The Railroading Of George Zimmerman By Barack Hussein Obama

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    The persons who should be on trial Barack Obama and Eric Holder for their miscarriage of justice. The final question is will there be or has there been jury tampering by Obama and Holder.

    It's come out in the George Zimmerman murder trial that the state of Florida withheld key exculpatory evidence in its arrest affidavit and charged Zimmerman under false pretenses.

    Forty-four days after local police released neighborhood-watch captain Zimmerman from custody, ruling he fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in self defense, a special state task force set up under pressure from the Obama administration decided it was murder — with no grand jury input. Among evidence to support the charge, the affidavit noted Martin's mother listened to a recorded 911 call and "identified the voice crying for help as Trayvon Martin's."

    Left out of that April 11, 2012, document was the fact that Martin's father also heard the same tape and concluded unambiguously — according to the testimony of two detectives — that it was not his son screaming.

    Several other witnesses have identified the voice as Zimmerman's, which makes sense since eyewitnesses saw the 6-foot-3 Martin straddling him and pounding his face and head on the sidewalk.

    More, the affidavit omitted medical evidence of injuries to Zimmerman's face and back of his head, as well as forensic evidence of grass stains on his back.

    The task force, led by state attorney Angela Corey, claimed Zimmerman "profiled" Martin, who was black.

    But it conveniently failed to mention a toxicology report finding traces of marijuana in Martin's blood and urine — which would have corroborated Zimmerman's remark to a 911 dispatcher that Martin acted like he was "on drugs." Police had trained Zimmerman to spot non-residents acting suspiciously in his townhouse complex, which had been the target of a rash of break-ins.

    The lead detective in the case, Chris Serino, said he felt pressure to charge Zimmerman with murder, even though he said there was no evidence to support it.

    From where did such pressure come? All the way from Washington. Consider this timeline:

    Feb. 26, 2012: Zimmerman shoots Martin, claiming self-defense; later released after police questioning.

    March 12: Sanford, Fla., police chief insists there's not enough evidence to charge Zimmerman, but turns investigation over to the state attorney's office for review after protests from civil-rights groups.

    March 20: Attorney General Holder launches investigation of police handling of case. U.S. prosecutors meet with Martin's parents and the Rev. Al Sharpton.

    March 22: Al Sharpton holds rally, yelling: "We came for permanent justice. Arrest Zimmerman now!"

    March 22: Florida Gov. Rick Scott puts Corey on case; Corey decides not to let grand jury review evidence.

    March 23: In White House press conference, President Obama expresses sympathy for Martin parents: "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon." He adds, "It's absolutely imperative we investigate every aspect of this."

    March 24: New Black Panthers offer $10,000 bounty for "capture" of Zimmerman, threaten his family.

    April 2: Holder meets Congressional Black Caucus, Sharpton and other black ministers in White House, pledges "swift action" in the Zimmerman case.

    April 11: Holder speaks alongside Sharpton at his National Action Network convention in New York, where he threatens to charge authorities in Florida with "civil rights crime." Zimmerman is taken into custody.

    It's now clear that the decision to arrest Zimmerman and put him on trial — which again, came 44 days after Zimmerman was questioned and released — was, unconscionably, a political response to pressure from a race-obsessed president and his attorney general and the racial arsonists like Sharpton with whom they run.

    This was rank corruption of our justice system to engineer a politically correct verdict, and it's a frighteningly bad omen for the rule of law in this country.
  2. The police do not test George for drugs after he kill that boy. Why?
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    Are you back again, dumbass?
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    George kill someone. Why the police not do the drug test on George? Answer my question. You, Lucrum and Leapup only be mean and angry to distract from questions.. Answer my question.
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    Yes, state should have test George because he want trayvon's skittles. That why he stalk boy. That why he shoot boy. George hungry with munchies.

    (Dumb bitch!!:D )
  6. Good article by IBD which makes some excellent points.
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    Gotta love IBD! A real American news source.
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    State should test George because he KILL. Why in the USA the drug test is for the dead person, but not for the person that kill?
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    Ok, in your language:

    State will make drug test if they have this a PROBABLE CAUSE to this believe shooter was using drug.

    As far as dead person due to shot, in all 50 US State, an autopsy accompanied by toxicology report must be made on any death deemed "un natural."

    This is a USA, and a we have this document called Constitution. Maybe you should this read since you invaded MY country.
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