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The Government Wants You Dumb

  1. I just watched an old Twilight Zone episode that was quite interesting. It took place in a future society where the government controlled everything. At age 12 all children were required to take an intelligence test. A truth serum was given to make sure the children answered the test truthfully.

    The purpose of the test was to weed out people who were of high intelligence. Kids who were deemed to be too intelligent were exterminated.

    Could this be the future according to Democrats?
  2. Our democratically controlled education system seems to confirm this.
  3. Various "lotto" games for pre schoolers. Booyah!!!!

    Got Math? I don't need no stinkin math, I play lotto.

  4. Basically, the thread title is correct. Bureaucrats like "yes men". They don't like to be questioned. It's all about modern day slavery/control.

    U.S., China, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Libya all have lots of similarities from a government control standpoint. Freedom in the U.S.A.? Some. Is today's U.S.A. what it was meant to be?---LOL.

  5. The Department of "Education".

  6. With you they've succeeded!

    (Ok, that was an easy one, I know everyone saw the chance.)
  7. Hmmmmm not really.
  8. That you missed the easy, I'm not surprised.
  9. 200 bucks for a book that tells you how stupid you are.....

    LOL, instant classic. :D

  10. Why pick on Democrats, the dumbing of the population is the ultimate goal of both the right and the left in the US.
  11. Your inability to distinguish the right from the left shows how dumb you are! [​IMG]
  12. Then why defend the democrats?
  13. Based on what? Your uninformed opinion from Scotland?
  14. Scotland, the folks who faked the Libyan terrorist's cancer in order to release him for a few barrels of oil. You remember, the guy who blew up a 747 over Lockerbie.

    Never again can anyone from scotland have anything meaningful to say about the US. Scotland is full of terrorist-apologists and the mentally retarded. They grub for money more desperately than any people I've ever seen.

    Dan Ackroyd and SNL had it right with those skits about that scottish restaraunt. At scotsman will do anything and say anything for some coin. Not to be trusted and never to be defended by the US again.
  15. Lockerbie bomber appears at pro-Gadhafi rally

    Call for Megrahi to have 'open door' to Scotland
  16. That's the way people are in much of Europe. You can't trust any of them, they would sell their own grandmother to make a Euro.
  17. Sorry! I had not checked the price! Here is a link to where you can download much of the book...


  18. You can't be serious right?