Trade opportunity, 100%-1000% margins observed

Discussion in 'Entrepreneurship' started by Aquarians, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. I noticed something at the border of EU where I live (Romania, again). There's some imported goods which sell in the EU for 1x-10x as margin to their original price (and are in such high demand that only drugs top them, I'm taking about "medicine" (medicamente in our language) and I think yours is stupid for not making the difference). Not drugs but obviously, if there ain't some legal reason for why this niche exists, I can't fanthom but stupidity. Which might be the right answer, as some wise guy also observed, "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."

    It's a PHYSICAL goods trade though guys so if any of you are interested, you should know there's much more than closing your position ahead of the time. The end customers will not close theirs, au contraire, will roll over and order more. Logistics doesn't matter in the beginning when you're selling for $100,000 / year but competition will get into this niche the moment you go over noise level and at least that should matter. And you won't get to billion dollars (where I estimate this business can go, provided it's also aided BY THE SOFTWARE I HAVE IN MIND), unless you step out from the shadows.

    First step is legal clearance though. Who can I trust to ask them such a thing, and give their gentleman word that they won't compete with me, least they'd be partners?