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TradeStation Slow?

  1. Is anybody else having TradeStation slowness problems? The quotes is see on the order bar are way behind the chart activity.
  2. Apparently (according to TS) when they put their direct links in to the CME etc it causes a lot more data to hit your PC. They have fixed some code in 7.2 to be more efficient. My CPU is maxed out whenever their is any movement. I'll try 7.2 and then a new PC!
  3. riley,

    Thank you for the post. We have had no reports of slow performance today. Please contact Stephen Pepe, the Director of Client Support, at spepe@TradeStation.com, so he can discuss this issue with you and have a technician work to resolve any problem you may be experiencing.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    TradeStation Securities, Inc.
  4. will do. Thanks.