This is year 2009, and retail trader is still trading bucketshops, unbelievable ?!?!?

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    I can totally understand retail trader not having enough money, heck I don't even blame them for that

    I can understand retail trader getting tricked by fancy words bucketshops use to make trader believe they are as good as ECN etc.

    What is absolutely inexcusable, is when retail trader funds account again and again even after witnessing huge widening of spread, unexplainable errors with data and platform. And broker claiming everything is fine.
    At that point retail trader deserves everything they get.

    peace out :)
  2. In 10 years, traders will laugh at today's trading conditions, just as we laugh at traders of 10 years ago when they traded a spread as wide as the grand canyon (3/8, 1/4, 1/8, etc.).

    But why is your thread in psychology section?
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    because if I put it under FX section or trading section, Moderator Ivanovich will simply delete it.
    ET no longer tolerates any common sense, ET ain't what it used to be.
  4. Ivanovich? That is a slavic name, indicating the moderator has an origin of inferiority in (1) intelligence (Ellis Island immigration authority deemed slavic men much lower in brain power than Western Europeans), (2) loyalty (slavic people sell their fathers and leaders, e.g., Milosivic, for a few US dollars, they can turn around 180 degrees, ditched their Warsaw Pact and joined Nato), and (3) morality (prostitutes galore from those slavic countries, mail-in brides flood the US market).
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    LOL you made me laugh big time, let me explain

    I am slavic myself, and you couldn't be more right about them (I no longer consider myself of that culture)

    20-30 years ago morality practiced by westerners was indeed superior in many ways, unfortunately present is far different.
    Now both western Anglos and eastern Slavs suck big time and are ready to cheat you left and right

    No longer do I see the difference, too bad

    Prior to WWII, Germans were extremely polite and honest people in between themselves, when slavs entered Germany they called Germans naive and gullible

    but the fact is they were honest, now its different of course
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    the only thing slavs gave me were problems

    being a traitor is actually kinda easy :D
  8. so, you were screwed by your own kind - this is really sad. you must have been a black sheep in the family of slavs.
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    yes I was one of those people with a vision and capability

    slavs hate that, they gang up on you and screw the crap out of you :D
  10. ouch! the crap out...

    i hope you will get better soon :cool:
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