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  1. TTWO

    This thing reported last night and it was so bad it was halted.
    Its up $14 on light volume pre-market.

    There's some fake news out there that said they beat.

    Somethings up. North of $120 this thing has to be a screaming short. I mean their quarter was terrible.
  2. Well, it got down to 116.35. Bouncing up now.
    CEO on Cramer tonight.
    Who knows. The books are complicated to figure out.
    Looks to me like they lost money though. Of course that doesn't matter anymore.
    If EA is any guide, this thing will be below $110 in a week or so.
    Its setting up here for a short squeeze at $118. Let it run. It could take out $121 easy today or tomorrow.
  3. fantastic chart. price is moving up linearly
  4. Sure is. I hope it goes to 125.
  5. When the hell is GTA 6 coming out?
  6. Forward looking expectations must be high...
  7. The thing with software publishers is they have crazy expenses shoved in to make it have losses only for it to make $4-$5EPS, a year later. Red Dead Redemption 2, is a billion dollar game, next year. The 1st one was one of my all-time favorite games. They also have its 2K basketball franchise being used in Esports, backed by current NBA owners as they have dropped $15-$30M lately for a team. IF it performs like Counter Strike or whatever they play at these Egaming tournaments it has some upside. That being said I have no idea how a team of 6-8 people can be sponsored for millions to play games with it shown on ESPN.
  8. I kept waiting (expecting) for it to go up today.
    I would not be short right now.
  9. Thats a very good point. As I said earlier, its very hard to read the report.
    Margins on software are off the chart. There's no denying that. The gift that keeps on giving.
  10. I just skimmed and you're right as earnings themselves suck but I had no idea micro transactions, which are like buying power ups or coins, to be hundreds of millions. I think at EA with their sports franchises it's 35% of revenue. They also take in hundreds of millions in video gaming advertising and other things under net bookings. While I would raise capital they do have $20, per share, in cash. I think it is this stay home society so stocks like NVDA, AMD, EA, ATVI, NFLX, AMZN, and DPZ have been on fire, multi-year runs. Boy wish I got it for under $10, but it wasn't profitable in years it didn't have a GTA game. Technically, it's hitting new highs, every week, but fundamentally I think it's getting expensive even if Red Dead 2 boosts EPS $2/$2.5, next year. As for your, last statement, that is true as the margins at my former employer was 75-80% on our ERP software but that is all relative as other parts had low margins which meant leeway when putting deals together. It could continue to $130, $150 yet. Good luck!
  11. There's a reason it didn't tank today. I would NOT be short this thing.
    Let me add one caveat though....opportunities abound trading it in and out for an hour or so based on your tape reading skills... its like playing TSLA intraday... other than that.... its a good stock for grandma long. Its gonna be a hell of a trader for now though.
    Up/down up/down within a $1.50 channel.
  12. I agree 95%, never fight an uptrend.
    But there is the exception that confirms the rule. This is the case here : round number.
    If there is a gap, and a round number is tested unsuccessfully (here 120 dollars), this is tradable with a stop loss above the test of the round number (120.71 dollars for instance).
    Of course you need to wait today's opening, in order to avoid another gap up.
    At the opening, if Take Two would go fast below 116 dollars ? Odds are high gap to be filled.
    Partially closed, around 111 dollars, or fully filled around 106/107 dollars.
    And if for any reason, 102 dollars don't hold... Mega bull trap!
    Wait and see


  13. Good stuff CM. Thnx.
  14. EA reported tonight.
    They said UFC 3 Is gonna be a cashcow.
    I did a channel check and the UFC franchise is not that popular.
    Opinions? Anybody play this stuff?
    EA closed up 7% AH's but they missed on revenue.
  15. Wrestling/UFC video games are never cash cow's. -- People like GTA and war games, with open vast fields of adventure where dogs can run.
    High-Five`, vanzandt o_O
    But VR is an exciting, new trend -- who knows.

    Buy options, and make a killing in the shock market
    Good luck and Mazal tov and May the Farce be With You on betting in the right direction,
    Give Soes some of your wonderful trading insights, he could use it. and Pekelo too, he must be losing money with his long bitcoins.
    I love dogs and parrots. and money. -- and i'm sexually repressed too. my finasteride hair pills makes it hard for me to achieve a boner.
    I ate two Burger King whoppers today.

    I miss the mid/late 90's and early 2000's (and maybe mid 2000's as well)...when video/computer games were exciting and fun and simple and raw.
    Modern games feel bland and soulless and stale and drab and overly technical and clean and geeky to me.
    (or i'm just simply getting older, and out of the traditional gaming age demographic)
  16. Well coming from you, thats an improvement on actual usefulness I suppose.
    It would appear you are correct on UFC. I think they're all a waste of time but wtf...1.23B in forecast revenue.... somebody likes em.
    Thanks LL :D
  17. [QUOTE="lawrence-lugar, post: 4595611, member: 425225"
    But VR is an exciting, new trend -- who knows.[/QUOTE]

    Re VR.... One of our fellow ET'rs recomended VUZI way back at $6. He went on to found The Ritchie Exchange however.
  18. Good question about UFC! Years ago, when it first came out, my brother-in-law bought and was pretty cool. It also was hard but from what I have seen this new one is supposed to be, the best yet. Decades ago, EA sports games were awesome but now it's hit and miss for their Madden, their FIFA is solid, but their NBA Live games are garbage compared to Take-Two's. I tried that Battlefront 2 via free Redbox and it was better than, the 1st, IMO. Where they would make a FORTUNE is their subscription if they put in more games as well as newer ones in after a certain buy period to not cannibalize store buying. I'd get a subscription if I could play all their new one's 2-3mos after release. As mentioned, VR would be cool for UFC, people would also get in shape...win-win for this fat a$$ society.haha
  19. TTWO today got up to $129.... then it crashed to $119... now its $125. All on no news. (It was up nicely yesterday on EA's results)
    FB is nuts.
    Ebay too.
    Boeing swinging 3% albeit a day after earnings...
    Point being here... stocks start acting crazy like this near market tops. Proceed with caution.
    EDIT: just looked at the VIX.. above 13. Hmmm......
  20. It was cause they're postponing Red Dead Redemption to Oct. 26th instead of June/July. It was supposed to have been out in March.
  21. Gee wasn't that prescient.

    TTWO is halted.
    If I'm reading the report right, they missed bad.
  22. Bigger picture... that revenue miss might portend a weak environment for Millennial buying power. I'm not a gamer so I don't know whats in vogue and whats not, but I was under the impression TTWO has all the hot games. That may be a reach... but somebody's not buying something.