Terrorists get back at Norway

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    Norway has troops in Afghanistan and supported the Iraq war, Norway is part of the Western assault on the Libyan regime, Norway recently deported an extremist Mullah who threatened revenge, Norway recently saw muslim extremist protests over some articles in the media.

    I believe these sort of attacks are going to become alot more frequent.

    The corrupt goverments of the West keep sticking their nose where it doesnt belong while simultaneously letting in thousands of Third World scum into every nation.

    Talk about a recipe for chaos.

    Oslo explosion: live coverage

    18.03 Will McCants now says that Ansar al-Jihad al-Alami (Helpers of Global Jihad) seem to make a claim of responsibility. They claim it is in response to the occupation of Afghanistan and insults to the Prophet Mohammed. It has come via Shmukh, an elite jihadi forum

    17.55 Aftonbladet is reporting that teenagers on Utoya Island have barricaded themselves inside while the gunman was firing. Lisa Irene Johansen Aasbo, international officer of the county board of Rogaland AUF said:

    Quote He wore police uniform, with shooting vest and shot. There was complete panic.

    We were in the great hall when the shooting began, and all cried out.

    Lars Vidar Brende, director of Ragland, AUF, said in a text message to the newspaper

    Quote Barricaded ourselves inside. Men in police uniforms shoot. Waiting for the police.

    17.51 The US State Department has condemned the "despicable" blast that tore through the government buildings in Oslo. Heide Bronke Fulton, a state department spokesman said:

    Quote We condemn these despicable acts of violence. Our hearts are with the victims and their families, and we have reached out to the Norwegian government to express our condolences.

    17.50 For a history of militant attacks in Europe, ranging from the Madrid Bombings in 2004 to July 7 in London, read here.

    17.49 Ben Farmer, The Telegraph's Afghanistan correspondent has written about Norway's presence in Afghanistan. 10 Norwegian soldiers have died in the campaign so - half of them in 2010.

    Norway has 406 soldiers in Afghanistan, making it the 17th biggest troop contributing nation of the 48 coalition allies.

    The country’s troops are based in the northern province of Faryab which is on the Turkmenistan border.

    Faryab is far from the Taliban’s southern heartlands and was peaceful for the early years of the Nato campaign.

    However security has deteriorated in recent years, along with much of northern Afghanistan, as the insurgency has widened.

    Troops sent seven years ago on what the Norwegian public was told would be a humanitarian mission have instead found themselves dealing with greater levels of insurgent violence.

    17.45 More on reports that Mr Stoltenberg was due to appear at the meeting on Utoya Island. The BBC has been told that Mr Stoltenberg was in fact due to speak tomorrow. Former prime minister Gro Harlem Brundtland was the key speaker today.

    17.42 Everyone has been asked to leave Oslo city centre and go home.

    17.40 Rune Hakonsen, who works with the Norwegian Broadcasting Corp, has claimed that there are multiple dead confirmed inside government buildings in the Oslo city centre.

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    Maybe they should hang a couple Muslim clerics in the town square and see if that stops the terror.
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    This is the white Norwegians fault. More taxes are needed
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    May all of those preaching religous exclusivity burn in hell or at least be denied the afterlife they had envisioned.

    Damn them all.

    The idea that only a follower of Jesus, or Mohammed, or Abraham, or some deity is destined for eternal salvation and the rest of mankind is doomed to hell or some other place is the weapon of mass destruction throughout history.

    How can a benevolent God reward such violence perpetuated in his name ?
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    They will be, at least that is what I and other gnostics believe.
  6. And how would this have stopped this event?
  7. Great point, it wouldn't. What would prevent it and all islamic terrorism is to simply keep middle easterners out of Europe.

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    It appears, from reading the news right now, that keeping all "middle easterners" out of Europe would not have prevented this atrocity.
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    The culprit is a 32 year old caucasian ethnic norwegian blonde arian conservative christian who disliked multiculturalism. The only muslims/middle eastern people involved, were some of the kids he was trying to kill/did kill on the island of Utoeya.
    Picture taken from a helicopter flying over the island, blonde guy dresed in black police uniform is the culprit.
    This is a pic of one of the kids(curly hair) who was on the island[​IMG]

    A couple of more kids the culprit wanted to kill on the island[​IMG]
  10. So, it was indeed a product of multiculturalism. Isn't diversity great?

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