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The day to day psychology of a trader

  1. It seems that titles wordings are important.

    I will be continuing my trader journey, via tracking my psychology day to day,
    and thus describing what are the sources of any psychological thoughts.
  2. Just a recap :

    the analysis of psychological stress for a trader, the causes of these
    ( 5 years of group mobbing, harassment by proxy, etc...)
    were amply examplified in these previous threads


    Part2 ( 85 000 views, 300 different ip/week)

    So here we change the title to make sure that - even myself who is
    now teaming up to open a psychological coaching company for traders and al -
    the reader understands :
    * events do influence the psychological state of a trader
    * the psychological state can not be understand without knowing
    what events are occuring
    * the psychological state can not be understood without a description
    of these events : the description allowing to uinderstand why the
    psychological thinking patterns are different for a specific trader,
    while it could have been different for another one.

    Feel free to PM, should you have any upset - this is what understanding
    one's psychology is all about: self-honesty , specifically for
    deeply psychological uncomfort.
  3. oh man, I go through days and weeks and sometimes months where that's all I do everyday. Just lose money. I make a little but I lose much more. That can go on a long time, and then it is just a matter if you have properly counted just how magnificently bad your luck can be.

    But if you survive, you have properly counted the cost

    If you win? well, isn't that just a matter of luck?
  4. :eek::eek::D:D:D:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::):):)

    The psy "shop" is not opened yet! But one is already queuing!

    Loyek590 : May I suggest you buy yourself a notebook.
    On each page you list/describe when you lost money :
    specially in childhood. Imagine a situation, where , as a kid, one actually
    lost some money, but got a great reward for it.
    Do you then feel that as an adult trader, one'd love to recreate the same
    There are many reasons for losses.
  5. if your first bet was a winner you are a gambler for life.
    if your first bet was a loser, "Screw me once....and we aint going to get fooled again."

    Like the man said, "Once a cat sits on a hot stove, it will never sit on a hot stove again. Or, a cold stove for that matter."
  6. When filling your notebook, precise situations where you said to yourself
    you were gambling.
  7. after I get it all on, and I know for as close to certain as I can be what my risk is, after that it is just a matter of luck. I would like to think I am a good reader of the market, but probably I am just a 50% guesser.
  8. I fixed my averaging down issue, by reducing my Margin to 50:1 then trading at 90%+ of that, so 45:1 area margin used, can only trade 1 trade at a time, problem solved.

    Max Loss, if I get carried away moving the SL is also my Margin call, which is pretty close.

    Sometimes, you've just go accept you can't beat the issue and cheat :)
  9. No such thing as LUCK, but if your profits are just random chance, then your method isn't real, you'd likely be better off with a coin flip.

    Obviously not all trades will win even with a great method, but more should win than lose and also the profits should be greater on average than the losses, on average.

    If not, keep searching and working on a method which works for you.
  10. From my experience, when one is determined to lose money, no matter the tricks and guards put in place, the person will find other ways to lose money (overtrading, etc...).
    So it is better - but much more difficult - to get to the root cause and heal whatever caused the problem.
  11. Could it be that losing money trading can be a result of false persuasions?
  12. One question : why do Law Courts have at least 14 professionals when a case come forward? Even a simple case ?
    Because they know that to get to the truth of a sets of criminal acts, very well trained professionals are needed. Tell me: why do you think your "gossips" gathering will be more effective than a Law Court?

    In the same vein, why do some - not me - traders have tons of stuff on their charts ?
    Because they believed that one stuff is not enough.
  13. Sorry, can you explain?
  14. Sure. For example one may fall prey to cognitive biases starting from clustering illusion to something known under such a simple name as "wishful thinking".

    It may have to do nothing with childhood trauma or like that, but have a lot to do with random gratification. Trading in this sense is similar to gambling.
  15. I have to be honest a problem with the expression "wishful thinking" - as
    it seems to me that it reflects a certain mindset that I do not share.

    Here is a video of what one would have said "wishful thinking"

    I think more than 200 head of state attended his funerals.

    When he was in prison : how many people assumed "wishful thinking"?
    Now, if I am misunderstanding your meaning of "wishful thinking",
    please correct me on that.
  16. Well, I agree with you on Mandela. But there's nuance. Him, Jesus or Socrates were ready to sacrifice lives if needed for their ideas. Because they goals were noble and going far beyond their own well-being.

    We trade... well, for the money. So it better be a balance of what's on the "input" vs. "output". In other words, it is unwise to sacrifice too much for HOPE of making money certain way, because there are many ways to do that without sacrificing too much.
  17. There are many ways to make serious money : I fully agree with you.
    Are you saying that one should look to otehr ways - including outside trading?
    Or are you saying that one should look for different method when trading?
    Or are you saying that one should look for a different environment when trading?

    Say in passing, reading their biographies, I have come to believe they were so down, that they did not have any other choice than "extremely massive success".
  18. I am saying one should first: realistically view one's chances of success via chosen way of trading. Second, see if that realistic expectation satisfies the needs. If not, realistically look elsewhere, within the industry or outside, it doesn't matter.

    One beautiful thing with goals is that on the way to what we think is our dream we may find something actually more interesting for us as a goal. But only if we keep our "mental eyes" open.
  19. Wouldn't be any fun if it was to easy!
  20. OK. May I ask : are you still trading or you've moved on ( as your post implies)?
    I just need to check I am reading right.
  21. Sure. I still trade, but shifted priorities from day trading only to much more omnifarious life.
  22. Are you looking for some validation/agreement for your decision of moving on?
  23. My job and a "calling" so to say is find the truth, so I equally appreciate any opinion or information, critical included.

    Ironically, everything I do outside of financial markets made me understand financial markets better than ever and the way everything works too. But even more ironically, seeing this similarity makes it obvious how hard can edges be to find in liquid financial instruments vs. some other instruments.
  24. OK. Thank you for explaining.
    If this is fine to post it here : what is your job ? what are your other activities outside trading?
    When you went into trading: did you go through trading via classic financial institutions, or via different ways?
  25. One "another" job you know: that is counseling and coaching.

    Another is I run a business of physical trade (auto parts). That one is especially great to compare physical markets with financial markets.

    Went into trading in 2005, classic retail way (forex account). No background (my degrees are psychology and philosophy, not anything close to finance), nothing. Guess like most of ET members.
  26. I can only say, if yuor decision has been yours alone, then you made the right decision
    from where you were at the time.
    And very good that you've found much more success than in trading.

    Now when looking to trading decision to quit or not ( I am assuming that is what you are referring to) : it depends on the situation.
  27. Well, I prefer not to talk in terms of "quitting". Any experience is invaluable if you know how to use it. Trading is great, that background helps me a lot in business.

    My initial point is just: don't get stuck at "day trade no matter what". There SHOULD be a "matter what". Your quality of life is TOP PRIORITY. Anything else better just serve that goal, not be your idol as it too often happens. Been there myself, so know what I'm talking about.
  28. One story before I go to bed. :)

    One of my best virtual friends, ET member and a good trader admitted that his relationships were broken due to trading (during the "learning curve" period). He became successful, but suffered from loneliness for like the rest of life. Last year he died. I will always remember him and his lessons.

    One of the most important of which is: risk:reward applies not just to your trades.
  29. True : trading provides a very special experience to say the least.
    Now about when one should quit ?
    In my views, one should realise that trading is a UNIQUE and golden opportunity to sort out one's psychology/spirituality. Moving on from trading : the same issues are still there.
    So if someone sort out their psy issues, and then make the decision to quit : all hats to them. Quitting before is giving up on the golden opportunity trading offers : a real mirror to where one's problems are. In trading, one can not hide.
  30. From spiritual point of view any experience is "good" of course. But from conventional, that one which may kill is not. :)

    So there should be a "stop-loss" too.

    P. S. Gone for today, thanks for the talk.
  31. Just to explain quickly :
    www.dhamma.org ( mindfulness meditation) does miracles - and I have read it through the lines on ET of some traders who are significantly improving their performances after such mere 10 days retreat.
    "spirituality" is more a "catch" word for stuff other than psychology or prayer.

    What I am saying is : has the person really looked at everything regarding
    their trading.

    Next time to discuss.
  32. I have received quiet a few requests for precision regarding the "Spirituality" threads.
    So I will just deal with each one as it comes.

    First, YES you can still tip off as explained in
    "spirituality" videos - Part II


    like that

    To provide your information

    in prenom : anonimiteVoulu
    in nom : anonymiteVoulu
    in addresse courriel : anonymite@voulu.com
    Sujet : "Je ne trouve pas de reponse a ma recherche"

    You can write the message in English

    Precise :
    " Reporting on Stalking, Spying, Harassment, Harassmenty by Proxy, Breach of privacy rights, Slandering and Defamation, Attempted coercion into Prostitution, Participating in Identity theft or identity substitution crimes, Using and Misusing of the victim's name, Deception to participate in illegal and criminal acts, Deception to participate in the hiding of illegal and criminal acts, Corruption and attempted corruption of Lawyers and Police Officers, Preventing the victim from defending its legal rights, Preventing the victim from accessing any Police or Legal protection, and others acts aimed at damaging the victim in many ways between 2010 and 2014.
    reference number is 2015/000537
    declaration le 06/01/2015 at Police Nationale service PROX/DC00/I810"

    Report : who, what, when, where, how.
    All your information between 2010 and 2015.
    The acts you know that took place, how this was done , including lies and manipulations
    that lead the person to do whatever actions. This is important so that down the line
    ( as we have around 40 people identified who "participated"), we can make sure that those manipulated inspite of themselves do not bear too much damage.
    As much information and details as possible.

    ALSO , do tip in the same way https://tips.fbi.gov : copy exactly the same information.
  33. Now for those who are still asking : "Do we really need to go through Law Court and Legal Actions?". To that from a trader's psychology perspective I' d say it depends.
  34. Interesting : some posts have simply disappeared :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    The one with Nelson Mandela's video has disappeared.
    What a shame that some people can manipulate their way to that
    ( lamborghini gift anyone, or one of the "females"?)
    The beauty of CORRUPTION.

    A list of other posts that "disappeared"
    - the posts on "wishful thinking" disappeared! lol
    as well as the comments on nelson mandela from prisoner to president! lol

    - the posts on "I just want the truth" disappeared!lol
    - the posts on "Well... it is money... lifestyle..." disappeared! lol
    - the posts on the mindset that says money trumps everything
    disappeared! lol

    I wonder who has been receiving some fancy cars from we know who,
    or slept with one of the "females" provided from we know who.
    This person always wondered why no millions of people queue up to
    live in his country , inspite of the fancy car they offer. Well, may
    be there is something one can not buy : law, order, PEACE of
    Western countries. And also a minimum of values.
    Millions of people flee to Western countries because there is some
    minimum of STANDARDS.

    Hopefully some will remember ( excellent psychological video
    to watch daily).
  35. :):):)May be time to join some "corrupt-free" chatrooms

    The disadvantage of corruption : traders with integrity move to
    better shores?
    From a psychological perspective , why is that? :):):)
  36. Feel free to contact about good chatrooms.
    My priorities : sane trading environment.
    I have my way of trading and I just need a place with other traders around.
  37. Interesting... a bit of complaining and some posts are back. LOL.:D:D:D

    The Nelson mandela video is back on the "wishful thinking".
    Posts still missing the "Well...it is about money... lifestyle..."
    and the one just before my post on dhamma about
    roughly "money trumps all" mindset.
  38. So that when Cornix checks this out: yesterday, I have actually been thinking about the
    conversation ( thus took notes of the different subjects).

    First you have to realise that if a relationship was not build on "sane principles", the relationship will not withstand the tests of trading. Trading is a mirror to oneself, and thus to what surrounds the trader.
    Usually just a question of time ( 1, 2, 5, 10, 15+ years) till the relationship
    based on "unhealthy" principles breaks down in different ways
    ( having many mistresses with children on one side, and wife with boyfriends
    on the other side, etc...)

    Now about loneliness - and sorry he died last year :

    check here this "spirituality" video , where he talks about loneliness
    ( one possible way to attract loneliness is described : does not mean
    he fit in these situations)

    Now I do not know about the details of his life, so I can only offer my condoleances.
  39. Yes : trading psychology has to look to every facet of a person's life - including intimate relationships.
    You might have seen yourself through the spirituality thread, what horrendous stress I had to go through. Well, my coach said it clearly : your priority is to sort out this before anything.
    No need to load a lot in your trading account, just trade to improve your skills.
    I was actually advised ( because of the issues of prostitution involved)
    to avoid at all cost any "unhealthy" relationship - including
    "engineered encounters", etc.... quite a very restrictive list.
    I had fortunately many methods to compensate the restrictions.

    This is what a psy coach has to be able to do, BUT still respecting the deepest wish of the person. At the end of the day, "spiritual" principles are always at
    work long term. And let me tell you: I am glad we worked on all
    aspects :
    - spirituality AND psychology

    I feel very healthy physically and psychologically.
    I listen to my intuition and shy away from any unhealthy situation.
    The harassment situation is now sorted, and I can resume trading
    without stress ( first a combine test), before loading properly a trading
  40. SS: I agree with you that trading is a great test for personality traits. And a great tool to improve those. So are many other things in life. But some are dangerous. Trading included.

    Of course I'm not saying one should avoid it, far from it. I'm saying one should watch for not getting killed while learning to fly. ;)
  41. Actually this is a good opportunity to understand what "spirituality" can be about.

    Here you are putting in learning to fly, the heavy word "kill".

    * Which other words / sentences could you have used?
    * why is the concept of failure, disaster and death in your subconscious
    thinking pattern?
  42. It can be "fall" instead. :)

    And the matter is not subconscious. It's the trader's mindset: measuring risk first. No emotions attached. Simply measure the R:R then if it's good, go ahead. :)
  43. It looks like this question is a way to analyse more how I can improve my patience in trading.

    1) while writing the book, I have to be careful with the typing, etc...
    ==> transferred to trading : I have to be careful with my analysis.

    That means checking and checking over and over again any
    trading assumption. So this is an example of patience : patience to
    wait for a trade whose assumptions are all well aligned.
  44. 2) writing requires delayed gratification :
    impatience would have had me writing quickly without thinking,
    whereas I had to write parts by parts, and to wait before I could see
    see the shape of a full book.

    ==> trading : I will accept smooth growing equity curves
    and not impatiently seek equity curves made of high pics ( and drawdown obviously via mirror).
  45. or they will make it and lose it on bars or women
  46. Right. It all comes from conflict of values.
  47. Yes or on gambling, bad investments, bad businesses, or on scammers.
    Basically, their mind is looking for any ways to lose money.

    Trading identify the issues : in trading, one can not hide from one's psychology.
    Now if one does not take the golden opportunity to sort it out, it will just come again later on
    in different forms and even worst forms.

    Just a question: have you started the notebook ?
  48. Can you explain, with some examples?
  49. For example one desires money (or rather what money can buy) while at the same time keeping the (often subconscious) conviction that money is "evil".

    Such a person is apt to self-sabotage in a very severe manner.

    A bit exaggerated example, but such cases do happen in reality, I witnessed those more than once among my clients and partially even myself (will tell the story some time when in the mood).
  50. Indeed : limiting beliefs about money.
    This is actually just one manifestation of when "spirituality" is actually F^&k up.
    Even if one clears this specific limiting belief "money is evil", the underlying
    "spiritual" issue still there.
    This is why I believe trading is a golden opportunity : clear one belief, without dealing with the "spirituality" behind, and then it turns to another thing, another "limiting belief" shows up.
  51. :):):) Well well well : I am very glad you have finished your 10 days www.dhamma.org, and now wish that you had done it much earlier - as everyone who has done it.
    Please share the benefits with others ( such as encouraging those you care for to do it as well).
  52. Still on the book :
    obviously writing a book, makes trade preparation looks like a picnic.
    I wonder what was all this moaning about trading session preparation: :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  53. As this thread is in Psychology rather than Journals, I'm offering this post. It's cross-posted, but I don't want to drag anyone away to another thread (the "psychology" is primarily in the last three paragraphs, but doesn't make much sense without what precedes it).

    First, the context, from this morning [2/24].

    Note that the overnight range was generally 44-48 (it doesn't matter whether this is to the tick or not; it is after all a 30m bar). Just before the open, the entire range shifts, like Alaska during the earthquake, and creates a new range from 40 to 44, the lower limit of the previous range. At around 0845, price tests that old lower limit of 44 and drifts downward. At a quarter after nine, it tests the 40 level, which it had done earlier at 0745.


    Now we switch to the 1m. Note the 0915 test of 40 noted by the first arrow. Price then drops through 40. This is a breakout (or breakdown if you like). How one trades this or if one trades it at all is up to the trader. But whether he sold the breakdown or not, it only goes as far as 32. Not bad, but not great. Maybe he exits when price takes longer than he likes for a continuation. Maybe he notices that this level matches the previous day's afternoon low. Or maybe he sees that "spike" up through 38 and gets out then, maybe at BE or maybe with a small profit. Or loss.


    Then he sees price re-enter -- or try to re-enter -- 40. Maybe he tries to go long there with a tight entry trigger. Maybe he gets stopped out for a small loss. If he does, then he is not only thinking about that first trade and how much he gained or lost, but now he's also thinking about this second trade and how lucky he is that it didn't get triggered or that it did get triggered and provided him with that loss.

    What he isn't thinking about is the market, and the price movement, and when and how and when it's moving. And why. He is, therefore, setting himself up to miss a trade that will soon reach 54.

    Unless the trader can stop thinking about himself and his trades and whether he's won or lost and how much, he will not be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that the market gives him. He will instead miss first one, then the next, then the next, all the while deepening and enriching his self-pity. This must be eliminated. The Phillips book I mentioned earlier can help. So can a trusted trading plan. But the trader must never forget that the market couldn't care less where he entered or what his stop is, if any, or what he wants or how he feels. The market doesn't even know he exists except for his infinitesimally small and trivial trade. Rather it is up to the trader to shift his attention outside himself to the market and focus on what and how much the market is willing to give him at that moment and in the moments to come.
  54. Hi Db,

    The second trade looks like one where I got a real "spanking" by Dax few years ago : loaded to the full, when it went to touch a significant support and reversed on me. Still remembering this trade!

    Ok few questions:

    * you say price takes longer than he likes for a continuation : how long is too long?
    * so trader get long at 40 again : what is the reason here ?

    I like how you describe the trader's thoughts: thinkingof the last trade, his win/loss
    AND about the 2nd trade ( lucky it got triggered or not,...).
    Well thinking of himself, and the trades and not the market. Triggering here the emotions
    of self-pity.

    This is where psychology/spirituality comes in :
    * in this case why the self-pity ? No it is not just these trades
    * what is so big/huge in his subconscious, that this "monster" has to show up when trading ( aka the conscious mind leaves place to the subconscious)?
  55. Depends on the trader. If he's a daytrader, several minutes might be too long. If he's a scalper, several seconds might be too long. This is where characterizing one's market comes in.

    As to 40, he might want to go long once price penetrates what had been and may continue to be an important range, expecting to ride it to the upper limit (which is in fact what happened and could be expected to happen according to Auction Market Theory).

    No, it is not just these trades. They merely reinforce the poor self-concept that already exists and generate yet more negative self-talk.

    As to what is so huge in his subconscious, one could come up with a formidable list. Could be ego issues, either weak or strong, small or large; self-image; addictions; relationships with his parents, particularly his father; and so on, all of which reinforce the need for a trusted plan, which can solve many if not most psychological issues, at least those which interfere with trading.

  56. Much of its due to "wealth wounds". Money has damaged many people , particullarly those attracted to trading, from a young age. Parents always struggling, talking bad about rich people, etc.

    Unles you view your account the same as a simulation you will likely lose money This is why traders often do well on simulators and fail in the market.
  57. I sense the exasperation of a well meaning teacher. :D:D:D:D:D
    We can agree that VIA trading, the psychological issues keep coming up
    and just poking an eye at these , a "formidable list" seems to be there.:D:D:D:D:D

    And that is just the start!!!!
  58. Db suggested to make fi of the psychological issue, by focussing on the market.
    Marketsurfer is suggesting to imagine one is on a simulation.

    I really have to find out why God created the human mind as it is.
  59. Exasperation? No. Just twenty years of working with beginning traders.
  60. How does it make you feel to see these traders being blocked in their progress because of their own psychogical/spiritual issues?
  61. There's no contradiction here as few simtraders trade sim emotionally. If they do, then imagining that one is on sim isn't going to help.
  62. Doesn't make me feel anything. But then I have a Ph.D. in psychology. One learns to maintain objectivity.
  63. Oh well, then it is your field!

  64. That's one F'd up person to get emotional on a simulator. PLEASE keep this person away from the financial markets--- it's a disaster waiting to happen. surf
  65. Agree with you Surf, but it still looks to me that prior to doing well on simulator one better have a real edge, which is the hardest part.
  66. I have to agree with you here, that what this person needs is not a trusted plan,
    BUT some serious psychological AND spiritual work.
    The person should not be discouraged, but courageously work on himself:
    he should realise he is lucky to have met trating, as now he can really work on himself
    sort all his issues and move to a much better place long term.
  67. There's some reason in DB's words I think. Truly responsible person sure would get emotional when testing things on realistic simulator, because it effectively shows the "edge" or "no edge" outcome of experiment.
  68. And while working on himself psychologically AND spiritually, the person might want to continue on the simulator with a trading coach practicing over and over again the same method and approach.

    It looks like my "psy" shop will benefit some people. But then,
    I am finishing this book, then correcting it, etc... then seminars,
    then I am travelling, then I am checking some start-ups I am pushing...
    This thread is keeping it clearly : get the "psy" shop opened!!!!
  69. I am glad that trading is not rocket science!!!
  70. Well, I believe that money can be made in the market simply by using excellent money management without a real edge. Eventually, if you last long enough via money management, LUCK will smile upon you providing huge wins or just a single giant score--- but you need to last via money management until this happens---- FOlks like DB-- should they be telling the truth, have been FOOLED by this fact-- just like the ancients pointed toward the stars for reasons why, these folks point toward TA or whatever---
  71. Hmm... probably luck sometimes smiles indeed to random traders, just like it does to gamblers, but overall mathematically trading or playing this way is a losing proposition. In the long run you would lose more than you win.

    Guess there's a reason why top money managers mostly play with OPM.
  72. This is likely the dumbest thing you've ever posted, and that's saying a lot.

    Sure, guys. Just keep pounding away until you get lucky. As long as you "manage your money", everything will work out.

  73. Not good advice, but these statements are true.

    What's also true is Martingale's doubling up betting strategy (implemented with 4+ bets on roulette) has a high probably of working when attempted once.
  74. They may be true, but "true" isn't necessarily realistic. Magee pointed this out decades ago with regard to the "low win rate" trading strategy.

    If MS had to live off his trading prowess, he'd be living under a bridge in a matter of weeks.
  75. Man, talk about delusion. If you were accurate about reason for making money, these reasons could be programmed and you would have money machine. Ever wonder why that will never happen with your price strategy? surf

  76. If you look at the great traders, money managers and others who are verified-- you will see a single or several outrageously fortunate trades that propelled them into the business-- tudor jones, jessie livermore, all of them--- NEXT they step into managing LARGE SUMS of OPM (most of the time-- i think livermore managed his own money-) --- this is how the business works. these "lone wolf" basement types have ZERO evidence of their success--- therefore zero credibility in the real world of finance. That's quite obvious. Yet they exist online??? Yuck!

    Remember, in this case, we are dealing with a counselor, a PhD, an expert in presentation and mental manipulation. Unlike the crank engineers who have threatened me in the past for questioning them, this person is highly skilled with language and people skills. A magician of sorts---- A dangerous combination when applied to those who want to believe.

    Truth is its extremely difficult to HIDE SUCCESS in this world---
  77. Agreed!

  78. Thanks. if traders just looked to the truth, all these false prophets and internet BSD's would be mocked into oblivion. surf
  79. As I said, if MS could provide any evidence of his trading prowess, it would be a lot easier to accept his version of "truth".
  80. Well well well.:):):)
    As we are into psychology ( and "spirituality") ,
    Surf : can you list 30 situations where
    * you lied, did not tell the truth
    * you were mocked ( at least 5 situations)
    * you wen't to hide ( 3 situations will do to get started)
    In childhood is better examples.
    We are here to help: take the opportunity as our new "psy" shop is
    not yet opened. ;)
  81. For those still doubting I am a big believer in this 10 days dhamma thing:

    Just now, finishing to plan www.dhamma.org trip for:
    * my mum ( next month)
    * myself ( 10 days for start of april): in another center than the dhamma one
    * 10 young South African lads for South Africa
    * 20 young French guys this summer for Canada
    Let's say I walk the talk. :rolleyes::):D

  82. Sure, I think everyone has experienced most of your points above. Other than going to "hide"-- even as a scrawny kid I would challenge jocks and authority to the point of needing to be beat down- - I can relate to the points a few times--
  83. I'd have thought if these 10 days www.dhamma.org are seen as valuable
    for google execs, surely , you can't be as scarred as these people who
    took the courage to do it. So yep: no escuse.

  84. Read the surf report, from 2002, res ipsa loquitur. Sure, there have been negative streaks but the journal is profitable from the start. surf
  85. smallStops said:
    Well well well.:):):)
    As we are into psychology ( and "spirituality") ,
    Surf : can you list 30 situations where
    * you lied, did not tell the truth
    * you were mocked ( at least 5 situations)
    * you wen't to hide ( 3 situations will do to get started)
    In childhood is better examples.
    We are here to help: take the opportunity as our new "psy" shop is
    not yet opened. ;)

    Out of curiosity : have you discussed with someone if you are replaying over and over these same scenarios?
  86. :)
  87. Sure. 13 years. You bet.
  88. If this "psy" thread gets at least one person to see clearer in themselves: good.
  89. Book : took a day off, as I feel saturated.
    This is also a good lesson for trading : including frequent "rest".
  90. Based upon what I've read in your journals, you are a long way from mastering 'psychology' or any spiritual related matter. This is not a post to shake my finger at you, more of an observation. You have a very adversarial relationship with everything you do. People are either with you or against you, there is no medium. This shows forth in the situations that you attract. People give you problems, and you constantly write about them in your journal. Your journal is always a rant about what other people are doing to you. Hardly spiritual, and hardly a spiritual mindset. You may be interested in spiritual related matters, but hardly act in a spiritual matter.

    The more you have this adversarial relationship with people and things, the more you will attract situations like that in your life. Which is exactly what you are doing now.
  91. Interesting observation.

    what would you say if this and the other threads were actually used to successfully catch and stop some "group mobbing members " where up to 5 acts of daily harassments were done, till basically end of january 2015 where the team basically tracked most of them?

    Documenting the stress on a trader, the methods used by the mobbing members, also helped release this stress.

    As the team started tracking the "group mobbing" from July 2014:
    it is obvious that the "group mobbing" techniques were quiet advanced.
    Would you like to go through the same things so as to verify your interpretation?
    I am sure some people will be willing to "practice"
    their group mobbing techniques on you, to check their own prowesses.
  92. Actually, I have to thank again those who tipped the Police.
    And, yes you can still tip as here the Police always keep every file opened.

    Yes : to report about the mobbing ( similar mentality to workplace mobbing,
    group mobbing, harassment by proxy, breach of privacy, image rights violations) here is a copy of how to do it.

    We have what we call "declaration de main courante" : this is a Police document, where the culprit(s) will not be contacted by the Police itself. It is to the victim to move the declaration with a lawyer for court situation, or it is automatically opened if anything happens to any person related to the case, and it is used for other Police cases.

    To provide your information

    in prenom : anonimiteVoulu
    in nom : anonymiteVoulu
    in addresse courriel : anonymite@voulu.com
    Sujet : "Je ne trouve pas de reponse a ma recherche"

    You can write the message in English

    Precise :
    " Reporting on Stalking, Spying, Harassment, Harassmenty by Proxy, Breach of privacy rights, Slandering and Defamation, Attempted coercion into Prostitution, Participating in Identity theft or identity substitution crimes, Using and Misusing of the victim's name, Deception to participate in illegal and criminal acts, Deception to participate in the hiding of illegal and criminal acts, Corruption and attempted corruption of Lawyers and Police Officers, Preventing the victim from defending its legal rights, Preventing the victim from accessing any Police or Legal protection, and others acts aimed at damaging the victim in many ways between 2010 and 2014.
    reference number is 2015/000537
    declaration le 06/01/2015 at Police Nationale service PROX/DC00/I810"

    Report : who, what, when, where, how.
    All your information between 2010 and 2015.
    The acts you know that took place, how this was done , including lies and manipulations
    that lead the person to do whatever actions. This is important so that down the line
    ( as we have around 40 people identified who "participated"), we can make sure that those manipulated inspite of themselves do not bear too much damage.
    As much information and details as possible.

    ALSO , do tip in the same way https://tips.fbi.gov : copy exactly the same information.

    Feel free to ask any question.

    Again thank you for helping.
  93. Today : the stress has been very low, as I have been mostly discussing trading
    with some youngsters. So things are back into normal. :):):)

  94. Yep, the longest lasting and most succesful long term journal ever on elite trader. Dats a fact jack
  95. Of course it is.:rolleyes:

    Speaking of psychology, your efforts to sell this fantasy are really quite impressive. Kudos of a sort are called for.

    Now back to the subject of the thread.
  96. DB is a counselor? I didn't know.
  97. March 2015 now coming.
    So as of 2015 plan, I am thus starting my continuous Combine.
    This with 2 youngsters ( both have done their dhamma , and sessions allowed me to determine if there was not too much "spiritual" junk and they are CLEANNNNN :):):) ).
    The key here is to monitor psychology : no trade should be taken when
    there has been any stress.

    The goal :
    * use the Combine as a decision-making tool if I should start loading
    to the "full" any trading account
    * use the Combine as a way to give hope to the other youngsters around these
    two: the aim being they manage to pass it and the Combine becomes
    a trading environment where they can do their 10,000hrs of screentime.
    * 2015 goal : get 34 youngsters into the combine ( following the criteria
    for "success" I have gathered)

  98. No more so than anybody who posts on a message board. The difference between MS and me is that I have a thoroughly-tested and consistently-profitable trading approach. All he has is bluster. Or at least that's all he's provided.

    Now back to the subject of the thread. If possible.
  99. I got interested, because thought there are counselors on the board for real. Could be interesting to discuss psychology of trading with colleagues. :)
  100. That would be interesting. But I don't know of any. Which doesn't mean much since I don't follow psychology threads. I don't recall what it was that brought this one to my attention. But given my stalker, it would have been better not to post here at all.

    Nonetheless, your post about self-sabotage is important.

  101. Yes, he claims a PhD in psychology--- those with that degree are generally referred to as counselors--- surf
  102. Aha, so still colleague. :)
  103. Thank you very much.
  104. As you know, there are many different types of psychologist other than behavior pathologists. And many of them are not in the least qualified to be "counselors". And counselors are not necessarily psychologists. Diplomats and attorneys are also called "counselors" by some.

    I know you know all this, but apparently there's some confusion by others on the matter .

  105. Is DB really Spock? WTF? Anything is possible. RIP!'
  106. Very true. AFAIK in the US there is a separate counseling license in addition to the diploma or PhD degree.
  107. Oye Oye Oye!!!

    As I am this week-end writing the business plan for this "psy" coaching business,
    it occured to me, that actually why go it alone, and why not team up with
    the two experts here? :D:D:D:D:D:D

    We three, we could bring psy coaching to a whole new level :):):)
    Not just the credentials ( graduate& PhD in psychology AND counseling accreditations ),
    but also real experience of how psy coaching can solves the deepest issues ( my personal
    experience), we three we cover many languages as well, and of course business
    experiences as well. I obviously have my list of conditions for teaming up, and you are
    of course invited to draw up your own list.
  108. Sorry to disappoint, but my Master's isn't in psychology and I'm not a certified counselor. But beyond that, I've found psychological counseling to be largely a waste of time when it comes to trading. I've rarely encountered a struggling/failing trader who had a trading plan. The focus, therefore, is not to resolve "emotional issues" per se but to put together a plan. If the plan is thoroughly tested and consistently profitable, the emotional issues evaporate, at least if the trader has the discipline to follow it, but this as well comes in time.

    If one is trying to prove to his father that he's not such a loser after all or if one is trying to compensate for those years in which the bullies on the bus took his lunch money every day or if one has an addictive personality of one sort or another, then therapy is called for. But trading isn't therapy. Putting the cart before the horse just postpones the inevitable reckoning.

    You may succeed where others have failed. But remember that Van Tharp was a complete washout as a trader.
  109. not in psychology, not a certified counselor either: Ha :eek::eek::eek:
    I was looking for these papers as a way to create a difference. :wtf:ops::wtf:ops::wtf:ops:

    Now about the benefits of "psy" for traders
  110. I have zero qualifications in psychology: pure scientists as one can make them.

    There was a time when I started trading, I basically nearly complained we had
    "psychology" sessions as part of the trader training.
    Now, I am big believer in "psy" and "spirituality" for traders.
  111. My Ph.D. is in psychology, not my Master's.
  112. Now, the questions I would ask about the trader without a trading approach :

    * why is that?
    psychology / spirituality

    Is that because the person wants to gamble, but sees trading more
    acceptable socially than saying "I am a gambler"?
    Is it from greed ?
    Is it from get-rich-quick mentality?
    Is it because the person knows it is the surest way to lose money?
    What are the core motivations for trading?

    These are few examples where psy/spirituality come into effects
    at the trading approach phase.
  113. Do you Db, start to understand why psy/spirituality is important for trading?
  114. Trading and therapy : Trading will just refects the trader's subconscious mind.
    Work on the subconscious mind to improve the trader's performance.
    This is what I have learned to do.
  115. Just now, for instance, by working on this book, I get to reveal aspects of my subconcious
    mind I was not aware of.
    So these aspects being revealed, I can now work on them, as I know these aspects
    of my subconcious mind will affect other areas of my life ( including trading).

    The subconscious mind is absolutely a marvelous creation.
  116. My experience is the following:

    if one has a robust edge, psychological issues are of secondary importance. People rarely handle equity swings poorly if they know their system is OK. That's not just trading. Equity swings are normal in any business and there's a reason not many counselors make a living by helping businessmen cope with periods of better or worse performance. :)

    From the other side, help definitely needed for many people who have expectations out of sync with reality and fall prey to addiction etc.
  117. :D

    May I ask if you don't mind, what was the topic of your PhD thesis?
  118. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
    Only today, after 5 years, am I receiving threats of legal actions. :):):)
    PLEASE BRING IT ON!!!!!! :p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p

    Legal actions for "emotional upset" is absolutely fine: you will thus
    have the opportunity to explain clearly what is it that has been
    bothering you for FIVE years!!!! lol

    Yes, they do not mind if one lives in a fiscal paradise: on the contrary,
    that will bring more interests for the public.

    Just in passing: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-therapist-is-in/201103/10-steps-letting-go-resentment

    And please print it out and bring it to a counsellor so as to moan :
    "bitcha gona bitch".
  119. Psychology for trading...
    Next 3 months themes to study : idolatry
  120. May be starting to understand idolatry from religious psychological/spiritual explanations:

  121. Idolatry is not an easy thing to understand for me.
    I'll first try to look at idolatry as something one:
    * worship
    * knees and bow to like "primitives" cultures do.

    I am glad I have time to understand what idolatry is.
  122. That's typical for many money issues. Jesus warned about it. :)
  123. You mean what the heck "spirituality" is doing in a psychology section
    of a ET forum? LOL.
  124. Well, in most cases spirituality and psychology are the same thing using different terms. :D
  125. Well, as my "spirituality" threads got the "downgrade", I could have
    However, I am EXXXTRRRREEEEMELY grateful I was willing to try anything
    that worked and solved my problems.:D:D:D:D :D:D:D:D:D

    I am actually going to stop giving tips here, and concentrate from now on
    on putting my trade results, and, pointing out any psychology/spirituality
    issue I might have.

    It looks like I can go and thank all the "spiritualists", "psys" and good samaritans that my problems ( including trading issues) are now sorted.
  126. * the Combine to pass ( glad they are using Ninjatrader)
    * getting the youngsters ( 34 people) past the Combine as well.
  127. Spirituality topics are usually accepted critically because spiritual matters are much like trading - hard to prove and as such attract a lot of dishonest types who manipulate other people's feelings of fear or greed to reach their own goals of greed. :)
  128. Meanwhile, you mentioned a book a few times in this thread. What's the purpose of that book?
  129. there are actually two:

    1) one on phenotypes & genetics
    Just now doing a first set of corrections
    ( one will be sent as a present to a person who became a Justice Minister
    as I am using her pics)

    2) one similar to the "spirituality" threads
    I am still finishing to read a set of books, such as
    "The Invisible Maiming Torture Enterprise of Organized Stalking " by Tomo Shibata
    to choose the best literary "form" to use.
    The second one will be mainly sold to Police officers, Media watchdogs, etc...
    ( of course a present to some procurors - aka head of Law and Order)
  130. I see. Thanks for explaining.
  131. very much welcomed.
    Tomoshibata book is actually very good : just started reading it.
    And a must I'll say for psy coaches like yourself.
  132. [/quote]

    Continueing for these 3 months, the "idolatry" study.
    List of possible examples of "idolatry":
    *physical attributes ( physic, plastics)
    *material stuff
    *social aspects

    One aspect is to be able to determine the "idol".
  133. It looks like someone into "hired mouth" could not help it.
    So here we go: :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    * one is adopting a girl: all the papers have been arranged.
    * a very jealous guy, does not want her to wear any skirts or dresses,
    just trousers
    * well done : wedding in 3 months time, the parents offering a house as a present
    * one man fell madly in love with her from a photo and they are hoping for happily for ever after :D
    * apparently his ex was with him for the money, and when he was away, her ex would
    bring men in for some high quality actions.
    * lately on guy drank himself to drunkness, then went to beat into hospital a guy
    who accused one dulcine of sleeping around. he got reassured in an environment that cautions stalking, "hired mouth" - aka hiding, aka lies. Nice. All about healthy situations.

    How all these relationships , based on "power & abuse based psychology" are going to finish?
    suspense!!LOL :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  134. The exercise is : look to each of the announcements, determine the
    psychological/spiritual flaws and determine how Karma might show up.
    Luckily, the "idolatry" exercises are there : these allow to answer the questions
    more easily.
  135. Follow up on : how do these same psychological/spiritual flaws show up in trading? ;););)

  136. talks about some of the idolatries I am learning about.
  137. Will sure add it to my "must read" list.
  138. So far I am at the first few chapters only!

    What I find astonishing so far in this book is how things build up from some silly situations -
    here a student who get enamoured with the author and the author never had any contacts
    with the person, then as things build up, some serious harassment and responses
    build up to a disastrous situation - that any law court (here also "motional upset") could have sorted out very quickly with no negative consequences for all the parties involved ( it would have been interesting for the stalkers
    to find out about the full context first).
    But then, human beings can sometimes be so full of "idolatry" that being humble enough to
    just put a complaint for "emotional upset" is too much.

    ==> Exactly the same as in trading : monster losses build up from some silly losing trades that are not closed early enough. But then again, human beings can be so full of "idolatry" ( I am God, I can never be wrong), that being humble to just take an early tiny loss is too much.
    ==> Or again : monster losses that build up from "idolatry" of self-pride:
    I am "God" in trading, this trade is 100% guarranteed right, let me UPPPP
    the sizes to well above maximum leverage.

  139. Here's what typically happens: Traders with insufficient capital see the possibility of trading very short term charts with huge amounts of margin for big money and quick safe exits. And so, apply a trade management system that will accomplish one of the goals which is to get out quickly. It doesn't end up making much money though due to the satisfaction of that very goal.
  140. Do you think the problem is too tight risk control then? Getting out of losing trades too early?
  141. Oh well, one example where core psychology/spirituality comes in play.
    IF deep down the trader's main issue is safety/security, and the trader believes that the best way to achieve it is to not get exposed to the unsafe environment of the market.

    Then indeed : short term charts is best. Agree

    This is very subtile understanding of what is really into the trader's mindset.
    Now, if a trader was to not up the sizes :
    * or the profits will be small
    * or the trader will have to be often in the market.

    So the only way would be to up the sizes for "quick huge bucks".

    Now if the trader is "overcapitalized" ( to take into account greed) , then there is no need to overleverage.

    But then the issue of reducing the presence in the market is still there.
    In the case of being "overcapitalized", then the trader might develop fears of putting a trade.
  142. Certainly. Trader who is scared and/or under-capitalized places their stops where they are likely to be taken out, because they don't have the capital to place them where they should be.
  143. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
    some people are asking about my "psy" shop fees : Not opened yet!!!!

    OK , now , more psychology.

    IF you were from a third world country, or from an area where poverty is rife
    and millions of people would leave to move to Europe.
    Now, you are used as a sosie/look-alike of someone who has terminal disease.
    Then as the terminal diseases are as they are ( cancers, etc...), the "original"
    person dies. What would you do ?
    - do your best to stay in Europe, and do some Ghost Identity Theft
    - would you go back to the place where everybody dreams of leaving,
    without ensuring you keep the ID that allows you back into Europe?

    What is complicated to understand :
    the despair of poverty? the dreams of staying in Europe?
    Identity theft? or Ghost identity theft?

    Now look to traders who are undercapitalized and need to make money:
    - overleveraging to make as much money as possible.
    But because of the risk, the habits of exiting as quickly as possible , and not holding
    the trade for fear of losing profits, can also quicks in.
    What is it not to understand : it is normal human psychology due to
  144. Exactly right. This should be the position that every trader is in. Under-capitalized traders have it backwards. They are the ones that should be in "no margin" situations.
  145. So that leaves :
    * making an enormous amount of trades if scalping
    * catching mega trends
    * trading on highest time frames as possible.
  146. Which tactics of stop placement do you suggest then, based on your experience?
  147. Stops should be placed outside the noise as the individual trader sees it, and must also not exceed a loss of 2% of TLNW. That number should be used to determine position size.
  148. It is interesting to be updated on the new funded traders on Topstep! :):):)
    The instruments they trade, etc. This gives another perspective on their trading.

    Just now, Book n°1 is advancing. The patience required is just astronomous:
    now when I think of trading, I come to realise that patience patience patience is really key.

    No need to take any risks because of impatience.
    I wish I had applied this before losing 1,400$ on one of my "side account".
    I might do one test on one account : take just one intraday trade per week. And see how
    the impatience manifests itself. Actually, as I am on a continous combine, try this on the Combine. That would be demonstrating extreme patience.

    Idolatry : this one is just so key. I can read the spirituality of "idolatry" quasi everywhere.
    And I realize that each time I have been position-sizing incorrectly, it was due to these
    atmosphere of "idolatry" taking form. Something to ponder over the week-end.
  149. :D:D:D:D It really looks like for once
    I am in the right place, at the right moment, doing the right thing : finishing this book!!!!!

    For those who want to bet on panick in Cac40 in few weeks time: normally, the "extrême ring party" is going to score big this month. :):):).
    A bit of panic to the market.
    Now, it is up to you to know which firms will be most impacted.
  150. Going through these videos on the sales side of the "arms business" ,
    puts back a lot of things in perspective : I really don't know why I used to devalue
    t-r-a-d-i-n-g profits. It no longer makes sense at all.

    Anyway, back to my study of idolatry and how it applies to trading.
  151. I wonder, how do you define idolatry in the context of trading?
  152. Sorry to ask first : do you follow any religion ? if yes, which one?
  153. Catholic by birth, but I researched a lot on the matter since about 14 or so and try to comprehend the best of many religions and spiritual movements. Staying within the single dogma is too self-limiting in my view.
  155. I was asking so as to know which concepts you are familiar with.
    Are you familiar with the benefits of confessions ? and of confessions with a properly
    qualified priest ? Properly here being important, as we know how "false" religious
    people like parading religion for self-interests.
  156. One has to believe in religion and man made religion as a way to control and tax people, and if you don't pay, in old days people would come to your farm and take, what was it 400 years of Holy wars, not too holy on receiving sides, but very much like governments. You believe in our ways or we will bomb you even though we don't live there, and it is horrible act of terrorism you should do something to us and yet bombs kill thousands of kids and civilians for the sake of believing like us. Yes, religions been around 5000 years and we still killing each other, and I am going to confess myself to another man? No chance that ever going to do again. I am devote to my maker but all else are sinners like me and you. So when someone says "proper", what one sees as proper, what are they selling? I often think religions are forced learning as a kid, easy to brainwash a kid through accepting or pain, to learn religion, "Thou shall blah blah blah" and yet try that with a tall big man, someone would get crushed.

    Want to feel good, help build homes for those who are down and out, help in soup kitchens, donate to future of mankind. It certainly can't hurt your trading.
  157. Try to be open to as good understanding of as many concepts as I can, doesn't matter if I agree with them.
  158. Hi Handle123,

    When I think I had grand plans for you,... I might now change my mind - kidding of course ( ;)).
    Well I fully agree with you: whenever there is opportunity, scam artists will use anything
    ( including religion) for their own benefits, including enrichment - because why else
    did "false" religious people go to bomb to the stone age some remote people if not to enrich
    themselves and their accomplices?

    Now, if these scam artists, went to wear the "religious robe", in the same vein as the wolf wears a sheep clothing, it is because real and true religious people offer something of value, and they know it.
    I will be honest with you: myself I shied away from religion and religious people at a certain period in my life as I saw too many of the scammers and fakes... till I understood
    why these people were there. This allowed me to distinguish the "real" from the "fake".
    What is a "false" Catholic, what is a "true" Catholic? I talk here of catholics as this religion popped up few posts ago. This was a HUGE question for me as well. Now, I have come to peace with Catholics, and realised my mistake in confusing "false"Catholics with what Catholicism is all about, I was able to understand better why some religious activities came about - including the value and benefits of confession , the extrême form
    being EXORCISM. :):):)
    No, I am not telling you specifically to get exorcised, I am just saying that there are stuff out there that work, and sometimes it is best to be humble and just give it a fair try and reap the benefits. For those - as I understand some got inspired from the exploration of exorcism - I can only applaud you to do it, as many sessions are needed. Very well done.
    It is about sorting out any psychological/mental/spiritual problem that has negative consequences.
    Let me put a link here about this aspect:

    I would say myself that exorcism is at the front end of psychology, etc... as for one to be authorized, the "demander of exorcism" needs to tried and exhausted all the traditional ways of getting help. And, I can tell you,
    that these cases do exist!

    Now, you say that whoever you will confess to is no more saint than yourself :
    my question is : where does your superiority complex comes from? how do you know
    that your sins are less than a properly - and I emphasize it here - qualified exorcist?

    Feel free to ask questions about this important aspect. :):):)
  159. :):):):D:D:D I never thought I'd have to revisit the subject of exorcism for traders.
    when trading, do you feel like "possessed"? or as if "someone else is suddenly trading instead of you"? well well well :):):):):):):)

    Or do you prefer the euphemist and less dramatic statements that
    "sometimes when trading, it is your subconscious who starts to trade?".

    I leave this to your appreciation
  160. Whoever has asked a session with Father Amorth, and been granted one, is extrêmely lucky.

    Just found out that due to popularity, they moved the 2hours video from youtube to their own server!
  161. Just a reminder :

    " ...
    when trading, do you feel like "possessed"? or as if "someone else is suddenly trading instead of you"?
    Or do you prefer the euphemist and less dramatic statements that
    "sometimes when trading, it is your subconscious who starts to trade?".
  162. Ok for better formulation:

    When you lose your discipline when trading, do you feel like it was 'another person' trading?

    The advantage of looking to different ways people look at things :
    different ways to focus on the problem. Just take the above as just another way of looking
    to what is behind "discipline issues when trading". Use it or do not use it, I do not have discipline issues.

    Now, I am back to my idolatry study as relatec to trading.
  163. Interesting : people are happy to receive for free, very good help.
    But when asked in exchange to contribute to helping others, come up with many escuses.
    Then have the gut to insult right left and center.
    May be it is time to get the dizaines of people helped to post on ET?
    Learning a lot.
  164. :):):):):)
    I understand better this person who always said to check the person very well before
    offering any "health help", as one said : do you know if God is actually dealing
    with this person via health's problems?
    Now I understand the meaning.

  165. As "I am better than that", let me :
    inspite of the person fuming and insulting when asked in exchange to pay for the transport ( not even the food and lodging, and other stuff that goes with such a trip) for some disadvantaged young people to do a www.dhamma.org session ( they live far from the center), in exchange for my providing for free
    some health point of views - that I acquired from very kind "uneducated" locals - let me still put here some tips.
    From then on, I will refuse to provide any tips on how they can help their
    own health ( apparently they can afford the best medical practitioners in the world, more than Steve Jobs who with all his billions could not cure his own cancer).

    * change the one about black pepper , to :
    - find a plant ( there is a earth I had in mind, but will keep the name for myself), that you are not allergic to, and helps inflammations.
    - create a paste ( I am keeping to myself the carriers that will enhance the stuff)
    - rub this paste on all skin surface ( including head scalp and face)
    - wrap and keep for 1hr+ each day
    - number of sessions ( first 2 months: 5 sessions a day)
    after 3 months decrease to 2 a day.

    So that is my conscious cleared. And I indeed need all
    God's grace I can for my trading!

    Additional advice: get - whoever is blocking health help for yourself -
    into a www.dhamma.org session.
  166. Let's keep working on my own psychology :
    continueing for these 3 months the study of idolatry.
    And how the psychology behind it shows up in my trading
  167. :):):) It is clear that these Law Court cases are becoming "social events". lol.
    Some are even turning up with up to 4 or 5 body guards.Yesterday case :
    around 15 private body guards.

    ( at 00:10-00:12 some feet kicking )

    May be everybody was expecting that matters
    would come into some "fist-fight" , as the main accused body gesture
    (quenelle) was "fist" related in some interprestations.
    All was about context. Even the Magistrate had to reflect on context! LOL
    The room exploded in laughter when some co-coplaignants asked for
    1Euro, 1Fr CFA as symbolic reparation.
    The "quenelle" creator for sexualizing the meaning of his gesture creation.!!!
    The other one because orphans from resistance fighters during the second
    war never received any compensations!!!

    And to top it all, the public broke out into wild applauses - at the
    end of the "accused" finishing speech. To which the angry magistrate
    booted out the loudest cheerer.

    It was actually good that people who only know "vengeance, impunity"
    had the chance to understand that "discussing" is always the best
    first option, as they learned about context!!!!!

    I can't wait for my book number 1 finished: so much excitements
    about book writers nowdays, that "the rising tide will lift all writers' boats".

    Topstep Trader : I am really impressed by all the "infrastructure" they offer.
    It is as if they are removing any material barrier to success. Strangely, I have as not yet
    not taken any trade. It would be strange if I was developing a fear to taking a trade!
  168. I am actually on the continuous Combine : very good decision, as I do not have any time pressure.
    However, I am feeling a real block to take a trade. I prepare, I watch, the price approaches
    my well planned entry price, and , I simply can not take the trade.
    It is as if , it is as if I do not feel prepared at all.
    What always comes in my mind is :

    -" what if the trade takes long to become profitable?" will it increase my average time in losing state ( one criteria of the combine)

    - "what if the trade takes long and becomes unprofitable?" : will it increase my average time in losing state?

    This is becoming a real problem: I am actually freezing each time I have to take a trade! lol!

    I am glad I am refining this book: at least this I can do easily without "freezing".
  169. :wtf:ops::wtf:ops::wtf:ops: I have not been posting much here....

    I will do , as soon as I can free enough time from TopStepTrader, as
    well as the book, as well as the articles and videos for some media news -
    really interesting that one set of journalists pick up my trading thread
    and want to turn it into something for TV.
    Just shows : God works in mysterious ways. Being paid for what I did here for free! LOL

    Back soon. Take care. :):):)
  170. HI. Only one things keep me a bit calm while trading. It is automated trading. If i trade manually i m always nervous...
  171. Hi,

    Plenty of thanks for the suggestion.
    It might be difficult to program everything the way I trade, but I will be investigating how much I can automate.

    My best way of keeping me calm while trading ( so far so good), is doing stuff not trading related: someone hinted about the good brought by "professional humiliator" ( I guess new "Roman" interpretation of Jesus the Phariseans/Saducceans and the Romans). Well, I took the time to find out about it, and, indeed in our culture we also do have "professional humiliators" :

    (Peace and Enjoy! English subtitles included
    Why do they censure like that is amazing!!!!).

    A present for the loyals among the loyals ( :D:D:D):
    a very simple trading system ( moving average crossover he:eek::p:D).
    Nan deleting the putting of the method here. My generosity has some limits.

    So the psychology of self-idolatry : what is the best way to remove it totally?

    find a professional humiliator. So that you do not need to use
    the trading screen as a way to humiliate yourself.

    I do not recommend "attracting" one, as you will not be able to get rid of these pros easily!!!! :(:wtf:ops::rolleyes::D
    But yes they have a role. Modern "maitres fouettards" (master floggers.
    Nowadays you need to flog people's egos as physical flogging no longer
    does it). hahahahahaha. That was a good one:
    good luck with your career of "professional humiliator", but please
    keep away from me. Many THANKS in advance.
  172. Day to day psychology? Recondition your mind :) One of the best motivational speeches I've ever listened

  173. Very great video indeed !
    This is the huge benefit of trading : sooner or later, most traders pass via the steps "motivational speeches", "www.dhamma.org" ( if one wants to get results quickly in terms of meditational benefits), "LOA", etc... till "don't care" ( aka non-attachement) and strangely "results". All of this not in order. :):):)

    Just now, on TopStepTrader as they have excellent metrics. Some traders, like myself, believe in metrics. No punt intended of course.:)
  174. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D It is really good to have one full week-end to be able to post any psychology or spirituality !!!!!
    One full week-end : YES !!!!!

    Just getting some cakes and some drinks and here I go.

  175. Interesting that this "professional humiliator" who since going "national" - aka filling
    zeniths of 2000 - 5000 people - has "attracted" around 80 Law suits for 2015, and has a
    kind of mini-law firm as he has 7 full-time lawyers working for him, is
    now going global ( some are talking of stadiums of 60 000people overseas).
    How will the "humiliated" react when humiliated worldwide globally ? :rolleyes::):D

    As a "professional humiliator" : he is attracting crowds happy to pay for cheering at his performance, and, on the other side, we have the "humiliated" willing to pay big bucks and to hire whoever capable ( via any means, inlcuding slandering, defamation, even using Government officers at Ministerial levels) to silence the "professional humiliator". This "professional humiliator" friend and now best friend Alain Soral ( they have formed a club!) even having his own sister coming forward to explain how herself she could not take his "humiliations".
    I can't remember who always suggested people to get into trading, but now,
    may be it was to test how people can take "humiliation" from the trading
    screen! Trading & Ego mirror.

    As trader, what can we learn about "humiliator" and "humiliation" ?
    Is trading a god_sent activity so that people can deal with "ego" issues ( aka humiliation
    Let's check some cases of deep humiliation

    The reactions to humiliation are obvious : humiliation creates a shock, then generates deep need of crying.
    Now, if the crying got released, this can lead to a first step toward sane reactions.
    If the crying can not get released ( "ego" issues), unhealthy reactions got generated ( from anger, to rigidity, etc...)

    Oen question to look at : can you have any feeling of humiliation
    IF you are a humble person, aka someone who is not arrogant, someone
    who is not conceited. Is humiliation all about the pain of having
    one ass kicked, so to speak?
    For some : how hard did the trading screen kicked your ass ?
    kicked your ego? revealed your self-idolatry?
  176. But let us always remember that we need to thank God for having created "humiliation":
    because humiliation can only happen to those who are not humble, right?
    to those who believe that idolatry toward them exist or should exist.
    To those who feel upset when people say to them " not interested in idolatring
    your, nor your values, nor what you represent".

    Humiliation : and we comes again to Idolatry!!!!
    The trading screen can really reveal all the hidden self-idolatry one carries

    The beauty of the market, is : what can you do to the market
    when the trading screen humiliates you properly?
  177. I am watching over and over various videos on this humiliating defeat of 7-1 at a world cup :
    man !!!!! where everyone in the world , even those not interested in football would know about it!!!! To add salt to the injury of humiliation, this also
    took place in their own country national stadium.

    Watching these goals: damn!!! what an humiliation!

    So the humiliated were in shock, some cried, some got extremely angry, some acted on their anger. Without understanding what it was all about : Idolatry being revealed.

    The public overseas were delighted, cheering the Germans, commenting on the "humiliated team" arrogance, sense of entitlement, awful previous behavior. And some even felt, it was "God sent".

    To idolatry, comes humiliation : so you were upset to feel a deep sense of humiliation?
    ever wondered if that was God ( the real one, aka the Creator of all things - including your ridiculous idol who would love to take God's place), who was reminding you, you were just a
    creature, not to be idolatred? Reflect well. You are getting some deep spirituality here. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  178. Humiliation study , as it is relevant to trading psychology ( traders being humiliated by the trading screen, even when just one on one with a screen).

    For the "humiliated"

    - nobody thought that this is how it would end
    - nobody saw it coming
    - any expectations of winning eliminated
    - sort of entitlement/complecency

    - shock
    - heads dropped
    - mouth opened wide
    - silence
    - crying
    - sadness

    - Proud / Pride ( in football)
    - Very Embarrassing
    - Complete humiliation

    - take a long time to get over what happened

  179. It seems to me that real humiliation is kind of "God sent".

    I have been checking various videos of people wanting to humiliate others,
    and for some reasons, it seem to never turn that way.
    But when the humiliation seems to be coming in a certain,
    God works in mysterious ways, the humiliation is indeed total and complete.
    Here : at what worst even could such humiliation occur?
    world cup!!!! and with how many goals ???? SEVEN ( I am not even
    doing any numerology here) !!!!!
  180. Can the trading screen be called the complete HUMILIATOR ? :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
    Anyway, till the person gets it.

    Now, if the trading screen is the ultimate HUMILIATOR, as it is a mirror to the trader's psychology and plays with the traders' deepest wounds, now it makes sense
    that some questions of 'evidence' can be extremely upsetting... no punt intended.
    These are some thoughts about trading psychology.
  181. Trading obviously is not for the easily humiliated.
    Anyway, the trading screen eliminates easily the easily humiliated.
    Ego, ego , ego. Cry me a river!!!!

    Imagine if the referee had asked Germany to tone it down:
    do not humiliate Brazil too much!!! LOL

    Quiet amazing what sport teaches traders : humiliation.
    Can you take it, or do you prefer the trading screen to teach you
    to swallow some humility? It's a shame that the trading screen
    does not have referees to say "stop the humiliation, you are warned"!!! LOL
    The beauty of trading!!!!
  182. Let's analyze here what we can learn in terms of trading psychology from this humiliation
    that Brazil went through.

    What characterizes TOP traders ?
    The ability to withstand humiliation: taking losses , losing money but at the
    end coming out a winner. That is what trading is all about: swallowing
    any humiliation to come out as a WINNER!!!!!
    Their extreme humility.
    How do we recognise a trader ready to blow up???? :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
    lack of HUMILITY.

  183. Let's look at the real reason traders become rogue :
    at what stage can we see Nick Leeson fears ?
    what about the real reasons behind the fears that lead to big losses :
    humiliation and pride.
  184. Looking to Nick Leeson, we find the same aspects as for Brazil's humiliation

    For the "humiliated"

    - nobody thought that this is how it would end ( very old respected bank finished)
    - nobody saw it coming ( indeed)
    - any expectations of winning eliminated ( indeed)
    - sort of entitlement/complecency ( because he was so certain: success
    went over his head). The good thing about the film: it shows it.

    - shock ( bank managers reaction during interviews like the Brazil public)
    - heads dropped ( bank managers reaction during interviews like the Brazil public)
    - mouth opened wide ( bank managers reaction during interviews like the Brazil public)
    - silence ( the bank managers were indeed silent, like the Brazil public)
    - crying ( not shown, but interviews shower bank managers crying their lost 'status')
    - sadness ( bank managers reaction during interviews like the Brazil public)

    - Proud / Pride ( in football) : yes for Nick Leeson. Pride ( it was not just happiness)
    - Very Embarrassing ( bank managers)
    - Complete humiliation ( could not keep this old institution's prestige)

    - take a long time to get over what happened

    Just a reminder about this trader:
    - got arrested by the Police
    - jailed and developed cancer
    - the "love of his live" married her new love of
    her life when he was in jail ( she never bothered
    to go and see him, nor informing him herself
    about her new love life).

    Why do people fear failures ? losses ?
    behind it fear of the experiences of humiliation:
    they want to avoid it at all costs.

    Now, it is clear that humiliation and any theme around humiliation
    are linked to experiences of Losses that hit the Pride, aka
    the form of Idolatry that concerns idolatry of the self, or of
    anything associated with the self.

    Trading screen: ultimate HUMILIATOR.
    No wonder many can not make it.
  185. The Nick Leeson after the losses, the jail, the new "private life" and 20 years later:

    Funnily enough, now I'd be astonished that even given the opportunity
    he'd blow up again.
  186. Never thought that looking to "idolatry" in regards to trading,
    is really about understanding what humiliation is all about:
    Just a "God Sent" way to tell the "humiliated"
    "sorry, you are not God"
    "sorry, you are worshipping the creation and not the Creator"
    ( God as the one who created ALL things
    God as the one who existed before anything was created
    and God as the one who will exist after anything will be gone)

    Idolatry calls for "God sent" humiliation: makes sense.
    Self-idolatry calls for "God sent" personal humiliation : make sense
    that a mere trading screen can be the ultimate humiliator.
    Pride and Trading = failure guarranteed.

  188. Deontology: it looks like with some deontology related to trading ,
    the person who looks like ( may be one of your trading colleagues or security trading colleague or rogue trader security personnel)


    seems to have confused me with someone else.

    I have never before actually met or had anything to do with anyperson who looked like above:
    never traded with someone who looks like above
    never discussed trading with someone who looks like above
    never socialised with someone who looks like above

    This type of person actually tried to push himself, the first time, into assuming I have had anything to do with himself , when I was in Malaysia and about to travel for the first time to north africa for some trading related psy training.

    Now his second time is yesterday at the milk-the Halles. They do have
    CCTV camera for you to check that one person looked like him.

    Please let this person know that he is confusing me with someone else:
    sorry for him as obviously he too has been taken for a ride by
    one person who certainly did not want to have anything to do with him.

    Also, my trading friends are or 100% Jew and 100% Arab :
    none of my trading friends are "tanned skinned" where they could be confused for Jewish or Arabic. So from my side no chances of confusion. His outrageous statements and rouble rousing
    was actually annoying and extremely vulgar. Having now worked on my
    trading psychology: I consider this type of individual as bringing a type of
    energy I do not aspire to be surrounded with.
    So thank you for handling your "issue" , aka this guy, who is confusing me
    with someone else.

    Now for peace of trading psychology :
    confusion is a no no in trading.

    Thus I have to :
    - dejunk psychologically from this experience
    - remove from my energy field the mindset of this individual

    This psychological work will take time, thus, I have justified
    why I should this week do screen watching and actually not take
    any trade.
  189. :):):):):):):) A reminder for safety :):):):):):):):)
    1) can the person trade?
    2) can the biometric passport be checked through airport ?

    All the rest : nothing to do with me if you got taken for a ride.
    One would have thought that people would be extra careful with impostors
    and sosies. But may be some people assumed that the
    "spirituality" thread was pure speculation. Well, you at least tasted the
    effects of impostors.

    Thank you for taking care of ID theft or ID substitution.
  190. :):):):):):):):) SOME VERY GOOD NEWS :):):):):):):):):):)

    An obvious good match : as I told you, let God ( the real one, the one who
    existed before anybody, and that no human created, God who will exist after
    every human be gone) decides for you!!!!
    I am thus glad you found someone who appreciates your extremely respectuous side.
    As I told you, it will not be engineered or whatever other type of junk. And you won't have
    to create it, just work on yourself!!!! And it worked! Thanks for letting me know.

    Looking forward to the invite of course ;)

    Thank you for this excellent news that illustrates that methods used for trading,
    also give results in other areas. Obviously that always start with the
    www.dhamma.org always :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:. No wonder some people tryed to prevent me from
    doing it again.

    So this week : trading :D:D:D
    and planning for my vipassana ( only third session so far), but to another center,
    till I get enough "good points" to erase the mess done by some sick people.

    What I have learned is when to not trade. Damn!lol:D:D:D
  191. :) Still on the continuous combine.
    I will update on due time.
    I can say that the combine is a very instructive step.
  192. OK. So I am now understanding some of the "news".
    The only thing I can say, is from a psychological point of view of a trader :

  193. Now :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

    I really do not know how you get the inspiration for the solution you found "to sort out the problem". You are a genius. Spirituality at its best!

    I am extremely grateful for all. You are a pure genius.

    The trading :
    * just getting some misc stuff done and just jumping on the opportunity
    that presents itself here.
    * then back to more intensive trading ( aka nothing else than trading).
  194. Really thank you, now I understand the solution.
    Really I learn everyday in trading. I even shed some tears.
    Many thank you
  195. For those who are still hesitating, IF you have difficulties finding
    a "God-Led" religious institution ( the real God here), this one will bring clarity:

    This thing works ;)
  196. Trader needs to determine the fine line between TRADING vs GAMBLING
    This month study : so going over various videos.

    * Desperate need for objectivity :
    compare the objectivity in trading vs the lack of objectivity in gambling.

    * A third party has to be able to determine if you are trading or gambling

    * Objective rules when trading vs non-objective rules when gambling

    * Code of rules protect the trading account vs no rules exposes the money to
    gambling losses

    * Make sure the trader is not operating from emotional/psychological issues
    vs gambling from personal issues ( revenge trading = gambling, fear trading = gambling, greed trading = gambling)

    * Trading based on facts vs gambling based on emotions

    It really looks that the core of trading vs gambling is : objectivity.
    It is all about objectivity vs emotionally driven gambling.
    Basically again all about EGO EGO EGO.
    Gambling = the EGO has taken over ( emotions)
    Trading = the objective mind is taking over
  197. Obviously, it was not easy to follow the good advice, but I did my best.
    I am glad I kept my spirituality "untainted" as much as possible.
    Damn ! That was hard, but now I can start to understand the benefits.
    Thank you :):):)
    So now, it is all about patience and ticking boxes.
    No rocket science.
  198. :):):) It is not my job to deal with lunatics who should be spending their time
    with a good psy, or a good priest.

    I applaud here this courageous woman, who I have learned has undergone
    more than 20 days of full exorcism ( properly qualified Roman Catholic priest).
    I applaud you because you took the steps to get any help and I am glad
    you have found peace. One would hope that other "unstable minds" would
    get inspired by your efforts, but, as one said "may be God has turned
    things such that they developed so deep faults that they won't be
    able to find the help they need". But at least you found Grace. very well done. And again, peace.

    Now it is time to be extremely patient : as patience in trading = $$$$
  199. It was indeed worth it visiting the museum in Torino ( yes I have learned that it was
    few "bad apples" that really give a very negative and wrong feeling about Italy).;)
    Thank you for making it much better than I thought

  200. I nearly fainted when I touched the wiping tool that had metals at the end of it: one of the various tools used for the beattings.

    So all the professional complainers, the entitled, and all the people with deeper sense of entitlement , specially Westerners: one solution , go there and check it for yourself. You will not feel like complaining about anything! :)

    And one professional complainer :


    Recent Berkeley grad 'planned to gun down his manager at In-N-Out' after he was forced to work fast-food because he couldn't find a job with his degree
    • Eric Bloss was found near his ex-manager's car with two loaded guns on Wednesday night
    • He was allegedly planning to gun down his former boss after he was fired from the fast-food chain
    • Bloss, 23, graduated last year from the prestigious University of California-Berkeley with a degree in geology, but could not find a job in his field
    • Became bitter about having to work at fast-food and believed college was 'a scam,' roommate says

  201. The good thing is I feel really glad to get back into trading.
    What a complainer I was : any money made was never enough!!! LOL
    No wonder , the pattern of profitability-complecency-carelessness developed.
    Just shows how the Church well understood teachings ( I hope so), can
    develop good perspectives on trading.
  202. Seriously, if we in France have had a guy like Don Bosco: the world over would have known!!!
    The Italians actually had a guy like that, and, the only thing people know about Italy is :rolleyes: ( I prefer not to mention)

  203. I am glad that I came across a very good and solid priest when back in Paris.
    Otherwise, I don't think I'd have made the efforts to visit Italy ( well just one city).

    Really Italians should call the "bad apples" enemy of their country.
    Talk about ruining a full country reputation overseas!!!
  204. Actually, just one priest ( Don Bosco) got to build, starting from noting, in his lifetime an "estate" that today receives millions of visitors / year! This without prostituting any woman,
    nor harassing people!
    Compare this to our "prostitution- promoters" whose only job is to proudly destroy from the inside on long term families whose members show weaknesses ( show me a family where hookers get into, and I'll show you a family that will be destroyed within 50 years).

    This is a mere priest ( Don Bosco) legacy ( built during his lifetime, and
    improved and expended later on)
  205. The beauty of the churches there is amazing : baroque styles as well as "sober" styles.

    Makes you look to your trading screen made of red and green differently.
    May be I should find an artist to "baroquise" my new ordered laptop.

    I can't wait for my june trading objectives! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  206. :D:D:D:D:D So this page d-e-e-p-l-y upsetted someone :D:D:D:D

    It seems that the priest is doing a very good job : I will thus take the time and efforts to
    analyse most of the videos on this page. Of course, as I always think of ways to apply it
    to trading, I will extract psychological/spiritual understandings useful for trading.

    Let's start with one video.
    May be it was the language : here is the English version

    Now we need to check for angles to understand this film
  207. LOL !!!! So someone identified with a character who showed a negative side,
    and felt personnally attacked by such a film! :eek::rolleyes::p:):D

    We might as well go over each character then!!!! :D:D:D

    Basically we have our hero Don Bosco , who got chosen by God ( not a human made one).
    Obviously, if God has to chose someone, it means that there will be a lot of oppositions:
    "God gives his toughest battles to his toughest soldier".
    So which character could this "deeply upset" person could have identified with ??? :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
    Might as well go through the list. 3hours to watch!
  208. So now that all is into some specific people hands - for a "special case" - I can relax.
    These people are the one who are the boss of the boss in police, gendarmerie, etc.
    and they know their job as they are used to sending to jail ministers, politicians, mega pimps,
    pimps for vip, head of security at ( vip, then london poker, etc) who are doing security for "vip" as cover for pimping for vip , and you name it.
    Due to the nature of things , every attempts at derailing the case in anyway will be recorded
    as well : some people do not joke or get corrupted when multiple deaths are involved.

    So now: I have done what I had to do to honor my parents.
  209. His mistake : "not taking a no for an answer".
  210. "
    You did say that you think the person behind this knows everything about me
    and also, you asked how does the person knows when you change looks.
    You also asked me to think hard of someone near me, or that I know . That I would not suspect at all.
    HERE is what I remember
    * One guy , I had never socialised with , was at the Party Poker in London
    He was the head of the security there
    There was a poker championship
    at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London's Covent Garden
    The year : 2013 or 2014
    I did fill a form ( electronic customer records)
    so contacted they'll have my details
    It took place here http://www.grandconnaughtrooms.com/
    At the top of these stairs : http://www.grandconnaughtrooms.com/photo-gallery/
    there was the HEAD of the SECURITY there
    because the big poker players were in for their tournament
    * When he saw me, it was strange because I had NEVER seen te guy, but he
    behaved as if he knew me.
    He tilted his head down
    He was dressed in a black suit then
    Skin: tanned ( not white, nor black)
    Hair: black hair
    * I guess he is the one who sent look-alikes in
    - my library in Drancy.
    I did put here that I'd put the guy's pic here
    and few days after, he sent the lookalike I was going to put the picture here
    at the library to try to intimidate me.
    The library of Drancy, has security services recordings : it was on the 2nd floor, on the computers near the windows of the main street
    This guy was informed when I changed looks and dressed in orange the day I changed into orange.
    - in the interent cafe in Malaysia
    Friendster iCafe at Lot 09-77, East, Ninth Floor
    He hired a Asian guy as a look-alike
    This Asian guy was tanned skinned , black hair
    and one day came in the same outfit top as I had ( white with horizontal strips)
    I think the friendster iCafe has a camera. As well as the 9th floor
    - There later on : he hired a security guard lookalike at Berjaya Times squarre
    The guy stayed in the 9th floor where I used to go
    - when I went to the capsule hotel in Singapore
    The second time, one of the staff was again a look-alike
    I can not believe that !!!!!
    The guy behind this :
    HEAD of security
    and he does pimping on the side
    His "females" now I understand why they can not do anything:
    they owe him, and would be too scarred as he would know what they are doing
    as he is into all the security services of the guys he put these women into
  211. HEAD of security who positions "females".
    No wonder the "females" keep quiet ( benefits and fear).
    No wonder he knew all her moves or any of the "pals" moves.

    I hope all those involved ( in police officers corruption, in
    derailing legal case) will reflect down the line whenever
    they'll have to explain their roles in some people's deaths:
    90% of these type of case pass via "death" cases within 10 years.
    For once : do gossip, Please gossip about YOUR role and contribution.
  212. The art of pimping. What is a pimp biggest mistake?

    Not taking "not interested" for an answer.

    The art of trading. What is a trader's biggest mistake ?

    Not taking "not the right moment for a trade" for an answer.

    In the same way traders blow up account after big mistakes,
    in the same vein pimps create deaths after big mistakes.
  213. " he sent other look-alikes when I was in malaysia in another internet café.
    it was 2 indians : one was his look-alike and the other one, the look-alike of the guy in finance who came to my office at the time. They were both dressed with a blue stripped shirt.
    One positionned himself very aggressively near me, with very grandioses gestures and swirling on his seat.
    I had to ask him to stop looking at me. Then I had to ask the staff to intervene.
    They left, but later on the head of security indian lookalike came back alone
    with lewd comments. I then left".
  214. And the woman had never socialised with the security man ( the pimp for enrichment ?) who is into look-alikes
    and flaunting basic principles one would expect from security officers.
  215. " Oh well. You were right : the guy followed me everywhere.
    In Berjaya time squarre, I sympathised with one of the hairdressers on the 3rd to 5th floors :
    I took his cards. Then whenever I went to the place there, there was a young quiet guy there who I now realise was also his look-alike.
    At one of the backpackers I stayed long there, another guy went to change his haircut to look-alike style.
    I have never known this person.
    May be this person is related to the people the pyramid lover brought in my office.
    Never socialised with the person, and never seen him before the poker tournament.
    May be he socialised with one of the women who posed as me from 2010
    and had issues with her. "
  216. " I don't know if he sent all the look-alikes. Because one of the female was into
    sending look-alikes. As she sent the london lawyer look-alike in Kiev. So may be she
    also sent these look-alikes.
    I remember that she sent a very violent pink-short, black trouser lookalike when
    I was changing house in Malaysia: I knew it was not him sending a lookalike
    as he never needed to ask me directly where I lived to find out. The questions
    he asked cleared pointed to one of the females sending the look-alike".
  217. Some people have been for the last years begging for jail time : will you continue to "protect" these people because you bed his "females" ?:rolleyes:
    Tough luck : dead people are now involved.
  218. Damn!!!! No I did not turn into that : :D:D:D:D LOL

    ( @ 3:45 for those in a hurry : accent effect!)
    More like small sessions with this extremely respectable and knowledgable

    Combine: so far 8 trading days only over 3 continuous combine.
    8 trading days over 4 months : record in "very light" trading.
    So , I will be looking to capitalise on the 2 weeks meditation , by
    trading a bit more. :)
  219. Obviously : does developing the mind help trading?

    Time for testing the effects of mind development on trading ( combine is good for that).
  220. :):):) Nothing about losing my religion ( on the contrary the faith is much stronger).
    Though the themes can be similar :
  221. But more about getting a better understanding of the "Science of the Mind".

    Now trading wise, not into bothering with "technique".
    It's more about refining market dynamics reading - aka working on the mind.
    And the mind is a beautiful trading edge.
  222. I am thus listening quiet a lot of gregorian chants ( from traditional catho, to "moderniste" type as above) : a quietening of the mind type of "chants".

    As I observe my mind, one feature that seem to appear is:
    doing well ==> gladness, joy. The neutrality disappear.

    This pattern is one of the dangers for the mind : how to handle the mind once many barriers are removed. Or in mind science terms how to prevent the
    cravings, so as to be able to be completely neutral in regards to the results.
  223. So basically, it is down to the "joy management business". lol! the problem with trading is there is always something new to handle. In real and normal life, the feelings of gladness - joy - greatness, etc - is extremely good. In trading : no, because the neutrality has disappeared. damn!!!
    Basically now, it will be about monitoring closely the joy, gladness, greatness feelings during a trading session.
    I am actually pondering if I should simply wait for the next 10 days dhamma session,
    or find a way to handle this apparition of non neutrality.
    I am glad I was able to spot this existence of non neutrality.
    I need to observe its apparition, its building up, and the dissolution of this
    mental form ( joy, gladness, happiness). Neutral, neutral, neutral.
    No neutral, no trading!
  224. Does the ideal trade exist ? :rolleyes::):D:p:p:p

    For sure some advertisers are getting inspired! :D:D:D:D:D

    What one should say to all these women ? ;););)
    00:06-00:09 for those in a hurry!
  225. I feel that I have cocked up my Combine. :mad::mad::mad:


    I was seriously hoping ( :mad::mad::mad: ) to negociate about day3,
    as on this same day of breaking the day limit ( -307 when the limit is -300),
    I had let them know in advance of the software issues.

    This is really my first Combine. That was supposed to give me the green light to
    "load" my account, after one combine. I actually feel super angry with myself
    for cocking this one. One more day, but I simply can not help feeling
    the negative vibe about it.
  226. I guess that's the beauty of having one's thread : going over former youtube videos. For sure I came from far. lol.

    So I will be redoing one Combine. I have to say TopStepTrader is a very good firm to
    assess oneself : no BS. Limit is 300 : -307 or -302 is not -300.
    I am even liking their average time in winning trade vs average time in
    losing trade.
    I am going to add some metrics of mine for the Combine n°2.
    But now it is really a game of mental stillness.
    Pure psychology.
  227. Very well done to the courageous individual who I have been informed
    has done the dhamma.org. :) :) :)

    As you can witness it does help even in trading :
    one develops more patience
    one can read its emotional response while trading and act accordingly.

    I have to say, thanks to the Combine, I have clarified many aspects to improve on.
  228. I am actually looking forward to start the Combine n°2.
    Specific metrics to monitor ( "technique") :
    - time in loser vs time in winner
    - heat
    - excursions on both sides

    Just 10 trading sessions.
    So it will be about monitoring closely ( "psychology") :
    - stress ( usually uninvited interferences) and negativity : rule is to stop trading if these are present
    - overconfidence : rule is to stop trading if these are present

  229. BEFORE I forgot : please please please DO NOT contact anybody where I live !
    Please use emails.

    Thank you

    PS : I'll be starting some "public-speaking presentations", so that every person will be able
    to discuss face2face without fears of the interferences "females" or any "Daddy" or any "mob".

    I have to agree that what is happening is a real reflection of total greed,
    complete lack of respect for the people harassed or the people hunted or the people used .
    I agree there is zero considerations for the harassed or the people hunted.
    I agree it is all about using people for selfish financial/monetary/status gains, wants or needs.
    And it is totally normal that you need to protect yourself.
    So I'll also do my part, by making it easy to reduce interferences .
    I was seriously becoming reluctant to get into the "public speaking circuit", but
    may be that's something I should have considered before!
    Really strange that to gain privacy, one needs to become more public! what an irony.
  230. Interesting readings :

    "Just now at an event : and guess what ???
    - the one with a sense of "guilt" invited herself via a "hired mouth".
    - the perfectionist as well
    - the one with a 2 years old kid as well
    All of this is starting to become really pathetic
    They also have no retenue
    I am really stunned about that.
    When I think there are more than 2,000 billionnaires worldwide,
    more than 1 million millionnaires worldwide,
    more than 200 000 people with a prince and princess "title"
    And these bunch of people can't move on!
    Also, after 5 years of harassing someone ( me), how comes they are not the most "bonheur" , "happy" people in the world?
    harassing without any mercy, and they are not living in blissful happiness?
    Damn , I really do not know what to make of it.
    Just to think "God works in mysterious ways""

    - should provoking someone's ( 4 people ) early death creates guilt , or is God foolish ?
    - should merciless harassment for 5 years ( some people get less jail time) create much unluck, or is God foolish?
    - should total and repeated disrespect bring much unhappiness, or is God foolish?

    May be Karma is starting to do its work.
    Anyway, thanks a LOT for those who stepped in and help sort all this "saga".

    Funnily enough, after having killed ( provoking 4 people's deaths), these same people
    are afraid of dying ! LOL
  231. "Monitor stress and negativity" ==> 2 days of meditation and no trading!

  232. There is one solution to end this harassment :

    Whoever found these stalking women ( in a psychiatric ward I'd guess) :
    go to a psychiatric ward and match each stalker with 10 to 40 psychos.

    I can't see any other solution : only mad stalking men will match mad stalking women


  233. I definitively deserve to listen to some repetitive song.
    Foolish of me to break these 3 days of calm & meditation, by accepting to join
    a master pro into some " street intervention". I have great admiration for
    what these pro do, but for sure I will not be able to get involved into something
    like that again. Madness at its highest!
    And as the pro said "some people forget that God does exist".

    I seriously thought I was strong, but seeing what I have seen today,
    I can understand why some people "check out", and prefer staying in a bouddhist,
    catholic, and other denomination monastries for as long as possible.

    Now the effects of this "street" experience : I definitively prefer trading. :D:D:D:D:D:D
    The emotions of trading are actually very "soft" emotions: I now think
    I will be able to handle any overconfidence very well. :D:D:D.
    I can not understand why I had overconfidence "issues". Keep a trading improvement
    list, and the overconfidence is no longer a problem.
    The negativity : I can not understand why be negative as I am really lucky
    to be able to trade.
    The stress : the one to control is obviously external stress.
    So I can only do my best to identify it, stop trading and meditate.

    Today's experience has definitively widen my "wisdom".
  234. It seems we are still clearing up some mess here.
    Very easy to destroy, very slow to build. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    So for things to be clear here :

    * No sorry, I have NOT met you, nor your friend, nor your
    family, nor financé.
    * No sorry, I am absolutely NOT fat at all, but very thin
    * No sorry, I have not changed haircut: this is the same
    haircut I have had since September 2014.

    * No sorry, I do NOT have any "blue Bible"
    * No sorry, I do NOT have any "roseraie" either.

    * No sorry, I do not meditate legs straight: I fold them
    around "lotus" position.

    As I explained : the "females" and their accomplices used
    look-alikes. Obviously, these look-alikes do not wish to
    leave the comfort of a Western Country.

    So now, with the 4 deaths, you can understand why I was extremely
    angry at the "mess" you or your friend or the frend of your friend have brought.

    The best thing you can do again : report to the POLICE.
    Every detail counts.
    Thank you in advance for your collaboration. :):):)
  235. I might as well gained understanding/improvements for the trading from everyday's experiences.

    So here the book of Job

    This is for great traders, who suddenly mess up big time, and can't seem to get going.
    Continuing to do the right thing as a trader, inspite of setbacks.

    It is my understanding that many have problems to understand "suffering".
    Those who going through the 10 commandements ( of traders) an,d fail, understand why they fail.
    Now , those who believe , they go through the 10 commandments ( of traders), and do not understand why they fail : the Job story has some lessons.
  236. * Some say, because I have suffered , then this is why I commit crimes and abominations

    Trader talk: because I have losses, then this is why I do no longer follow the trading rules ( overtrading, revenge trading, changing the way of trading, etc...)

    Job story is a real problem for such mentality:
    - here is a righteous person, Job, who suffers greatly, BUT still do not commit or add any crimes he had never committed before.
    - he obviously has suffered than any of you, BUT still does not find any
    escuses to commit crimes and abominations : so can you repeat again
    your reasons for committing crimes and abominations?

    So trader talk: losses are not an escuse nor justification to break the rules.

    Interesting that the Bible can also be used for trading!
    :D:D:D:D Human psychology is still the same
  237. It looks like the Book of Job is bringing "difficulties" to some.

    Issues of Theodicity ( "why bad things happen to good people",
    "why God allows evil",...) , issues of the "prosperity gospel" ( actually
    deep down an heretic theology), and other issues raised.

    Now, let's look more deeply to the Book of Job.

  238. To be honest, I would have never thought that trading would lead me to study the Bible so carefully! :):):)
    Human nature does not change : and where else is human nature so well recorded than the Bible? More than 2000 years of illustration of human nature. May be I should have done theology.

    So this "Book of Job" part2 : understanding it for improving trader's psychology.
  239. Apparently some traders (?) do not manage to understand why "The Book of Job" is useful for Traders.
    And, obviously, do not feel ( their opinion) that such "Book of Job" should feature in a trading forum. lol.

    As someone said "they read, but can not understand;
    they hear but can not understand, ..."

    Here we go :
    * God : Market
    * Job: Trader
    * Vertus: following Trading Rules
    * Satan : Satan
    * His friends : Other traders

    Job was following the trading rules, and was doing great.
    Then Satan, came and mention that Job is following the rules because he is winning.
    Who would not ?
    Thus the market changed, Job felt some huge losses.
    His friends obviously pointed out that if he followed the rules, surely he would still win.
    They are indeed right ( God Justice always arrives, or breaking the trading rules always leads to
    failures in the Market sooner or later: all is just a question of time).
    He needs to check where he is failing in following the rules.
    Job defends himself saying he is still following the same rules.
    Job continues following the rules.
    Job keeps losing.
    The Job can't take it anymore and list to the market all the trading rules
    he has never broken.
    Then the Market points out to him what the Market does.
    The Market makes the choice of revealing itself to Job as the Market thinks Job is worth it
    ( Job to the Market's reckoning has always followed the trading rules).
    When Job really sees the Market, he understands how foolish he was : indeed,
    he understands that , as the Merket pointed out, he Job could never do such
    a good job as the Market does.
    Back to trading following the rules, now with an understanding of the Market
    His wealth is restored and doubled back.

    Let's watch another version of the "Book of Job" - this one is 6hours of study.
    I might watch it in bits.

    I have yet to fully study the mindset of Satan. Obviously its methods are clear
    ( always based on the "sin from the tongue" , misleading others, etc...), so as to create
    wrong mindsets, wrong attitudes, wrong beliefs, wrong understandings and wrong actions.
    Here : Job being accused of sins when he was blameless ( even from God's perspective)
    Job being accused of breaking the trading rules when he did not.
    Here : all around, there was pressure for Job to do wrong actions ( saying he had sinned
    when he had not, or saying that he broke the trading rules when he had not).
  240. Now, obviously, more information is coming from the "females".

    Last thursday , one "hired mouth", short cropped haircut, with big breats, and man's beard and hair on the face.
    Glasses like these one http://momfilter.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/eyebob1.jpg , but colored
    dark red burgundy.
    Similar to the head Lawyer at the firm that got corrupted. The older one who at my second meeting started
    to talk about "protocol" ( not politics here, protocol as from a certain SECT that use "jews" as a cover for their activities).

    It is my understanding, that she is now spending 3 days a week at a psychiatrist ( I would suggest to increase it to
    5 days a week). Family of 6 children : the 3 first children all have "neurologoical" problems. The 3 others look fine. She failed some exams a few years ago, and this failure leads her to develop depression. Just recently she is managing to get out of the house to the cinema. Her mother when pregnant cleaned some cat's feaces, and , her belly ( while pregnan) was cold. According to her, this might explain her neurological problems ( she has liquids in her brain that needs to be removed, and also had a neurological operation done). her younger sister who is 22 years and 1/2 is pregnant and with the pregnancy managed to "secure" a boyfriend and she plans on being a housewife. The boyfriend does not know about the family "genetics".
    I guess the person who did the hiring of this mouth, is certainly linked to the person who
    hired a bearded woman between february 2013 and june 2013 ( drancy).
    This hired mouth name , she said was Linda. And Joanna has recruted her since one year ago, and
    asked her to be there this thursday. After asking her to repeat her mum's story, she kept repeating
    that her own belly was soft. This did not make sense to me and I had to deal with other issues

    Lesson of the story :
    Someone wondered if "Daddy" went to recruit these "females" in a psychiatric ward.
    Seriously, I don't know. It is just very unfortunate that I had to be at the receiving end of 5 years of abuse
    from now it turns out "females" with deep psychiatric problems.
    What I wonder is : how on earth, did they get so much impunity to do what they did?
    Seriously, with past like that ( not their fault), shouldn't they have had good psychiatrical support
    at least 5 years ago, shoudn't they have been monitored 24/24 and 7/7 ?
    How comes nobody knew about the fact that these neurological / psychiatrical problems were
    issues that they had from birth?
    If some decent people did not step in to help: who would have stopped these "females" who needed
    real "professional" help?

    * Now : which of the female is linked to
    OR themseves as a kid OR having a female kid : directly involved in the murder of another kid , having a mum that covered the death, AND going to the funerals WITHOUT telling the dead girls' parents the truth about their daughter death?

    * Female who uses bacteria to create feet disabilities in people ? or for revenge when a guy dump her, or to "fend off " any other women ?
    Which female put the bacteria into the bed sheets in Kiev, Ukraine between 2013 and 2014?

    Is it the same female, or did other female learned the "skill" who put bacteria on a
    - 2 years baby : 2 times : once in early 2013 on the hands, and one for feet/knee crippling in 2014
    Was this the same female or were there different?
    - a 14 years old athelic junior national champion : one time in 2015. Luckily we understood it quickly and
    put all in place to remove the bacteria
    - a mum in 2015 ( Daisy, Perle, etc... Mum )
    - two other women in 2015

    We need to get to the bottom of all this "saga".
    Obviously, someone is doing everything for the truth not to come out,
    but surely, it is coming , slowly but it is coming.
  241. As I am ,monitoring external stress: obviously I did not trade after such information.
    But it got me to really wonder about proxenetism in all its forms and where their weaknesses.
    True a proxenet does not like being called a proxenet : "marriage arranger" looks better,
    "arranging for people to meet for romantic purposes" look better.

    I am very glad that , Catholic priests - with 12 years of religious training- do not do "that" ( including
    if mascaraded as "marriage arrangers"): they understand too well how Satan work, the tools used by Satan.

    I feel for the "evangelical" youth group , master pimp has targetted. It is a real shame that this
    youth group has been created to prevent these young people from going into a wrong life path,
    and there comes Satan infiltrating this youth group , so as to get them into the path of prostitution.
    One can already see some of the lured girls wearing shiny "gold" shoes identification. Really sad.
    Hopefully, those who witness it will do the right thing and tip off the Police.
    May God has mercy on these young people.
  242. OK : I will agree that for countries where there is a very strict segregation between the sex ( that means that female individuals only see their own family members), "arranged marriage" is their way of doing.

    However, for Western Countries , we don't do "that".
    And we know why. Also, we trust that God knows better what is good for us, and we trust that we do our part, God will do his.

    Now, let's continue to study this book of Job:
  243. I disagree. For example Ed Seykota started from nothing and in next 16 years he made 250k %. You can't make so much profit from nothing only because of luck.
  244. Ed Seykota started from nothing?? Source please.


  245. His mother's womb - ;)

  246. :p
  247. Man, i was forced to add that one guy to my ignore list. First add in several years--- surf
  248. It is discussed in this video . You can also check his interview in "Market Wizards".
  249. Ok. Thank you. I was just aware of the weird sex cult From google and that he plays the banjo. I'll take a closer look. surf
  250. Just lucky, I had to stop the religious retreat I started for an emergency, otherwise this could be turned into a
    thread discussing "below the belt" "uncontrollable passions".
  251. Now, obviously, more information is coming from the "females".

    Last thursday , one "hired mouth", short cropped haircut, with big breats, and man's beard and hair on the face.
    Glasses like these one http://momfilter.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/eyebob1.jpg , but colored
    dark red burgundy.
    Similar to the head Lawyer at the firm that got corrupted. The older one who at my second meeting started
    to talk about "protocol" ( not politics here, protocol as from a certain SECT that use "jews" as a cover for their activities).

    It is my understanding, that she is now spending 3 days a week at a psychiatrist ( I would suggest to increase it to
    5 days a week). Family of 6 children : the 3 first children all have "neurologoical" problems. The 3 others look fine. She failed some exams a few years ago, and this failure leads her to develop depression. Just recently she is managing to get out of the house to the cinema. Her mother when pregnant cleaned some cat's feaces, and , her belly ( while pregnan) was cold. According to her, this might explain her neurological problems ( she has liquids in her brain that needs to be removed, and also had a neurological operation done). her younger sister who is 22 years and 1/2 is pregnant and with the pregnancy managed to "secure" a boyfriend and she plans on being a housewife. The boyfriend does not know about the family "genetics".
    I guess the person who did the hiring of this mouth, is certainly linked to the person who
    hired a bearded woman between february 2013 and june 2013 ( drancy).
    This hired mouth name , she said was Linda. And Joanna has recruted her since one year ago, and
    asked her to be there this thursday. After asking her to repeat her mum's story, she kept repeating
    that her own belly was soft. This did not make sense to me and I had to deal with other issues

    Lesson of the story :
    Someone wondered if "Daddy" went to recruit these "females" in a psychiatric ward.
    Seriously, I don't know. It is just very unfortunate that I had to be at the receiving end of 5 years of abuse
    from now it turns out "females" with deep psychiatric problems.
    What I wonder is : how on earth, did they get so much impunity to do what they did?
    Seriously, with past like that ( not their fault), shouldn't they have had good psychiatrical support
    at least 5 years ago, shoudn't they have been monitored 24/24 and 7/7 ?
    How comes nobody knew about the fact that these neurological / psychiatrical problems were
    issues that they had from birth?
    If some decent people did not step in to help: who would have stopped these "females" who needed
    real "professional" help?

    * Now : which of the female is linked to
    OR themseves as a kid OR having a female kid : directly involved in the murder of another kid , having a mum that covered the death, AND going to the funerals WITHOUT telling the dead girls' parents the truth about their daughter death?

    * Female who uses bacteria to create feet disabilities in people ? or for revenge when a guy dump her, or to "fend off " any other women ?
    Which female put the bacteria into the bed sheets in Kiev, Ukraine between 2013 and 2014?

    Is it the same female, or did other female learned the "skill" who put bacteria on a
    - 2 years baby : 2 times : once in early 2013 on the hands, and one for feet/knee crippling in 2014
    Was this the same female or were there different?
    - a 14 years old athelic junior national champion : one time in 2015. Luckily we understood it quickly and
    put all in place to remove the bacteria
    - a mum in 2015 ( Daisy, Perle, etc... Mum )
    - two other women in 2015

    We need to get to the bottom of all this "saga".
    Obviously, someone is doing everything for the truth not to come out,
    but surely, it is coming , slowly but it is coming.

    - - - - - - - - -

    This happened because some people felt a total sense of utter complete IMPUNITY.
    If one has a total sense of IMPUNITY, aka - no matter what you do, people will not turn you to the Police or Justice - tell me why someone would not just keep going? No way.
  252. As I am ,monitoring external stress: obviously I did not trade after such information.
    But it got me to really wonder about proxenetism in all its forms and where their weaknesses.
    True a proxenet does not like being called a proxenet : "marriage arranger" looks better,
    "arranging for people to meet for romantic purposes" look better.

    I am very glad that , Catholic priests - with 12 years of religious training- do not do "that" ( including
    if mascaraded as "marriage arrangers"): they understand too well how Satan work, the tools used by Satan.

    I feel for the "evangelical" youth group , master pimp has targetted. It is a real shame that this
    youth group has been created to prevent these young people from going into a wrong life path,
    and there comes Satan infiltrating this youth group , so as to get them into the path of prostitution.
    One can already see some of the lured girls wearing shiny "gold" shoes identification. Really sad.
    Hopefully, those who witness it will do the right thing and tip off the Police.
    May God has mercy on these young people.

    - - - - - - - - -

    I am glad a good "samaritan" is picking this up and has now sent anti-proxenetism civil police people in this group of young people.
    Thanks for doing the right thing.
  253. Next retreat scheduled this August in a place that - I have been promised - will be turned into a fortress. :)
    - Full ID check
    - Full legal documents to sign including :
    * strict respect of privacy rights , including explaining the "1 year jail and 45 000Euros ( around 100 000$) fine" for
    "transmitting without authorization about someone's private life ( conversations or images)".

    No wonder, so many people love our country : rare place to have a legislation that respects people's privacy rights and enforces it when someone complains.

    " Article 226-1 En savoir plus sur cet article...
    Modifié par Ordonnance n°2000-916 du 19 septembre 2000 - art. 3 (V) JORF 22 septembre 2000 en vigueur le 1er janvier 2002
    Est puni d'un an d'emprisonnement et de 45 000 euros d'amende le fait, au moyen d'un procédé quelconque, volontairement de porter atteinte à l'intimité de la vie privée d'autrui :

    En captant, enregistrant ou transmettant, sans le consentement de leur auteur, des paroles prononcées à titre privé ou confidentiel ;

    2° En fixant, enregistrant ou transmettant, sans le consentement de celle-ci, l'image d'une personne se trouvant dans un lieu privé.
  254. The Book of Job has really clarified : Markets, Trader, Trading Rule, Results false and true relations.
    The Combine : back on it.
  255. .

    Few weeks ago, I came across a man who travelled to France to shop for 2 women! LOL
    He explained he had been tipped off that there were such an excess of desperate women, that he took
    the trip with his 3 other wifes to bring 2 more back home! I first thought he was joking, till I checked the veracity! Man!!!!

    Foolish of me to have not taken the opportunity to start arranging for jet-loads of these types, so as to resolve the issue. Talking about not grabbing a solution to a problem!
    This would have definitively enhanced a trader's peace of mind.
  256. Why not? I think that money loosing because of that. But that money loss should be a lesson, not a tragedy.
  257. This theme on LOSS is very appropriate, as my next psychology / spirituality theme is going to be extremely "instructive". :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
    The last retreat - that I interrupted - is definitively the best of the best in terms of
    mental/psychological/spiritual development. :):):):):)
  258. :):):):):):):):) First thing , first :):):):):):)

    * Tomorrow, saturday, I will be giving to one of the priests - the one who offered
    private discussions in the main castle :

    - letter for the "bony dead horse" : so that you can look forward to gaining back your health
    - letter for the limb problem : so that you can look forward to avoiding a prosthesis
    - letter for the cancer (?) one : where to find the real help you need.
    - letter for the "old one" who is now feeling really "old" : so that you can look
    forward to regaining some better health

    Please contact him and make sure that no else comes and rob you from
    how to get better health :rolleyes:

    My condition for any health tips was to do the www.dhamma.org :
    you've surpassed it with the meditation AND the St Ignace Retreat.

    The one with "limbs" issues : I will when discussing face2face ( trip)
    be able to understand what will be useful.

    * Traders, who are struggling with Al Brooks : your struggles stop here at this thread.
    From now on, I will add , for each post, some stuff to clarify AlBrooks. I won't put any
    comments on the limits of his approach , but as time goes, you will have some stuff
    to assess yourself if yes or no you want to use his way of doing things.
    We'll call it "ending the suffering - this is a huge psychological issue- when using Al Brooks".
    This to fit with the thread title. :)

    * Obviously, we can now deep deeper into psychology/spirituality, as this is the core stuff to good trading ( aka consistently profitable trading without too much efforts). :D:D:D
  259. The goal is to make it EASY to get through AlBrooks.
    Let's start. Chapter1 plan : Doji Bar :)

    So to get used to Doji Bars :
    * find a Support/Resistance that has been - on your time frame - there for a long time.
    * Check a Doji Bar at S/R
    Stop : below/above S/R
    Move stop to middle of the doji, once in profits

    Another one :
    * Find a S/R that matches a pivot
    * Check a Doji Bar at S/R
    Stop : below/above S/R
    Move stop to middle of the doji, once in profits

    A way to enhance your win rate, as said in the video, is to check
    where this S/R fits in a range regime ( check different TimeFrames).

    Obviously, I will leave anything that will ensure maximum winning rate ( can't put everything
    on a forum).
  260. Preface

    Should have started with the Preface, but I'll do both : Preface and Chapter1.
    Then Chapter2 and 3, etc...

    * Idea of Risk-Reward Ratio :

    Here what is important is to link Risk-Reward with Win Rate.
    Though AlBrooks emphasises in his preface only Risk-Reward.

    * Idea of SetUps :
    Above, you were given 2 set-ups based on the Doji.
    This is one way of trading - set-up based way.
    There are various ways of trading. Understand that this is
    AlBrooks approach. And his book is about pointing out setups
    and why - in his mind- one should trade such a setup.

    What is the link between a market crash in the Market, and DYING in real life?

    compared to DYING ( yes DEATH of the body, being DEAD)

    (let's notice the good health, and relatively young age at which these very rich people died).
  262. :eek::eek::eek::eek: what about the one with "eyes issues " and the one with "brain" or "heart" "weaknesses" ?
    I am not opening a health shop.
    I can't say as I have no idea of the history, nor state of their "issues".
    Please pass your request to the priest with as much info as possible,
    and if "miracles" are possible, "miracles" there can be.
  263. Unexpected Market Crash compared to Unexpected Deaths.

    There are come certainties :
    - one day, each person will die ( no matter how young, how healthy, how wealthy)
    - even when young, healthy and rich : one can die today, or even tomorrow.
    or even in one month, or even in one year , etc

    The cases above were cases where one could not expect a death :
    as athletes, they have normally weekly full medcal check up, and still some
    diseases were missed. Others died from accidents ( car accident). Others
    from the most unexpected crimes ( here killing by a partner, obviously the
    reasoning AFTER teh facts were the person had mental illness that
    was not taken seriously).

    - death comes in unexpected way.
    But one certainty: death is a given.

    So the market crash ( or black swan event) we have the same certainties:
    - one day, it will happen
    - even if the market is great, doing tops, healthy and free raising to the highs: one day a crash will happen
    - and it happends in an unexpected way : when one least expects it.
  264. Can we be sure at 100% that when going into bed, we'll wake up the next morning?
    ==> Can we be sure at 100% that when putting a trade, there won't be an unexpected market event?

    Can we be sure at 100% that when taking the car just to go to the shop, we'll not wake up from a car accident, leading to death ?

    Can we be sure at 100% that going to the gym, we might not acivate something unhealthy that will lead us to
    a dead state ?

  265. Unconsciously, we do our best to always forget that we can die at any moment.
    Hence the clues of "you're going to die soon".
    But, actually, one has no idea when Death will come to call them :
    the baby who dies, the infant who dies, the teenager who dies,
    the young person that dies, the healthy adult that dies, the wealthy that dies


    When Death comes knocking : it is a surprise. OK I agree. This is a certainty.
    A certainty we do our best to forget. :):):)
    In the dame vein, a certainty we do our best to forget, not think about : market crashes,
    trade losses. :D:D:D:D:D

    One question I have : why do we do our best to make sure we forget about
    market crashes, trade losses. In the same vein we do our best to forget that
    at any moment Death can comes knocking.
    When Death comes knocking, can we say: give me one more hour, one more day, one more month, one more year? ;););)
    Now when a market crash comes knocking, can we say: one more minute please, one more hour please ?
    Now when a loss comes knocking, can we say : one more minute, please ? :rolleyes:
  266. Al Brooks Chapter1 : the Title Trend Bar vs Doji Bar.
    Set-up yestergay were about Doji Bars.

    Bullish Trend Bar set-ups :

    Bullish Candlestick pattern :

    - downtrend + support
    - bullish engulfing pattern
    Again : long, stop below support
    Exemple2: 3 white soldiers bullish candlestick pattern
    - after a consolidation ( range) or a downrend.
  267. Al Brooks Preface ( many "considerations", till XVI )

    * Uses candlesticks for better risk-reward ratio ( timely entry + smaller risk?)
    * Uses ( like everybody according to him?) Edwards and Magee - aka
    trendlines, breakouts and pullbacks.

    Basically method based on :
    ( trendlines/breakouts/pullbacks = overall trend ) + Candlestick patterns ( = improve risk-reward).

    Let's make AlBrooks EASY to understand.
    Then each person can make their own mind about trading this approach or not.
  268. :):):):):) The letters are arriving into the priest hands ( patience : one week needed).
  269. One more theme I have to reflect over the next FOUR months!!!!

    * One guy ( A) has read the pleasures, benefits and advantages of having a friend.
    A friend, he reads will call you once in a while to go and watch a football match, etc.
    So much that A decides that he wants a friend.
    * Now the question is for some obscure reasons, A has never really had a real friend.
    * A thus looks for how to get a friend. And comes across an "friend finder agency" that promises
    him that they will find him a friend. Don't laugh : that's my exercise for FOUR months.
    * Turns out that A hear that person B is actually the ideal friend one can have.
    So A says to his "friend finder agency" to get B as his friend.
    * "Friend finder agent" contacts B and say to B to be A's friend.
    For some unknown reasons B finds all of this strange, and, make the choice to not get involved
    into anything to do with "Friend finder agent".
    * So "Friend finder agent" proposes other people on his book for A.
    * Things being as they are ( God does he exist): these "Friend finder agent" friendship things always
    finish badly ( Does God exist?). So each time it finished, A get even more convinced that B is the solution:
    true B did warn not to do "that", B advises to "work on oneself" and to go out with no expectation,
    B advises to "trust God" to bring the right friend when God believes A is ready for a friend.
    But "Friend Finder Agent" has a business to run, so comes up with a solution.
    After spying on B, "friend finder agent" finds out that B is going to one retreat.
    So "friend finder agent" registers and coaches all his "friends candidates" to the same retreats,
    with twisting facts and stories, manage to manipulate the retreat staff, and
    arrange to record, and transmit messages, and so on. Arrange a way to interview
    "friends candidates" and B. B realises the setup and leaves.
    Few days after "Friend finder agent" arranges a street theater event
    where the agent is declaring to B ( without B asking anything), "A is now teamed
    with one of my guy's list for friendship". B prays to God to have mercy on them.

    I have to interview various persons on :
    - what should A do to find a friend
    - what do they think about "Friend finder agency" : methods, mindset
    - evaluate B's reaction

    I started with one person and the answer was :
    " One does not do things like that.
    We are talking here about friendship"
    When pressed further the person said
    "For me it is obvious that this is not something to do,
    but I can not explain".
    Then I insisted saying " yes but it is just creating friends".
    The inteviewed person basically said " I'd never accept something like that."

    I have to interview one person daily about
    "Friend Finder Agency". Some more learning.
  270. Psychology/SPIRITUALITY for traders :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
    ( soon I'll drop the psychology, because psychology is really
    a tiny application of spirituality).

    So we have the certainty that, as in trading, at one day each person can die ( each trade can turn into a disaster) , and, that death ( a market crash) can call each person at any moment - even today some people will have car accidents, be victims of crimes, etc. ( a rogue trader might attempt to unload, or average down heavily, ...)

    Then can we get a glimpse of what happened after this life shattering event?
    In trading, we have examples of rogue traders who blew up ( film of Nick Leeson, ...).

    In real life, there are actually people who have had a glimpsed of the afterlife and have came back: Near Death Experience. Some managed to get to see the whole lot and come back, others to see a little and come back "earlier".

    What's better than the men of the science of the brain themselves to
    experience the Afterlife and tell us about it ?
  271. I have to interview one person daily about
    "Friend Finder Agency". Some more learning.

    Story :

    * One guy ( A) has read the pleasures, benefits and advantages of having a friend.
    A friend, he reads will call you once in a while to go and watch a football match, etc.
    So much that A decides that he wants a friend.
    * Now the question is for some obscure reasons, A has never really had a real friend.
    * A thus looks for how to get a friend. And comes across an "friend finder agency" that promises
    him that they will find him a friend. Don't laugh : that's my exercise for FOUR months.
    * Turns out that A hear that person B is actually the ideal friend one can have.
    So A says to his "friend finder agency" to get B as his friend.
    * "Friend finder agent" contacts B and say to B to be A's friend.
    For some unknown reasons B finds all of this strange, and, make the choice to not get involved
    into anything to do with "Friend finder agent".
    * So "Friend finder agent" proposes other people on his book for A.
    * Things being as they are ( God does he exist): these "Friend finder agent" friendship things always
    finish badly ( Does God exist?). So each time it finished, A get even more convinced that B is the solution:
    true B did warn not to do "that", B advises to "work on oneself" and to go out with no expectation,
    B advises to "trust God" to bring the right friend when God believes A is ready for a friend.
    But "Friend Finder Agent" has a business to run, so comes up with a solution.
    After spying on B, "friend finder agent" finds out that B is going to one retreat.
    So "friend finder agent" registers and coaches all his "friends candidates" to the same retreats,
    with twisting facts and stories, manage to manipulate the retreat staff, and
    arrange to record, and transmit messages, and so on. Arrange a way to interview
    "friends candidates" and B. B realises the setup and leaves.
    Few days after "Friend finder agent" arranges a street theater event
    where the agent is declaring to B ( without B asking anything), "A is now teamed
    with one of my guy's list for friendship". B prays to God to have mercy on them.

    I have to interview various persons on :
    - what should A do to find a friend
    - what do they think about "Friend finder agency" : methods, mindset
    - evaluate B's reaction

    Inteview n°2, the person answer has been :
    - A should find a friend himseld and not use an agency
    - "Friend finder agency" is not honest
    - B reacted well

    I am this daily finding one person to interview.
  272. :):):) I would have never thought that the trading path would take me
    to subjects "beyond the graves". But hey, deep spirituality for traders.

    So one Neurosurgeon went to the Afterlife, and came back. His experience "there"
    was extremely positive - even seeing a birth sister he had never met, from a birth family he
    had not had contact with for ages, that died months before.
    Now obviously, one could have called him "crazy neurosurgeon". However, from trading experiences, I know I don't know everything. And the more I learn, the more ignorant I
    realise I am. And I have no problem with that ( I am not on an "ego trip"). :):):)

    One other scientist (PhD in research sciences! ) who went to see the Afterlife and was lucky to come back. :D:D:D
  273. Damn trading is so similar to real life!

    Does trading pain ressemble a trip to hell ? :D:D:D
    Some people talked about feeling like "possessed" when trading.
    Others talked about the horrors of blowing up. The details looked hellish!

    And now, I am finding out that not only one can die at any instant
    ( Death can comes knocking at any moment, no matter how young ( see babies
    and youngs who die), no matter how wealthy, no matter how healthy).
    And now, that after dieing, there can be good experiences, and Hell. :eek::rolleyes::):D

    Now when one puts a trade :
    - good experience with a mega win
    - hellish experience when a blowup
    - quasi-neutral , but good experience when break-even.

    I am better off checking these videos of people who visited Hell, after
    dying to deepen my understanding of "hellish trading experiences".
  274. Damn!!! I'd have never believed some reasons some would land out into Hell after they die:
  275. Nope

    And unless / until you figure out why - trading is going to be damn problematic

    Just sayin

  276. Trading has so much similarities with real life ;)
    And my Combine is going on well. :).
    So trading is getting better ( less harassment helped a lot).
  277. Obviously, I am spending some quality time going over "Near Death experience" videos
    where people were to land into Hell.
    What I am noticing, is each person's way of telling their story is different, but one thing seems
    recurrent, when they've seen Hell, they seemed changed. :D:D:D
    Now I stopped at this one because of the win rate ration Heaven: Paradise.
    Here they are talking of a rate of 1 winner for 1000 losers.
    I am still yet to wonder if someone has had the courage of trading a system
    with 1 winner for 1000 Losers ?

  278. To be honest, I am much more interested in experiences related by atheists Scientists:
    them relating their stories of the desperation of dying patients shouting "get me out of here, I am going to Hell" seems the reason many scientists who work with patients going through death life moment, become firm God believers. My life would definitively have been different
    if I had had very knowledgeable people to teach me about these facts of life I did not know of:
    one day you will die ( it can be tomorrow , even today). After you die : Hell, Purgatory ( "reincarnation" concepts props in) or Paradise. The choice is mine how I live this short earthly life, that will determine where one lands after death:
    imagine for some 80 years in life to land in the Eternity of Hell,
    others 30 years of life to land in the Eternity of Hell.
    We are so much fooled by TV, media, and people who for some reasons
    absolutely want us to forget where all our lives finish :
    Heaven, Purgatory, or Hell. :(:(:(

  279. Now, obviously :

    * each trade can be :
    - heaven ( win)
    - purgatory ( breakeven)
    - hell ( lose)

    * hardest win rate system to trade :
    1000 losers for 1 winner ( Hell/Life win rate).
    The apparent win rate for Humans when after death they are sent
    to their eternal place.

    This really puts trading in perspective.
  280. Dr Maurice Rawlings, Specialist in Cardiovascular Diseases, is kind of direct:
    Who goes to Hell?

    The negative experiences :
    - Is it Safe to die? no if you have to find out your are heading to Hell.
    - If you had not ressuscitated him, do you believe your patient who was
    begging to "save him from Hell", would have gone to Hell?

    - Do you know where they go ? we are collecting the data! And
    some go to Hell!

    Have only "bad trader" seen "hell" during a market unexpected event?
  281. Having gone through quiet a lot of near death experiences from atheists scientists, medical doctors, I am very surprised that their testimony is very similar to those of religious people;
    and that faced with the reality of death ( aka a step to the next life - hell, heaven or purgatory), they ALL turn religious. And these are people who are trained to be extremely questionning. The evidence is there : Hell exist. :( :( :(

    Now, I simply can not help wondering why do we compare trading agonies, to it feeling like Hell???? o_O
    Seriously trading disasters are way milder than any of these "near death experience" who saw Hell.

    compared to a trader blowing up:

    Traders are too soft! and complain too much!
  282. Al Brooks chapter1: section1) title related.
    bearish trend candles

    The key is about familiarisation of Al Brooks approach,
    so as to make the understanding of his method easy for those who want to use his approach.

    short : entry conditions
    - tops/pic/resistances
    - overbought indicator
    - bearish engulfing
  283. Al Brooks Preface:
    limits of using oscillators ( type of indicator) : if there is strong trend then one would enter losing countertrends trades.

    ==> suggestion not al brooks related:
    if using oscillator, add also the adx as a filter of strong trend

    successful reversals : strong trendline break + pullback to test of previous extreme and fails to take previous extreme

    Al Brooks uses 1 indicator : the 20 EMA, on 5 minutes.
    Also the volume on 1 minute - for imminent trend reversal identification
  284. :):):):) God really works in mysterious ways.

    So now, a golden opportunity for the "BIG clean up!" :D:D:D:D:D:D
    I should thank my "feu" Dad for that. :)


    Very well done for the one who has just finished his www.dhamma.org :
    Methods that work, that is what we want.
    Congratulations for your courage in managing to get through!
  285. So starting my Combine : a continuous combine.
    I have come to understand by analysing the previous combine, that what I was seeking in trading
    was the pleasure and the pleasant feelings that accompany winning. This leading me to develop
    erroneous thought process each time I scored well.
    That information is now used to taylor my trading objectifs on the combine.
  286. *** update on the S/R + doji set-up
    It is important to find out on a higher time frame a :
    * range
    * to locate where the S/R is located in regards to this range
    * really try to find a S/R that has not been "crossed" for quiet a long time (this being relative) to the time frame where you identified the doji.

    And yes, it is my pleasure if one of you can bag in some $$$.
    Trading is an excellent way to make money, but sure one has to sort
    their psychology/spirituality.

    *** just now slacking off a bit on Al Brooks 's book.
    The really hot weather, nice atmosphere of the city here is not
    very good for spending time on AlB's book.
    The trading : yes as I need to pull in some cash for unexpected
    expenses. Yes : you can pull out cash from trading.
    Give it a go - a serious go, and do whatever it takes
    to sort out the psychology : dhamma is a good tool,
    priests are excellent if one is humble enough to tell all.

    So if you have time on your hands : give it a serious go.
    Also, some brokers even offer "trading loans", so money is not a problem.
    Do give it a go: it is worth it.
  287. here, no need to whistleblow to reach the target ( it will be reached). :) :) :)

    * The ES trading was not good at all, compared to the breaking records the last few days.
    But progress progress progress occured : I respected the day limit!!! So that is a good point.

    * I am really glad to be back on forex : I simply like the fast moves too much.
    At least stuff get done very quickly. One more day on it so that's good.

    And YES trading can be like an ATM machine :
    so feel free to get into trading as well. ;)

    I have to say the studies on Religion helped a lot on how I handle each trade ( specifically one can die at any moment, and from those who managed to come back there is a Heaven , Purgatory, Hell).
    Let's continue my trading psychology via the lense of Hell experience.
  288. Obviously, it is now "sexy" to corrupt healthy churches, and turn these into "dating places".


    Je suis VRAIMENT désolée que ton Eglise - enfin ses membres - soit
    maintenant tournée en agence de "rencontres". Comme on dit un
    proxénète préfère se présenter comme "arrangeur de mariages": c'est plus
    On croise les bras pour signaler qu'un homme a été "accouplé" à une
    femme dans le "réseau".
    On recrute les membres avec pour but de sonder et d'échanger les informations
    pour organiser ensuite les rencontres.
    On fait tout pour chasser ceux/celles qui sait comment cela se passe et
    risque de tout raconter.
    Je ne pense pas que ton Eglise mérite cela.
    Je suis sure que toi-même tu aimes ton Eglise, mais évidemment le
    Diable sait comment corrompre et agir en cachant.
    Pourquoi les membres n'ont pas su résisté?
    Je ne sais. Comme on dit le plus beau prix pour le Diable est de
    conquérir un lieu Saint. Je ne sais ce que le bon Dieu pense de tout celà,
    mais clairement, je pense qu'il aurait été préférable que ton Eglise et
    ses membres restèrent sur le droit chemin.

    Encore, très sincèrement désolée pour ce qui arrive à ton Eglise.
    Demain sera la dernière fois que je viens car je vais voyager ensuite.

    Je suis assez embarrassée de voir ce qui se passe.

    Très Cordialement

    Basically, it says

    "I am very sorry that your good church has been turned into a dating agency and place of encounters.
    A primp prefers to promote itself as marriage arranger : it looks better.
    Why your Church did not resist ? or why your members did not resist ?
    I don't know. The Devil greatest prize is always to corrupt Saintly places into places of "sexual encounters".
    Church members are recruited to act as proxy for information , so as to organize the encounters.
    A male church member folding hands signals " a male has now had a sex encounter with a female".
    Obviously, when the system is set, it is just a question of time before all goes into a worst path.

    Your Church did not deserve that.

    I am very sorry

    Yours Sincerely


    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Now people wonder why these "couplings" finish badly ?????
    Blessed by Satan, doomed by God may be.

    As obviously, there is no respect for any Religious place ( each person is entitled to having their place of worship respected), it is preferrable that any HEALTH advice be not sent at all. Please thank your "Daddies" and "females".

    You've been warned.
  289. Obviously, all of this makes me understand better why I always felt God had chosen me for this trading objective.
    It now makes totally sense.
    Even all this "saga" now makes sense , as I learned :
    - psychology and how it applies to trading ( I would have never gone to do a dhamma thing
    without the desir to relieve the enormous stress). This leading to a better observation
    of myself when trading.
    - spirituality and how it applies to trading ( I would have never gone to start some Jesuit's
    retreats without the desire to fully understand my experiences). This leading to a major
    trading "blockage" removed. I don't think I'd have found this huge block without this retreat.

    And most importantly, I have learned to observe behaviors :
    how people act, how they hide, how they manipulate.
    This works for the market.
  290. I have been informed that one person is now in coma;
    and I am VERY sorry to hear that "it is as if people want him to die".

    * Let me break the news to you: the day he dies, please start counting the days, as you will follow.
    It is not to you to wish a ill person to pass to the other side.
    Also, if you do things right, he can still get back.
    Sorry if any posor or look-alike can not do much:
    indeed, God works in mystyerious ways, as
    "the person who they were mistreating mercilessly is the one who can help their health".

    * Now, even if asked not to send any health tips: these will be sent.
    I have no idea why stuff kept delaying this. But I'll get this done this week,
    before my trip. The reason : moral and ethical principles.

    * Also, let me break to yourself another new: one of your "females"
    was specialist in crippling people's feet, another one in putting bacteria
    into people's clothes, another one is specialist in "air poisoning".
    The last one in "air posioning" has been active last week,
    sending her "hired action man" at an internet cafe for some
    "air poisoning". I guess this is the one: please get the guy she was/is involved with .
    Please get your hands on her and get the full sets of "air poisoning" sessions
    she has been up to. I would not be surprised that - thanks to her skills-
    some people have developed some health problems located from above the belly to the top of the head.

    * Regarding the Church : please check on your "females" over the last 5 years
    those who went manhunting there. Then you'll be able to find whose
    Church members they approached and manipulated into trying to turn - unwittingly I hope- a good Church into a place of "sex encounter arrangements". Specifically, the two ( one?) Church members they used to get all the members'
    emails, and those they instructed to fold their hands in front of their chest
    ( the "signal") during the retreat, and during the religious day celebration.
    Go further to find out all their "daddies" :
    it would be interesting to discover which of the "females" and "daddies" did
    desacrate one Church ( basilic Montmartre) during a Chrismas Eve ( 24 Dec 2014). They used one older woman with short hair , and used a disabled
    man for their desacration. This desecration, I believe, was in "retaliation",
    in my continuing to refuse their prostitution offers with one of their
    "hopeful customers" who followed me at a Chemist shop in 2014 , near
    Gallieni. The Daddy and his "Nigerian" handyman should be able to
    inform on the identity of the person and those other involved ( one couple
    and 2 women and the disabled person used) in the
    Cathedral Chrismas ceremony desacration.
  291. So that the coach can understand the horrendous stress created by these situations.
    Stress due to unwanted situations, stress due to immoral and unethical situations, stress created by other people.

    Some are asking for precisions and have asked for information. So here we go

    * They killer her mum : ( ML and Ang)' mum. Replaced her by a sosie. Then tryed to turn the 2 daughters into prostitutes. One for sure they have successfully turned her into one. This is the one they are parading and mocking " see she is a hooker". But they bother about their "honors" and "reputation" : please they beg, do not let out what we are up to.

    * About the "females", as people want to know if they landed one.
    Please, consider that the "hired people" they use to act might have been mislead
    and have no idea about the full story. So handle them gently.

    Church :

    - St Ignace retreat : at the dining table, the young woman on my left.
    This one made the signal of "sex encounters" : during the Turin pelerinage, when they were leaving
    earlier. Second time, in front of the post office, as we arrived earlier for the retreat and went to
    sort some post office stuff.
    - St Ignace retreat. The elder mum who was sitting in front of me ( travelled from Belgium with her daughter).
    Her hand folding signal was made during the dinner ( around Day2). She is the one who picked us up at the train station

    - Religious procession :
    During the lunch, the elder woman at the end of the table on the right.
    She was seating with her husband. I believe she had a pink/white stripped shirt.

    Turin retreat : she actually went to collect people's emails. Now we know for what purpose : recruit the "hired proxy people".
    Same look and haircut as the Cathedral Montmartre woman who desacreted the Chrismas eve service.
    St Ignace retreat : had to seat as was unwell.

    - The one into moto landed one of the "females"
    - Another one of the "females" is into red shoes
    - the Other one : I don't know.

    Let me just remind : some people go to a St Ignace retreat to do a RELIGIOUS retreat.
    And do not wish their Church and place of worship to be turned into something else.

    The Bouddhist retreat ( similar scene took place, hence my visit to one
    of the heads of the Bouddhist thing as he wants to know how all of this took
    place so as to "clean up" his centers).
    * one dark hair, to shoulder length made the "folded arm" signal about one based in Australia,
    and into blue colors.

    * The "air poisoning" at internet cafe :
    It has a camera.

    * Now : the jogger who seem to want to make eye contacts at the park on last sunday.
    I have never met you. You are confusing me with someone else. Please move on.
  292. * Regarding "pals" : just say "you were at the office then, and you want as former colleagues to meet up to catch up". There is nothing wrong with meeting up former colleagues.
    In the same vein when I travel, I have no need of shagganism to meet up former colleagues, friends, or neigbours. Nothing wrong with that.

  293. Some did not know : now you know.

    Some are horrified ( poisoning, bacterias, etc) : well, what do you expect when people have total impunity ?
    I mean if people just let them do things, then what is to stop them going further,
    or repeating it when they feel and believe nobody will know ?

    I do not know if it is living in a Bisounours world means
    - saying no to prostitution
    - saying no to having one's very good Catholic Church saintety tainted by this type of stuff
    - saying "sorry, I want to do my trading in peace"
    - saying " sorry, I have never met you, so please move on"
    - saying " fine to meet former neigbours and colleagues"

    In this case, I am absolutely fine living and doing everything I can to continue living in
    "Bisounours' world".
  294. So now some meditation.
  295. THANK YOU for finding a solution : yes it is a very good one.
    Just seen it.
  296. Trading is now much more relaxed : no more interruption from external stress.

    "Ludovic" : the "sect" has felt the need to inform me via one of the corrupted staff at the TGI that you have
    now landed one of their "females". First I have not met you via ludo at all. Second ; make sure the "female" goes through at least 5 www.dhamma.org sessions, and 3 St Ignace and then turn her into a Police informant.
    Thanks for doing that

    "Que..." : please DO NOT enter into contact with any person where I am living.
    There are law suits going on. Thanks

    $$$ and cake (?) : please DO NOT enter into contact with any person where I am living.
    same as above

    Titi : Thanks for the comments. There comes a time when the basuka has to be used.
    Now, all the Police officers, and Legal Officers that got "approached successfully " by the "network" will have their day in court. Some are , understandbly, starting to worry enormously : they should have learned their job - and if in doubts reported to the hierarchy.
    Now it is just a question of time.

    "Miss No worry" : you obviously has spent tremendous energy and efforts to fuck up a lot of "females".
    I hope you'll inform them in what type of "network" you have doomed them into. Hopefully, you'll take on yourself to get into some St Ignace retreats, and may be save yourself some real troubles due to your stupidity. Never wondered why only upset because of the stress for the trading, but not really bothered about your signals of "sex encounters". You are a real idiot.

    Your parent-boss: I assume he is not a complete idiot. This assumption ( that can always be revised) being assumed, he'd better find out who is using his image to put some blame on him. Certainly someone ( male or female) he "crossed". Nothing to do with me. However I have to put the complaints when it is appropriate. Also, he or the person he has problems with should go and gas people he has dealt with. Never met the guy , though he seems adamant or his lookalike seems adamant to follow me. Thanks for stopping the stupidities. This is getting more and more pathetic.
  297. Now that doggette ( ;) ) is showing the way for TopstepTrader,
    I definitively feel much more motivated to pull in more trading days.

    Also, we've pulled in a really smart move to "clean up" all these people who fear
    the idea of being asked to explain themselves in a Law Court. Their core numbers
    between 5 and 10 people max. But they are a real nuisance by the power of their
    lying tongues ( name droppings, half-lies / half-trues, ...). We start by those
    nearest, then we"ll be able to widen the net. :) :) :)
  298. :D:D:D:D:D At least via trading, I have come to learn that one needs to have enough humility to do what it takes when improving.

    So here we go : "describe the characteristics of Hell , and compare these to
    losing in trading
    " :) :) :)
    I would have never guessed that Religion - aka spirituality - would be one tool when looking for "solutions to my problem".

    So from Scientists ( these people who ask a LOT of questions, and never believe easily) , from Scientists who have to spend time with people who die, and who have near-death-experiences, we learned that Hell exist. And most of the time, those destined to Hell during their dying experience are not
    really overjoyed about it.

    * Hell is hot : when losing in trading, usually the trader feels some heat :)
  299. :) :) :) ***************
    Whoever presents hersth passport starting by 10CX978.... : please contact the French Police.
    As it is now a stolen document
    Thank you
  300. To my utter surprise, some are asking for clarifications regarding these Near Death Experiences. :D
    I have to oblige.
    First, know watch these videos, and at the end, think of how you felt when you lost big.

    And remember God can call you back at any moment.
  301. Near Death Experiences are a reality :
    1) one day you will die
    2) it can happen at any moment ( imagine today you take your car, and get into a fatal accident)
    So it is best to prepare : having the end in sight helps prepare so as not to land in Hell,
    but preferably in Paradise, and if it is a miss in Purgatory.

    When you trade, losing trades are a reality:
    1) any trade can be a loser
    2) a losing trade can happen at any moment ( imagine a market crash, a total drop in liquidity)
    So it is best to prepare : having the end in sight helps prepare, so as not to land in Losing Hell, but preferably in Winning days and it is a miss in a Break-even day.

    I am just noticing that Mr Bright , a great trader, actually passed away recently.
    RIP to him. And I'll leave it to this, thank you.
  302. In order to prepare well, one needs to know how Hell looks like, what Hell is like: and
    how one lands in Hell, what do people do to land in Hell. I will thus provide as many examples of how people guarrantee they wind up in Hell.

    In the same vein, in order to prepare well, it is good to know how losing trades look like,
    how a looming losing day look like ( not waking up well, feeling unwell, feeling stressed,
    the trade "not moving well because it did that and not that" , ....).
  303. study this graph real good. small traders are going around the circle


    More than 90% of small traders lose. They just lose!
  304. Emg: I used to laugh about your motto ( sorry for the honesty),
    but there is some truth in it.
    The aim is to move small traders into bigger traders.
    What in your views are the major reasons that small traders lose?
    do you see any other reasons than psychology/spirituality ?
  305. wait for my new thread on 'sarao'

    My hero
  306. OK. Prepare you to explain very well why in your thread, as I won't shy from asking tough questions.

    ****** BOOK OF JUOB *****

    As Trading disasters can bring pain that is a foretaste of some aspects of Hell,
    some are also asking about the Book of Job. :D :D :D

    - As you remember, this is one aspect of Job' s starting misfortunes.

  307. :) :) :) We need to move further, on this study of Hell. :D :D :D

    Recap :
    1) Scientists ( cardiologist, neurosurgeons, real scientists with PhDs) who work with
    people just before they die, and after they die, most turn religious after 2-3 years on the job.
    I guess having dying people, who do not know each other, shouting " help me get out of here, I am in Hell" must bring many of these atheists scientists to reflect on where each person is really heading to : Heaven, Purgatory or Hell.
    2) One day, each one of us will die ( and God might call you sooner than you think)

    So now, next step : describe the characteristics of Hell. Explain it well,
    and specifically why it is best to avoid it.

    So it is time to talk about Time and Duration!!!
    ( I really wonder if good traders for some reasons went through the Bible!
    All these trading terms are so bliblic lol ) :

    The Eternity of Hell vs the relatively short lifespan on this earth ( 200 max for the
    extremely lucky one of our generation).
    - Steve Jobs, billionnaire died age 56. 56 years on this earth, now : is he for the Eternity of
    Hell, or Eternally in Heaven , or is he having a long sting at Purgatory?
    - Keir Millar, sport champion died at age 11. 11 years on this earth, now : is he for the
    Eternity of Hell, or Eternity in Heaven, or is he having a long sting at Purgatory?
    - Jules Bianchi, sport champion died at age 25. 25 years on this earth, now: is he for the
    Eternity of Hell, or Eternity in Heaven, or is he having a long sting at Purgatory?

    Even so, some die much younger, others much older, but no matter what 200 is the max.
    Even so, one can not say exactly how long more one has to live ( can you be certain
    that you won't have a car accident? a boat accident? or even a medical accident?).
    So actually a short lifespan ( 200 years max), to determine where one lands
    for Eternity.

    I am glad TST has a stat on time, as related to the trade ending in win, loss, break-even.

    :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    Eternal as : forever, with no end.

    Now for your losing trade : do you expect the broker to let your loser
    continues eternally as forever, with no end?
    In the same vein, losing trader : how long do you think you can
    continue? eternally, forever, with no end?
    So one needs to put a time stop.
    In the same vein, God puts a time stop ( lifespan), then
    attributes and eternal destiny.
  308. This study on Hell seems to be having some positive effects : some traders I hear are "reflecting better" before taking a trade, and have avoided some impulsive trades. When all fails, some say, "give the person a Bible". :) :) :)

    So we are still to relfect on why the torments of Hell being Eternal, compared to this short earthly life ( 200 years max), makes all the difference in the pains of the damned.
  309. Nice job, man. The first principle for me is to keep calm, always!
  310. Thank you

    Many people do not have the "right perspectives" :
    due to mis-education and distractions.

    Trading virtue was really hidden to myself : it in fact gets the trader into the real thing. :D :D :D
    I am now toying with the idea of getting as many people as possible
    into trading, so as to "make the world a more peaceful and better place".
    Who'd have known that trading was a hidden treasure!

    Let us get some important considerations.
    Someone asked how many people actually die every year !!!!

    Worldwide :
    55.3 million people die each year ( rougly 160 000 every day, and roughly 100 people every minute)
    In the USA : around 2.5 millions people deaths were registered in 2011
    In the UK : around 500k people deaths per year

    Roughly, out of 1000 people, around from 5 to 20 people die each year for each country.
    Obviously, those in wars, have their number of people "facing decisions about their final eternal staying place" jumps. And from latest events, any country is really unsafe from potential war.
    So effectively, each person can be facing death at any moment : young age is no protection
    ( many young people do die), good health neither ( accidents and injuries).

    So in the same vein, that at any time, each person can be called for a
    "face2face with who awaits for us after death",
    and have their "Book of Life" opened for just appreciation ( Does someone sees everyone of our most "hidden" deeds ? ).
    In the same vein, everytrade once entered is left to the just appreciation of the Market.
    At anytime, each trade can be called for a "face2face with who awaits the losing trade" - aka broker.

    Now, let's investigate aspects of the Eternity of Hell : understanding what Eternity means.
    Do not get stopped by the "religious" around it, concentrate on understanding what
    Eternity means, so as to understand well the important characteristics of Eternity of Hell
  311. I am really thankful I went into trading. So much to learn.
    I am still deepening my understanding of the Eternity of Hell.
    No wonder I have gone through a real shift of perspectives regarding
    trading stress.

  312. You should be a philosopher. I knew someone was looking for a trading mentor in the forum several days ago. U should help him.
  313. Hi,

    I have soooo many qualities and abilities ( scientist, politician, high civil servant, philosopher, even naural healer... I have to thank God for all the blessings in skills bestowed to my mere being)
    that I chose trader !!! If not for some high stress experiences, I'd have reached some serious goals by now. Never mind! As long as God is not yet calling me up there, I am heading on.

    If he advertised for a trading mentor on the net, then, I am sure he must have bought the services of the many who were desperately looking for some paying customers. And seriously, I was not willing to
    put myself against these highly skilled mentoring selling providers. This is not my industry.

    I assume it did'nt work out for him.

    Sure I can partner with him for mutually beneficial benefits.
    That means : just now, I am really into getting 50 ( yes fifty) financially desperate people into trading ( using TopstepTrader by the way) . The idea is to get them to qualify to TST and trade via TST. This to make things easier. I now know where to find them ( not an easy thing actually). So now, I have been
    thinking about how to get this off the ground.
    If he can help with making that easy on the "logistical" and "operational" side ( from office for them, to transport to "mental training facilities I identified" - as trading is very much about the "mind" - , and other things that would make that easy), yep I'd in exchange will be very willing to suggest no BS things that if he does will get him within 1 year to break-even, and within the other 2 , profitable. I 'd suggest he waits that I get through my TST. He should not worry that passing the TST would make me raise the stakes!

    And yourself, Leo Chu : you seem to get through the essential very quickly : how long have you been trading? and how is your trading doing? Yup! I am assuming the "him" is not you, right?
  314. For sure, I am not "him". I am now in a prop trading firm but not using TopstepTrader.
  315. OK. So he knows what he can get ( break-even within 1 year, profitability within 2 years from break-even).
    And he knows what I want ( logistic and operational ).
    It is a very fair deal.
  316. U can search that thread. If I remember it right, the title is like fuck those "fake mentors". Just recently
  317. Some people might ask "why them"?
    Because it is much easier for me to succeed with them.

    1) They are "lucky" ( I'll obviously check well this in person myself )
    So their "spirituality" is not completely "damaged". I do not work
    with "unlucky" people ( I refuse to go against "God's plans")
    2) They are very willing and won't pull some craps I have seen some
    pull on ( when involved before in a tech business), as they have
    limited opportunities.
    2) I am not interested in them being analysts, programmers or backtesters, etc.
    They will just be traders. So "wheelbarrow boys" are very much welcomed.
    Obviously if in the lot, one has degrees, the better. But seriously for trader,
    I am into the "mindset". The rest ( trading method, organisation,...) has to be provided:
    this is where he is welcomed into partnership.

    ( not necessarily British nor Western based wheelbarrow boys, but the theme is the same)
  318. OK I'll do so.
    He is though free to pm.
  319. Time for some time of silence. The beauty of trading is one learns when it is time for some "quiet" time.

  320. Please, do NOT contact any person from where I live.

    It is my understanding that over the next 2 weeks ( I can't figure out why) , some scammers and confidence tricks specialists are reading themselves for some scam action in Paris-France ( I can't figure out why) , so please:
    - remember they have managed to corrupt police officers in the past
    - remember they have used "vip" sercurity personnel/car drivers in the past
    Do check ID thoroughly, and even take and store fingertips.
    What you have to remember : scammers wherever they come from
    lie like they breath. Learn to be an excellent lie detector.
  321. Same request : do NOT contact any person from where I live. Thank you.

    Just now, dealing with some challenging personality change from one youngster who
    I suspect has started the drug addiction road ( starting with chichua drug enlaced).
    Many people complain how "some people" here can be very much anti-foreigners, but
    with what I am seeing, I can fully understand the underneath xenophobia.
    It was very hard for me to understand the hostility toward the "refugees", but
    now, hopefully, I won't join the crowd! lol
  322. Next sets of trading psychology sessions will cover :
    the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the destruction of Babylon, the destruction of Jerusalem,
    and others great "cities destroyed by God" , because of the evilness that reigned there.
    Obviously, traders understand that we need to understand the dangers of having a trading
    account destroyed. :D

    Let's understand why God ( trading "Market") can be linked to the destruction
    of some cities ( "trading accounts")


    Sodom and Gomorrah:

    It looks like there are around 37 cities that got destroyed.
    I'll try to match each way and reasons with around 37 ways
    a trading account can get destroyed.
  323. First things first : thanks for your help!!! Very much appreciated.

    So we have the 37 cities destroyed.
    And also, to study "scam artists" and their "qualities", so as to identify how
    a trader can get "scammed into entering a trade when should not".

    I have to say, I am enjoying going over these confidence tricksters.
  324. Now obviously, how would one avoid falling for a pump and dump scheme.

    I'd never guessed these "specific artists" could bring so much insights.

  325. "
    Let's understand why God ( trading "Market") can be linked to the destruction
    of some cities ( "trading accounts")"

    Greed - - - and Trading accounts destruction.

    First some reminder about greed

    The trader only sees $$$$$ , and forgets about the market


    The trader's minds is solely focused on the profits, nothing else. Does not think market at all.

    When the account is destroyed it is similar to all the profits being "thrown away"

    It is obvious that human beings have different way to "regurgitate money" :
    - getting caught Sarao style, so as to regurgitate all
    - losing all to scammers
    - and obviously entering in a path where the trading account get blown up.
  326. Some people believe they know everything : thus that scientists, historians, etc are wasting their time :
    they should just ask these know-all!!!

    I wonder what is in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, of Jerusalem and of the other cities
    that "disturbs" them. Just for the record :

    Now, one obvious question is : if in the past, cities got destroyed for their wickedness,
    could we imagine other cities being destroyed?
    To be honest, I have no idea. However, can one be sure that one's country and cities
    will not be destroyed as having attracted the wrath of God and abused God's patience?
    In a way, how long should God just allow wickedness to go on?

    Genesis :" The outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah is so great and their sin so grievous that ... to see if what they have done is as bad as the outcry that has reached me. " Geneis s 18:20/21 NIV.

    Now, obviously I only know that God works in mysterious ways. How the destruction get done? I have no idea. When? I absolutely do not know. In the same vein, you do not know when God will call you via death, for a quality face to face with God to determine your eternal final place ( heaven or Hell or step via purgatory).
    In the same vein, no matter what, the market can works in mysterious ways to turn a sure winning trade into an utter losing one.
  327. Let's continue to "clean up all psychological/spiritual junk" by focussing on the study of "GREED" :D :D :D

    Useful for trading obviously.

    Different perspectives on GREED obviously.

    And yes before I forgot. I have finally managed to understand why this Dieudonné has upsetted people. This says it all:

    Feel free to ask, and I'll do my best to find out about it.
  328. Regarding the Dieudonné case : the best move would have been if he had visited the Holy Land. As far as I know, he has a very limited view of the complex situation there ( just looking at people's geopolitical mistakes/successes is telling) . If someone was courageous to invite him there, with a clear stipulation that he should leave any "prejudice" at the frontier, then that would move things forward. Now obviously, would he accept such an invitation??? For the record : JMLP sued
    him for many reasons , and lost elections because of Dieudonne, JMLP and Dieudonne were "born ennemies", and now 10 years later they are now like family ( JMLP being one of his daughter godparent).

    Now, I am wondering if someone could create some world championship on
    "individual suffering" with a minimum winning prize of 10million+ for 1st place,
    5million for challenger, and 2 million for bronze price.
    This would make a significant difference.
  329. The psychology of greed :confused: :confused: :confused:

    There seems to be a different approach to the issue of greed in trading,
    when traders present the issue, psychologists look to it.
    It seems that www.dhamma.org is still the winner as far as "cleaning up"
    these types of greed faults.

  330. The way traders handle greed in trading seems to not be complete.
    Even when the problem is psychology, the solution saught is not through
    sorting the psychology! I wonder if those who go into trading are
    a little scarred of psychology.
  331. SS

    Apologies.., I have not read through the last several pages

    Fear and greed are cut from the same bolt of cloth - and both fear based

    Fear = fear of what ever

    Greed - fear of not having / getting enough

  332. Greed - fear of not having / getting enough :

    I'll check this perspective. ;)
  333. Greed can be compared in its excess to Gluttony.
    Can't stop doing the behavior that leads to problems.
    Addiction to gambling ( or trading-gambling, etc...) can be better illustrated with eating addiction extreme case.
    The benefits of trading is one can get a chance to deal with whatever psychological/spiritual issues, the trader has. Many people are scarred of the www.dhamma.org , but I'd say this is
    an essential step. Any losing trader who is not giving themselves a chance via the dhamma.org
    deserves to lose.

    Very good case to view greed via greed of food.
  334. So some thoughts about this "addiction to food" greed for food story.

    *) at the funerals : many people. when he was struggling just his ex ( who did not attend the funerals) , who run away strangely when she sensed he could get some real help. May be the questions about what she was feeding him reached too close to something. Interestingly she acknowledges the issues were there from the start!

    *) he was asked each time to make a step to "win" the help, and each time he would fail at it.
    One guy suspected his wife was an "enabler".

    *) he has a "hope for a savior" / "salvation" mentality. That obviously did not work as each time he was asked to prove himself.

    *) He obviously could not control his cravings for food that lead him to a worse and worse situation

    *) The origin of it: psychological as it started with some depression and anxiety.
    Even then, he stated that taking pills made him less depressed and anxious, thus he had less cravings for food.

    Obviously greed, and various cravings are manifestation of some anxiety.
    Greedy person : person with unresolved anxiety problems.
  335. Now that we have "reassured" the broker we are not coming for a clean up, we can play. :D :D :D
  336. So let's start to play: Now we play to win.
    Wasted a full week, but stuff had to be done. Now we can play.

    And THANK YOU again for the help you provided to sort the situation:
    Saint, sane, healthy and pure atmosphere reigns.
  337. Let's remind of the traps of pride ( the real source/reason for overconfidence).

    The study of the fall of Lucifer, so as to understand Lucifer thinking , so as
    to avoid the traps of pride ( in whatever way it manifests itself).
    The Bible really contains so many aspects for trading issues. Had I known
    that I'd have studied the Bible along the other trading aspects.

    Much complete summary of Lucifr famm from hraven.
  338. It looks like studying "Evil" people ( as shown by evil thoughts and actions) is necessary to get into the core of trading psychology.

    I have been given a case ( real one) to study.
    So this guy got his life completely shattered, into a mistaken identity situation.
    Basically, a guy drove for hours to go and get "revenge" spree , to go and damage for life an innocent person in the guy's accusations.
    The attacker actually first thought his family member got aggressed. But later on,
    once justice went through, it turns out that not only this was false, but also the person
    he attacked had nothing to do with his accusations.


    Most interesting : the psychology/actions of the culprit
    1) The culprit hide himself till the Police found him.
    2) enlisted people to help him hide his identity ( his wife was first charged with perverting
    the court of justice, aka preventing justice to find the culprit)
    3) Only in court - and after some "sessions" only police know of, did he acknowledged
    what he did. And only because of the Justice system, did he apologize to the victim.

    Obviously, this exemple is a typical illustration of the psychology behing evilness:
    - hatred
    - vigilante
    - not using the Law system ( where he'd have found out that there was no
    family aggression!!!
    - barbaric methods
    - avoiding the Judicial system at all costs
    - liying
    - using others to cover up the crime via manipulation,

    What is behind the psychology of the culprit?
  339. Obviously, we need again to learn about Lucifer's fall.
    Need to understand how a person passes from good trading psychology,
    to "bad" trading psychology ( lack of discipline, revenge trading, overleveraging,
    overconfidence trading, ...)

  340. I have to say, going too deep into trader's psychology really makes one wonder about
    why people really do not first report all to the Judicial system. Some people obviously have
    real mental problems, and seriously, no matter what till they've passed through a Law Court, to loudly explain their "contributions" for all to hear and see,
    it is just a question of time for another worse "repeat".

    Here the culprit was first covered so as not to get caught and face a Law Court.
    Even then, he lied , but faced with cameras had to "accept" his guilt.
    One would have thought that the people he manipulated would have gone straight to the Police: no. The Police had to do all the work!!!
  341. I am reading the comments. It seems that once the case is fully handled judiciarily, and all teh truth is know, people are scandalised.

    "How dare he apologise to him!!! He doesn't deserve to breathe the Same air as this courageous man!!"

    Some are pointing out " he drove hours without at any moment having doubts or restreints to do that".

    Others are obviously outraged, about those who covered up for the guy.

    What is interesting, is really to understand what really goes into the mind of someone who
    does something like that : he did not think of checking facts, did not think of may be going through the Judicial System, he believed he was 100% right when it turns out he was 100% wrong, he believed he could not make mistakes but was completely wrong.
  342. Understanding Lucifer's psychology, as he is the "God of those into evilness".

  343. This case is so shocking, but obviously, one learns a lot about the fall of a person into great sin. Then we can learn something about the
    steps a trader changes from good trading to bad trading.
  344. the steps that make a trader change from good trading into bad trading.

    * Lucifer was created with great qualities, was in highest place in heaven
    * Lucifer enamoured with himsel , thus pride.
    Wanted to be worshipped as God was
    * Lucifer became very jealous when God created Man
    and of God's plan for Man. Lucifer refused to obey God ( pride and jealousy)
    * Lucifer pride and inequity, then rebelled
    * God casted Lucifer and followers out of Heaven

    Good trading :
    - Trader get "enamoured" with the trading performance, thus pride
    - Trader then feels is like the Market ( "God")
    - Trader refused to check/listen/obey the Market messages
    - Trader's pride , leads to "inequities" ( in following approach)
    - Market ( "God") cast the Trader out of "trading Heaven".

    Kind of similar psy process.
  345. the steps that make a trader change from good trading into bad trading.

    Good trading :
    - Trader does well
    - Trader Admires that
    - Trader feels as great as, better than ...
    - Trader develops pride
    - Trader longs for more, dream of being greater
    - Feelings of "rebellion" : do not obey/follow the rules
    - Trader's vanity , grows into arrogance , then seeds of trading "sins" are planted

    Really the Bible is a good teacher of human spirituality!!! I've wasted soooo much time
    not reading the Bible carefully. Now, I now understand the point of one special prayer
    in the our "book of Catho prayers" that I found really hard to do! Because it was pointing the finger
    to the steps!!!! lol

  346. YAWN!!!!
    Sorry I have never met this guy : can he please go and deal with the person he has issues with!!!
    Also, I have never socialised face 2 face ( aka been in the same room except to buy groceries in their shops) with
    any "indi-paki et al" looking person.
    So someone is pretending I insulted the person!!!! LOL : It was not me. Still not getting it?
    You can put a formal legal complaint to a Law Court: I'll certainly show up so that you can
    be ridiculed in having "harassed" the wrong person ( since 2010, all my locations and who with are recorded). Another person who has been fooled and
    played by a group of hookers, and is looking for "retribution" on the wrong person.

    Call me a racist, but let me repeat again:
    I have NEVER socialised face 2 face with any paki-indi looking person.

    What is mistaken identity?

  347. :) :) :)
    Actually, please ask this person to be ready to bring his own testimony.
    Obviously he has been played like a fool, like many: I am sure, he too, wants to
    have the full truth.

    Here the legal procedures are slow and complicated, but I'll be going for a
    "Juge d'instruction" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Examining_magistrate). This team's job is to get to the bottom of the truth ( all the
    truth, only the truth and no half-lies stuff ).
    And they are very effective - as far as I know, there is no country someone
    can go and hide if a Juge of Instruction wants to "interview" them. So we will all
    get the truth.

    Obviously, the person(s) responsible for all this mess will not want any legal process
    so that the truth comes out. But they are fooling themselves : it has evolved into
    such a stage that - I can say EVERYBODY wants the truth of this saga. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    Thanks to all this spirituality/psychology work on myself, I have understood my role
    in this saga : I have the unique qualities ( integrity, not completely stupid, ...) , for,
    if God wanted to get something done, that this be done through me. I have accepted
    that sometimes God chooses people for that , because he knows the person can
    handle the tribulations and trials. So that people understand that, as far as I am concerned, I have no desire of revenge , but for the whole truth to come out. Also, who knows
    how many "unlucky" victims of these people are out there. :eek: :eek: :eek:

    So please, ask this person to keep around, as when ready I will ask authorization for
    the "Juge d'instruction" to put a way of contacts here.


    I hope many will make the trip ( however long time it takes) to come and have the chance
    of listening the people responsible of this "saga" to proudly come and explain themselves in front of everybody. Most of the time, from my attendance, these peopel suddenly talk in a very inaudible voice, and the public has to ask them to speak louder.

    And be reassured, we are a still a country of Law, with rules , and duty of care
    so that innocent people are not mistaken for culprits. And the "Juge d'instruction" job is to get the truth. And this is what we all want.

    Take care
    :) :) :)
  348. For trading : Just few more vidoes to watch , the meditation session for 10 days,
    and I think I will stop "giving back profits".
  349. And yes, I have always advocated to go through the Legal System ( even
    for "emotional upset").
    So it is normal I walk the talk.
    People DO lie : this is why Legal procedures and these Magistrates are professional
    lies detectors and they know they need time to do a good job. :) :) :)
    And the good thing, is these cases - as long as there has never been
    a trial - even if "classified" are actually always opened. :):):)
    They only get really closed IF a trial has taken place. So we
    are happy that trials only take place once all the truth is known. :):):)
  350. Personally, from my limited undertsanding of all of this, and in view of
    all those who got fooled ( including the italiens north and south) :
    It looks to me behind all of this ( from "spiritual point of view") is all about
    ONE person who has been manipulating left right and center for a VERY VERY VERY long time ( I mean 20+ years) to protect his/her identity from whatever mess he/she has been responsible for. Fear and anonymity can get
    people to do anything ( including lie and slander) to accuse an innocent so as to avoid "retribution" against themselves.
    I seriously hope that one - now long dear dead person - did not die because of "mistaken identity". Obviously, as we all know, when death of innocent
    are involved, God with time brings things out.
  351. ****** MEDITATION*******

    Basically the meditation place, not the owner's fault, got used
    and the place turned into anything but a meditation place.
    Deception at its finest. Whoever has landed a "female" , do your bit,
    get her into at least FOUR www.dhamma.org session. Sure hooking mentalities
    are hard to clean, but with 3 sessions, these will be lessened, and the 4th one,
    they might start to realise the horror of what they are doing.
    Then at the 4th session, get the name of the other persons involved in
    her team - as well as their color code. As well as which guy they identified
    was the "pigeon" representative. Then ask, how they communicated
    the information, and what was the procedure to trap the "pigeon" rep.

    I registered to do a meditation: I would obviously have not turned up
    if I had known that :
    * From day1, people were openly discussing in the rooms.
    * Exchanging notes and information.
    Basically as teams of 2 or 3 were identifying their "pigeons".
    * I was supposed to tacitely caution this type of brothel activities!
    I have always said : I am not into immoral/unethical stuff. Thanks.

    ****** *******

    First : no matter your weaknesses ( alzheimer, accidents, eyesight issues...):
    you do not have to be degraded like that. Be proud of who you are:
    * because of your eyesight problem, you hear better
    * because of your leg problems, you train more, eat better, reinforce your
    leg bones and muscles and practice walking daily.
    * because of your "alzh..." issues : you handle things in different ways
    * because of your "wanting to change the world" , you did not turn into a coward, but gained courage
    * because of ..., you are taking positive steps.

    Just keep improving yourself: you can see that thanks to the dhamma
    and meditation, you have learned about "mental impurities" and have
    improved. Just keep going. :) :) :)

    ***** ******
    I think it is now time that all of this stops.

    Let me be clear :

    I will NEVER caution prostitution stuff. NEVER
    You can try to mask it as you want!: I will NEVER caution that.

    Now, because of the SHAME, "Daddy" wants to repackage their activities
    into "coupling business". Sorry : your own conscience knows that what you
    are doing is wrong. The first indice: you use DECEPTION. When confronted, you lie ( no it is not true, etc..). Why lie if it is not immoral?
    The truth will always set you free.

    PLEASE : don't fall into the traps. You do not deserve that.
    You don't need to be victim all your lives.

    This is a process to avoid the trap:

    1) Open Dating : this is when you say "he/she is A date".
    There you are well advised to have at least 10/12 dates on the go.
    There be ULTRA careful, put many conditions. So that you can
    pull out , and add another one. Always keep 10/12.
    Here, people who know really human nature ( priests, etc...) do not
    get involved.
    This is where you can be opened and have a very wide net. Do not be
    exclusive, but inclusive - have a very WIDE NET so as not to miss the
    real one for you. There you can add your conditions.
    One condition I'd advise , is that the person works on any "mental impureties". Obviously, one has to also clean one's own "mental impureties".

    2) Exclusive Dating: There, based on personal experience, you just want ONE date. This is when you say : "he/she is MY date".
    And you have had so many open dates, that you know you
    are making the right choice. But even then, you know you can get it
    wrong. This is why you can pull out.

    3) Engagement : This is when you say "he/she is MY fiancé"
    This is why here, because they know human nature, priests/etc get
    involved ( such as how you met, was it "engineered?", etc..).
    The aim is finding out any stuff you yourself would not have found.

    4) Marriage : This is when you say "he/she is My wife/husband"
    Here again those who know human nature are very cautious.
    Because they know human nature.
    Just for instance, for catholics they now have "marriage preparations" :
    it is not 2 hours, but at least 3 months of intensive preparation.

    An unhappy marriage is what destroy people: so stages 1) is extremely
    important. The destruction is only visible 5,10, 20, 30 years later.
    Make sure you get the most important thing in your life right: who you marry.

    Don't jump into stage2) without stage1).

    If you have questions about finding 10/12 dats for your Open Dating stage:
    Just ask. Here no "Daddy" methods.

    **** How to contact *****

    Now, for those who did not fall into the traps, please contact a security service company, to contact myself face to face ( via recorded delivery letter). I will pick up the open return ticket with my full name. I will then let the security people of the day arrangements.
    It is well advised, you inform clearly the security staff of Daddy and the "females"
    operating methods ( aka being ready to sleep for information, etc...). Include this
    thread as well.
    I look forward to meet you ALL ( no exception), first obviously to have your side
    of what happened, and take it from there. No need to fall into these type of traps.

    **** The Trading *****

    So what have I learned from these 7 days away from trading?

    I have thus understood the power of the environment :

    * environment can be corrupted - like this good small meditation center that got used.
    The owner was also at fault : he got early on opportunities to stop the craps.
    Such as getting everybody's down, and asking who pour stuff into people's beds.
    One woman - that actually left on day2 - had also doubts and reservations.
    She had done some real meditation at the dhamma.org, so had a finely attuned
    sense on deception. Thanks to her, I was also on my guards, and observed, and
    obviously she was rights ( teams or 2/3 communicating, ...).

    The same way : the trading environment is extremely important for sane trading
    This is something I had not considered carefully. I will now start investing
    in a proper laptop first.

    * Trading people are important. The trading neighbours create/influence the trading environment. Their "aura" has effects.
    Now, seriously, after this disaster, I was delighted to meet a group
    of Religious people.

    * Trading atmosphere is important : in the same vein, there
    was a culture of deception among the "females" and the various teams,
    that make it very unhealthy. In the same the trading atmosphere is
    important : I will need to add some greens sessions ( aka forest walking) into my trading days.
  352. :):):)I am happy these 4 steps are generating interests.
    So let us look to these in practice, on one case I am studying.:D :D :D

    step1) yes I talk about being very careful, having conditions AND widening the net.
    That means you put conditions and basically open date to any "candidate" you come across.

    Here This case is :
    ONE Condition ( sine quanon)
    * having done at least one www.dhamma.org session
    Because , the person wants to make sure that major mental "impurities" are identified and cleaned up.
    I am assuming the person has had first hand experience of the effects of mental "impurities" ,
    and recon that this is not something the person wants to live with all the rest of his/her life with.
    The end goal is always kept in mind! Happy , healthy marriage.
    Hahaha : who wants to wind up with people full of mental "impurities" they are not even aware of? Mental impurities can be cleaned ( www.dhamma.org), so why bother with those
    who have not cleaned their own mental "impurities"?

    ! :D :D :D!!! Experience talks!

    So now, the net can be very wide : aka any person who has done a www.dhamma.org session
    will qualify to enter into the "open dating" stage. Taking into account security measures, then
    the person should be giving a first date to as many candidates as possible.

    This is what I mean about getting the conditions WHILE keeping the net very wide.

    So now, the person can only bothers with those who have done the www.dhamma.org .:):):)
    All the rest, do not qualify for any date.

    * * * The process is a bit similar in trading ( on demo first)
    You start trading with a very basic condition. For instance, on the Doji at Support/Resistance,
    one could have started with just buying at support.

    You manually trade these for as long as possible to get a feel that something is really missing.
    This will give a clue to another condition to be added in the plan.
  353. :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: IMPOSTORS really have no limits.

    Better have a clear conscience when it comes to possible deaths
    Evangils selon St Math...

    "Celle qu'on a insulté à cause de toi,
    Tu ne lui as rien donné

    Celle qui n'a rien
    Tu ne lui a rien donné

    Celle sur qui on a craché à cause de toi,
    Tu ne lui as rien donné

    Mais à celles qui lui ont craché dessus,
    Tu leur a donné

    Mais à celles qui l'ont insulté,
    Tu leur a donné

    Mais celle qu'on a ruiné par stress,
    Tu leur a donné

    Aux cupides prêts à voler le pain de la bouchde de l'orphelin,
    Tu as donné

    Il est dit : Ne donne pas les choses précieuses aux porcs,
    de peur qu'ils ne se retournent contre toi.

    Dieu, dans sa très grande sagesse, a donné à celle
    à qui tu n'as rien donné, les clefs de ta santé
  354. So sorry between September 2015 and 25th october 2015 :
    you did not discuss with the gal face to face.
    And no, the gal has NEVER been to Lourdes.
    The gal does not drive, nor has a watch ( she uses her mobile phone).

    Let me repeat here : proceed with caution and use a SECURITY service company.

    The steps are:
    1) The SECURITY service company will themselves sent the recorded delivery letter
    2) At their office, the person will come so that all ID security are checked.
    ID + trading abilities ( as the gal trades).

    Other than that, do not bother contacting.
    Impostors will lie and NEVER EVER tell the truth.
  355. Clearing the environment from impostors and thiefs :
    important for trading peace of mind. :):):)

    I am also realising that the lesson for trading is :
    Check everything. Think of an impostor trade sneaking around!
  356. LOL Count on impostors now all claiming poverty, etc... Everything is good to find suckers!

    Preparing to head to Lumbini. Lumbini : prepare yourself for some boost in tourism!!!!

    Thanks for the invitation: received it from ...N...

    Now trading : It took a bit of time, but now the "trader mindset management system" is in place.
    So we'll see within the next 4 weeks, if that works. If not, back to the "trading board". Important goals need serious approaches.

    The Combine : restarting it as well. Respecting the daily loss limit is the key hurdle.
  357. Meditation is a good method for traders to reach the state of calmness on his mind. Personally, I always listening to beach waves sounds an hour before trading.
  358. Indeed fellow trader!!!!
    Meditation is a great tool to remove trading discipline issues and other trading ills.
    I would even say, for those impatient to lose their money on unsuitable methods,
    a good dhamma.org session will set you back quickly on patience to study and, a
    second session will put you on paths to find a profitable method before putting many trades.

    Just now, refining my trader mindset management system ( I am even thinking of
    checking how this can be patented before any possible theft! :) :) :)): and I am getting "educated", through some excellent priests ( Jesuits may be), about methods
    that work for "difficult and desperate" people. I have to now recognised that some
    people in very difficult mental situations believe ( I don't know why) that I may be
    a solution to them getting into the path of mental sanity! .

    Had I known that trading would have taught me so much about spirituality,
    I would have gone and study theology. God works in mysterious ways!!!
    And yes, trading profits is good. :D :D :D
  359. hahahahaha

    So some people are wondering what on earth I am spending time around Jesuits for!!!!
    Does it help trading ? :D:D:D:D:D
    Let's remind ourselves that when trading, one can reach a state of mind, where basically
    the "unconscious takes over". Thus some people might feel like , " it was like someone else
    trading", "I felt like possessed" , and other imageries. Let me break the news: this is
    completely normal. ;););).
    So then, what should one do then? basically observer and gather as much information
    as possible, so as to know what you need to "work on".

    Some are so serious, that I am earing someone is ready to spend serious bucks
    ( 4000$ plus per session) on "exorcism"!!!! I applaud your initiative, but man
    don't get fleeced by a Charlatan.
    First give yourself some real chances with the 10 days dhamma session,
    do not hesitate to see a psy , do not hesitate to keep confessing with a (Priest, Rabbin,
    Imam, well trained and recognised Religious person from a well established institution).

    Now, if after that ( I mean at least 4 dhamma.org sessions and no progress,
    at least 40 Hrs with a very well qualified psy and no progress, and at least a good 30 sessions of confessing completely and no progress), you are convinced that only an exorcism can help,
    Go Jesuits for this :

    Don't get yourself mislead by negative publicities about the Jesuits ( their good
    work really bothers many)

    Take Care and Courage : you'll manage to get rid of these mental impureties.
    And thank you for trying to help yourself.
    :) :) :)
  360. That's the point, I always meditate to calm and encourage myself to learn deeper about forex trading...
  361. Trading has 2 components : the "technique" or "approach" or "method" AND the psychology/spirituality. And both are actually interlinked. It thus does make perfect sense
    to not neglect the psy side ( meditation being a really efficient and effective tool).
  362. Obviously, I can only thank grace of God to have gone through daily prayers and all the pelerinages. One never knows when God can call you for a quality face to face meeting.

    The band playing was "Eagle of Death Metal"

    In the same way, one never knows when a market crash is to take place,
    nor when a trade can go really "bunker".
  363. Often emotion after loss hard to controlled because anger in minds can't accepted the loss that occured, in this condition maybe better we closed the chart and take a rest, not enoforced our self to trade again if only messed up account.
  364. Time duration between trades has an enormous impact on our ability to manage a loss (or winner)...an understanding that's needed before the next trade.

    For example, pretend you had a trade on Monday @ 1000am and it resulted in a loss. You're next trade is then on Tuesday @ 12noon. In comparison, now pretend you had a trade on Monday @ 1000am and it resulted in a loss but your next trade is at 1005am.

    Clearly the latter has "less time" to manage the emotion so that he/she can get into the right mindset within 5 minutes before the next trade in comparison to having +24 hours to do the same.

    Every trader is different. Some traders that have more time to "think about what just happen and try to manage the emotions"...their performance is worst because they had too much time. In contrast, other traders that had less time that have less time to "think about what just happen and try to manage the emotions"...their performance is worst because they did not have enough time.

    Therefore, we need to determine if our trading style correlates with our ability to manage our emotions because there may be a conflict that needs to be resolved or re-conditioned to fit our trading style.

    I played a particular sport for +15 years in which I had multiple matches in the same day. Thus, I've been conditioned mentally that having too much time on my hands (e.g. as swing trader or position trader) is bad for me as a trader. In contrast, small time duration between trades in the same trading day correlates better as a day trader.

    Therefore, I'm a day trader...correlating with my ability to mentally prepare, manage, adapt between multiple trades in the same day. Yet, if I wanted to swing trade for several days or weeks, maybe position trade for several weeks or more...I would need to re-condition my mindset to fit that trading style.

    Identification of the mindset and then correlate (re-condition if needed) with the trading style or vice versa.
  365. At least you are lucky to be able to identify the components of your path to bad trading:

    - Anger : how do you handle anger in different areas in your life? how have you handled anger in the past ? Is there a pattern in the situations that brings out anger out of you?

    - can't accept the loss : have you had previous situations of loss? how did you deal with these? the pain of loss : can you describe it fully, and identify it as soon as it starts, and how it evolves. How do you grief your losses?

    These are some aspects you can choose to discuss with a good psy.
    And after psy sessions ( a good 20 on each aspect), a good 10 days www.dhamma.org will help remove some of the roots. Then again, just get back to trading, and find out what is still there.

    It just needs courage to work on onself. Everybody can do it, few have the determination to keep going.
  366. Effectively, choosing the right way of trading for oneself is important.
    Thank you for pointing out so clearly. Trading is obviously a way to really find out about oneself.
  367. :):):) So yesterday, we had nearly 200 people dead in a terrorist attack, and more than
    300 wounded.

    So these deaths, overjoyed ( :mad: :mad: :mad:) an asshole so much, that a group of 4 people get involved happily into an harassment. To top it all, one boasted of being involved in the service that deals with corruption among police officers (gign, or something like that).
    ( showing a business card with police - but not his police badge number the fool: no professional police officer in his right mind would give his name).
    So let's here enjoy ourselves of a set of persons who managed to be played like fools, boast of being corrupt(?) police officers the day after a bomb
    attacks of more than 400 victims ( of which nearly 200 deads).


    Obviously, those who continue to protect this asshole, the day
    those dear to you die, please do not cry : just remember you did
    not do your job - inform the relevant persons of the person's identities
    and whereabouts. Even an article to the press, with the names, jobs and
    functions and list of "actions" of the person,
    would have sent this person to consult some good psy.
    As time goes, the asshole gains more "assurance" in his/her path,
    till the day he/she will be called for account.
    Let just remind ourselves: God does exist. Amen to that.
  368. Let's remind ourselves that trading is the art of learning not be played like a fool:
    temptation can come, the first step is to ask questions : is it true is the first question.
    Is it true that it is going to go my way?
    Is it true I will not have a loss ?
    and finding out why and comparing after the trading.

    It does not matter how the losing trades are spread, just asking
    oneself questions on the quality of the trades to be taken.
  369. Actually, I did not know one could get the details of the two shops where
    the harassment were orchestrated. So here they are:

    ( Thanusselan Sivasuthan being the shop manager for this one.
    I could not confirm for the other shop).

    I now understand why it is roughly compulsory for these information to be public.
    I 'd guess, as they are foreigners ( I suspected from india-pakiet al), but now it is confirmed.
    A real shame that our last President, is said ( to be fully checked) sold out some thousands of work permits in exchange for some "aircraft contracts", and we have to finish with these
    lots who can't even respect our deads.
  370. Now, I am revising the trading plan for 2017, that I did 2 years ago.
    As I'll be betting big on market movements coming from elections results, I might as well keep an eye on updating my plan.

    * These will have to be confirmed with the coming December election.

    The expected results are :
    * PS decimated
    * the FN ( extreme right ring party) to win massively in december.
    All the more that the likes of Dieudonné, Soral, and Philippot are allowing
    unlikely FN-voters to vote FN.
    The only factor that could change this would be the
    creation of a new "moderate" right or center party. Some are actually hinting this.
    Or if the "Republican" manage to get rid of their actual leader, and put in
    a very popular candidate, but this is unlikely as Sarkozy felt real humiliation when
    he lost and will do anything to be the candidate.

    * I first assumed that such big win, will mean a massive short for the CAC40.
    I have completely changed my mind on this :
    No crash. I am now looking for the companies more likely to get a big gap up:
    those with mostly national shareholders.

    At least getting something out of this drama.
  371. To be honest, it's really hard to stop our emotions but there's a way to control it and even to make it stable. Just like what you've said, we should take a break for a moment from trading and distract yourself with something calms you...
  372. I don't think if one can really stop the emotions.
    What I have found, is to remove the type of emotions one does not want - the negative one being usually rooted into mental impureties . So as to keep the good one.
    Thus it becomes a work of "purification", and makes things easier.
    For exemple: impatience. Finding out the root ( for some due to arrogance/pride/self-agrandissement leading to over-confidence) makes it easier then to reduce the negative emotions and associated behaviors by working on rooting out the emotions of arrogance, pride, self-agrrandissment
    and transforming these into emotions of "pity for the 'lesser on'", compassion for 'the idiots and imbeciles', self-aggrandissement turned into "gratefulness to
    God for his grace, and recognition that all praises are due to God himself,
    as without his grace, one could not really trade well ( from finding a good approach, to having the right mindset,...)'. So, thanks to trading, I am very
    much optimistic about human potential: there is actually no limits if one
    uses psychology and spirituality well. But then, one needs to understand these.

    On this, as one would guess, there is a kind of "open debate"
    about "people who are really annoying the others".
    And suprise, surprise, surprise this one is gathering momentum :D:D:D
    ( though his family is receiving death threats :eek:)

    In summary, he is saying to a
    "Specific type of Thugs" please do behave and stop annoying decent people.
    Of course, in all these last "humourous things", the RSA always comes in!!!!LOL
  373. It's a shame this video has been removed! :( :( :(

    Due to the Paris attacks, some people started to express explicitely very hostile words and statements against people from the Middle-East and NA countries. This video actually was effective to lessen these extremely hostile anti-"arab" feelings.
    Just a shame really. There is a positive effect in not sweeping things under the carpet,
    instead of facing the problem, discussing it, and finding win-win solutions. I assume ,
    cultures and habits!!!
    New link:

    :) :) :) In trading : when one does not do "self-honesty", there is no way of getting to the root of the problem and solve it.
  374. Well well well : the thing about trading is one has to keep updated about things around, so
    as to grab once in a while interesting "trading theme". Now, is there a way to trade
    mass immigration o_O o_O o_O
    Because even the immigrants themselves are complaining ( need to check if this is really
    an immigrant complaining, or a poser/fake person impersonating)

    and better view of how smartly they are dressed running away from a country in war.

    How can we trade this? :) :) :) :D :D :D Yes : trade this.
  375. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D very relevant to trading : the pleasure of pain.
    The pleasure of being humiliated, kicked and beatten squarre.

    May be one reason traders deep down love trading: because it brings them the pleasure
    of being humiliated, kicked and beatten when they lose.

    So we'll be exploring : why some people enjoy being humiliated,
    having their dignity and self-respect shred. Obviously when people love that,
    they'll seek it, and return over and over and over again to people that guarrantees
    them a good dose of humiliation, pain, indignity.

    Who'd have guessed :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
    psychology at its finest. :D:D:D

    So what are the feelings when a trader loses ?
    pain sure
    when the trader loses big
    super pain
    when a trade goes against a trader?
    a kick, a beatting, and a sense of humiliation.

    Why SOME traders continue or repeat the same mistake:
    to feel again this suave pain, this refreshing kick, and this sought after humiliation:)
    in the same vein, he continues to regularly seek for his dose of
    humiliation, pain , insults!!!! And unwittingly, she gives exactly this, hoping
    he'd move on !!!!
    Damn!!! human beings are really simple to understand really.
  376. YAWN!!!! :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
    An another "staged interview" , via Ms or Mr "pas de souci". YAWN!!!!
    Luckily, I had brought in a young lad during the dinner, and made it clear, in a decent way,
    to their "hired mouth" that I had ZERO romantic interests in its person. Had to be
    "creative" as the goal is to keep contact with their "hired mouth" and bring this
    "hired mouth" to the Jesuits priests as he is a face copy of

    And the priest will know how to get the whole truth out of him.

    Then the "staged" setting during the cinema queue was a classic.

    So let me confirm here:
    * Lumbini
    * Only contact via "security service company"
    * Of course, dhamma.org is a sinequa non : no mental impureties, thank you.
  377. It is all about minimizing stress for my trading. :)
  378. My goal regarding these people is :
    to bring each single one of them to bow to God:
    that they start worshipping the Creator, and not the creature.
    that they confess to these excellent Jesuits priests
    ALL and every single one of their sins.
    It would break my heart if they were to Land in Hell, when
    they have - thanks to me- the chance to see the light, and
    knee to God and confess all their sins.
    I feel it is my duty to prevent them from having this great misfortune
    of not having the chance to reform early.

    One person at a time. ;););)

    God here is the One who created the Sky and the Earth,
    the one who existed BEFORE any person was born, and will
    exist after every person will be no longer.

    Sure, this change of perspective, has totally removed a lot of stress
    related the manifestations of these individual's mental impureties.
  379. :):):):) So you too want to contribute in "elevating" these damned people into
    bowing to God?

    First things first : get a read of this book, one two three times at least to grasp
    well what goes into the minds of a sinner. Strangely the same dynamics seem to apply
    for the trader's minds!!!!

    The key when reading it is to analyse
    - the thought process involved
    - contrast it with the benefits expected/sought

    This will allow then to understand how the sinner's mind works
    ( how it developed wrong thinking patterns, to how
    it justifies sticking to destructive thinking patterns).
  380. :):):)

    * Only contact via "security service company"
    Still valid. ;)

    Any other method.

    Trading : cocked up big time at the start of the week.
    Got a new computer, and last few days things are going ok.
    Thanks for asking.

    Advice regarding the "stalker":
    Yes, even here, some of his/her agents have been sent.
    As well as a look-alike here has been sent: so please do use a "security service company".
    This is good, as it is a tiny town, so I am happy to inform the people to be careful and to
    lookout for this person.

    If you look at the "Dia" grocery shop: there will be two guys at the entrance.
    One tall, very pale skin, pale blue wollen top.
    One small in size, indian( paki, et al)-skin type ( not white, not black).
    There is a camera.
    And near the postoffice, that is just near the local "commissariat", and
    the local "mairie", there are cameras as well. As the lookalike showed up
    discussing with people around the post office.
    I did not go out the last 3 days. Thank you!

    Now, why can't this person improve/change?
    Let me break the news to you :
    " when a person is possessed, time will not change the person.
    Only prayers ( exorcisms, confessions, fastings, Bible reading) will do".
    I think it has already been hinted about this person being into witchcraft and
    all this type of unsavory stuff.

    I do not know everything, I only know that sometimes, it is better not to dismiss
    different point of views - including religious one.
    Apparently, this person is kind of under the influence of "Leviathan" type of
    demonic possession. :D:D:D
    - http://www.upstreamca.org/spleviathan.html
    - http://www.thelordmybanner.com/spirit-of-leviathan/ ( read till end)
    These are imageries to explain some people's behaviors ( manipulation, lies, deceit, etc).

    How to help this type of person:
    - prayers to God AND Jesus-Christ ( most effective)
    - fasting :))): complete and total fasting 10 days ( no food, no drink)
    - confessions of all sins.
    Good luck helping this person. Best you go through some Jesuits
    who have good discernment when it comes to people's sins, and
    can thus understand the type of "spirit" the sin refers to.
    For me : the instructions I am getting on demonic possessions ( aka
    how the behaviors can be interpreted through a religious lenses)
    are interesting, and I am not dismissing anything.
  381. Let's say that 2000 years of listening to people's sins from "modern" time, added to 3000 years of listening to people's sins from "ancient" time, can earn our respect for these Religious person's knowledge on human nature.

    "Leviathan spirit" : characteristics of a person who is under the "possession of Leviathan"

    "This Leviathan wants you to be destroyed and carried away with the lies, gossip, slander and accusations he will bring against you and if he can he will carry your friends and those who labor with you in the ministry away in the lie and deception. He wants people to believe the lie and accusation against you. Number one, he wants to slander your character and bring reproach on your name

    "If the devil cannot get you in sin, he will accuse you or even make up a lie against you when you are innocent. Proverbs 6:19 "A false witness that uttereth lies." is one of his heads. We need to be sure to respond to these demonically inspired attacks that even can come from those closest to you, being used by the devils purpose, that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood. We must also remember to respond in a right spirit. We cannot afford to allow Leviathan to operate in us, as we can become offended at the lie and accusations, criticisms or judgments spoken of us and strike back. To strike back or lash out is what Leviathan wants. It is with his tail in Rev 12:4 "that he withdrew a third of the angels in heaven.""

    ... "Let us not forget how many have been quick to judge harshly and criticize the body of Christ, find fault and publicly publish Christian dirt. Lets not let Leviathan work through us but lets operate in the anointing of Galatians 6:1."

    "Another way we can counter attack this demonic assault of the tongue and lies, gossip and slander is by claiming Gods promise. "The mouth of the lies shall be stopped and...

    Isaiah 54:17 "No weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that rises against
    you in judgment you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord.""


    "3. 3. Sons/Daughters of pride

    Job 41: 34 "He beholds every high thing; He is king over all the children of pride."

    This spirit carries an attitude of superiority, haughtiness, boasting and arrogance. He not only works in this kind of environment but also attacks ministries and individuals with the temptations of pride. Can you hear this spirit smooth and deceptive whispering in your ear? Who do they think they are? They do not move in the power like you do. Who gives them the right to speak into my life? The bible says not to think of ourselves more highly than we ought to. This spirit promotes self and self-serving agendas. We need to watch out for a false confidence, and keep a humble trust in the Lord. "

    These "demonic imageries" seem to have some validity in describing "possessed people" behavioral manifestations. At least we can get a list of typical behaviour of this "possessed person".

    Now: did this person dabble with sorcery ? I have no idea. But if so, this person would do well to confess these. Did this person register to become a "sorcerer" or "witch" that tracks people's who they believe have power they envy/want, or have a bright future they envy or want? May be, I have not yet come to this understanding from Religious texts.
    The only thing I know is : I do not do people who are into witchery, whitchcraft, sorcery or this type of sh%t". And in a way, it makes sense that this person is having difficulties getting "help" : " a possessed person does not heal with time" seems to be valid observation.
  382. To solve a problem, it is important to know the real cause.

    One of the "females" or the "clients", or may be "Daddy / Mama the Pimp/Madam"
    are apparently deep into sorcellery. I'd have never had any knowledge about this type of "industries".
    So I can only try to understand the behaviours, and study with an open mind various people's interpretations.
  383. Good traders know the markets Great traders know themselves
    There is nothing else to add
  384. Total defeat and deroute for the "Socialist" party ( as they no longer embrace nor implement "Social" values) : massive breakthrough for the FN ( who now has embraced these "social" values rejected by the Socialists). Let's wait and see next week, if this is confirmed at the second round of local "Regionales" where the FN could grab at least 6 areas out of 13.
    13 "tens" of deads a friday 13th, during the attacks, has brought out the Nation's anger :
    will this 13th be a symbolic "guillotine" for the PS ??? mystery, mystery, mystery. Time to add hours on working this 2017 elections trades. Trading does not need to be boring! :) :) :)

  385. YAWN!!! Some people are believing the scarremongering about the FN's score!!! And assume that one should look to short the Cac40, instead of searching for stocks to long in 2017 event.

    Food for thoughts:

    But then when one looks deeper:
    ( some towns are now "Pakiand-hindi-et al" -free , as these pali-indi-et al proceeded to
    do the same craps into many UK towns 1000s of victims in each town, victims from whatever non-paki/hindi/et al background, and no paki-indi-et al ( nor their gals) moving a finger to help the victims, but all protecting the paki-indi et al)

    So do not blame people if they want to wipe out corruption that "protects" those who create crimes,
    even by dealing with those that wipeout crime with "racism".
    So the paki-inid-et al who have still not realised that things could turn really nasty for them, a nice advice:
    stop your shit. May be you can not imagine pakis-indis-et al going through the same in other countries than the UK.
    Is that what you want for Pakis-Indis-et al ?
  386. Yes, our culture here is different : we tell it as it is, and we clean our shit in Law Courts.
    Here, the sons of a High Profile POLITICIAN were in courts, to sort out some sex abuse ( older brother abusing his
    younger one). And we are not ashamed of saying loudly "we clean our family problems via Law courts here, no hiding. Thanks"

    Yes, in YOUR culture, the father - high profile politician ( at one time President hopeful)- would have done anything to dissuade a law Court session.
    Here, it is the contrary, as the message we get is " in this guy family, they do not sweep things under the carpet.
    And it is a VERY GOOD family because the Dad's attitude has been of letting all go to Court, instead of hiding things. His new book ( on politics) gained wide positive publicity, as his Family is seen as a clean family : they
    do what is right, aka they drag those involved in Law Court, so that the full team of experts can do their job".
    Different culture, understand?

    Now: which culture is best? The one where people know that families do not hide dead skeletons,
    as they do sort it out, or families where one knows that dead skelettons are always hidden, even when kiddies who murdered other kiddies have Daddy/Mummy cover up murders via deception, and the
    kid growing uo to develop some master of deception features, and developing psychopathic tendencies ?
    which one: a culture where families say loudly we do not hide the problems, we clean these up,
    OR those that are masters of hiding these ?

    So please, go and "f..." yourself.

    ...The beauty of trading is traders can't hide their problems, as the p&l is there.
    Now, in some culture, some will just swipe it under the carpet and hide it,
    in some others, we are honest with these and we deal with these.
    Which trader do you think is more likely to become successful? ...

    So ; profit factor of 3, win rate 80%, max draw down of 30% always at first DD ,
    work on taking small sizes, till you have passed the first losing trade, then trade as you see fit.
    Or find a better position sizing method...
  387. Damn: here is the video of what we do here :

    youtube dot com/watch?v=XB3bQPExBZw

    Different culture: you understand?

    No hiding "family dirt" under the carpet, but on the contrary, ALWAYS
    cleaning it via Law Courts, because we trust in teams of professional experts
    ( they study 12+ years to seat in Courts). Imbecils who do not understand the long term benefits of
    accountability and transparence !!!!
  388. So the FN got zero "regions", but triple its number of regional councellors,
    and scored around 52% of the votes on the second round.
    My analysis was wrong : I assumed that the biggest party, abstentionists,
    would not get out of bed to vote. :wtf:ops:
    Now, for 2017 elections, I am going to wait and see if a "solid" candidate will
    be among those who will line up as Presidential hopefuls.
    "Solid" candidates : I am looking closely to the interior minister, who scored
    popularity points following the significant increase in the number of Police House Searches.
    This seems to be working in decreasing criminality.
    The numbers of these are quiet high, and people are asking for more of these! :D
    Then with Cop21, we had so many military people in the streets, that most people people
    were happy!!! Some even hint that he should be appointed Prime Minister, so much people are now craving security. :).
    The number of applicants into military careers is soaring. :D

    I will thus be updating my 2017 trades prep. : what if the FN does not win the
    ultimate prize? The suspense is building up.

    * * *
    Again here many many many thanks for your unvaluable help in resolving
    this saga. :) :) :)
    Looks like a new hire (?) is taking "exceptions" to my
    trouser's fabric pattern!!! Damn: here it is (name pf place) !!!! not any other country. lol
  389. What I have learned regarding trading psychology for 2015?

    1) Handle ALL STRESSORS : priority should be to remove these.
    Best to trade very light till these are fully removed.
    2) Dejunk the effects of EVERY STRESSORS before any trading.
    3) Stressors are not good things: your mind should be 100% in tune with the market. Stressors use some mind "energy".
    4) One needs to be able to detect Stressors very quickly : dhamma.org is extremely useful
    ( to be honest, I am simply amazed at the many benefits of this simple
    meditation technique).
    5) Stressors have a huge financial cost
    More thoughts to come.
  390. There is something that I will never understand about foreigners: why can't they respect local us and customs.

    Rather than wait for the 3rd person, here are the 2 cars information, so that we can find out who is behind these:
    saturday 19th , car number, CR-717-TH , color dark blue/grey
    sunday 20h, car nimber. BX-536-PW, color brown
    Both on my way to the local "mediatheque" - this is a residential area.
    I tries to talk to the "hired mouths", but the first one sped his car when he noticed I was taking his car number.
    The second one as well.
    If we could get the full names, then I could definitively get them to be "confessing" the names .
  391. Now , I am starting to understand why meditation works so well : it removes any negative psychological effects created by stress!!!
  392. :):):):):):):):)

    I am actually going to congratulate the three lads who have finished their dhamma.org
    And yes, you are realising how much "negative conditioning" you have carried in your life,
    and it feels good ( more peace) to have dejunked these.
    You can see things much clearer, and think better.
    A bit like a pond being cleaned

    Very well done to have cleaned your pond ( mind).
  393. By the way, I now have the letter hand-delivered by an employee from a security service company here. I will go to their office to get the ID checked, and arrange things.
    Thank you for understanding why safety is priority. The same in trading, it comes a time
    when "safety" in trading becomes key.
  394. I think it is tougher for men to accept a loss than women. In my beginnings it was hard to accept to lose, it is like telling the world I am failing plain and simple, and more losing trades just shows myself and world how lame I am. We are taught growing up that we must win at all costs in sports, Quarterbacks get the cheerleaders etc..., so we grow up that we must win, taking a lose says we are accepting to be defeated.

    I had to learn how to leave myself out of the office, I am there to trade the Trading Plan, THAT'S IT !!! I can put any feelings in it. One of the best ways to do so, when doing sim trading, if you can, bump up speed of doing it, you train your brain to identify quicker getting in and out. Way too many never find all the reasons to not take trades based on price structure.

    When I leave my office, I can be happy I was profitable, but not before.
  395. Indeed the psychology/spirituality attached to losses in trading. :):):)
    Whoever trades and is serious about getting ahead, sooner or later goes to the
    psy/spirituality "dejunking". Trading is such a great mirror to one's psychology.

    There are different reasons for mismanaging losses :
    * self-esteem / self-worth issues ( "how lame I am", "winning at all costs").
    self-worth attached to what one does, rather than what one is.

    * linked to seeking the experience of "death", or the experience of "annihilation".
    These one will translate into "accounts blown out".

    Before to get more into these two above reasons, I have been checking some "gamblers" forums to understand various aspects linked to losing in "unusual-money" making activities.
    I am going to look into the psychology attached to losing profits more specifically, aka
    the accounts drawdowns.

    some talk about, such occurances:
    * when they win, they never cash out and stop
    * when they win big, they up the bets and lose it all
    * when they win, they become greedy and want more
    * they become addicted to the losing, not the winning

    Others talk about
    * what one wins is NEVER enough! One person won $14million, and
    it was not enough( :D), the person went on in the activity, and lost it all

    Others talk about
    * whenever they made the money, then it became a
    "it is just trying to get rid of any money I have as fast as I can":
    The person's personal history were that both parents were extremely
    heavy slot machines gamblers, both parents getting their fortune from inheritance.
    They teamed up to lose it all. The kids then, even when broke, were trying to do the same!!!

    Others talk about
    * not stopping when they win, because they are depressed and just want
    to "forget their problems"

    Others simply
    * play more and at higher stakes. Basically increase bets.
    But do not understand why

    The study continues : psychology/spirituality is just an amazing thing
    Let's get to the bottom of why some people lose their profits :rolleyes::):D
  396. Many Many Many thank you again for your unvaluable help.
    Today: I had never met any of these persons before.
    Obviously the look-alike had a real go at posing for someone else!
  397. I hope that most had a very good Xmas ( including those who are getting back their health).

    Always a pleasure during this period to "elevate one's mind".

    2015 year had been a year of clarity.
  398. Some good wish to 2 "females" :

    * Realise that God is always a God of Justice, but also a God of mercy.

    Please book yourself to some St Ignace retreats ( do at least 5 retreats of 1 month ):
    the Autism is not the only thing that will befall this kid
    ( you might no know but Belgium is a "special" country for children), if you do not sort out
    the "spirituality issues". The one who has fears ( her genes are messed up from the tests):
    same as well. St Ignace retreats ( idem 5 at least of 1 month): you need God's forgiveness.

    No, I have nothing to do with these things : nothing to do with my prayers, as these are about
    chasing away impurities. For things to show up as the Autism and the trisomy thing, and nobody
    being involved in that, this is not stuff you've done over 6 years.

    Do remember God can make miracles. These St Ignace retreats work.
    Best wishes, do not despair and courage for the autist one and have hope to avoid the trisomy.

    I sincerely wish you both a Happy Xmas and Happy New year!
  399. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    **** It looks like these people have never done any fasting and need one.
    FASTING for minimum 15 days with daily confession of their sins with ALL the full names of those
    involved, the job functions and the company they work for ( so that the company boss can be
    informed, and if that is not enough the company's customers can be informed).

    - One person who is called "Melanie" : never had any Melanie in people I have met, nor known.
    She used "Brigite" ,( mother of Vivaldie) ( she can be found by contacting "Bernadette", the mother of Kevin and partner of Antoine ). She used "Brigitte" as "hired mouth".
    Apparently "melanie" had changed : changed so much that she now felt comfortable and sure of being in total
    impunity that she could go and used "hired mouth" to harass, and violate people's privacy, feel a total sense of impunity that she can use "hired mouth".
    The other people : she will have to confess the other persons who participated in approaching "Brigitte" partner.
    Yes they are now spreading to other people, and teaching the skills of "hired mouth" and impunity.

    The cleaning continue.

    The key here is to get the full identities of those involved with Melanie in Sunday's evening "hired mouths" event.

    "Bernadette" will also be able, if she is "convinced", to reveal clarly how she was approached and coached,
    what she had to do.

    It is also important to try to find how and from WHOM ( and get the list of people this person showed the techniques to) they "Melani" et al, learned about these hired mouth techniques, and, about
    the "human shield " ( via mouth and action) technique.

    Thank you
  400. Before I forgot:

    * "mediatheque" of Drancy ( near parc de la Doucette): the air ventilation system got tempered with.
    Those into that, have still access to it, from house/place around this "mediatheque". Up to last month,
    they were still capable of putting air "toxins" via the ventilation system. Possible to find all occurences of
    these via the camera ( people's reactions). The tempering of the ventilation system was done after 2011.
    The staff should be able to give the precise day, and also all the days where the ventilation system got
    tempered with.

    * Milk, at "Les halles" ( shop that house up to 500 customers) : their ventilation air system got also tempered with. This was done from 2014.
    You can trace the people by asking the list of companies phoned for it, and checking the employees sent ( milk has normally a camera ), as well as all the employees who have been working there from 2014.

    * "Beaubourg", center George Pompidou, ( 2000 visitors/day) had also its air ventilation tempered with, this was few months after the milk one. I think the Center George Pompidou used a "vetted" company ( I hope so) to manage their ventilation system. Contacting the staff about it, should give the precise day.
    It would be best also to get the full list and names of all the employees ( including in the security staff) who have been and had access to any space surrounding the ventilation system, say 6 months before the ventilation system "problems" and up to now.

    * The cybercafe where "air toxins" were put : I am not sure if that is the same team operating.

    So those, who still believe that it is better to keep the anonymity of people involved are deluding themselves.
    The only way is to get each person, and get ALL the people they showed the techniques to, as well as the type of techniques.
    Your silence is a condonning of the impunity.
  401. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: I am trying to remember

    "Bernadette" ( I don't know if she had been threatened or not)
    was also into "pas de souci, pas de souci, pas de souci" with someone
    called Farida, or something like that. Is she an "Arab"? I have no
    idea; and no do not fall into the prejudice that "Arab" are synonym to
    prostitution networks/crime/illegal use of diplomatic immunity
    to deal drugs, and other illegal transnational activities. Yes
    "Arabs" can be greedy, but not all of them.
    During the "hired mouthes" set-up , names that came up were:
    Chantal, "someone who is in the military", Jocelyn, Matisse,
    and someone who is a dad of a 2 year old.

    As far as I am concerned, the "unwanted stress" has costed me
    more than 400 000$. This is not tiny money.

    Also, we have had here some killing of innocent people,
    and in no way, I would wish more than 2 500 innocent people,
    to be subjected to poisoning via "air pollution". I think it is
    best that those involved be dealt with ( full identity out
    with all their actions), instead of us waiting for 2 500 people
    dead and then having to go and catch these same people
    who are covering whatever type of criminal activities they are
    covering and being used in.

    Now, those who think that keeping quiet, and not talking to the
    Police is the best thing to do : I am sorry to let you know, this
    is absolutely not the thing to do.
    * you can inform here : https://www.fbi.gov/report-threats-and-crime
    giving all the full names, jobs, company names, town and cities and
    countries. If those that are involved work within "security services",
    do precise this very clearly, and follow up it here
    ( it is a online service where any police officer that is involved in
    illegal things can be reported).

    Concerning myself : any contact via a "security service company"
    Their letter for me to go to their office and for all the checks
    to be done there. Sorry to be fussy about security.

    The Pompidou center, for those who think nothing of trying to sabotage the
    ventilation system of this center, and who think their little me is
    so important that they prefer keep quiet on the full identities of
    those involved:
  402. THANK YOU for what you've done!!!

    That's a masterstroke!!! :D :D :D .

    I bow to your abilities :

    THAT is real abilities!!!!

    please realise that I am not easily impressed:
    I have seen, as a kid, "wold" presidents humiliated in front of my own eyes, so I am not easily impressed.

    please realise I was raised to only respect those who proved they deserved it.

    What you have done is just really , in view of all, what I wished for:
    a chance for xxx to xxxx.

    Because of that : as far as I am concerned, EVERYTHING is forgiven.
    All the craps you have pulled , ALL of it , is forgiven.
    I am even forgetting the "dental case" ( as it is the key that would have
    caught you down the line! sorry but I am like that : I kept all my
    options opened!)
    THANK YOU for what you have done.
    EVERYTHING wiped out from my mind : now let God rewards xxx
    and restores xxx fully to xx xxxx.

    Again THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

    On this happy news


    On this happy new year to all.
    "females" included :
    Yep including you with the "Carribean" headscarfs at the local post office here ("hired dressed person").
    Yep, you also showed up at the meditation near St-Brieuc, with one of the yogi as "hired mouth".
    And you too, the amateur of long nails painted in very dark color,
    you who showed up ("hired dressed person" also yesterday at the local post office here.
    The only time I heard from you was when you used cyndie, as a "hired mouth" near
    the Institute I was going to ( for some treatments) near les Halles.

    Both of you are not bad, just stupid, and it is not a crime to be stupid.

    Please : www.dhamma.org ( give it 4 shots), and St Ignace ( give it one shot of one month).
    Except that : you are both perfect, you don't need to do that sorts of things. Take care.

    * ** * * * *
    New Year 2016 soon here.


  403. Unfortunately, the cleaning has to continue, as when people have a full sense of total impunity, Xmas, New year does not mean anything for them.

    * This one used a "hired mouth" as "Bernadette". Then a "hired dress" at the Shop "Ms Distribution", near the post office, in local town. On the "P&M Curie" street. The "hired look" being
    high poneytail, ( http://missysue.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/High-Ponytail.jpg ) and very pinkish make-up, on one of the grocery shop employee. Obviously it would be good
    to find who she used during the stalking to know this is a grocery shop I use. As well as , if she had access to their video camera. basically, how she determined to used "hired dress" in this grocery store.
    When she confesses, it would be good if she explained how she approached "Bernadette", what she asked her to do and what "arguments" she used ( threats insinuations, or any other methods), and what she asked her to say, and for what purpose. As far as I am concerned, "Bernadette" was hugely embarrassed to violate my private family life to be used as a "hired mouth". But obviously, this does not matter to "female" et al, as they feel
    total impunity.
    It would be good to know if she is the one who used a poneytail woman to stalk in the RERB and communicate as lously as possible on the white ipad.
    It would also be good to know if she also approached at one time Sherazade, Cyndie's neighbourgh at the time.
    Cyndie has I think cut all contacts with after "understanding what was happening".
    * At the same shop, one female employee has been also "approached" : changing her sunglasses to (http://www.39dollarglasses.com/store/images/items_large/700/3588_Black.jpg).
    There is a security camera in the shop : the 29th and 30th december 2015 near the cashier service should
    allow to identify the "hired dress".
    It would be good to know what else were they expecting to do in 2016.

    There is one more who also showed up at a shopping center ( leclerc), using a male packer; but
    the person was hiding himself from the cameras, so difficult for this hired person to be identified.
    So we'll have to wait till they show up again, as they have a feeling of total impunity
    and believe the risks are not dissuasive enough.

    * ** *** *** *** *

    I repeat again :

    THANK YOU for the cleaning up
    THANK YOU for the masterpiece you've pulled out, and I am praying that
    the pros there do a miraculous job. No matter the pros "results", as far as I am
    concerned ALL is forgiven. I'll even in 2016, go and destroy all the proofs and
    documents (including video recordings) kept safely in a storage. So yes:
    ALL is completely and totally forgiven.

    Again HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016
  404. 2016 is now here.
    This year is about continuing to "dejunk" the spirituality ( and the psychology).
    I have been spending some time, researching about gamblers addict, as opposite to professional gamblers.
    Gambling forums are a real eye opener.
    The theme I am going to look at : how traders get lured into bad trades?

    To understand this, understanding how people get lured is important - starting with the Bible , that
    contains so much aspects of human nature, and human nature does not change!

    When being lured in a losing trade :
    what lures one in a bad trade?
    who are the "children of Belial" words in the trader's mind?
    what is the role of the other "set of words" talkers in the trader's mind,
    that prevents the trader from realising he is being lured ?
  405. Unfortunately, the cleaning continues.
    One amateur of "marine" clothing range -
    ( http://www.hervia.com/images/products/zoom/1359728465-47849400.jpg)
    has now approached "bernadette", using her as a "hired mouth" to create troubles.
    Obviously, some are still not understanding that it is time to STOP.
    Thank you for finding the identity of the person, those around this person,
    as well as the methods of contacts ( mobile phone) and communication.

    I do understand that one of the harassers got the legs broken ( accident ?), but it seems
    that it does not dissuade the others. Impunity and anonymity I believe.
    If the person has never experienced it, 15 days of full and complete fasting, prayers,
    and confessions 5 times a day, is said to work with many "problematic personalities".
    For the confessions, it is important that full identities, methods used for "hired mouthes"
    be confessed; as well as how and from whom these methods were learned. And
    also who they taught the methods to, so that we can be ready for the next "batch".

    Thank you again.
  406. I am still working on the Naboth vinyard : quiet a few parallels with trading.
    The big palace : substantial trading account.
    The vinyard : the little profits.
    Traders being ready to blow it all for potential "profits" that do not compare
    with actual trading account.
    Going through the other videos regarding this Naboth.
  407. yep : the associated additional props the person has asked the "hired mouth"
    are red reading glasses, like https://pimg.readingglasses.com/is/...resMode=bilin&align=0,0&op_usm=1,1,5&qlt=50,1

    "bernadette" got it wrong : Gildas' brother had never lived in Gildas flat.
    His mum knew that, as she never allowed the other brother to leave home.
    Thank you again for your unvaluable help :
    it helps trading to know that some people are not into letting impunity runs.
  408. Regarding the cleaning out.
    This "marine" tops lover , did approach the female Police officer at the Commissariat of Bobigny.
    The female police officer became a "hired mouth". This was when I went to put a complaint for mobile phone theft.
    The "hired mouth" police officer was taunting me about why victims do not report to the police, after making
    it clear she was now a "hired mouth". The name of this officer corresponds to the name of the person
    who signed the complaint. She had to take the complaint, as her colleague informed her she was observing
    how police complaints were handled.
    If you are looking to do some further cleaning :
    at the commissariat of Drancy, last time I went : 2 times during the day.
    The first time, the armed agent was also "approached" and a "hired mouth", and the female officer
    he then called on my insistance was also turned into a "hired mouth".
    In the afternoon, they completely changed the police station : no restrictions
    to enter. Completely different from the first time I went during this day.
    A bit of a shame for her, as 'they' sent a colleague that looked like her
    just the day after the paris attacks of 130 deads, to an internet cafe I went often,
    seatting jnust next to where I would usually seat. She was in shock and red faced:
    I simply could not let her know that she got fooled and has "enabled" this to
    happen. No, I have not reported any of these to the gign, as the police officers
    who got duped already know they have been duped. No need for me to bring them
    problems. It is up to them - if they have any sense of duty and any code of police
    honor, to go and report to their hierarchical superiors how they got duped.
    They did what they could with what they knew : aka what the people
    manipulating them wanted them to believe.
    Also, few weeks ago, at an evening event, there was a female "police indic"
    and she is still a "hired mouth", fully duped and has not yet realised.
    She is being used to corrupt on very competent Bobigny lawyer.
    I got this lawyer's look-alike ID copy. I have made a photocopy of it
    and I am still thinking if I should give it to the lawyer or to one of his
    client's bodyguard, who will know better how to handle that.
    I tried at the time to inform the lawyer, but the "female" team was on him,
    so I backed off. Now, that they have used him, he is in troubles, but I am
    not sure of bringing the ID copy to him.
    Feel free to ask.
    Sorry that you let "females" ( and those controlling them obviously) know how
    to infiltrate the police stations.
    Actually, during the bombings, it seems that the police officers duty schedules
    were known by those arranging the bombings.
    Yes, it is a shame for the dead victims , and the 600 wounded, that this could
    have been prevented : yes sex ( new boyfriend/girlfriend) can used as a way to infiltrate police.
    Middling private life and professional life for information and access to whatever is
    "old school".
    So far, from all the "females" brought to my view: I had never met any of them before.
    If they claim that I had had face to face contact with any of them, then by all means
    get all the place, times, context : never met them before, never talked to them face to face
    before. They have mistaken me for someone else, and they acted on their errors.

  409. As I am spending time on some gambling addicts websites ( the psychology is just so enlighting) , I now understand why suddenly the Americans are getting so "uninterested" in quitting gambling!!! Now, seriously, 1$ for $1.5billion ( the risk reward is enormous).
    No the problem is really the win rate !!! lol

    ( good accountant, good financial planner and a very good lawyer)
  410. * * * The cleaning up continues * * *

    I guess because of the impunity and anonymity, and the habits and methods got leaned,
    and also because the rewards seem worth it, another sets showed up today and yesterday.

    Between 07:30 and 08:45 AM, Paris time. One look-alike showed up.
    In front of the "l'Aviatic " tabac, on 30 avenue de la division leclerc,
    She passed the St93 men's clothes shops , may be heading to the RER du Bourget.

    Clothes : grey coat
    roughly his style : http://media.topman.com/wcsstore/TopMan/images/catalog/88C02MGRY_5_large.jpg
    arriving above the knees

    Boots with fur on the top http://g01.a.alicdn.com/kf/HTB16cJ0GFXXXXbWXVXXq6xXFXXXV/206092326/HTB16cJ0GFXXXXbWXVXXq6xXFXXXV.jpg
    dark blue boots, and the fur less than above
    Black tights a bit transparent.

    Same haircut as mine : same legnth, same cut same size. But no "highlights"
    Haipiece : http://www.eclatsdecristal.com/medias/produits/2/serre-tete-cristal-chic-noir-s3.jpg
    "serre tete" silver and black.

    Un umbrella of color burgundy on her lef hand. Or a small bag of burgundy. Could not check the detail well.

    * * * the "pigeon" she has been ( or is about to pose) as myself, so as to
    rip , and then put the blame on me :

    At the Milk, ( Les Halles) on the 14 - aka yesterday.
    Came to sit just on the computer on my right.
    My computer being just next to the printing machine.
    His coat was grey, and had a red bag (?)
    My pics ( grey coat, haircut) similar to the coming "mistaken identity" operator above.
    There is a CCTV camera.

    * The staff of yesterday, was approached by Mr or Ms "pas de souci, pas de souci".
    I guess he had no idea why he was asked to get the trigger codes.

    "The pigeon":
    * How was he informed of where I was, and how I'd be dressed?
    * Who informed him?
    * regarding the timing: was the information gained via the Security camera system
    ( ?) or by illegal stalking (?)
    * is he aware about how others have been manipulated and used so as to access
    emails, hack accounts, and commit some frauds, robberies , and unfortunately
    help some acts leading to some major disasters?

    One "pigeon" was also sent to ND Cathedrale. But I could not locate the cameras,
    so I could not post.

    Obviously, I will not be trading till the end of the week. Even if I woke up early,
    decided to take a long walk o decompress before today's trading session.
    At least now I know how to identify stress, and to not trade when stress occured.

    Again thank you for the cleaning.
    It is normal that those who in the past profitted from id theft, mistaken identity , wish to
    continue. All the more that each one get on board, once they learned the methods
    and techniques.

    Some irresponsible people were too idiot to realise they could be manipulated,
    all these techniques now be common knowledge for any person a bit "unbalanced", as an euphemism.

    It would be good to find out, how she was brought to be at a place and time where
    she could pass me and make it sure that I was aware of her : that here was my lookalike.
  411. As usual, as far as I am concerned, only deal via security firm.
    You can even use a lawyer to contact such a firm for greater safety.
    I am not into taking any security risks.
  412. A trader's psychology is changed day to day. As he is experienced he feels differently .I personally feel my approach towards trading was totally different when I join forex and now I am more responsible and realistic for making trades.
  413. You should try and make use of a signal provider. I've been using one and it has worked well and taken a lot of the tension out of trading.
  414. Thanks.
    I'll resume updating when I am finished with the "last bother" - to put it euphemistically.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  415. Yes I think we have responsible with our account, and this is required good psychology to manage money in uncertainty market condition, if any trader weak in psychology they will often abandon their plan trading
  416. This is unnecessary. Just cut your losses short an let you winners run. This relieves stress.
  417. Now the "last bother" having been cleared :sneaky:, time to get back into trading.

    First things, first :
    * Thank you to the Arabs, the Bouddhists, the "integrist" Catholics, the Italians, the "Jewish" practicant, the "Sicilians", the South East Asians - I hope I have remembered everybody here - who have helped "take care" of the "bothers".

    I could not help notice that Trump is a 14th June guy!
    That really makes all the difference.:D:D:D

    Now, about all the bombings , getting back into what's driving markets.
    Seriously, Americans are champions in "upsetting" dangerous people

    ( here $10 million are up to grab!)

    All these finest prisons - Camp Bucca ( more than 100k inmates passed in there),
    Abu Ghraib, and apparently just in
    Iraq alone
    the Americans run at east 11 of these.


    No wonder some people are so enraged, they are willing to walk
    thousands of kms as "refugees" to settle scores. Now, one has to wonder
    why on earth Sarkozy and Holland were thinking when they decided
    to send in troops there.

    I guess now is time to find out how many jails or "camps" the US are running
    all over the middle east! :wtf:
  418. That's sometimes easier said than done. It's not always obvious which positions are losers and which are winners.
  419. Maybe we also need positive mindset about our analysis, usually our minds also will mess if in trading still dominant emotion than good attitude, so we can trade with more comfortable
  420. Ambiguity stems from not having a defined trade plan before going into each trade

  421. ?????????????????
  422. Where you been hiding? I figured you prudently risk managed your way to broke.
  423. Of course not. You will never go broke by risking less than 2% of TLNW on any one trade/idea
  424. In fact, you would stop trading well before going broke.
  425. So where is the edge then?
  426. I'd assume Buy1Sell2 is implying that before broke, there is a step called "stop trading well" ?
    Thus when one stops trading well, it is better to make a pause, otherwise the sure consequence is broke ?
    From this I infer, it is important to have early signals when one stop trading well.
    I assume, finding the reasons might be one of the next steps.

    And profitlocker is absolutely right in wondering if stop trading well means the edge is not there?

    * * *

    So far, the 5hours daily meditations are extremely difficult for some reasons.
    Though (2,1,1,1) are scheduled during the day.
    This contrasts to a retreat(12hrs/day) where it was much easier.

    The benefits of the meditation though are really clear :
    clarity, thoughts are of high quality.
    the trading objectives are much better understood
    the emotional choices ( thrills, balance or safety) that accompagny the risk management
  427. If mental is down, might required motivator to develop new motivation, maybe loss in trading especially in huge money, it will making depressed, but having good mindset also will making us more carefully in trading
  428. Luckily nothing of such.
    Just preparing for the trading objectives. :D:D:D

    The meditation regime is just actually extremely hard.
  429. Good for that, preparing trading with objective and always trade with plan trading,
    Meditation is good if having intention to trained
  430. " Ok. I have thus seen what they are doing with these bunch of women :
    very well done! I can only applaud. And excellent that, if I understand well,
    they are going on a "hiring drive". I have taken the details of one woman
    and promised to come back in around three months time, so as to find
    if there is real change. I am very glad that the retreats have positively influenced you.
    Just this was worth it. "
  431. complete last posting

    "And I have also noticed the good work done for the young lads. Increase the
    number as people are taking notice and are agreably surprised. Thank you.
    Just a comment: can you increase the age of the lads whose lives you are transforming ? "

    I am very glad that the retreats have positively influenced and lead to two excellent initiatives.
    Just this was worth it.

    Miracles are possible: some people are becoming real saints.
  432. The 5hrs daily meditation is starting to chip away at the
    * winning rush and its consequence the desire for re-experiencing the winning rush, thus the craving for the winning rush, thus the desire for excitement. Equanimity.

    So the key for me, is to keep doing these 5hours of daily meditation.
    The benefits are clear.

    The difficulties is really the doing it daily (2, 1,1,1).

    The good point is there is always a solution for any goal that doesn't go against "sane" principles.
  433. Practice makes perfect (2,1,1,1) is getting easier.
    Benefits :
    * being able to identify better the winning rush sensations
    * identifying at what moment my mind-body classify it as pleasant
    * being able to stay equanimous toward it,
    * being able to not seek to re-experience it
    just because it is a pleasant sensation
    Side benefits:
    * trading discipline significantly improved

    Practice, practice, practice. This is what meditation is all about
  434. Yes many trader also said if practice will make perfect, because also will facing many kinds condition and will learn from many mistake that ever commited
    Keep in minds if about mindset forex business also important here
  435. Yes Radex78: get your list of trading mistakes, and just work on eliminating each one, so as not to repeat these.
    If I may ask: what are, for instance, your top ten mistakes ( newbie)?
  436. The key is to keep the meditation regime (2,1,1,1)
    Now that the winning rush craving is being handled, I hope that the impatience in turning good profits
    will also be chipped away. One has to be very patient when it comes to the profits.

    "After spending many years in Wall Street and after making and losing millions of dollars I want to tell you this: It never was my thinking that made the big money for me. It always was my sitting." ( Jesse Livermore) Is starting to make sense.
  437. Very insightful article. Thank you for it.
  438. :D :D :D

    I could not help striking a conversation with some of the youngesters who have passed
    through your "methods": you are doing an astonishingly good job. Very well done. And many thanks
    for taking forward this project. Just for that, all the "bother" was worth it as it inspired you.
  439. So managed for 2 weeks to do the meditation 5hrs/day.
    This leading for one week of trading to 50% return ( above the 30% target) and 10% heat.

    In view of the results, I went to party. Stretched the time from 2hrs to 8 hours
    full nights of partying. Did not have the strength to do any meditation, but felt
    very confident to trade without preparation, thus wiping out the money in one oversized trade
    within 4 hours.

    Discussed the issues with a coach. It has nothing to do with self-sabotage ( I am really glad
    about that as I spent more than 6 months sorting this out) , just some
    natural phenomenon linked to the euphoria of winning. And I am glad I have been
    explained this can be sorted. So that's me for booking 30 sessions of 2hours each to work
    this out.

    And obviously I am getting back into (2,1,1,1) meditation regime before resuming trading,
    so as to make the most of the 4 months till the trading year close.
  440. Does the market lie, like humans do?

    Nan. The market is always right.
  441. * * * IMPORTANT

    Normally, IF there are bombing to take place again in France, these will take place in kindergarten and primary schools, with most of the victims being under 11 years old kids.
    "pas de souci" has , from my observations, infliltrated all the educational head offices of this age group,
    as well as had access to all personal information on staff ( teachers, head teacher, school directors, ..). These idiots
    were just happy to parot "pas de souci", without knowing that these are like part of a set of people liked linke in a "necklace beads" with some of those being people who are capable to put bombs wherever they might find a benefit.

    Now : obviously I will certainly not go and report this to the police. I got enough troubles with the idiots corrupt officers when we tried to warn them about the previous bombings.
    It is up to you, the responsible who have showed all these methods of infiltration to go and report
    all these people.

    Usually, whenever major events might take place, I look for a bet so as to make better analysis;
    this time I won't be, just now, looking to capitalize on this type of event. I have first to try to
    understand what would be the motivation to get as many under 11s into "disasters".

    "Pas de souci": well done!!! I hope you will look - you and your accomplices that have ensured your
    impunity - you will look to the miror and think of the kindergarten and primary school kids that
    might die IF ( more likely when ) these bombings take place.
  442. Stopped the meditation for few days.
    Actually a very difficult discipline to follow. But resuming it.
    There is clearly differences after a set of days meditation, versus set of days with zero meditation:
    the level of patience is just so different.

    I am also realising that wasting so many opportunities because one can not manage the "euphoria of winning"
    has been just so wasteful. But then , this is part of how my mind-body have been programmed. Just so strange to untangle this pattern.

    * * * * * * *
    "pas de souci" : let me give you some information. From a linguistic point of view, it is an expression usually used by french speakers who are or surrounded by people whose background is from North Africa ( jewish or muslims ), and have very weak understanding of the french language subtilities. Other french speakers would only use this expression in very specific context. As a comparison, "home" "accomodation" "house" all designate more of less the same thing. Now, someone using the term "hood" instead would normally raise questions, and one would not be astonished if the set of "necklace beads" has a person linked to criminality.

    Now, "pas de souci" : what can you do, knowing that you are part of a "necklace of beads" that contains at least a set of people willing to bomb the masses?

    I could suggest to you to go the dhamma route and clock in 5 retreats. From there you will discover who around you is the next "human bead" in the "necklace bead" leading to bombers. But would you be capable of that? Look into the miror and enjoy how you actually do the homework of the bombers. How proud of this are you?

    I could suggest to you to take your courage, check in some Jesuits St Ignacius retreat and take your courage to confess all. But would you be capable of that? Would you be capable of even swallowing your ego, registering to such a retreat, and even going to one ?

    Let me tell you "pas de souci", I have over the last few years, actually help confess via intermediaries some people around you. So that you know, some of them had completely forgotten crimes they had committed ( including murder in childhood covered by parents) but thought they were "saints" and were "entitled" and so on. Now, "pas de souci" : what are the crimes you committed during your childhood and teenage years? I mean "birds of a feather usually flock together". So what are the crimes you committed during your childhood and teenage years? what are these very serious crimes that you have "forgotten", but are shouting to be released to yourself, as demonstrated by your obsessionnal behaviours?
  443. Let's continue to study the aspects, using every tools available, to keep improving.
    One thing is understanding "don't lie". At the end of the day trading is all about being a lie detector.


    I have to say the more I study religion, thanks to "integrist" catholics, the more I feel bettered inside.
    It is really a miracle that I have come across the "integrist" catholics and started to understand what the
    commandments are all about.
  444. Continuing my understanding of the ten commandments.

    This "don't lie, don't bear false witness" is actually not an easy one to fully grasp.

    The different aspects of lieing, and false witnessing ( calomny,slander, sin of detraction,
    sin of rash judgement) are things I did not know at all about. Just shows that
    "integrist" catholics have some certain kind of knowledge on human nature.

    Becoming a lie detector, who'd have thought that trading would teach me that.

    ( very longue, but quiet insightful).

    I can not believe that someone who lies a lot, can easily detect trading lies.
    Just something there.
  445. The nice thing about trading is one gets clearly what needs to be improved/worked on.
    If one is lucky, one also gets the ways to sort it out.
    So, I am still working on "making peace with money" - a psychological aspect that is crucial for a trader!
    It is obviously better than feeling disgusted with money coming from trading profits, or feeling uncomfortable with it, etc. funny how the mind works. Develop unhealthy patterns about money and these patterns
    transform into strange ways of thinking.

    "@angelina" : it went on very well. :D.
  446. I am also hearing that those who learn/read about the "10 commandments" are integrists :D :D :D
    One question : what is so hard about these mere 10 commandments, and specifically about not lieing%???
  447. Psychology is huge in trading.
    Trading itself, is relatively...somewhat easy -- but the greater emphasis is on the psychology of it.

    All of these three trading documentaries emphasize more of the psychology behind the trade, rather then the logistics and mechanics of it.

  448. Sorry for offtopic.
    Im a returning user, I used to post in this forum before.
    But Now I dont see any icon for opening new post.
    Please Help.
  449. Well, you've posted in the right thread : for a returning user ( trader), you have the chance of finding real tools that work to bring your trading into better state. Feel free to ask any questions, or even pm if you so prefer.
  450. Really great videos!
    I have to say that if not for some unsollicited "bothers", I would have not deep so big into spirituality/psychology. And trading is really a mirror to one's psychology.
  451. One more mistake to work on. As if when one thing is sorted in trading, another thing has to show up.
    The problem of profits from trading is sorted.
    Now it is all about the problem of meddling with winners : loading more and the heat does its job of shaking a weak hand. I have to say, I have become pretty good at analysing my weaknesses. So that's the next thing to work on : how not to meddle with winners, they don't need to be loaded.

    * * *
    "Mesdam and Ladies" : yes the "confessions" are still available. I am very glad that the 9 days of prayer sessions are
    actually creating miracles, as you are yourself witnessing. As I explained, these "integrist" catholics have learned methods over more than 2000 years, and your own life doesn't even make half of that.
    Now, I have a problem: my time is limited. I can only do one person every two weeks, so bear with me. For maximum effects, just one person at a time. No meddling two people at the same time please.
    Just now, one will need 4 sessions that's 2 months, a second one two sessions and there are other two lined up.
    For those whose "confessing" sessions can only take place in 2017, THE dhamma retreat center is something I'd encourage you to do - if after 5 retreats, the problems are still there, by all means let me know and you'll jump the queue.
    The $50k a session is to discourage others from asking me, as coaching is not what I am interested in. Yes for you it is still totally free : I did promise you all last year that you will all be kneeing to God, one person at a time. I am just keeping my promise.
    8 more "madam" who were involved in the harassment to help into "confessing", and then these 6 years of harassment will be a closed chapter. I simply can not believe God does not exist. Their "expiation" : I'll leave it to God to deal with that.
  452. How not to meddle with winning trades : I never thought that would be something I'd have to look deep into.
  453. One has to look everywhere to find stuff that can help one improve even a tiny bit of one's trading.

    What can we learn about the mindset and actions of "sexual predators" ?
    Is there any information or perspectives gained on these type people that will help a trader?


    Quiet a lot to read ' specially their link http://www.digital-trust.org/), but looks like very interesting stuff on psychology.


    1. 1.
      the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.
      "their mindfulness of the wider cinematic tradition"
    2. 2.
      a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.
    You need the knowledge of psychology, before being able to understand the stuff

    99.5% fail because trading is too simple, easy, and too boring
  455. Yes I admit, I have been slacking off for the meditation.
    I'll get thus back into the regimen.
  456. This trading day is going to be a very very very long one.
    I think I'll be able to be kept "lively" with these Religious songs.
    Here we go:
  457. These psy people are really doing a great job on my mindset.
    But it looks like the drawback is I am developing real difficulties in just waiting without meddling with trades.
    I don't know if I'll manage more than 5 hours in front of the screen and just seatting.
  458. You must be joking.
    I 've spent an enormous amount of time and efforts with all these "mind people" : and it certainly not to do something like that.
    Meddling here means : I want to add positions, and not just wait for these to reach the targets.
  459. So it was a very hard trading day physically.
    After 5 hours, I basically was feeling the pain of just seatting there - inspite of the non stop music.
    Obviously the "mind people" have done a very good job : they have really sensitized me to
    "capital protection". I never felt so much physical pain at the thought of losing any trading profits.
    Now, I feel so tired, that I can go, sleep and rest till at least next week.
  460. It looks like last friday has been for some traders like this:
    ( Thanks to Marsman and El Och...)

    I have to say, this sums up what I also used to do!!! I am glad this is now in the past.

    And I am glad I basicall "tried everything" to get to the core issue.
    Just "work on yourself", and you too will get to the core issue and sort it.
  461. Just when I have a 'fancy' breather ( aka holiday) scheduled long ago,
    I have to catch an awful cold out of nowhere. Really annoying to drop
    a holiday I was really looking forward to.
    May be best that I get some books on my reading list and get reading while
    I finish to sort this horribilis cold a,d high fever.
    Very unlikely I take many trades.
  462. I would like to help you out. I read all your post but still unsure what's the core issues are. Are you winning? Semi-winning?
  463. FYI


  464. The core issues were unwanted and unsollicited "bother" , and that is being sorted. Last batch of "harassers" dealt with the last 10 days.

    Now the problem is this has had effects - psychological toll,
    and huge patterns of self-sabotage has developed, or existing tiny patterns have been magnified.

    Trading techniques, trading : very fine.
    Psychology: huge problem. My attitude toward trading profits.

    In practice that means , as an example, as I am working with a coach :

    * fix trading objectives, and put in place all the psychological checks and balance
    all is fine. So for one week, daily meditation and breathing, and one hour daily of trade preparation;
    the small trading objectives ( 30%) get reached easily.
    It was decided with the coach that as soon as the objectives were reached to transfer all the profits;
    so as to then do some psy exercises around the cash won. So far I had done everything I need to do.

    * made the transfer, the broker did not do the transfer ( cards number confusion). This took few days.

    * I started to take things easy ( no meditation, breath exercises, etc) as I was not to trade till the next coaching session.

    * Now, I woke up to check what is going on few days later.
    As soon as I saw the profits, my "mental state" changed. I became like dead (?) and went like on autopilot : I opened the trading platform ( no prep, whatsover) and went on with confidence to wipe it out. wtfuao : described how this show up in behaviour ( no calm, etc).
    When that was done, I basically felt and anger and a deep sense of relief.

    I have two weeks before I see the coach, as I cancelled some appointments because I was due to travel.
    Now, with this cold, as I begin to identify how my 'mental state' changes I have matters to ponder.
    The coach identified few themes to work on :

    * conflicting attitude toward money due to having witnessed a