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Total Market Cap: $747,955,398,765

  1. Not insane?

    sorry. can't get behind this.

    must be a new age metrosexual non binary kinda thing.
  2. No wonder wall st wants a piece of this.

    but so far , has even 10 cents of VALUE been created from all this nonsense?

    More value in the heat given off by 5 morons playing poker.
  3. Better to be rich than be right.
  4. Amén to that...:D
  5. Doesn't matter, trading crypto is probably the best trading that's to be had right now. The fact that you can make real money trading these coins/tokens is all that matters.
  6. Lies. Go trade some HO right now. It will snap you back so fast you'll think "cryptos" is a walk in the park. WTF is with peeps and the idea that "cryptos" is all that? Go futures!
  7. I can guarantee it's not this easy. Futures are already inundated with big players, crypto is still the wild west.
  8. One good advantage of the crypto market is it's 24/7. No daily or weekly gap.
  9. Yeah...but you often have sudden drops and big increases intraday.
  10. Am I too late, I'm starting the WorthLessCoin , total issuance limited to 500,000,000,000

    Join me in wealthbuidling

    Can't help it, 99.9% of crypto people strike me as morons.
  11. Hell yes, get me in on the WLC. Here, take all my money and put it into the eventual fork, the WLCLite. Do you accept 7-11 money orders? :)
  12. Yeah, the Dunning–Kruger effect is indeed pervasive.
  13. Hmmm, guess my posting this thread was TIMELY
  14. IB own chart of the bitcoin index doesn't work after 4pm.

    how hodl is that
  15. If you were a buy-and-hold trader it was a very bad day. If you actually knew how to trade these things you probably had a good day.
  16. The year is young, but my timing of this thread starter was epic, and is now the leading post of 2018
    50% drop of mkt cap in 3 days.

    I wynn
  17. :D Soes..... I like the old avatar better.
    Yep... you were the only one that thought BTC was a bubble at 17.
    And every T/A service from seeking alpha to the motley fool, to the street dot com Said if it took out 12.5 that 10 was a given.
    Hahhah... you truly are The Wizard of So(z)es.:D
  18. Holy fukshite.

    since I posted this epic thread only two weeks ago, the new mkt cap is


    255 billion of airball gone.

    my next prediction is by subscription only.

  19. Yes, it's called a"correction", even the most bullish of markets have them. ;)
  20. when you prove you can tell the diff between shit hitting the fan and correction, I'll be more interested.

    Till then you're just hodling in the wind
  21. I can prove it but I'm not going to. Looking at Bitcoin's chart, this looks like a typical correction with, as usual, a bit of political and media manipulation thrown in.
  22. Everyone here is a master of the universe.

    And as soon as that is in doubt, the nick disappears , and they return and start over.
  23. With over 1,700 posts, some are bound to be "right."
  24. From zerohedge

    Who yor daddy?


    "With the crypto market cap now at just $420 billion, total losses from crown to root now approach $400 billion, aka real money."
  25. hows that korextion woiken out for ya?
  26. Standard correction for cryptocurrencies (with all the political and media manipulation) is a retracement back to the 200-day moving average. If it doesn't hold at this level then I'll concede, it's more than a correction.
  27. Its booty call for cryptiots


  28. Standard correction that once again no cryptocurrency bull saw coming.....
    Every new bitcoin buyer who bought from November into January is now at a loss if they didn't sell any of their bitcoins..... because everyone who bought thought it was going to a million.....
  29. I called it in early Dec, I said all the big players are short at 15,500 and above.
  30. And which flavor of cookie did you want? :D
  31. Really? Winklevoss went short?

    Wow, you got the dope

    After it hits the fan , weallcalledithuh
  32. Boy, the true belibers get awwwwfullly quiet , dont they
  33. About the time of my RATS ASS Coin, this hit the fan

    co incide?
  34. $294,219,165,872



    I win
    Am I too late, I'm starting the WorthLessCoin , total issuance limited to 500,000,000,000

    Join me in wealthbuidling

    Can't help it, 99.9% of crypto people strike me as morons.

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  35. Not a single comment. Par4thecourse

    That's what happens when the losers slink away.

    They rarely if ever ack their wrongness. Part of being a loser.
  36. $459,426,933,581