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timeout between posts

  1. some of us are actually capable of posting more than once per 2 minutes

    that delay is very annoying, and having to waste time for the timeout to end is a discouragement. to posting at all
  2. If you are able to post more than once every 2 minutes...you are an Elite Poster, o_O

    Kidding aside, if you do that...your posts are too short and not very thought-provoking and original and well thought out and thorough and properly punctuated -- which all posts should be.

    Be DEEP, it's 2018...High-Five`
    Learn to be semi-calm and mellow out a bit...put Som Sauce on dat thang,
  3. This is a forum, not StockTwits
  4. who asked you, and welcome to my block list
  5. A sensitive one.
  6. For you the delay should be in the days, not minutes.

    He's crazy.
  7. It's funny how the guy up there announces when he alledgedly blocks someone... As if anyone gives a shit...
    I mean, why not simply block, period?:D
  8. "Right on!"
    Yeah -- I have found it a mite annoying in a hurry, but JEEEZ let's not be StockTwits.
    (No offense, SOES, but if you're sipping a whiskey when you're posting? You might consider taking a bigger sip, and ... just.... slow-inggggg... down-nnn-nnnn a bit.)
  9. 2 minutes or whatever it is, is way too long. whats the point?
  10. welcome to my block list ( i had to wait 90 seconds to get this to post) cudda traded my AMD short 5 times in that period .

    if the idea is anti spam, 2 minutes is unnecessary , 60 sec more than enough

  11. If i move to an other thread after posting, and reply to something, should I have to wait a full minute to get the post to take? who else does this

    look its busted. can't help it if you dont get it
  12. who cares? And as I recall you said this before... So you don't even do what you say... :D
    But keep it coming! We're all always having a laugh at your expense!;)
  13. I almost got distracted by these idiots and missed the good AMD cover.

    fortunately, I didn't miss it
  14. Yeah, right...:rolleyes:
  15. Maybe it forces people to think about what they post and also it might make them post a slightly longer version instead of running up single sentences per post... like my sister does when she texts me... all those beeps drive me nuts.
  16. where else is a forced 2 minute between post restriction imposed? lets make it an hour, so you can write War And Peace
  17. Soes.... if one goes by your timestamps here... and giving you a minute or two prior to the post.... you called that AMD short at $12 and you covered just north of $13. Thats not how its supposed to work right?
    There was no opportunity for a "good cover" in you timeline.
  18. get your numbers right before posting. it is ....... don't post before you do the work.
  19. Since this is a useless thread anyway....

    If I traded YM... I'd go long as hell right now.
    (Gentleman) Trump will stick to the teleprompter and say all the right things as directed by his band of billionaires.
    Dow 30K tomorrow. :D
  20. Up 42 since last post. :D
  21. YM up 113 now. 26168
    Probably OK to cash out now.
  22. I was able clean the toilets, prepare dinner, and walk the cat waiting for the last message timeout.

    Not in that order.
  23. You check those time stamps on the above YM calls Soes?
    26055 to the perfect top at 26168....
    See thats the way ya do it.
    Put your balls out there on the chopping block live.
  24. While the timeout is bullshit, I enjoy the blank message like the one above, on my blissfully ignored members.

    If we could do that with Liberals, the world would be a better place.
  25. Honestly, the timeout is there so that people will spend time actually writing a post with capitalized letters, decent grammar and sentence punctuation instead of banging out random posts via their phone in all lower case with little thought or effort.
  26. I don't think the timeout affects my ability or desire to format the post at all.

    But it does encourage me to abandon the post and close the screen
  27. shocking that I'm the only one finding two minutes to be obnoxious.

    are you all so slow that you don't notice?

    or do you clean the lint from between your toes while hodling ?

    ps, I know of no other board I use with a timeout like that

  28. I doubt that timeout produces the desired effect. Illiterates are not going to go back and fix the post because they have to twiddle their thumbs for 45 seconds.
  29. It actually gives me some time to think about the posting and the wording as well as proofreading. I think it adds to the overall quality and likely cuts down on post deletions. --I only wish there was a 2 day timeout between thread creations as most postings could fit into existing threads. Perhaps that would be going too far so I'll leave that alone.
  30. Seeking alpha, a board with many more posts than et, does not impose this ridiculous limitation.

    60 secs is more than enough.

    120 is an annoyance
  31. I will lower it down to 60 seconds if you'll agree to post proper sentences with capitals, punctuation, periods, etc. and not stuff like this:

  32. lol, fair trade.

    I usually do post properly, depends on the mood.

    BETTER THAN THE ALL CAPS THING which I never do .
  33. Ok, it's been changed.