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Trader - Paul Tudor Jones Video Is Back Online

  1. Thanks for letting PTJ and his lawyers know. They apprieciate your effort.
  2. Good timing too. I'll be surprised if any of these are removed over the weekend.
  3. You internet newbies....

    It has been available on piratebay for 2 years. Good luck removing it from there....

    "Trader - The Documentary (Paul Tudor Jones)
    Uploaded 05-10 2011"
  4. I was gonna say. The PTJ documentary has been readily available for years all over the place.

    BTW it's not really that interesting.
  5. The redacted version. Original remains rare.
  6. Stop the bullshit you imbecile, will you? Apparently you didn't learn anything useful from that supposedly extra 5 minutes, otherwise your Journal would be profitable. Not that there is such a version.

    But for any idiot who is interested in buying from Surf a VHS copy, I am offering a 50% discount on the digital copy. :)
  7. There is a secret message from PTJ imbedded in the film that reveals the existence of a treasure map. You need the exact minute mark, and then must play the film backwards on a betamax VCR.



  9. You will never know, Pekelo.
  10. Indeed, Surf. but without the treasure map to the technical-indicator decoder ring, trading barefoot with upside down charts simply does not work... a Rookie PTJ fan mistake.
  11. Indeed---PTJ thinks so much about TA, his chief TA guy quit soon after the film.....

  12. So he no longer believes in Elliott Waves?
  13. That was just a phase. Early in his career-- we all evolve as traders TA and wave theory is generally step 1.....
  14. So that's step 1. What do the traders who are at the final step use?
  15. We explained this 2 years ago. Because the documentary doesn't show the image how he wants to be seen. Drinking beer while trading and such...

    I am sure by now he doesn't really give a damn....
  16. Theft, insider trading and political connections
  17. lol. but so true.
  18. Especially since his off the cuff comment.
  19. Creativity.
  20. A pair of lucky sneakers.

    (In case you don't get it, it is in the video.)

  21. Shhhhhh!!
  22. :D
  23. Thanks for ruining it for everyone. now everyone gets a pair and it pretty much kills the edge for everyone who was lucky enough to see the video.
  24. This was probably the second reason (beside the chugging of beer while trading) why PTJ wanted the video out of circulation. You don't want your HF manager to depend on some lucky sneakers or rabbittail...

    I also found it strange when they were celebrating the getting into a position unless you have a built in gain). That was way premature, you celebrate when you get OUT of the position with a nice profit...