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Trade Optimization Journal

  1. I will start my journal on the "Trade Optimization" system. After a long break, struggle to raise funds, I managed to open account.

    Will be trading Futures, mainly ES, YM and NQ.

    Blessings solicited.

    Traded for a couple of days on the trial version, should be starting trades any moment now.

  2. I am keeping this journal so that i have a record of my current state, for learning and for sharing.

    I'll try to put up my blotter, if possible daily, at least regularly.

    If you have anything to contribute, I'll feel happy.

  3. I mainly use MACD, RSI, Slow and Fast Stoc, W%R
    Golden oldies.

    Posting mid day results on paper right now. Starting real trading from early next week.

  4. Midday results
  5. March 02
  6. My dream of trading the US markets directly (earlier traded at a prop firm for a while) has come true.

    Two days of losses Gross around $ 350

    I didnt know that current month futures are not liquid a few days before expiration. Back at home its totally opposite.
    Today is 3rd real money trading day.

    snapshot attached

    +100 +
  7. I'm doing gross profits now. A good part of the pent up energy was released in the form of losses. Now I'm averaging about 3 correct trades out of 5. What is more heartening is that I am able to ride winners much longer. The nerves have given way to concentration and implementation (mainly getting out of losers on one or two good hints)
    I'm also trying to cut down the number of trades in one hour.

    Yesterday gross profit $ 110.

    My main goal is to gross profit most of the time while not eroding my capital. I believe its all falling in place now.

    I'm still trading YM mainly with about 5-6 trades in an hour. Right now, I'm not able to spend more than a couple hours a day.

  8. For some reason, when I try to take a snap of my trading blotter, the platform shows a locked sign !!

    I'll try to snag a pic and put it up .. lets see...

  9. I'm looking for comments and feedback on my system.

    Since I'm trading a bit slow these days, and I have a bit of time on my hands, I thought I'll comment on the market as I used to do before.

    Add to that, today is not a particularly good day for me.

    So here goes.
    MY comments mainly on YM, sometimes ES and NQ

    But everyone is welcome, my focus is on the system and not the stock/future/product.

  10. YM has support very short term at 12366
    but is behaving v strangely.
    Should move up at least 5-6 pts now
  11. oops .. too tempting.. i almost bought a lot even asi i was just commenting

    btw .. anyone heard of losses out of boredom

    or does anything like that exist ? :(

    i think not .. being bored is equivalent to not having enough patience i feel. so ?
    so likely to be punished ...

  12. for a scalper v tempting .. buy at 68 with SL at just 64-65

    actually 66 is imp right now.

    YM now trying hard to move up

    the buy side is getting heavier

    letse see ...

    anyways for a trader getting the calls right is not even half the story
  13. see that ? again and again .. the fight
    now it seems to have broken thro

    almost reached the 5 pts - 6pts i had said

    better than to book profits .. try to ride ?

    i would look to add in fact .. if i had the right kind of capital..

  14. interestin gthat a 74 trade on YM has been registered. .. :)

    lets see .. a limit order here would have been in order.

  15. ok. . here we go again ..
    a very critical up move ..
    this is crucial in the v short term .. again
    a tight fight between buyers and sellers..

  16. a couple months ago, when i was trading at a prop firm, i saw a v successful trader at work .. awesome .. only that he used to trade v boring stocks .. but what the hell ..
    as long as you bring home money..
    he did ..
    and he used to yell .. come on ! i'm doing just that .. pretty boring at the moment .. there are just the temporary moves up

    a bit risky for a scalper to be trading such movments. ..

  17. why is the spread like 2 pts so many times today ?
    a while ago a huge volume sell was seen too .. any one seen that ?

  18. this is a bit too irritating for a scalper ..
    just a few mins and im off ..

  19. a negative divergence on the MACD ..

    strange combo of the
    +Ve and -ve .. but as i said .. a scalper looks for opportunities not sureities .. so sure ...

  20. man im done for the day ... !
    cut at 72 limit order ..
    will have a glance again after a few games of chess ..

    all the best for your trading !

  21. there you go !
    macdee again turning up ...
    and other indictors... not to speak of the price ..
    still doesnt interest me .. bored me enough ..

    back later ...

  22. the direction call was right after all !
    best thing is it didnt breach the stop i had mentioned 65 etc

  23. whoops
    short with stop at 74
    should be good
  24. theres a gap at 74
    nice trade if i had a choice to short at 73-72 with stop at 75-76
    scary when it comes bk but need to kp cool

  25. there comes the bore again :)

    why is this happening today ?

    YM is normally never boring ..
    for those new to futures .. YM is Dow Jones emini futures .. ($5)

    oh oh here it comes to fill the gap .. will it .. wont it ..

    will ?
  26. there you go ! right again !
    but mebbe its not yet celebration time ..
    some bit of fight left ..

  27. i love lower bottom formations like this one
    many of them maybe 3rd waves up or down

    down in this case ..
    if this falls .. can fall like a rock

    if its a 3rd wave that is
    but as i said a good trader doesnt care ..
    have my stop at 76 should matter right ?

  28. there was enough for a scalper already 3 pts ..

    lets see though .. interesting .. cause for me its a 3rd down chance ..

    the gap has been filled earlier
    so what happens now ?

  29. id say a pretty uncomfy at this stage ..
    but what the h***

    id be read to cut my pos .. esp since the gap's kinda filled ..

    there u go ..

  30. this time im going for good ..

    i need a dose of chess ..