TaxACT online free tax software w/ free IRS E-file

Discussion in 'Taxes and Accounting' started by Qty, Feb 12, 2007.

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    Then move to state that has no state income tax so you can save $12.95. :D

    The problem with TaxACT is they do not offer ANY type of audit protection or assistance, other than guaranteeing the accuracy of calculations. If audit is not a concernto you (to me it is) I think this is a terrific deal, even with a measly fee for State.
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    It would be a good deal if the software were close to TaxCut or TurboTax. I reviewed TaxAct maybe two years ago and it wasn't nearly as nice nor did it have as many features. Maybe things have changed.
  5. I like the audit protection but realize they are just selling insurance on having to hire an accountant/attorney to represent you in an audit. And they are assuming that not all inquires from the IRS will be as complicated as a full-blown audit.

    Probably higher expectancy to self-insure and just hire someone if you get the dreaded letter.

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    Totally agree that audit defense is merely insurance. Also agree only a small percent become full-blown audit.

    The insurance cost is very minimal however to handle initial correspondense with uncle sam. My attorney charges $175hr for such. And if the insurance can resolve the issue, then it's money well spent, imo. I am not suggesting using an unknown freckled face tax attorney as sole defense. Just as an intermidiary step before more expensive routes may be needed.
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    I suspect that you will have to wait an hour or two for someone to answer the phone. I tried the phone number once to see what it is like. Forget it.