'm not talking about being long NG before the inventory report yelling "come on baby huge drawdown, it's been freezing this week!"

    everyone i've read/heard about swears by them but i can't imagine standing in one place for 10-12 hours a day straight.

    not for nothing, but forcing people (i.e. terrorists/suspects/really unlucky innocent people accused of being a terrorist) to stand in one place for long periods of time is a somewhat effective interrogation technique. i say somewhat b/c if i forced you to stand for the rest of eternity and said "it won't stop until you tell me something" i'd prob just break down and say "fine - i'll admit i'm a jack hershey follower just let me sit down".
  61. Your Office Chair Is Killing You
    Meet public enemy No. 1 in today's workplace
    By Arianne Cohen

    If you're reading this article sitting down—the position we all hold more than any other, for an average of 8.9 hours a day—stop and take stock of how your body feels. Is there an ache in your lower back? A light numbness in your rear and lower thigh? Are you feeling a little down?
    These symptoms are all normal, and they're not good. They may well be caused by doing precisely what you're doing—sitting. New research in the diverse fields of epidemiology, molecular biology, biomechanics, and physiology is converging toward a startling conclusion: Sitting is a public-health risk. And exercising doesn't offset it. "People need to understand that the qualitative mechanisms of sitting are completely different from walking or exercising," says University of Missouri microbiologist Marc Hamilton. "Sitting too much is not the same as exercising too little. They do completely different things to the body."
    In a 2005 article in Science magazine, James A. Levine, an obesity specialist at the Mayo Clinic, pinpointed why, despite similar diets, some people are fat and others aren't. "We found that people with obesity have a natural predisposition to be attracted to the chair, and that's true even after obese people lose weight," he says. "What fascinates me is that humans evolved over 1.5 million years entirely on the ability to walk and move. And literally 150 years ago, 90% of human endeavor was still agricultural. In a tiny speck of time we've become chair-sentenced," Levine says.
    Hamilton, like many sitting researchers, doesn't own an office chair. "If you're standing around and puttering, you recruit specialized muscles designed for postural support that never tire," he says. "They're unique in that the nervous system recruits them for low-intensity activity and they're very rich in enzymes." One enzyme, lipoprotein lipase, grabs fat and cholesterol from the blood, burning the fat into energy while shifting the cholesterol from LDL (the bad kind) to HDL (the healthy kind). When you sit, the muscles are relaxed, and enzyme activity drops by 90% to 95%, leaving fat to camp out in the bloodstream. Within a couple hours of sitting, healthy cholesterol plummets by 20%.
    The data back him up. Older people who move around have half the mortality rate of their peers. Frequent TV and Web surfers (sitters) have higher rates of hypertension, obesity, high blood triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol, and high blood sugar, regardless of weight. Lean people, on average, stand for two hours longer than their counterparts.
    The chair you're sitting in now is likely contributing to the problem. "Short of sitting on a spike, you can't do much worse than a standard office chair," says Galen Cranz, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley. She explains that the spine wasn't meant to stay for long periods in a seated position. Generally speaking, the slight S shape of the spine serves us well. "If you think about a heavy weight on a C or S, which is going to collapse more easily? The C," she says. But when you sit, the lower lumbar curve collapses, turning the spine's natural S-shape into a C, hampering the abdominal and back musculature that support the body. The body is left to slouch, and the lateral and oblique muscles grow weak and unable to support it.
    This, in turn, causes problems with other parts of the body. "When you're standing, you're bearing weight through the hips, knees, and ankles," says Dr. Andrew C, Hecht, co-chief of spinal surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center. "When you're sitting, you're bearing all that weight through the pelvis and spine, and it puts the highest pressure on your back discs. Looking at MRIs, even sitting with perfect posture causes serious pressure on your back."
    Much of the perception about what makes for healthy and comfortable sitting has come from the chair industry, which in the 1960s and '70s started to address widespread complaints of back pain from workers. A chief cause of the problem, companies publicized, was a lack of lumbar support. But lumbar support doesn't actually help your spine. "

    You cannot design your way around this problem," says Cranz. "But the idea of lumbar support has become so embedded in people's conception of comfort, not their actual experience on chairs. We are, in a sense, locked into it."
    In the past three decades the U.S. swivel chair has tripled into a more than $3 billion market served by more than 100 companies. Unsurprisingly, America's best-selling chair has made a fetish of lumbar support. The basic Aeron, by Herman Miller, costs around $700, and many office workers swear by them. There are also researchers who doubt them. "The Aeron is far too low," says Dr. A.C. Mandal, a Danish doctor who was among the first to raise flags about sitting 50 years ago. "I visited Herman Miller a few years ago, and they did understand. It should have much more height adjustment, and you should be able to move more. But as long as they sell enormous numbers, they don't want to change it." Don Chadwick, the co-designer of the Aeron, says he wasn't hired to design the ideal product for an eight-hour-workday; he was hired to update Herman Miller's previous best-seller. "We were given a brief and basically told to design the next-generation office chair," he says.
    The best sitting alternative is perching—a half-standing position at barstool height that keeps weight on the legs and leaves the S-curve intact. Chair alternatives include the Swopper, a hybrid stool seat and the funky, high HAG Capisco chair. Standing desks and chaise longues are good options. Ball chairs, which bounce your spine into a C-shape, are not. The biggest obstacle to healthy sitting may be ourselves. Says Jackie Maze, the vice-president for marketing at Keilhauer: "Most customers still want chairs that look like chairs."
    Recently Levine talked to Best Buy (BBY), Wal-Mart (WMT), and Salo accounting about letting him design their offices and keep people walking and working as much as possible. Levine jerry-rigged an old 1- to 2-mph treadmill to stand under a desk and put a handful of them in conference rooms. Those who wanted could have walking desks in their offices, and he partnered with Steelcase to manufacture a $4,500 version of the machine. "Within two weeks, people basically get addicted to walking and working," says Levine. "You just need to give them the chance."
  62. electric Height-AdjusTable Worksurface with treadmill http://store.steelcase.com/brochures/walkstation/

    desk fits virtually any treadmill, walk slowly while working http://trekdesk.com/

    adjustable height desk units can give you the freedom of either standing or sitting at your computer and they adjust in just seconds http://www.ergodesktop.com/

    The Standesk 2200 http://iamnotaprogrammer.com/Ikea-Standing-desk-for-22-dollars.html

    best use of chair? http://www.theatlantic.com/health/a...he-who-sits-the-most-dies-the-soonest/256101/

    “The science is still evolving, but we believe that sitting is harmful in itself,” says Dr. Toni Yancey, a professor of health services at the University of California, Los Angeles. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/12/02/business/stand-up-desks-gaining-favor-in-the-workplace.html

    Computer Setups 2008 http://www.home-designing.com/2008/10/ultimate-computer-setups
  63. I'm willing to give a wobble chair a try.
  64. Hag Capisco Chair here
  65. [​IMG]

    Since I rarely reply with anything constructive or useful I will keep my tradition going.

    For all of you complaining about your back hurting and this ergonomic BS that costs a ton of money. Here is a OLD SKOOL FIX!

    Yes, I am that kind of a classy devil.
  66. [​IMG]

    Here is a Kick A$$ Desk Top for all of you who are complaining about your computer not having enough memory or speed. This was the alternative from the not so long ago past.

    It would have made you appreciate what you have today!
  67. "Best alternative to the traditional desk chair
    Humanscale's Freedom Saddle Stool was our only test chair that made it past our long-term sit test and was the only chair that was recommended as an alternative to the desk chair. The casters allow for ease of movement, the saddle seat is comfortable enough to sit in for long periods to time, and its height-adjustable and ergonomic qualities enhance posture. A majority of testers preferred this chair to their normal desk chair.
  68. [​IMG]
    your grand ma's missing porch swing
  69. Until consistent I suggest a cheap chair from Ikea :)

    Don't forget to try their meatballs when you visit !
  70. 10 Best Low Budget Gifts To Help Friends With Back Pain
    by Boomer Babe

    1. Back Magic Multi-Level Back Stretching Device
    2. North American Healthcare Arched Back Stretcher
    3. Spine-Worx Back Realignment Device
    4. Zensufu Acupressure Mat and Pillow
    5. TruMedic TENS Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager Unit
    6. Zewa SpaBuddy Back Pain Relief System
    7. Hollywog WiTouch TENS Back Massager
    8. Comfort Compression Lumbar Wrap
    9. Superior Comfort Knee Pillow
    10. Salonpas Pain Relieving Patches

    - See more at: http://inventorspot.com/articles/10...t-gadget-gifts-back-pain#sthash.vnpjOypb.dpuf
  71. Herman Miller chairs are, absolutely, the best! I never have any back issues at all.
  72. Herman Miller. Chairs are a big deal, and like most other things you get what you pay for. Also, chair height and chair elbow rest adjustment and mouse design will also cut down on wrist and arm discomfort. I have gone to some rather extreme lengths to have a good trading work space. I have some rather expensive monitor trees, and I wear multi-focal contacts optimized for my work space monitor screen layout.
  73. Interesting, would love to see a picture or two of the work space/layout, and learn more if you don't mind sharing. Which Herman Miller chair, which monitor trees, and how do the multi focal contacts help? Thanks in advance.
  74. I highly recommend an adjustable desk. I built one where I can sit, stand, or walk on a treadmill. I don't use the treadmill much, but it is very nice to be able to stand while on the computer, especially when my butt gets sore from sitting.
  75. Depending on the value of your time, you might consider working from a mock-up quick-and-dirty tall support for 40 hours to see if the posture and logistics work Ok. If that's more trouble than blowing $700, then order one up, and if you like everything but the desk, order up a replacement desk based on what you have learned. Money back situation might apply to the first if shortcomings exist?
    And . . . http://iamnotaprogrammer.com/Ikea-Standing-desk-for-22-dollars.html

  76. I've had my Aeron chair for 12 years. Still works fine.
  77. [​IMG] -
  78. you can [sort of] make your own chair, by adding cushions, padding, support etc

    i like to lean back slightly, at times, to relax during the day,
    so i put some wood underneath the front of my chair

    [my diy chair]

  79. There's also the "no chair" workstation or commonly called "standing workstation" that's better for you back and your overall health but its something that's hard to get use to.

    Sitting kills and scientific research shows that sitting +6 hours per day will increase our risk of death within the next 15 years by 40% along with showing that an active lifestyle outside of work is not enough to fight those increased risks that resulted from sitting down.

    Yet, some studies say its the extra sitting outside of work that's causing the problem and they aren't talking about just couch potatoes. They are talking about the car, public transportation and so on.

    The odd thing that's confusing me is the negatives about "standing workstation"...problems I currently do not have and do not want to develop if I move into a standing workstation.

    Things like sore back, sore feet and so on that's associated with being on the feet too long.

    Thus, it seems to me the issue really is about the amount of activity (moving) while working regardless if its sitting down or standing up. Simply, we as traders need to integrate a exercise routine in our trading day along with a routine involving changing body positions during boring trading periods. This is something I've always done and is easy to do without missing trade opportunities unless I leave the trading office. I simply set audio alerts on my charts or price that tell me something is happening and if that alert sounds while I'm not at my monitor but still in the office...I can stop and return to my desk.

    I frequently do stretching exercises, yoga/meditation and even a quick walk around the block before, lunch and after trading. Yet, none of this involves my normal exercise routine that I do later in the evening.

    I'm hoping this is good enough with good eating habits but I do need a new office chair. The one I had was recently chewed up by a neighbors dog I was babysitting for a weekend while they traveled. :(
  80. "listen to your body" a cardiologist said

    i probably spend a little too much [unnecessary] time on my computer chairs,
    but i'm Not addicted to TV watching,
    like some of my relatives seem to be

    exercise is important IMHO

  81. Charts always seems funny and right edge is on wrong side, but Buy high and Sell low works.

  82. Priorities

    [​IMG] Ergonomic Chair.jpg
  83. "
    Che Voigt believes his company has solved problems that have plagued the working world since the advent of typing.

    It’s a solution to hunched backs, stiff necks and tight shoulders. It’s a workstation that, with a push of a button, transitions from a standing desk to a seated table to a fully reclined platform like a dentist’s chair. Its seat expands and retracts, supporting the whole body from head to heels. Its desk moves up, down and rotates. There’s a screen and mouse and keyboard that follows the user’s eyes and hands.


  84. . . .
    Trading Chairs, pilot fatigue, 1949.jpg
  85. https://www.autonomous.ai/office-chair
    I have this chair and their Smart Desk. Phenomenal deal.
    This is a new company with products started via KickStart. There are reviews on YouTube.
  86. X Rocker 51396 outside from competition among models of this class.
    Bought this as a Christmas gift for my brother. He is a gamer, and really seems to like it. I asked him his favorite thing and he says how comfortable it is.
    By the way, It connects with multiple chairs for the ultimate gaming experience
    I think this his chair is awesome for trading, reading, relaxing or whatever you wanna do