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The SASI Paper.

  1. http://morganisteconomics.blogspot.co.uk/2018/02/new-paper-proposal-secondary-allowance.html


    Secondary Allowance for Supplementary Income 'SASI'.

    Dealing with low economic growth, wage caps, pay disputes and inflation, in a highly constrained environment.

    Executive Summary.

    As an independent freelance macroeconomist, who supports cross party interests in an effort to improve macroeconomic efficiencies, I have provided the following paper, putting forward the suggestion of a Secondary Personal Taxation Allowance for Supplementary Income. I identify limitations in economic growth, wage caps, pay disputes and inflation control, as the main threats to macroeconomic prosperity. I conclude the resolution to 'All' of these limitations is supply side stimulus, preferably, through an expanse in secondary occupation.

    As macroeconomic control has become constrained taxation exemptions on further work, in addition to existing occupation, 'Supplementary Income', is the most viable option to expand economic output. Cost efficiencies for Supplementary Income, if the primary allowance is matched, range from £2,300 to £4,830, depending on the individual's taxation code and national insurance contributions. The suggestions put forward in this paper offer the possibility of a secondary, 'Free Market', economy of tax free trade or tax free employment.

    A Secondary Allowance for Supplementary Income, 'SASI', will offer the opportunity to maintain macroeconomic targets. It may also generate a secondary 'System D' style economy, which could support the primary economy through the current difficulties. I recommend the introduction of a Secondary Personal Taxation Allowance for Supplementary Income, equal to the existing Primary Personal Taxation Allowance of £11,500. I also recommend the introduction of a Supplementary Income Co-operative business entity, for large projects.


    This paper was sent to; 'The Chancellor of the Exchequer', The Rt Hon Philip Hammond, 'The Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer', The Rt Hon John McDonnell, 'The Prime Minister', The Rt Hon Theresa May, 'The Leader of the Opposition', The Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn, 'The First Secretary to the Treasury', The Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss, The Rt Hon Sir Vince Cable, 'The Scottish First Minister', Nicola Sturgeon MSP, Michael Fabricant MP and 'The Office for Budget Responsibility', on Tuesday 30th January 2018.