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Timothy Sykes Complete Pennystocking DVD Libary for Sale

  1. No time to trade so hoping to recoup some of my investment. The first few have been viewed once and the rest have never been opened. All courses come with a multi-disc DVD case and manual, except for Tim Raw, which is sold without a manual.

    All are in perfect condition. Content can be researched on the Timothy Sykes web site. Please make FAIR offer through Private Message. Retail, the cost is $300-$400 a course. It's a lot of material and quite heavy, so we can decide on a reasonable shipping cost. Pictures can be sent on request.

    Payment can be made through PayPal, ideally. If trust is an issue, I can put it on eBay with a Buy It Now price being our agreed upon price, so you get buyer protection. I just prefer to not give eBay a part of the sales prices, but I have no problems should that be the way you want to go.

    The courses are:

  2. So you are selling a possible 3K-4K worth of material and haggling about shipping cost?? I just want to understand the mindset...

    By the way what Sykes thinks about reselling his material?? Isn't that forbidden or something with these kind of curses?
  3. My post first said to make a fair offer for the courses, but there would be some kind of additional shipping cost.

    I know no law against re-selling the courses, and I didn't ask for Sykes permission! :p
  4. Yeah, so Sykes is an arrogant ass. So are a lot of people on this forum. But Sykes is a millionaire due to his trading, something that 99% of the members here hasn't accomplished yet. It's obvious you have a vendetta against him, and that is your prerogative. But his trading style and methods might be perfect for the next guy. His methods are conceptually good, but it's very hands on, and I just don't have the time for that.
  5. my suggestion, for selling it, is to get in touch with marketsurfer, who is sykes' spokesperson on ET. he might want it at a sharply discounted price.
  6. there are some inexperienced people who might believe that the tapes might be helpful.

    because they are likely wrong is no reason to slur them.
  7. You can't be serious. Thats like saying Tom Vu has money because of buying & selling real estate.
  8. Was a student of his for a year. Long story short, I had some serious personal issues going on and was not in a state of mind to trade, but I did follow along in the chats as much as I could. He's a gunslinger with a big mouth, but he seems to live up to his claim of turning $300K to $3M. Unless you have proof he is a liar, why don't you spend your time trading or refining your trading plan, playing golf, or whatever you want to do, instead of slinging sh*t around on people's threads.
  9. I don't know what is funnier, the fact that you don't realize that his tiny fund blew up when shit got real or the fact that you spent over $100 on his snakeoil material, let alone over thousands.

  10. do you have monthly statements from sykes?
  11. Dan sanger was the same...hyped up huge gains but when i looked at his performance -70% d.d's

    thre is virtualy no edge...you can gamble away and get lucky for a while but you'll lose big at stake at some stage..

    retail lap this sh** up.
  12. i'll bet he made most form selling his materials....

    He's a gunslinger with a big mouth, but he seems to live up to his claim of turning $300K to $3M. Unless you have proof he is a liar, why don't you spend your time trading or refining your trading plan, playing golf, or whatever you want to do, instead of slinging sh*t around on people's threads.
  13. one guy bets. the other guy says it seems. without monthly statements no one knows, marketsurfer, his shill, has them but refuses to provide them.if anybody else has them please provide them.

    sykes has/had one edge. he may have the ability to short stock which are not available to the the general public.
  14. Yes. He sends them to me every month for the hell of it.

    OK, since all of you guys are obviously accomplished and self-sufficient traders and know so much about Sykes methods and why they are failures, does anybody care to share with the group your reasons?

    Otherwise, you all are sounding like a bunch of bitter trader wanna-be's who blow their account out every 6 months.
  15. please provide them to resolve all questions. tia
  16. The people on this site really suck. You fools are made for each other.

    Not coming back. Later.

  17. of course not. i hesitated to make a joke, figuring you might react the way u did. you found an excuse not to provide the monthly statements.
  18. sure. from my post a couple years ago at:

    05-21-11 08:57 AM

    quick summary:

    -> he trades pink sheet stocks. you know, the market where quotes aren't guaranteed to be filled, shorts are insanely difficult without the right brokerages. so in some regards, for others, it's similar to paper trading because they can't get the same fills even if they tried.

    in fact, his latest list of trades has 20 trades. 11 of them are pink sheet stocks. the rest of the stocks, the legit names - have floats of 4mm, 7mm, 6mm, 12mm, and not available (according to yahoo finance).

    general strategies for marketers who want to generate subscriptions:

    -> don't trade a lot. goal is NOT to make tons of money, but to have "right" trades.

    -> take credit for stocks that have lots of movement AFTER you exit, and even claim you're not that good a trader as your students. that way, you get all the "reward" of a huge move without the risk of it damaging your p&l.

    -> say things about how much more money you'd have made if you took on a large position, but you're a scaredy-cat.

    -> after you've gotten a bunch of subscribers, your alerts will become self-fulfilling. you get in at the price, and then lots of others lift the offer (or hit the bid) all at once. if it's CSCO, it won't affect the price much. if it's a small-cap or micro cap, you've already got yourself a profitable position. in fact, you can make the excuse 15 minutes later that the trade went so well for you, you can't turn down a quick profit, and get out.

    -> many of his DVDs have 3/4 or more of virtually identical information, which is the tim sykes story.

    i don't follow him anymore (this was the first time i went to his website, a cached version from a couple days ago, in i have no idea how long), but used to follow what he did so i could explain to others the fallacies in some of his trading materials.

    btw, he's gone back on a bunch of his initial stated claims for what his site would be, but that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone on ET.

  19. I admit I kind of like Tim. I think he is a natural entertainer. I read an article he wrote on technical trading years ago and it had some fairly decent ideas.
  20. tim sykes is an absolutely obnoxious person BUT he is a BRILLIANT MARKETING PERSON who has made mucho fungolas peddling mediocre material for big money
  21. TS is also a naturally talented trader--- whether or not folks can follow along is the question--- and he is actually a really nice guy in real life-- the internet stuff is all marketing schtick. surf
  22. Sheep are always lead to the slaughter. One way or the other.
  23. "Become A Millionaire In Your Pajamas!" says a recent Sykes ad.
    I saw this ad next to the videobash screenplayer.
  24. -$10 bid
  25. Do u still have the DVDs? And r u still attempting to sell them?
  26. I can torrent these for free with some common sense searching Google
  27. I have all these courses from Tim Sykes too...Personally I hate that guy as he is total verified BS scam artist. But I did have all his courses. Hit me up
  28. Did you learn anything from them?
  29. hearing sykes up 4 million this year
  30. where did u read that ?
  31. sykes sent me a telegram[​IMG]
    I Am The King
  32. Could you give a torrent link?
  33. his courses are horrible but i have them sadly if interested
  34. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    [a]High probability way to make money;
    study all IBD books, including Selling Short book.[They dont like stocks under $5] I've overpaid on cheap stocks,[yes under $5 also, many mo ago] People will buy most anything, if the price is low enough, long enough .

    Even penny stocks[$5 area, 10 year chart] like BAC could be profitable, if you bought 500 different stocks like BAC,LOL. But dont try that with C[citigroup 10 year chart] they kicked it out of DOW.

    Name a price; some one may get something out of it, especially if they do proper size,which most do not proper size Mr Templeton bough cheap stocks like that but i think he bought 1oo in a bear market?? NO such thing as cheap education in stock markets; wisdom is profitable to direct
  35. I know this is old, but I am interested in buying TIM-s DVD if someone has them. (for me is better if the seller would be form EU)
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  37. No one should be buying this these are freely available
  38. Hi Caacapital, thanks for info, where can I get them freely ? Thanks in advance.
  39. These days, Sykes probably makes 4+ mil off of educational material, chat room, etc. annually so his demonstrational trading these days is a very small pct of that.

    Same story with a guy named Ross Cameron ("Warrior Trading" on youtube). He's probably pulling down 2+ mil from chat room proceeds and related coaching / trading materials. So Ross made like 337K in 2017 daytrading and all the vids, brokerage statements, fills are there as evidence. Well, could be only 10% of his biz gains though.

    What they both have in common: their day / swing trades act as ADVERTISING for their real biz.
  40. I’m not a student of Tim’s per say but in Tim Sykes case he has several students that have taken it and made it their own. Tim says he doesn’t take the majority of the moves. Trading typically will not be anyone’s sole income that’s a pipe dream that’s sold to people.

    Warrior trading in guessing his winnings are mostly from trades that were preadvertised after he has entered and is basically unloading to his subscribers. Tim probably does this a bit with a small amount of trades where liquidity is not there which he says he doesn’t trade often.

    Either way Audited statements are rare from educators

  41. Checkout his YouTube he gives his strategy away for free.

  42. Try this if you are 'adventurous':
  43. "I’m not a student of Tim’s per say but in Tim Sykes case he has several students that have taken it and made it their own."

    Translation: Some folks that claim they were Sykes students are running the same scam he does and making 100% of their profits from selling snake oil to suckers"
  44. ...That's the trader's dream: to be Both...very successful yourself as a trader, along with the social fame of being a guru. o_O

    Because nobody wants to be an ultra successful, private/lonely/bored recluse.
  45. Who said they were successful as traders. Doubt any of them trade more than $500 at a time
  46. Sykes edge was working closely with the pump and dumpers. Yes tell him I said that, ill give him names and dates. :p
  47. Should probably be in jail, not on his yacht surrounded by 12 naked bimbos

    But since he invited me to join him, I don't mind
  48. How come you didn't report this to the sec.
  49. in fine print there was always disclosure of paper owned. Nothing illegal about that. peace.