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    Looking for documentaries about the stock market. Already seen all the Wall Street Warriors episodes. Also seen the 1929 Stock Market Crash video on Youtube.

    Anyone have copies or know where I can get:

    1. Open Outcry. PBS documentary
    2. History of the Stock Market. Modern Marvels. History Channel.

    Any other documentaries?
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    this is pretty good, about how hedge fund guys used options to take out any risk in the stock market
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    Ah yes. Forgot about this one. Saw it once already though. Thanks.
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  5. jtnet


    wonder if it can be done today still
  6. The best one is the one that got taken down. A fellow who called himself "High Probability Trading" getting wiped out on an ES move.
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    :D :D :D

    "this is the face of shock and awe"
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    Saw that one too.
  9. The Midas Formula was pretty good. Still trying to get my hands on a copy of Open Outcry... lol @ that pic.
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