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Throw a Quran in the toilet, go to jail - in the USA

  1. Thank a libtard today.
  2. One can request a free copy of a Quran from CAIR. How one expresses one's self with it in the privy of their own home should be safe for everyone. Compare that expression to blowing up a hundred of your fellow Muslims at the village market.
  3. He should have put the Quran in a jar of piss and call it art. Shouldn't be a problem as a precedent has already been set.
  4. so you abhor hate crimes? well get on the phone and complain to Abe Foxman... they are at the fore front of unconstitutional hate crime legislation. hurry.. they are close to passing more anti-free speech bills.

    for every incident you can come up with i can come up with 20 more absurd.

    i have a silly idea... lets punish the crime and not the thoughts, thats a very slippery slope.
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  6. A simple question will expose the folly of hate crime laws--would they have arrested someone who threw a Bible in a toilet? When the infamous cross in a jar appeared, we were lectured by liberals about the majesty of freedom of expression. I guess that only applies if you are offending people they don't like.

    Perhaps this guy should have tossed it in a university-provided footbath instead.
  7. Q: what do you call a hate crime directed at Christians?

    A: art
  8. That is brilliant. Say, you're not Ann Coulter, are you?
  9. Time for a review of:

    Bathroom Etiquette

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  10. That's too funny. And as with many jokes this is funny, unfortunately, because there is an element of truth to it.
  11. Just another ignorant unbeliever, the ratboy
  12. i see a few are confused. i am not mocking christians i am mocking hate crimes and the double standards of those that try to implement "thought crimes."
  13. Agree, i was confused. Not sure, which side you are on.