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    The5ers is a unique funding traders & growth program for forex traders.

    We offer forex traders to get evaluated on a live trading account fully funded by The5ers. And get extraordinary terms once you get qualified.

    In this thread we invite you to discuss The5ers funding traders & growth program. We are here to provide for you further information about our funding traders program.

    More information can be found on our website and our FAQ page [link]


    We are the only program that gives real trading funds for the evaluation and where you collect your trading profits earned during your evaluation program.


    We consistently pay out profits once a month using a coherent and transparent schedule. There are no payout fees nor minimum transaction thresholds. Every cent is duly paid.


    Significant rewards for responsible and consistent trading. Fast and achievable milestones that multiply when reached. Increased growth rewards for earning actual profits.


    We want to see you achieve with the least limitations. Any strategy is acceptable, manual or EA, trading symbols, 24/5 continuous hours, overnight/over-weekend, and news event trading.


    Our program is designed for success. No hidden costs. No subscriptions. A once-off fee is the ONLY fee. The fee is based on the initial risk taken for the evaluation program.

    Get even more information on
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    How Does it work

    Its as simple as our slogan: Your Talent, Our Capital

    The5ers funding traders & growth program is made available for all traders, and for all trading styles & techniques.

    The program is designed to provide fast account growth, with easy and achievable targets.

    We give the full funding for our traders, we will share the profits on a 50% commission based. On top of that, we will take all net losses on ourselves.

    The true benefit of The5ers’ program is in our Growth Scheme. Once you are qualified to become a 5er portfolio manager, we will double your account size every 10% net gain milestone. No time limit, not deducted from your monthly payouts.

    High 5!
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    Getting Funded

    The5ers is the only program where you are being evaluated on a live trading account, and being paid for the profits while being tested.

    Every candidate must start by taking an evaluation plan. The evaluation being conducted over a live trading account funded by The5ers trading capital.

    During the Evaluation phase, you will be trading your own trading strategy, while managing risk according to the plan guidelines. We set a reachable qualification target of 6% to 10% (varies by the plan’s choice). You have 20 trading days up to 184 days to complete the target.

    The risk management guidelines are constructed to not interrupt with the vast majority of trading strategies. That includes, from very aggressive scalping day trading to long swinging position holding.

    The risk management includes a maximum relative drawdown, using stoploss, and a maximum exposure limit per open positions.

    Each plan has different values, you can learn more about it on the plans page.

    The evaluation is done by a fully funded trading account. At the evaluation phase, The5ers will split you the profits made in the account.

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    Getting Profits

    The5ers guarantee payouts every month for qualified portfolio managers. And for traders in their evaluation, we also promise profit payout at the end of the evaluation period.

    The5ers pay 50% for the net gain profits by the high-water mark. We do not deduct payouts from the trader’s progress toward his/her next milestone goal. With that, traders enjoy both steady monthly payouts and growth at once.

    Begin Trading for The5%ers!

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    Growing your account

    The5ers rewards for consistency by providing the fastest trading account growth rate possible.
    We set easy to accomplish targets, as low as 10% net gain, to double your trading capital. With that, any trader can start with a 10K account and make it over one million dollars account within 7 leaps.

    You can learn more about our growth rate in our growth page

    Watch this video to see how does The5ers being compared with a self funded retail broker account:

    The5ers Growth Trading Program (1).png

    Begin Trading for The5%ers!

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  6. Hello and welcome to EliteTrader.

    Gil, let me trade a 1.2MM account.
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    Successful Forex trader: help your risk strategy with a lot size calculator every time you enter a position. Shawn is now one of The5ers funded traders

    Shawn has just successfully passed our evaluation program with a great trading plan and has become a forex funded trader.

    He is now one of our funded traders and is trading with a 52K forex funded account on our platform.
    His next mission is to reach 10% of profit and double his funds to 104K.

    We spoke with Shawn about his trading plan, insights, and lessons gained while trading in the Forex market

    Click here for more Inspirations lessons and interviews from our professional funded traders
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    Hi, What is the total amount of funds you have to give traders access to? Can you share a bit of your background or where the funds come from? Is it your personal investment?
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    The top limit for a funded account is 1.28 Million$, the profit payout is not deducted from the account balance but from the capital own account.
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