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  1. Hi all,
    I'm looking for any feedback/information regarding this company. Has anyone had experience trading with them remotely ?
    I can't find much online regarding reviews either negative or positive.
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    Just my opinion....but don't do it. It's a new project of SFG - Trading which is more or less a SCAM. Type up SFG in the search function to find out more
  3. Thanks Muppet, I've read through the previous posts and I can't find much info or reviews anywhere regarding the company or any successful traders who work with them.. what is there scam ? taking monthly fees ?
  4. Apparently it's a Canadian firm where you pay a monthly fee to trade U.S. equities in a simulator using the Haywood Trader platform. They claim you can trade a LIVE account, yet there seems to be a lack of evidence of any such live traders mentioned by the firm, or elsewhere.

    Here's a thread with some info on them...
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    They contacted me last week as well, I am hesitant because I do not know anything about them and any legitimate trading review that has worked with them.
  6. Trader2b is a legit proprietary firm based in Canada. As of now, they are offering coaching, training and funding.
  7. new goal is to help traders earn a living through their t2b bundle that includes knowledge, tools and capital. They are not asking for a deposit or any kinds of charges which seems to be legit. I have checked their site and they are good. You only have to invest your time before you earn.
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    And your relationship to the firm?
  9. I have been in for some time now and I am satisfied with the way they handle their traders.
  10. Hi everyone! I've heard Firms such as Trader2b and OneUpTrader are not good to deal with them. What do you think about it? Do you know people funded by one of them? What about funding evaluation? What about withdrawal?
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