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Texas traders

  1. How many people on ET are trading from the lone star state ?
  2. :cool:

    Moving there next month, soon as the heat dies off.

  3. .
  4. The law is after you again? What'd you do this time? ;)
  5. 90 views and only 3 replies ?
    Are the other 87 Texas traders hiding for a particular reason ?
  6. south of fort worth
  7. LMFAO....good one.

  8. sugarland area.
  9. 80 miles north of houston
  10. The Woodlands, just north of Houston.
  11. Houston :)
  12. the woodlands, what a beautiful place, Any of you guys trading prop or is everyone retail ?
  13. Austin.....And hating this damn heat!
  14. Houston (Grew up in The Woodlands)
  15. Hiding, this weekend? ... not exactly. Keep in mind:

    The lowdown on Traders of the Lone Star State

    1. Many Texas traders read Hook Up as Hook 'Em

    2. Most Texas traders party hard on weekends

    3. Other Texas traders waiting to see if Bsulli can complete his post

    4. All Austin traders at UT Longhorns final pre-Big Season two-a-days

    5. Many Texas traders stay at the ranch on weekends

    6. A few Texas traders get to serve their jail-time on weekends

    7. Some Texas traders still in Vegas playing 'just one more' Texas Hold'em Series with Bob Bright

    8. All "former bodybuilder" Texas traders still in Recovery from Reigning Champion and Host
    Don Bright's 5th Annual Vegas Big-Tex 2-Star Steakhouse All-You-Can-Eat Series

    9. Several Texas traders spend Summer biking up in the cooler elevations of Colorado

    10. Remaining Texas traders spend Summer on a Rocky Mountain High

    And, that's just a few reasons, right, volente? :D

    Baron also knows there's herds of Texas traders out there
    - a lot more in futures than equities, nowadays, is my bet...
  16. Amarillo here.
  17. Houston here
  18. might move to Dallas Ft worth soon. Anyhone know of any equity prop frims there?
  19. Sugar land/Houston area.
  20. Galleria area, Houston.
  21. "Galleria area"

    That is the worst traffic I have ever seen on on a Friday at 5:00.
    I bought a z28 from a guy about 6 years ago and he had the bright idea that I would pick the car up from him there.
  22. I've been thinking about moving put that way, but after talking to some buddies that moved near Waco, I'm not so sure.

    "How's the weather?"

    "Not bad, real hot, it's 90, but with the wind chill factor, it's 105."
  23. You don't want to move to Waco. it sucks. There are much better cities such as houston, dallas, or austin, or even the woodlands. round rock, or bedford/hurst if big city life is not your thing.

  24. Now that was damn funny, rofl :D

    Actually we were partying yesterday afternoon with about 20 friends at our place and I didn't have time to finish my original post.

    Garland, Texas outside of Dallas.
  25. Austin, moving to Elgin.
  26. Near DFW airport, pm if you wanna hook up
  27. Houston Traders PM me if you want to hookup... Lets go get some drinks. My Aim is ChaosNSX
  28. Denton.. hippy college town 30 miles north of downtown dallas. Lots of beer drinking and shitloads of young hot girls!!!
  29. i trade equities for a firm in Austin, T.X. :D
  30. austin via NYC
  31. If anyone has traded or is trading with a prop firm in Dallas, I would very much like to meet you. Please respond via PM. TIA
  32. AJ5 can you tell me what firm? I live in NE and may move to Austin sometime.
  33. Trading out of San Antonio since 1999. PM if any locals want to get together.
  34. Calling out to all the Texas traders, Houston in particular. Can some of you guys give me the scoop on the Woodlands? I can't figure it out. Real Estate is so freaking cheap here. Now granted I know that TX real estate in general has always been cheap, but come on man, this is ridiculous. For the price of a one bedroom condo in Chicago in a shitty crime ridden hood, you can get a McMansion with a pool on a huge lot in one of the nicer hoods in Houston (Woodlands). So someone tell me the catch. And don't say it's hot because all of TX is hot. I am asking specifically about the Woodlands.

    I mean seriously, look at this pic and tell me this could not pass for South, FL.

  35. property tax my man... property tax....
  36. No, still doesn't add up. We are not comparing TX to NY. But TX to TX. Property taxes are high all over TX. Look at Austin and then look at the home prices there. TX has no state income taxes so they buffer against the property taxes. I still am not getting it.
  37. Hurricane!
  38. In Woodlands? Are you serious? The Woodlands is like 30 miles north of Houston. And Houston is like 40 miles from the Gulf.
  39. Nope, property taxes are not high compared to other places I have lived (Florida, New York and New Jersey).

    In fact, if you take into account there is no state income tax, property taxes could be even higher and you would still be a net winner compared to many other states.
  40. HoustonMark,

    TX prop taxes are among the highest in the nation. There may be even worse prop tax regimes, but TX is definitely high.

    I was going to buy a pad in Corpus until I found out about the 3.1% tax. That's absurd!

  41. Come on, we are all traders here. We can look deeper into the numbers. Think about this for a second. Would you rather pay 1.5% on a home in CA that is assessed at a million dollars, or buy that same home in Houston for 200k and pay 3%. I mean think about it. In CA you are paying 15k in taxes for that home and in TX your total tax bill is 6k. Do the math. This is what doesn't make sense. You can't look at the actual percentage. Sure, 1% to 2% sounds cheap until you figure it cost 700k to buy a freaking shack in the ghetto of riverside. Shit if the taxes weren't 2.5% to 3% in TX, the avg property tax bill would be under 1k!!!!!!!!!!! Think about it.
  42. Let's also add some further metrics to the equation. Do you guys want to compare what a gallon of gas cost in Houston compared to the east and west coast? How about a pack of cigs in Chicago to Houston. How about sales taxes? How about what it costs to go to a sporting event or movie?
  43. Didn't they try to evacuate Houston?

  44. South Padre Island
  45. I didn't hear anything about evacuation in the Woodlands. Perhaps there was and I missed it.

  46. That picture you posted shows 7 figure houses. From experience the traffic sucks. I 45 is under construction right now so commuting to houston sucks.

    Lake conroe is also a decent place to live.


    I have a brother in law that lives there. I am looking to build out there on the lake in the future.
  47. Traffic is a bitch everywhere. Have you seen the traffic on the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago? How about Federal Highway in FL? Southern Cal? Traffic can't be your independent variable here. It has to be something unique. For example, FL has alligators. That's unique to the sunshine state. And let's leave the commute out of this. Most of the members on ET don't commute anyway.
  48. Conroes less crowded than the woodlands, but the commute to Houston is even further. My family has a lake house in the lake livingston area, nice area to build on if you are not looking for metro congestion and drunk conroe boaters. Also don't just look up north woodlands ect. There is development going on to the south of houston out in Pearland. Straight shot to the medical center and down town. Also to the west you have the Katy area, with Cinco Ranch and a few other subdivisions. These take advatage of the westpark tollway to reach Houston in decent time. Then if you want to get a little pricier you can look into living out in the SW Sugarland area. Sweetwater, and Greatwood all have potentially good properties, as they are expanding the freeway and developing from the subdivisions torwards the towncenter which is Sugarlands new downtown.

    -I've been sent to spread the message.. God blessed Texas-
  49. My problem with the 3.1% tax in Corpus wasn't the total tax paid (as opposed to Cal in the example below), its that it made buying vs renting a non brainer, especially considering the RE mkt there wasn't appreciating at all. For the tax paid + insurance (also sky high), I could rent a really nice apt. That's not even considering the mortgage payments.

    I agree that if you are simply comparing TX real estate to Cal, then the taxes aren't an issue.


  50. Houston is crowded enough as it is so please keep spreading the word...

  51. Other than just wanting to build a cool solar home, I've found no reason to do so in Texas. I reside in both Dallas and Chicago based on business and I see some benefits in both towns. I have a large rental unit in both towns based upon finding some excellent space, locations and deals.

    It took a while to get used to the weather oddities (softball sized hail has a season in Dallas), but all in all it hasn't been too bad. Traffic tie ups in Dallas are worse than Chicago by the way. Even during Chicago's construction phase.

    I found the largest challenge has been adjusting to the pace of the public. Chicago is all hustle in comparison. :)


  52. If you think D is bad, Drive down 45 to H town and see what you find. A while back with traffic it took me 2.5 hours to go 100 miles to houston.
  53. My brother is relocating to Houston for his job. I drove down once. It will be some time before I do that again. :)

  54. if you think thats bad... try driving over to Austin and you will see some real traffic!!
    and for no good reason as Austin is not a "city" imo...

    just overcrowded non-sense....
  55. LA still takes the traffic title. Seattle getting up there too.

    I know about the Houston/ Dallas traffic as well. One reason I was looking at Corpus. That, and being on the water of course.

    Corpus is a funky town though (Which I like). Any of you guys have an opinion of the place?

  56. Just caught your post..

    My family and I have lived in The Woodlands for going on three years. We were in Houston for the seven before that.

    The Woodlands is a master-planned community, about 80,000 strong right now. It covers about 27,000 acres. The median income is right around $110k per year, very high considering the cost of living here.

    You can get a lot of home here for the money, with the going rate starting around $93-98 per square foot. Single family homes dominates the construction, but they are building condos and townhomes along our new waterway, up near the town center part of The Woodlands.

    Property, school, and other taxes and such are high (2.5-3%), but we don't have a state income tax. Sales tax runs around 8.25%. I may be a little off on the numbers, but they're ballpark.

    Gas, food, etc. runs about the same here as elsewhere. Insurance is a little higher than some places, due to the possibility of a hurricane. But we don't have earthquakes or wildfires to worry about. Flooding is a very localized issue here in The Woodlands, as opposed to a general problem in the greater Houston area.

    It's hotter than hell in the summer, but you can't go anywhere that doesn't have air conditioning. Likely you'd be more comfortable here in August than some places in the northeast. We have an abundance of mosquitoes though.

    Our winters our great. No snow and we rarely drop below 30 deg F. I wear shorts year-round.

    The golf in The Woodlands, and Houston in general, is supposed to be great (not quite Florida's level). But I can't vouch for that personally since I don't golf.

    The Woodlands is a GREAT place if you have children or are planning to have children. That was our driving force in relocating out here from Houston. The public schools are top-notch, private schools abound, the neighborhoods are setup for kids playing, and you can't throw a rock without hitting a park, playground, or small lake.

    If you don't have kids there's a lot more here than there was just 2-3 years ago, but it's not going to compare to Chicago. Houston doesn't compare to Chicago for a young single type.

    We did get about 60-70mph winds from Rita. Some folks here did evacuate, but the majority were just passing through from Houston, Galveston, etc. I-45 was jammed packed for a day or two. Rita turned and weakened a bit. We could have seen 90-100mph here at my house.

    There is still a chance we become a part of Houston. We can't be annexed until 2014 or so. Talks are in place now to determine future governance.

    If you have any more question fire away.
  57. My wife and I were raised in The Woodlands. Both our parents still live there. We moved down to the Heights (we both work downtown) but are thinking about building a new house in The Woodlands in the next 2-3 years.

    Also go here for more info.

  58. I trade from the Hill Country.

    FWIW-our guv and legislators are looking to significantly lower property taxes in a special session that starts today.

    Guv wants to cut max property tax rate from $1.5/100 to $0.9/100 by increasing business taxes, adding $1 to the cigarrette tax, and using some of the state's 8.4 billion surplus.


    ps-the past few special sessions called to do this failed to do anything. Should be different this time as the courts have ruled that the current tax system used to fund public education (ie-high property taxes) is unconstitutional and set a deadline to correct this flaw.


  59. What towns would you recommend to visit in the Hill Country? I've driven through there in spring via the interstate, but never stopped to explore. Thought it was really pretty from the road blasting by at about 75 mph though.


  60. Jay,

    The Hill Country has a lot of small towns and many have a historic district. Fredricksberg is a good place to start. I also like Bandera. Wine tours are interesting as some decent wine is made in the region.

    I prefer the canoeing and state parks to walking around towns and their tourist trap areas. There are a lot of "bat caves"-real ones not the comic book kind and seeing a few million bats coming out at dusk is spectacular. They even show up on the local weather radars.

  61. I love the Frio river in the summer. Cold as ice when the temp outside is around 100.
  62. Hmm, sounds like I need to come open a bottled water plant. :cool:
  63. from Huntsville area. North of Woodlands & Conroe.

  64. Sorry to bother you Texas folks again. But I would like to get your feedback on some of the pros and cons between Houston and Dallas. This is for a parent of mine that is moving from the midwest. I am lobbying hard for the Woodlands north of Houston. But I would like to hear your take on Dallas as well. Also, does Dallas have something similar to the Woodlands?

    I know Highland Park north of Dallas is suppose to be nice as well as Plano. I really don't know the area well so these are the only two towns that ring a bell. Also, let's throw in Irvin and Fort Worth for kicks.

    Doesn't Dallas have one of the worst murder rates in the country?
  65. Check out Frisco...just north of Plano. I lived there a year or so...very nice.

    Woodlands is nice too. Medical facilities are top-notch.

    If I had to choose...I'd go with Woodlands.

  66. I currently have a home close to the Highland Park. There really is not any crime in the area. Last year the police incident reports were very minimal and mostly involved driving violations and a few auto thefts. Police coverage really is pretty good.

    Fort Worth, Dallas and Irvin are fiscally demographically different so more info would be needed to say where they would be happier looking. Different from a standpoint of single family homes, duplex living, condo/townhouse and highrise. :)

  67. Hey guys, just had a quick question. How popular is Prop trading in Houston? Is their any Prop firms available to daytrade? Is their a high demand to where maybe someone would want to open a prop firm there?
  68. It's been suggested many times (here in Dallas as well), but no follow through by participants. I had even contacted a few clearing houses connections and found space. Many had the "open it and we/they will come" statements. Jury is still out for me on this one. :)
  69. I lived in Plano for a couple years, and if you like cement and the same stores repeated every 3 miles, then its a great place to live. I missed the scenery and more laid back attitude of austin (though people do drive too damn slow), so I moved back. Good luck to you!
  70. I lived in Austin for about a year and a half. I had heard stories through acquaintances and the local public cable access channel that the cops were draconian in the small towns and rural areas. Like, you get pulled over for tail light and spend the night in jail or get a $2k fine. Is it true that Texas justice is not something to be messed with?

    I had a couple of minor jet ski infractions that set me back $450. I thought that was outrageous.
  71. In seven years I have yet to even be pulled over. As an African American male driving a Benz (usually faster than the posted limit) I don't find it bad. I drive to Austin and Houston kind of regularly also. No problems.

    A friend of mine said we need to all stop complaining when we factor in the MPS (miles per stop). She said, think of all the bad/illegal stuff that you know you've done behind the wheel verses the times you've been caught. Based on that one, I have absolutely no complaints.

    In all fairness, I have had no troubles back in Chicago either. I guess now that I'm a little older, and probably a little wiser, I don't seem as threatening to the local authorities. :)

  72. I think Assent still has an office there. Bright closed the doors a while back.

  73. What the hell was wrong with your jetski ? Did a game warden write the tickets at the lake or a traffic cop ?
  74. The SOES and some other guys gave Texas especially Houston a bad rep a few years back. Most firms are hesitant to do anything but remote traders from Texas.

    Jay in Houston

    p.s. Velocity has a retail futures room but thats about it around here.
  75. I've mentioned before...get a few guys together and we can re-open in the Houston area...we had little interest from people wanting to drive into town...as mentioned above, primarily due to the SOES and other nonsense that went on down there...

  76. Dallas? :)
  77. Anyone who wants to start an office with a few qualified traders can certainly do so. You guys sign the lease, we offer adjustments in overall pricing package to help defray the costs. We have several "affiliated" locations under our wing.

  78. Do they still have a trading rooms? Last I heard only the data center was still in Houston?
  79. I wasn't so much looking to trade in Texas now. I currently live 10 min. from NYC and I might move to Houston within a couple of years. I was just wondering what kind of interest their was in Houston. I wouldn't want to be a remote trader and if there was interest, I'd try to open up an office. As of right now, I"m currently a Prop trader for Hold Bros.
  80. I live in Houston and still have a hard time figuring out if what type of traders and how many live here.
  81. Just moved from NY to north of Dallas a few months ago.
    this is an old thread, anyone still here?

  82. Just saw your post here......HOUSTON....UUGH!!!

    They will HATE the humidity there.....have them move to Georgetown or Austin and life will be SOOOO much better for them. If you have any questions then give me a pm (I know people in all areas of Texas). :)
  83. Where at North of Dallas. I am in Lewisville.
  84. I had lived in Flower Mound several years ago.....not a bad area.

    I just do not like real big cities so I down sized. :)
  85. Where did you move to?

    My in-laws have lived Lewisville so after 12 years in the military I let my wife decide where we would move to and Lewisville was her decision. I like the Flower Mound/ Lewisville are though.
  86. Do you own your home? Home in Lewisville isn't cheap.
  87. Yeah, we built our house about 3 years ago. Prices aren't too bad here compared to some other areas.
  88. Frisco
  89. Well, you know my (stay-at-home) wife is in your city all the time. I call her a stay-at-MALL mom. LOL...

    What do you trade? Right now I am trading ES and Q's options.

  90. Ha!
    Yea, no shortage of malls here.
    I'm trading equities - mostly nyse and amex
    not exactly a lot of traders around here, are there?

  91. I am south of you a few hours. :)
  92. I trade at home in The Woodlands with Bright Trading

    My trading is temporarily on hold because what happen over the weekend.


  93. I'm in Allen.

    I agree that there seems to be a dearth of traders in this area.
  94. I guess if their are some other traders they are keeping real quite. But it is good to know that we have a few anyway.

    I trade the ES and doing some option trading (mainly Q's).

  95. Was that your house? How do you like the Bright trading? I hear mixed reviews...

  96. Was that your house? How do you like the Bright trading? I hear mixed reviews...


    Yes that was and still is my house. It requires a complete restoration.

    I've been with Bright for 6 years. I would have left years ago if something better came along, it just hasn't. A few years back I was at a technology conference in Atlanta. Over a glass of wine, Don asked, “Now that you’ve been with the company for a few years, you’re probably seen the good the bad and the ugly”. I didn’t have anything negative to say at the time and till this day I still can’t say there is any bad or ugly about Bright Trading.
    Don’s a good teacher; Bob’s a great trader, Tammy an awesome president. I don’t know how many remotes Cash has but whenever I need something he’s always there. Sometimes I feel like he’s there just for me. Yes it’s a family run business but after being with them awhile they make you feel like part of it.
  97. That is great. I didn't know much about them except for what you see here in ET. ET can be a hard forum for a group like that but I am glad to hear good about them.

  98. Awww, geez, stop it, I'm blushing, LOL. I'll pass this post around the room...always nice to have a good comment here on ET (fully unsolicited)...thanks man.

    I'm really sorry to hear about your house.

  99. Sorry about your home!
    But, homes can be rebuilt a lot easier than we can...
  100. Don,
    I'll be Vegas in the next couple of weeks. Do let people come in and see your office?

  101. Sure, just give me a call at: 702.739.1393 before you come, just to be sure I'm here....mention Elite Trader.

  102. Not a problem I would really like to talk to you and see your office. BTW I have a journal in here as well it is the S/R emini journal if you have to check it out...

  103. San Antonio Texas here, checking in. :)
  104. Trading in North Dallas
  105. JKenisky and jdconner,

    Howdy from Lewsiville what do you guys trade. I trade ES and options.

  106. I am a full time equities trader in Southlake (close to D/FW Airport).

    Any trading groups in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?
  107. None that I know of but it sure would be nice. I am in Lewisville and I am around the Southlake/Colleyville area all the time. I trade the ES and some options on the Q's.

  108. i haven't heard of any out here in mansfield, if you here of any drop me a note . jh
  109. I live up here in Denison, Tx
  110. I'm in the DFW area. We should start an active trader group here...
  111. I have a couple of traders from the Dallas "AFTA" chapter...I'll ask them to post some info here.

  112. I would like to join in if you don't mind. I trade ES and some options.
  113. i would be interested!!!!!!!!
  114. My brother lives out in Mansfield and is a damn good trader. Especially good with options.
  115. lets try to hook up sometime next week im going to fla this morning will be back on mon. im in mansfield by 287- walnut creek
  116. I know it well. I am usually all over the metroplex so it wouldn't be a problem for me.
  117. do you live in dallas?
  118. I am in Lewisville
  119. I have a quick question for those of you that live either in the north Houston area or the Woodlands. Who is the best high speed internet provider down there, preferably one that combines cable TV and phone. Thanks.
  120. How about calling the Merrill Lynch, Woodlands, office
    to see if they'll give your their phone/TV/internet provider(s)
    - especially pertaining to a trader's needs, if that's the case.

    Also, you could ask your good sparring buddy Don Bright
    if he might have one of his most experienced BT traders
    in The Woodlands get you up to speed...
  121. I live on the Northwest side of Houston. My cable/internet/digital phone provider is Time Warner
  122. If you choose cable, it doesn't really matter who the vendor that sold it to you is, more than likely a time warner van will pull up to your house to install it.

    Think about it, even if you signed up on Earthlink's site, who owns the cable line? Time warner. Its all just rebranded service.

    If you want DSL, SBC offers phone, satellite, and DSL.

    If you want cable, TWC offers phone, cable, and cable internet.

    I'd prefer SBC, because I'd rather have a real line rather than a VOIP line, but TWC might suit you better. Also, more than likely DSL will "look" cheaper than cable, however the speeds are different. I get 600 k/second download speeds with SBC, but i'm on the "elite plan" thats like $30ish a month. With the basic plan, you can expect 150 k/second download speeds.

    With TWC you can expect 500-600 k/second for their quoted price.
  123. Was raised and spent most of my life in The Woodlands. I always used Time Warners RR http://www.houston.rr.com/ rock solid.

    My wifes parents, my parents, and my siblings still live their, my wife and I moved near downtown into midtown. If you have any questions about the place let me know.

    p.s. If you ever plan on opening up a office around here let me know, I'd be interested.
  124. It's not for me, it's for my mother.
  125. Time Warner told me they don't offer digital phone yet in the Woodlands. And they quoted me $86 a month for cable TV and Broadband and that seemed high, at least compared to Chicago.
  126. Yeah, my wife and I spent a year in Chicago. Cable was cheaper in Chicago... ....but I found it much more reliable in Texas (The Woodlands). If ya'll need anything or have any other questions please let me know. Not sure about digital phone, my parents use TXU for their phone company and cable/broadband from Time Warner.
  127. Anyone use Comcast down there? Much cheaper then Time Warner. What's the catch?
  128. I'm on SuddenLink cable modem just north of The Woodlands.
    Pings show it to be at about 981 KBS. Not T1, but I'll take it.
    We oughta do a meet and greet sometime.
  129. Well it turns out Comcast does not serve the Woodlands area. Time Warner has a monopoly. No wonder their prices are sky high.
  130. Actually Time Warner will be leaving Houston and Comcast will be coming in to take over their 'monopoly'. Not sure of the date, still up in the air.

  131. AT&T has been laying fiber in SE Houston for some time now. Its only a matter of time..
  132. In CNNMoney's latest Best Places to Live, Texas rates the most cities - 10 - in the top 100 U.S. finalists:

    Austin 690,300
    Carrollton 124,700
    Denton 104,200
    League City 61,500
    North Richland Hills 61,100
    Plano 250,100
    Richardson 99,200
    Round Rock 86,300
    Sugar Land 75,800
    The Woodlands 67,600

    Houston-adjacent Sugar Land rated 3rd-best U.S. city, Plano 11th, Dallas-adjacents Richardson 15th, and Carrollton 19th, Austin-adjacent Round Rock 48th, Denton 58th, Dallas-adjacent North Richland Hills 62nd, The Woodlands 73rd.

    Surprising that The Woodlands only placed 73rd; guess the average commute time hurt them.

    Austin rated 2nd in the 10 Best Big U.S. Cities - no surprise here.

    Many more stats to see if you agree regarding your area: http://money.cnn.com/magazines/moneymag/bplive/2006/index.html
  133. Make that Fort Worth-adjacent Richland Hills...
  134. I start a job at an investment bank in Houston June 4th, I'll be moving out mid to late May.
  135. Does
  136. I trade for myself. Looked to open up a Firm with Terra Nova, but we decided that San Antonio still lacks many important key "Individuals" that would grasp the concept.

    Kershner Trading in Austin, Chop shop, still using "Soes" bandit methods. But hey, they just moved to a new shiny building with more Space. So, the chop shop/day trading firms might catch on.

    Texas has more "Desk" jobs in the "Trading world" than individual traders. It is a small group in Texas but from the one's I have met, they are pretty sharp.

    There are a few Key Funds (hedge and money Mg. teams in the SA/ATX area.

    But very little "Locals" , to use the Chicago Terminology.
  137. First and formost, most of the state of Texas is Waste Land. Go west and it isn't worth the dirt that you drive on.

    Second. Real Estate Values have toped in places like Dallas and Houston. Regardless of what "Residents" say. Just pull up the MLS and do a CMA. Also look at how much inventory the City of houston is holding in new projects/homes In Fact, Houston money is leaving faster than you can shout...GET OUT OF DODGE. They are moving into the Hill Country. Places like Boerne Tx.

    HAL set a trend. Oil and Gas companies are looking to re-locate to DUBIA. They may leave some of the opertations behind but it will hurt the Texas Economy eventually.

    OIL isn't as abundent as the day's of "DALLAS" tv show.

    Ranchland is being sold like crazy from the South area of Texas up to San Antonio. TRAN-TEXAS CORRIDOR... .enough said.

    San Antonio is a hot market place but has it's problems. 70% of the population is Tex-mex and 80% of them are un-educated. Hence, SA is the "Call Center Capital", cheap wages, (average wage is 35 thosand and average home is 120k.) However, Disney, Microsoft, and the PGA are coming. PGA village will be live by 2008/9. Disney, by 2010 or so. SA is probably the one spot where Real Estate will continue to appreciate, for the next few years.

    Austin, is HIP but it has slowed as well. Round Rock and Lake Travis are where a lot of Real Estate can boom but the City of Austin has a few loft projects on 2nd but nothing huge. It is a nice city however and a great place to meet the intellectual crowd.

    Dallas Players are comig into SA and working on Commerical Projects and telling me that Dallas is "Fully Vested" at the moment.

    Sub Prime has hit Texas Hard and TREC and TRELA are releasing numbers that are such as "50% of the banckruptcy cases in SA are Forclosures.

    One thing I noticed about Texas, is that no matter what the "Facts" are, they are PROUD and definilty want to be a LONE STAR STATE. If you don't bleed Orange.....you don't bleed.

    One Final observation.. Texan's are mad as hell because Yankee's like me have come to the LONE STAR STATE and are getting a piece of the new "GOLD RUSH".

    But hey, TEXAS may be the only place $$$$ can be made while the East and West, take a breath for a few years.
  138. Oops, NASA-adjacent League City/Clear Lake - 65th...
  139. Citywide Wi-Fi Network Approved in Houston

    HOUSTON -- Houston City Council approved a plan on Wednesday to build a public wireless network that will provide discounted Internet access citywide, KPRC Local 2 reported.

    Mayor Bill White announced that EarthLink, Inc. was chosen to build a citywide wireless broadband network in February.

    The Wi-Fi mesh network will provide affordable, high-speed Internet access for those in Houston in five years, officials said.

    The service will be free in 5 percent of the city's public areas, but the remainder of the city would be subject to fees of $10 to $12 per month.

    Deputy Director of Information Technology Janis Jefferson said the system should be completed in two years.

    When it goes into effect, Houston will have the largest Wi-Fi network in the country, covering nearly all of the city's 600 square miles by spring of 2009.

    The wireless ordinance approved two separate contracts with Earthlink. The first is a citywide broadband license agreement and the second is a wireless service agreement for five years worth up to $2.5 million.
  140. How the hell did you ever find yourself in Tejas? Tex-Mex raves in SA? :D

  141. Conroe. I'd like to get a Houston meet & greet going.
    PM me.
  142. Depending on the date, I'm game.
  143. My wife and I live in Los Angeles, but are looking to buy a house. I'm a software manager (telecommuting), she is a Librarian. We're looking to move to Altanta or The Woodlands.

    She has family in Dallas, but there are tons of jobs for her in Houston, I have family in Atlanta, we like them both. Looking for affordable housing with good school districts, nice greenbelt or lake view, etc. Just from our research, we're finding many houses that in Los Angeles (even now) would be 2 million houses going for 300k or less in both Atlanta and The Woodlands.

    We just went house hunting in Atlanta last weekend and found some great possibilities, and are heading to The Woodlands/Houston in about 3 weeks to house-hunt as well.

    I guess it is a personal decision, just wonder anyone who has lived/knows people in Houston/Woodlands if you like it or not, things to watch out for etc.

    We actually like Austin quite a bit, having lived there 2 years, but the job situation there is much worse so we've mostly ruled it out for that reason.
  144. Ike has screwed up things for a bit, I don't know anyone with electricity.
    After we get thru this, we really should do another "get together" if only for the socialization factor.
  145. The Woodlands is nice, especially if you don't have to go downtown everyday (very long drive). If you're looking for a part of town with lots of trees you should also take a look at Kingwood.

    However, as demonstrated this last weekend, living in a hurricane zone with a bunch of tall trees around your house is asking for trouble. I live in a newer area just south of Kingwood and my yard didn't have any trees over 5 yrs old so I was lucky. The only thing I lost was my fence.
  146. My wife and I were both raised in The Woodlands. Both of our families still live there but we currentley live in midtown since we both work downtown.

    My wife was able to go into downtown and tour the damage to her building today. Her office is located on the 35th floor of a building located between the Exxon and former Enron buildings. At her location they had maximum sustained winds of 110 mph. Our townhouse next to downtown only suffered minor damage. My office also took a decent hit, its right next to the Chase building that's being shown all over the news with its windows blown out. I won't be allowed back to my office until next Monday, so I currently don't know the extent of the damage.

  147. Woodlands is great minus the traffic.

    With that said I am in Dallas right now. :p
  148. And I'm in SF Bay Area till they turn the lights on in SE TX..but right now The Woodlands got no power.
  149. My immediate family lives in Clear Lake and they have their power back. As does most of the SE so I hear. What part does not?

    I myself live downtown and I do not have water or power yet.
  150. About 90% of Montgomery County is w/out power.
    Conroe is as dark as a cave at night.
  151. My mother lives in the Woodlands and her power was back on yesterday. I love the Woodlands. Nicest people in the world. Can real estate be any cheaper there? For 300k you are living in a 1.5 million dollar home on the northshore of Chicago with much better weather.
  152. Yeah I have to agree, we just moved to The Woodlands a couple months ago from the Fort Worth area. Anyone planning a hook up for The Woodland/Houston area?
  153. We had a couple hook ups a few months back but nothing recently. I'd be up for another one soon if we could get a decent turnout and we do it either Friday night or a Saturday... since I daytrade the Asian markets at night I'm kinda busy weeknights.
  154. I'm def in, never saw the thread for a houston meet up before.
  155. Pay an extra $100K and get on Lake Travis in Austin.......MUCH better weather with less humidity!

    The boating and the babes are ALL GOOD out here on Lake Travis! :cool:




  156. Thanks for the feedback!

    We actually looked at Lake Travis quite a bit (love Lago Vista) :), but the job situation for my wife isn't as stable there. She has way more opportunities in Houston, so we'll be there in a few weeks checking out homes, will decide probably between Atlanta and The Woodlands at that point.

    I totally agree on the value, especially coming from Los Angeles, even with the market in free fall it's amazing the deals you can get in Texas. We actually like Los Angeles quite a bit too, but it is painful when we look at real estate. Prices are (even now) at least 500% higher than in Texas even factoring lower wages in most industries.
  157. Anybody remote trading with Bright in Dallas? Would like to hear from you.
  158. Live about 50miles south of Houston.

    About a 3 miles from the Dow Chemical Plant :eek: :(
  159. any other DFW traders want to talk shop? i'm looking to get some new strategies or products under my belt (even though i know it's near impossible to get anyone to actually talk if they're profitable!!)
  160. In case you haven't noticed from the other threads.

    Last week of March heading to Austin, Houston, and Dallas.

    Free dinner, drinks, and trader training workshop. Bringing my programmers from Zoe Trading to demonstrate some cool new software.

    Similar event to this:

    www.stocktrading.com/fll2008.html (Scroll down to see the basic agenda).

    Email me if you're interested in any of thes events.


    More details soon.

  161. Where is happy hour at tomorrow!!!
  162. Does anybody know of any prop shops in Dallas?
  163. Looking for a Houston-based oil and products (financials only) trader to team up with.
  164. what do you bring to the table?
  165. I will be visiting Dallas for a while, any traders in Dallas area want to meet, send me a message.
  166. Very true. I'm from fort worth. It's not that I have secrets, it's just a lack of motivation. I find it tiresome to try to share things with traders who can't let go of their past experience and be a clean slate. Maybe that's unfair of me to ask, but it's necessary. Two winning systems may actually have conflicting ideologies, and, together, become losing systems.

    Here's a tip though: The most profitable thing I ever did was to train my wife to watch for changes in my demeanor as I trade. She can tell if I'm attached to the winnings or not, and if I'm likely to deviate from my plan or not based on my mannerisms.
  167. sugarland,texas
  168. The stars at night, are big and bright *clap clap clap clap* deep in the heart, of Austin baby
  169. Any traders in San Antonio?

    Am staying here a several weeks to get treatments, perhaps could talk shop.
  170. I'm a trader formerly from Dallas - moved to Asia recently. I only know of a handful of traders that live there. Traders Expo next month in Dallas, I believe. Good place to meet other traders.
  171. Yay Plano!
  172. Depends. East or west. Two different worlds.
  173. Hey guys, I know this is an old thread, but I've just recently joined ET and looking to brainstorm with local traders in the DFW area. I'm right in the middle (Hurst) if anybody is interested in discussing more advanced setups etc. I used to trade stock options so I do have experience there, but I've recently moved on to futures (and loving it!).

    Please PM if you'd like to chat/meet up

  174. Austin here
  175. Houston here, looking for traders to brainstorm with
  176. West/Hebron
  177. Sugarland (houston area)
  178. Dallas here with a focus on the volatility market:)
  179. West Texas here and love trading chop/extremes and low volatility. :rolleyes:
  180. El paso, Texas here.

    Day trade most days unless I get called in by my part time job. I like trading triangular pattern beakouts, continuations and stuff with momentum. I keep it simple and it works.
  181. H-ToWn here baby!
  182. Dallas...'bout to get hot...as usual
  183. It was to get to 95 but it is 96 right now and

    7 Day Forecast
      °95° 100° 101° 103° 106° 104° 100°
    • No Rain in sight
    • Now I know this is a cool spell for Phoenix,
    • But am not going to be living out in desert climate beyond this year, little grass, little trees, next to no lakes, plenty of snakes, wind, mountains and illegals.
  184. I like the desert Handle but I need trees.
  185. I been here since 1978, time for a change and go into more humid but wetter areas of Texas, although always possible of droughts again.
  186. Been a wet season..humid and a nice area around Clear Lake, south of Houston....access to the Gulf also. Hill Country is always good.
  187. Am going to look to buy North of I-10 to US290, maybe somewhere in the middle and US281 to Brazos River, the land values picking up west of I-35 cause of railroad deal going in somewhere in that area. But am in no rush. Want to stay away from Houston, traffic is relentless.
  188. Same here love them ascending wedge setups on "stocks in play" for the day. Also Flag breakouts. Mostly trade in the direction of the gap if its not a "gap n crap" ...yes this stuff works as long as you keep a stop on bottom of the consolidation and dont size in over your head!
  189. Hill Country is my favorite part of Texas! Between BUDA and SA is perfect
  190. Hi Cmoss,

    Buda, Kyle and San Marcos are getting built up amazingly fast...maybe better to slide a bit west over toward Blanco, Johnson City, Marble Falls, Fredericksburg...
  191. Be careful.

    Two weeks ago, Houston had 20 inches of rain in one day and there was flooding everywhere.
    There was a man on tv that said he lived 7 miles from the Brazos River and his home was under 4 feet of water. He said he never had any idea flooding would travel that far. I would have to agree.

    They also had flooding similar to this last year, along the Brazos River. It seems to be an annual event. Be careful where you buy and check the flood plain.

    BTW, I live in the Dallas / FT Worth area.
  192. Thank you, good advise. I was going to check before I buy about if Flood insurance needed, cause if it is, then it is needed, have a good friend who works in corporate for large insurance company, so was going to contact him. You want to water rights like a river but don't want the river to claim your land as rights, LOL

    I was guessing you lived near the Cowboys, are they preparing anyone yet when Romo goes down again?
  193. Unfortunately my 9-5 is keeping me here in Plano, one day maybe :)
  194. Yeah, I live in Arlington. Home of the Cowboys and Texas Rangers.

    I sure hope Romo does better this year. He's a good quarterback, when he is healthy....lol....
    I have been here since 2003 and every year they talk about 'this being the year for the Superbowl'. And every year there is another dramatic event to throw a cog in the wheel.

    If it's not Terrell Owens, its Michael Sam or Josh Brent. If you get past the personnel issues, you got problems with the Offensive line protecting Romo. They fix that and the next year it's the Defensive line that can't hold the opposition. They fix that and the next year it's an issue with Receivers.

    They never seem to get it together and when they do, Romo breaks his shoulder.
    If it's not his shoulder it's his back, his ribs or neck. He is 36 years old, he won't last much longer. 36 is ancient for football. But...I think Jerry Jones signed a contract to keep him until he is 41 or 42. I don't see it happening.

    They got a new quarterback this year from Mississippi State, Dak Prescott. I think he will be 3rd or 4th in the lineup. I hope he does well.

    I hope they do better this year. I thought that was going to happen last year though. They won 2 of 4 preseason games and won their first 2 games and then Romo went down and they finished the year with 4 wins. That's not very good for America's Team.........lol

    And Dez Bryant was out for most of the year too.

    I wish they would do better, but you know what a wish sandwich is.... when you got two pieces of bread and wish you had something between them. I hope we find a little meat in the Cowboys this year.

    But, I honestly don't think things will change unless Jerry Jones gives up day to day management to his son Stephen.

    At least we can count on the Cheerleaders to look good year after year !

  195. Interested in meeting with other full-time traders here in the San Antonio area. I trade equities but have some experience with futures. If you are an independent trader or co-locate out of a prop send me a message.