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To Apple Computer...

  1. Please make a 15" 1280 x 1024 Powerbook and you have a customer.

  2. Nitro.....

    You do realize you are on the EliteTrader.com website, no?
  3. :eek:

    nitro :D
  4. Is 1280 x 854 not close enough?
  5. No.

  6. Nitro

    what charting packages are available for Powerbook?

  7. Investor R/T
    ProRealtime (java, works very well)
    Livecharts (java applet, cheap, good hotlists, but short)
    Interactive Brokers charting (Java, hopefully somewhere in the (distant?) future as good as Prorealtime)
    Beesoft's ProTA (EOD)
  8. OPW

    thanks for the reply. Unfortunately none is fitting my requirements.

  9. Holmes, that is why I am - reluctantly- trading on a -god forbid- pretty annoying Windows XP portable...

    Although this one (Acer 1703) does have a 17 inch 1280 x 1024 screen built in, I much prefer my 1280 x 854 Aluminium Powerbook for all other things besides trading...

    It weighs only a tenth of it, OS X is magnificent and it is a much more elegant machine, both in looks, design and engineering...

    If only there would be a killer charting app available on it... (and trade-ideas would be fine too)
  10. Same here, cannot stand the "bloat" of MSN and the other -proverbial brown matter of a liquid smelly nature-.

    I remember the days my neighbour was at the local polytechnic. And there on a PC with a DX4-74 CPU, 24Mb of RAM and 2 x 300Mb SCSI hard disks he had 50 Oracle students and another 40 or so learning UNIX (vi, sed etc). Just using plain terminal emulation....

    I was looking at VMware (and still have it for a "ready to run backup installation") but the video performance just is not good enough (no hardware accelleration). Otherwise I would be going to Solaris / Linux on a multi CPU machine.

  11. Give it a few more months and you'll likely be able to buy a Yonah-based Powerbook that is capable of running whichever charting apps you desire at nearly full speed in a VirtualPC window.
  12. What does Yonah-based mean?

  13. Sorry, Yonah is the codename for Intel's next generation of mobile CPUs (current gen was codenamed Sonoma). Most Yonah models will be dual-core.

    Apple is going to be switching to Intel processors beginning sometime in 1st half of 2006, current speculation is that Apple is highly likely to update their mobile line-up with Yonah processors.