The Pabst Doctrine

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  1. Although I intimately follow markets, politics and football (as well as a few Russian porn sites-to keep up on global events) I consider myself much more a technician than a fundamentalist. After all for as much knowledge as we think we possess chances are we fail to be plugged in to every important factor in valuations. My betting system is simple. If most trading blogs are buying new lows I'm shorting the breakout. If most handicappers are betting the Pats -14 I'm taking the points. Fool proof? Fuck no. An edge? Well the proofs in the pudding.

    In politics sentiment is trickier so I've developed more of a doctrine than a system.It's the same theory as my speculative guidelines. I'm seeking to identify dumb money.

    I'm more a libertarian than anything else but since the Republicans are generally less intrusive than the Democrats I seldom vote for a Democrat. I certainly support a Ron Paul with greater gusto than a Rudy Giuliani. I've contributed to Dr. Paul twice and I was elected as an Illinois delegate to the Presidential campaign of Steve Forbes in 2000.

    That being said I'm not a rabid supporter of John McCain. As a Congressional candidate in 2004 I viewed the McCain-Feingold campaign reform act as anti-free speech and rather than “reforming” the finance of elections, this legislation actually gives greater voice to wealthy self funders and to entrenched incumbents than helping maverick grass roots challengers. Who would expect Congress to pass anything else. Despite McCain's immense personal sacrifice for his country and his generally moderate voting record I look upon Congress as an ongoing impediment to our nations fiscal well being. Certainly though by my criteria McCain is a 10x better legislator than Joe Biden.

    As a Chicagoan I'm far less inclined to support Barrack Obama than John McCain. Chicago is the asshole of America. The last Republican mayor elected in Chicago was in 1927. In 1950 Chicago had a population of 3.6 million and 3.3 million were non-Latin whites. Today the white non-Mexican population of Chicago is around 900,000. The sales tax in Chicago is 10.25%, a pack of cigs is 8 bucks, the minority drop out rate in Chicago schools is 51% and despite an anti-2nd amendment law prohibiting the possession of handguns anywhere in Chicago, our murder rate is three times that of NYC. The Chicago schools are broke, The Chicago Transit Authority is broke, the State of Illinois needs to raise new revenue to keep solvent and Michelle Obama makes 314k a year working for a public institution. Ah, the Chicago Way.

    The Democrat Machine of Chicago has been the political engine of Chicago's demise and Obama is a conductor on the train. Obama has never ONCE uttered criticism toward the policies or politicians complicit in Chicago's plunge from the “City That Works” to it's present bread and circuses nightmare of white middle class flight. The United States doesn't need to be a microcosm of Chicago. Under Obama we will be.

    None of this political/social analysis by yours truly divulges the exact methodology behind my McCain vote. Allow me to share my scorecard.

    If the majority of actors, entertainers and producers are in support of a candidate I vote the opposite. Pamela Anderson's and Matt Damon's recent quotes about Sarah Palin put my methodology into strong buy mode. “I can’t stand her,” Pam Anderson blurted out. “She can suck it!” Who can beat an endorsement like that one.

    If more than 90% of African-American's support a candidate I'm in fade mode: Given that most black athletes are Republicans and that most ghetto living, gun wielding, wefare abusing, school dropping out fat as Oprah blacks are Democrats my system is in four star buy mode for Republicans.

    If more than 75% of Jews vote Democrat then Pabst goes the other way. No matter how funny and smart Jews may be, any group of people who can be leveled by a Vienna postcard artist and frightened into a nuclear frenzy by 17 year old Palestinians throwing rocks and launching weaponry developed in the 60's are a poor choice for shapers of policy. Not to mention the consistent anti-America internationalism and Christian values bashing of the Jewish Left makes a semi-agnostic like myself consider joining a Pentecostal ministry.

    If more than 75% of homosexuals vote Democrat I vote Republican. No gay bashing but for sure I don't want to be the same way as those dudes.

    If most of the MSM is lobbying for a candidate I'm a fader. The broadcast networks (CBS, NBC and ABC) have reaped billions through government sponsored FCC monopolies. They pay talentless “talent” tens of millions in salaries. In some cases anchormen out earn top executives of the parent company. Funny we hear a lot about executive compensation but if I was a stockholder in 1/3rd of its 2000 value GE I'd have a lot to say about Olberman making 4mil a year.

    If most bloggers are Democrat then I'm Republican. Think loZZZer. Huffingtonwhore and dailykos are just higher circulation vender's of his vapid insanity. At least though, Arianna bathes. Well maybe she just douches.

    Who do I bet along with? NFL coaches. PGA golfers. NASCAR drivers. Small businessmen. Christian folks raising children. Those who don't make 20mil a movie and yet only pay their hair stylist $400 a week. I vote with those who graduated college but didn't go on to graduate school in order to expand their useless resumes into 150k a year jobs in academia. I vote with doctors and nurses who save our lives but hear that they're overpaid. Funny but some pinko making a fortune teaching Russian Studies is
    considered by the left to be underpaid but an MD making the same contributes to the soaring cost of health care. Pabst tries to stand for Americans. The Left stands for anti-Americans. That's a trade I'll fight to my death.
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  3. A losing trade, lol. I had a couple of thou bet on Gore. :(

    I still think HC was robbed.

    Nice jab though! :)
  4. Funny, past stupidity left out his love, admiration and respect for Adolph Hitler...

    Wonder why that is?
  5. Nice post Pabst, you nailed it.
  6. "NFL coaches. PGA golfers. NASCAR drivers. Small businessmen. Christian folks raising children."

    These people must be the Aryan's.
  7. LOL, and based on this doctrine you voted for Bush twice, did not you? We lost two WTC towers and the city of New Orleans, we have two disastrous wars, huge deficits, collapsing stock market, sky rocketing inflation, oil prices, unemployment and foreclosures, muscle-flexing Russia and belligerent Iran on our hands. But hey, who cares, you did not vote with blacks, jews, gays and bloggers so all is well, isn't it.

    This is not necessarily an endorsement of Barack Hussein Obama but do people like you ever learn?
  8. Is your net worth higher today than on Jan. 20, 2001?

    Presumably yes.

    Do you pay homage to Bush because of that? Of course not. He had nothing to do with your success. Correct? (except you got to keep thousands of dollars in additional income because of Bush)

    Then WHAT THE FUCK does he have to do with someone's failure?

    In fact other than the war in Iraq and the accompanying deficit what does he have to do with ANYTHING else on your list?

    Ironically except for Katrina is there anything on your list that one couldn't say about Tony Blair?

    Don't reply because if you give me some insipid answer containing either the words Katrina or oil I'll shit all over your stupidity.
  9. Is your net worth higher today than on Jan. 20, 2001? Presumably yes.
    You're kidding, right? Stagnant wages, high unemployment, skyrocketing oil, health care, food, college prices. Let alone the fact that every single american including new-borns is burdened with what...$25,000 of national debt? Or is it $30,000 already? The rich are getting richer, the rest are getting poorer. I can understand that Steve Forbes is completely out of touch with the real world but it's truly ironic that his delegates are.

    (except you got to keep thousands of dollars in additional income because of Bush)
    that's just too bad that I and my children will have to pay it all back with hefty interest to China, Russia and Saudi Arabia. That's just to bad that my hard earned dollar can buy about half of what it was able to buy in europe, asia and elsewhere just a few years ago.
  10. Do you have a hard time answering questions honestly? Is your net worth higher even AFTER adjusting for inflation? Probably yes, eh? Unless you live in Flint it's pretty hard to not live in a home worth more than what it was in 2001. Has your home increased in value more than your per capita indebtness via the Federal budget deficits? Presumably. That's called parity.

    Much of the rest is BS. For one the dollar hasn't fallen against Asian currencies to any huge degree. In fact until a year ago the Yen was on multi year lows against the dollar. Plus you must be pretty rich if you care about how much vacationing in Europe costs. Earth to Mars: The Euro zone and Japan have government debt levels IDENTICAL (or higher) to the U.S.

    If you want to avoid poverty in times of hyper inflation-which may be around the corner-then buy assets. Or trade well.

    Iraq was a waste of money and life but EOD only about 6% of our national debt is from the Iraq war. It's time to move on. Stocks in China are down 68% the past year. Instead of being a member of Whiner Nation-count your blessings. Jeez you'd think America is going to bed starving tonight. Much of the world is.....
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