Taking 1million to zero in "n" months.

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  1. Down 50% shorting Emerging markets futures on european crisis.

    Too much manipulations by politicians.
    Firing of ecb president and replaced with draghi who would loan 1 trillion plus euros to banks and accept worthless greek debt as collateral.

    Troika ousting greek PM to be replaced by an un-elected puppet.

    53% debt haircut not a credit event.

    Had a nice profit before all of those events.
    The rule of law and unilateral ex-post facto contract changes by powers that be make it impossible to correctly interpret the facts.

    2Weeks ago used XIV as hedge didn't work as expected.
    Threw in the towel last week dumped short EM futures went long XIV.

    Lo and behold today the hedge would have worked beautifully and shorts would have regained 40% of losses in one day.

    Down another 7% today so now down 57% give or take.
    Not sure I'll be posting instrument positions probably just returns, maybe an account screen shot when i figure that out.

    Stay tuned I don't call myself Phoenix trading for nothing.

    PS: yes it's real money in an IRA
  2. It is written: "Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's property [nor his margin trading account thru online trading]".
  3. subbed...

    I'll be patiently awaiting your blowup :D


    an account screen shot would be nice so that I make sure I'm not wasting my time...
  4. You plan on losing your money anyway, give it to me, I'll double it in 2 months, keep a 5% retainer and all will be forgotten. :)

    good luck
  5. TraDaToR


    I think I can trade 1M$ to 0 in 1 hour if you want. You may even have a negative balance and some problems with regulators on top of that. Driving it to 0 in months is for newbies.
  6. thanks , good song
  7. snap shot
  8. snapshot march 6 2012
  9. I welcome all posts good or bad to my journal .
    It's not designed to be exciting , nor am I seeking of advice.
    It's just here to document my progress with refreshing honesty of my difficulties, a little bit of humor and hopefully a lot of gains for the future.

    best of luck to all
  10. I don't really plan on losing my money, but I see too many stupid thread names indicating a goal of a 1000% return in a year .
    I bet they still wonder why they blow up so frequently.
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