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The Geography of Upward Mobility in US

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  2. Interesting ... I would have guessed that both the coasts would be mostly green-ish and the central parts mostly red-ish (shows you what I know about US demographics!). [​IMG]
  3. Looks like a lot of this is due to fracking for oil in regions they are not exactly boom towns to begin with. Frackers are going to make a lot more than what the median wages in these areas, most of them are way are out in the boonies.

    Take North Dakota, east Texas, or Alaska . The 10 highest paid jobs are all related to oil fracking, not to mention how desolate these places are.

  4. Looks like the red states are..... well, red
  5. I for one always thought fracking was good........
  6. Fracking destroys the ecosystem & makes the drinking water flammable/toxic. If someone was fracking in you area you would hate it.