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Steps to becoming a great trader

  1. I'm not a great trader by any means,,,but I have been becoming a lot better through proper psychology - and less emphasis on charts

    First step I think that is crucial is to forget God.....become an atheist *only* when you are trading

    Most of you guys know exactly what I mean by this,,,,

    I will outline more steps as time goes on
  2. 1. MM, MM & MM
    2. Discipline
    3. Turn your emotions off
    4. Test your TS in historical data
    5. Keep enhancing your TS constantly.
  3. 1. Make lots of money.
    2. Claim greatness.
    3. Lose all your gains in one day.
  4. discipline and anticipation
  5. You will learn > 90% of your wisdom...
    From analyzing your losses with laser focus.

    If you do not obsess about why you f-ed up and lost money...
    And find ways to limit similar future losses...
    You may as well quit yesterday.
  6. This is an excellent point and one that is often over looked for years until everything else fails. It is my belief that emotional awareness is the attribute that is least talked about but has the most importance. I'm sure many of us can relate to being able to read a chart perfectly for years but still not being able to make money. Psychology and emotional awareness is usually what is holding a trader back.

    I guess some of these spiritual teachers were right in saying, "The answer you seek lies within, my son".
  7. A workable strategy with prudent money management, and the unshakable discipline to trade it.

    Emotions are inevitable and unavoidable and can in fact be a good thing, you can't rewire/bypass basic natural human instincts no matter how hard you try, however you can compensate for your emotional frailties by developing the discipline to follow your rules.

    All the psychobabble and 'emotional awareness' claptrap in the world isn't going to mean diddly without strategy and discipline, develop those two and you won't need to worry about your emotions :)
  8. #1 recognize that you aren't going to be rich by tomorrow or next year, unless you are already are almost rich.
  9. It seems you don't understand what emotional awareness means. It has nothing to do with liking or disliking your emotions. It means that you are aware of them. If you are aware of your emotional reactions and you use them to learn about yourself and how you react to different market situations this will develop discipline and enable a calm perspective in which to view the market. Saying someone has to have discipline is a bit simplistic. The reason someone does not have discipline in the first place is because they are exiting or entering trades in the wrong place, all the while having sound analysis, which is due to the emotions of fear and greed. So by being aware of your emotions or by have emotional awareness you gain discipline as a result. If a trader is highly emotionally aware they can actually "queue" off of their emotions as a guide to whether or not the position entered is sound. Emotions are the way, often times, in which a person's sixth sense or intuition will speak to them. George Soros spoke of this often in his books. He would use emotions and aches in his body as guide to determine whether his analysis was sound.
  10. Typical example of the psychobabble claptrap frequently spouted by limp-wristed tweed-jacketed amateur psychologists at parties.

    It's simple. Develop a workable strategy. Apply money management. Trade it with discipline. 'Emotional awareness' doesn't need to feature anywhere in the process.

    You can "learn about yourself" and your "sixth sense intuition" to your hearts content if that's what floats your boat but it isn't a prerequisite to achieving consistent profitability in trading whereas strategy and discipline are.

    And don't even bother quoting Soros's philosophies on trading, he's a market manipulator and a major player, he can afford to have his little eccentric "aches in his body" idiosyncrasies but they're not relevant or recommended for the average trader! :)
  11. sell resistance...buy support...that is all it is. nothing else...
  12. 6 yrs and that is all it is...that simple...
  13. You're right, what ever floats your boat. And you're also right that it is probably not required to be somewhat profitable. However, I would be willing to bet my right arm that most, if not all, of the extraordinarily successful traders and money managers are extremely emotionally aware, even if they don't spell it out that way. It is that very awareness which has enabled these trading superstars or geniuses to enter a "zone" and see the markets clearly during all situations. Whether they are giant, ultra-successful, fund mangers like George Soros or just the large locals in the pit who seem to have developed an uncanny "feel" for the flow of trading, this type of awareness plays a large role. I have worked with a few traders over the past couple years and if you tell them to just "have discipline", it works about as much as telling an alcoholic to just not pick up a second drink. But if you teach a person to watch themselves, and more specifically their emotions, while they trade and then learn how the emotions caused them to react adversely, it helps them to develop discipline and enter a calm state of mind in which to view the market. It takes time but it works.

    Also, I am not debating this with you so that you will agree, because I doubt you will. I am debating this just in case other newer traders are reading this and want to learn and your questioning does help to sharpen my explanation a bit.
  14. Now you're talking about a totally different subject, an understanding of the market, the way it moves, it's 'personality' if you will. That 'feel' comes from endless hours of watching and trading, nothing to do with your own 'emotional awareness' or learning about yourself. If you're exploring those avenues in order to develop that feel for the market yourself then I think you're going to be disappointed with the results. Just put in the hours and it will come, you can't force some apects of trading, they come naturally with experience and time.

    Like I said, don't even bother quoting Soros's philosophies on trading, he's a market manipulator and a major player so he can afford to have his little eccentric "aches in his body" idiosyncrasies but they're not relevant or recommended for the average trader!
  15. Well, there is nothing else I can add, I have said it all and I disagree with you about Soros. People can read the posts and decide who is helpful to them.

    Let me just ask you a question Cabletrader. Are you profitable? If so, are you very profitable and consistently so? You don't have to post your blotter, because you already know my opinion there, but just a question man to man. Taking information from your previous posts the answer will probably be "somewhat" to the first question and "no" to the second. So if that is the case, what makes you think you know what it takes to be very profitable consistently. You seem to argue and make quite critical statements as though you are an authority on the subject of what it takes to be a very successful trader. It would be like me going into a college basketball game and telling people "what it takes" to go pro, yet I myself am still in high school. I mean this with respect, but please do answer the questions.
  16. i agree, like the guy said ..trading will paint yourself with a broad brush. emotions are huge!!! you have to let go when u know its right. its never for certain...u just take ur shots at support and resistance. thats all it is...imho
  17. for example..a inverted head and shoulders on a minute chart could look like a bear flag on a 5 min. chart...u can't know how it will work out.. u just take the set up in the smaller time frame and see how it works. emotions keep u from trading the set up...u just have to trade what u see in relation to what time frame u r trading in...imho
  18. simply put emotions get u in a trade too late and get u out too early...i agree though its the most difficult part of the whole game:(
  19. lol, this isn't a competition to see who can be the most helpful you know, it's supposed to be a discussion forum although admitedly it's hard to tell sometimes :)

    Your questions are slightly pointless in this context because whether (and to what degree) I'm consistently profitable or not is irrelevant, sensible people should have the ability to evaluate information for themsleves and store away bits which they find useful or helpful and dismiss the rest, wheat from the chaff so to speak.

    My opinions and observations are based on personal experience of what I found worked for me and others, it doesn't automatically follow that it's either the best approach or that it will work as effectively for everyone, it would be incredibly conceited (not to mention naiive) to believe one's opinion is the only one which is right or which matters, no-one has the monopoly on ways to achieve consistent profitability nevertheless some things are just plain common sense.

    Everyone, even the likes of Soros, has potential for improvement and it's that continued honing of one's skills which keeps interest alive, trading (and life in general come to that) would be terminally boring if we rested on our laurels and didn't try to improve ourselves.

    In the interest of diplomacy I'll resist the temptation to express my opinion of your trading experience and profitability based on information from your previous posts :)
  20. Well first off, I applaud your restraint in not using insults. To be honest I thought they were coming.:)

    My response to you then is this. I am very profitable and consistently so for the past three years now. I do not have a job and I have not had one for over two years now. I support myself completely off of trading my own and other people’s money in the FX market everyday. If I don’t make money, I don’t eat. The advice or opinions that I give are not something that I read in a book or are they from a teacher, but they are gotten form my actual experiences on getting to the level that I am at. I don’t claim to know everything and I have a ways to go in this career but I have learned things along the way that can be helpful to new or unprofitable traders. There is also a level of trading to which I am ignorant; I have no idea what it takes to manage a 500 million dollar fund. I would take any advice I could if I ever get to that level. So, with all due respect, just try to keep an open mind and realize that there may be things that you don’t know that you don’t know. Another words, if you knew what it took to be a successful consistently profitable trader then you would probably already be there. I have actually gotten to the level in which I am helping other traders to get too. So your constant arguing with me about “what it takes” is a bit like the college ball player telling the new players that the MLB player doesn’t know what he is talking about (although I will admit I would be still considered a rookie because three years isn't that long). This doesn't mean that you can't keep starting these mental boxing matches with me, because quite frankly, it helps me crystallize my ideas a bit. If you ever want to discuss your trading with me through PM, feel free (although it often takes me a while to respond) and if you really are a serious FX trader, we could share ideas. Peace.
  21. Ok well, I gave it my best try with you. The reason I stated the above facts is so that people would know where I am coming from and if they want to talk to a successful FX trader they can. Also, because it gets frustrating to argue with people about stuff that I have already gone through and kind of "been there done that", but they (you) seem to think they know better even though you aren't there yet. I am never insulting on these forums and I conduct myself maturely and, contrary to what you believe, I always tell the truth based on my experience. I will say though that it is definitely people like yourself, who is not a successful trader, that constantly argues with someone who is, that would keep successful traders out of here. I post something that is based on truth and actual experience and then I have to constantly defend it from unsuccessful loud mouths who criticize and insult without actually having any authority on the subject. It's actually quite baffling and hilarious when you think about it. When I was new I never argued like I knew how to be successful, but I listened and asked questions. Maybe that's why you are where you're at and I'm where I'm at. You are like the gurus who write books because they "think" they know how it's done but can't seem to actually do it. Good luck with that.
  22. I'm with Cable on this one.

    The greater % of market movement understood, the less utility are 'psychology'/self awareness/centering techniques.

    The inverse is also true.

    Consider that most profitable traders only churn maybe 5-10% a month. They trade set-ups. Wait for their ducks to line up, then execute. They have a line on maybe 5% of hands dealt, and fold on the rest.

    That other 95% is what f*cks traders up, psychologically.

    That lurid and wild thrashing of markets while a trader knows not, is what instills fear, envy, and most of all, doubt.

    The negative emotions of uncertainty - spawn from the 95% of not knowing - bleed into the other 5% of what a trader does know, and clouds their judgment and shakes their confidence, accordingly.

    Emotional self-awareness and traders "psychology" represent occupational bio-feedback and guided meditation tools, respectively.

    The objective of both is to keep emotional uncertainty from co-mingling with the golden 5%, so to enhance the awareness from bio-signals produced from good and bad trades.

    Emotional feedback can work. But thats trading a reverberation, of a reverberation, from a good signal. Sort like discerning what your neighbor shouts into a tin can, attached to a 60 ft piece of string, that ends in your marble-tiled washroom when you're sitting half-way down the hall!

    Better still to plumb the source, rather than diagnose the side-effects. If bio-feedback works, it means a traders subconscious identified and understood the signal, but has yet to transfer the revelation to the waking mind.

    Thats really key and salient to the whole discussion.

    Now we're at an evolutionary cross-roads, where a trader's psychological make-up determines the fork-in-the-road.

    For many, "intuition", "feeling", "psychology" is all they need to keep the golden 5% unmolested, and they run with it (not easy). Harder still, these traders are gifted with the natural discipline to sideline, watch and wait during the other ~90%. Most profitable traders fit this bill.

    The other crowd, are either too undisciplined, impatient or unstable to make 10% work, 100% of the time. So they journal good signals, hammer out exactly why it works, extrapolate, and widdle down that 90% to 80%, then 70%, then 60%, etc etc.

    And with each widdling, uncertainty becomes less prevalent, certainty dominates and negative emotions fade.

    Thats why psychology is a double-edged sword. Its a good tool for beginners. But lies as the final holy grail, when thats in the charts.
  23. I didn't realize I or anyone else had actually asked you about how profitable you are but all evidence to the contrary from what I've read so far, you actually sound like you're trying to convince yourself, in all probability if you were in fact any of those things you would not feel the need to keep repeating them to try to convince others, you would be confident that people would see the wisdom in your posts by themselves.

    Like I said to you before, anyone can say they're anything on the internet, in other words you can present yourself as whatever your fantasies desire. Whether it's convincing or not is a different matter!

    Truly successful people don't feel the need to tell everyone how successful they are all the time, in fact if anything they tend to be rather modest about their success.

    Whatever floats your boat big guy, as long as you're happy!

    Anyway all that is totally irrelevant and inconsequential, if you want to debate an issue then fine, I'll debate it no problem.

    Have a great day, I'm going to do some trading now :)
  24. Your points are well taken. However I would say that I don't believe that there are just 10% opportunities. It is my belief, and experience everyday, that there are many opportunities, often times so many that I don't have enough eye balls and capital to exploit them. Maybe it is the emotional awareness and intuition that allows me to see and take advantage of these, but either way it is what I see everyday. It is interesting though that you would agree with a struggling and unprofitable trader as apposed to a very profitable one. I don't mean this disrespectfully but maybe this is why there are so few who are successful, another words, maybe the advice of the successful, for whatever reason, falls on deaf ears, but the ramblings of the unsuccessful are taken as truth. Interesting.
  25. It's unconvincing to bill yourself as a guru by making all sorts of unsubstantiated claims, or to try to discredit people who don't agree with your opinions with equally unsubstantiated claims, just let your argument on a subject speak for itself. Your experience will shine through if it exists, simply claiming experience or others inexperience won't do it!

    Politicians often use similar tactics, when they can't shoot the message they try to shoot the messenger, it's well-worn and ineffective and smacks of desperation in the face of adversity!
  26. If you can do 20%+ a day - on intuition alone - hats off to you. Thats not to say 20% is exceptional. Rather, its the fly-by-the-seat method. I see hard and fast rules that make it just as easy. So who has the disadvantage???

    Btw, Cable has posted lots of blotters. 100 pips+ a days on tight stops. Try a search.
  27. Excellent post achilles28, it seemed a shame to snip it because every word was relevant!

    This has actually turned into an interesting thread, I love debates like this because it either strengthens one's existing beliefs or throws up alternatives.
  28. Ok fine, point taken. But now you've got me going here. Maybe that's why the successful are successful and the unsuccessful are unsuccessful. Maybe it comes down to humility and the ability to have an open mind and learn. This would enable a person to listen to the somewhat unorthodox, yet true, teachings of the truly successful. Maybe the unsuccessful are just more comfortable listening to the same old trading axioms that don't work and that fuel each new crop of new money, just because they are comfortable. Or maybe the successful traders advice has just subtle differences that are only absorbed by the truly eager. I have unsuccessful traders telling me that my advice is wrong yet I am actually doing what they are claiming to know how to do, but can't do. I don't mean this arrogantly, but it feels like I'm on the outside looking in.
  29. Ditto, brother. Perhaps, I'm wrong. Perhaps there's tons of highly-profitable "emotional/intuitive" traders, out there. I wouldn't have thought so. And given the seemingly fluctuating nature of the market, I'd imagine gut-feeling-it would be hard. Although, I know what I'm doing. So its quite possible they do as well, but haven't realized it! :p :p :p :p

    The difference, I suppose, would be a stronger inner-connection/instinctual trust. Whereas with me, I question everyone and everything, to a fault. So i tear things down to their most basic, before i permit "faith". But then its not faith....its rules!
  30. Either way, here I am tired as hell trying to convince people to take my advice, lol. You guys do what you want, I'm going to bed. You win.

    Edit: One last thing, if I sounded arrogant or anything I apologize as that was not my intention. I was just trying to get my point across.
  31. You're totally missing the point, let the merit of your argument determine what others think, your claims mean diddly!

    I'm not suggesting your ways of thinking don't work, it wouldn't matter how diverse or off-the-wall they might be, after all there's more than one way to skin a cat. By the same token you need to be less conceited and concede that you don't have the monopoly on profitable trading ideas and approaches and that someone else might also be profitable with a completely opposite approach.

    I obviously don't know for sure but something tells me you are more into the theory of trading rather than actual practical trading experience, I may be wrong of course, it has been known!
  32. Ok, I haven't went to bed yet so one last reply. Your quote above is exactly my point. Everything I said ALL comes from experience and not one bit from theory. I detest theory, and I believe it keeps most traders trapped in "almost got it" land forever. Yet you claim that you are not profitable so your advice or teachings couldn't be anything but theory. Do you see my point. Because I am constantly profitable my advice is solid truth from actual experience, and I am living proof, yet you say you are not consistently profitable, so your advice must be theory. I mean how could it be otherwise? If your advice wasn't theory then you would be successful, no? This goes back to that whole outside looking in thing, you are trying to brand me as something that you actually are! Respectfully of course.
  33. Well I can't say I'd go a bundle on Soros's 'aches and pains' indicator but who knows, my grandma could tell when it was going to rain if her rheumatism was playing up and she was usually right! Mind you there was probably some scientific reason ie air moisture or something. I bet she would have made a good trader, "oooh me bunions are giving me gyp, better short the dollar!" :)

    I'm the same as you, I tend to break things down looking for logical reasons why they should work, or more importantly why they shouldn't work, if anything I'm my own devil's advocate which isn't easy at times. Although I'm often influenced by gut instinct (wrong more times than it's right funnily enough and it's kept me out of some profitable trades!), it's not the mainstay of my strategy and I'm not sure how confident I would be if it was. I like clearly defined rules, as little discretion as possible, and the discipline to follow them no matter what.

    Each to their own I guess but intuition wouldn't do it for me I don't think, it would be like driving with my eyes shut!
  34. lol, excuse me? I don't remember saying I wasn't profitable, I didn't mention it one way or the other as in this context it's irrelevant.

    You're the only one here who thinks that by repeatedly saying you're profitable it in some way convinces anyone or supports and adds weight to your argument when in fact I think arguments should be judged on their merit.

    I know profitable traders who haven't got the sense God gave a sack of beans, and unprofitable traders who know every trading theory going but who can't trade to save their life.

    By the way I'm not trying to teach anyone anything, I'm simply debating issues, readers (if they haven't lost interest already) can sort the wheat from the chaff of respective posters.

    Have a lie down.....
  35. You can make fun of my advice all you want, it makes no difference to me. I also never said that psychology and emotional awareness is the only factor in success. I said and agreed with the OP that psychology, and more specifically emotional awareness, play a large role in someone's consistent success.

    And again, the reason I state that I am a professional and a very profitable trader is so that other traders understand that my advice is not here say or "theory" but actual truth that I have gained through my journey to success. I mean if I was a new trader and there were ten different traders, with an array of advice, one thing that I would surly want to know is, have any of you traders actually become successful with your advice, or are these just your theories? So for you to keep saying that I am bragging or being conceited is just ridiculous. I am simply helping those who might be reading our comments to be able to determine who's advice is actually proven. I mean the way you , and some others around here talk, if I was new or learning, I wouldn't know who to believe. Your never ending arguments make it seem as though you have authority on the subject. Also, as far as my comments standing on there own merit, that is just a ridiculous idea to a new trader. Who is the judge of whether my advice has merit? You? Other unsuccessful traders like yourself? The guys who think all dealers are a scam? Let's hope not.

    Or back to another example, if I wanted to become a pro baseball player I would prefer, if possible, to hear from other pros, as opposed to those in the minors who think they know everything.
  36. There's absolutely nothing to say anyone here is successful or unsuccessful apart from their word, and like I've explained to you numerous times before people can claim whatever they like because there is no way of dispoving it, in any event it's not relevant to the discussion.

    The idea of debating issues is so that opposing views can be put forward and discussed rationally, there should be no automatic acceptance that what someone says is correct simply because they claim to be profitable or successful. The reader can then evaluate what he is reading and decide for himself what makes more sense. In other words based on the actual merit of content as opposed to perhaps fabricated and imaginary claims from the author.

    Now, is there anything which you'd actually like to debate here or are you just going to keep telling us all how successful you are and that we should accept what you say as gospel, and how unsuccesful everyone who disagrees with your opinion is?

    I think you need more sleep, 4 hour naps are having an adverse affect on the old grey matter!

    If you feel the urge to reply with more of the same dross then save yourself some time, just refer to my previous replies for your answer.

    Now go and get another 4 hours and then have a nice cup of tea, we'll probably still be here when you get back :)
  37. Debating issues is fine and posting ones opinion is also fine. However, when I post a comment about emotions and then you loudly chime in right after me and attack my comments and state that my advice is crap as though you have some special authority on the subject then I will defend my comments and state that my comments are not from here say or theory but from actual fact, where as your even louder comments are based on theory at best. In the right circumstance it is perfectly acceptable, and even called for, to note one's expertise on a subject. Notice I don't have these arguments with anyone else? This is because the few times that I make posts, which is when I actually have something of proven value to add, then you chime in and attack them as though you're the authority on the subject, when in fact that couldn't be further from the truth. So, quit acting like an insulting, know it all, blow hard and then I will not have to post profitability.

    As far as sleep is concerned, when I am responsible for other people's money in a 24 hr market, I sleep when I can, not when I want to.

    EDIT: I'm also starting to see now why all these people have you on ignore.
  38. Ok let me just explain to you how debates work, crikey, I can't believe I'm having a debate about debating, surreal but never mind....

    One person makes a statement or expresses an opinion. Another person disagrees and rebutts the first persons opinion with what they believe is reasoned logic, and they express an opinion of their own. The first person then rebutts the second persons rebuttal with even more reason and logic......and so it goes on.

    Nowhere in the process does one party in the debate simply claim superior knowledge as a reason that everyone else's opinion should be dismissed, that's hardly democratic! Support your opinions with reasoned logic and if they're more reasoned and logical that the other parties then they'll be convincing and win the day. It's fine to state your supposed qualifications or experience as a preface but your argument shouldn't rely solely on it, it needs to have something of substance.

    What would you like to find fault with next, maybe we could reasonably and logically debate reason and logic?
  39. in the foxhole there are no atheists.
  40. There is a difference between two people debating and stating their opinions in a civil and respectful manner as opposed to attacking someone elses opinion in a loud mouth and arrogant way that insinuates you have superior knowledge. Go back and read the thread and notice how no one else chimed in and said that someone elses opinions are "claptrap" or whatever. I posted a sensible comment in a respectful manner. I didn't come in and insult someone else's comment and then state that I know how it really is. You did that and THAT is not debating. So again, if I state respectfully that I think that so and so is true and then you come in and say "that's garbage let me tell what is really true". THAT again, is not debating. That is what a know it all blow hard does. But instead of all of this I will just put you on ignore. Good Luck
  41. Tsk tsk, that's not very professional or very healthy, this is actually an important issue.

    It's tempting to just catch a few hours here and there 'when you can' in case you miss something but it's not a good way to live.

    Proper sleep, regular meals and coffee breaks, exercise, recreation, exclusive family time, they're all part of a well rounded life and it will be reflected in your trading.

    Far too many people leap out of bed after a couple of hours nap, straight to the screens and then sit there unshaved, unshowered, unfed, for hours on end, grabbing snacks to keep them going.

    Treat trading as you would any normal job or business, don't be a slave to it at the exclusion of everything else. Your performance and job satisfaction will increase immeasurably.

  42. Important point on sleep cable! Thanks for bringing it to the forefront - very important. One can't make decisions if he's sleepy and irritated. Sorta like trying to drive without sleep, it's suicide!
  43. When you manage other people's money and your very survival rests upon managing your positions properly then I will take your advice on my sleep schedule.

    And I forgot to put this in my previous post about debating. Look at the difference in tone of our first two comments. This will show who really is arrogant and conceded, even without merit. Maybe this will help you in your future dealings here. My comment comes from a place of humility and respect, even though I have authority on the subject, yours comes from a place of arrogance and superior knowledge as though you do have authority, in which you don't. Maybe you just like to start arguments or you really think that you do know it all, but either way, this should be all people need to see in order to figure out who to trust here. I don't state my credentials unless I have too, in order to deal with people like you who argue in an arrogant an insulting manner until the end of time.
  44. I agree, and the adverse affects are amazing.

    Apart from the sleep issue, I've seen traders getting frustrated and angry when they haven't found a trade after sitting there for 7 or 8 hours solid, they end up finding any trade just to justify their time. I've seen health deteriorate, families and friends shoved aside, whole lives where every waking minute is dedicated exclusively to trading and making money at the expense of everything else.

    I've seen it because I've done it, I never want to go back there. Nowadays I treat trading the way it should be treated, an incredibly flexible and enjoyable job which allows me to enjoy life instead of being my life. I get ready to go to work in the morning like any other job, shower, take the dogs out for a walk, breakfast, then I go to work. Coffee breaks, lunch break, and finish at a reasonable time unless something significant is happening.

    I urge everyone who trades full-time to give it a go, set yourself an acceptable routine and see the difference it makes to your life and to your trading productivity.
  45. Then you don't know how to manage your clients. Plenty of people here manage funds, myself included, clients aren't your employer they're your clients, you can't allow your life to revolve around them.

    If you produce a healthy return for them they'll be happy no matter what time you get up in the morning.

    Potions, I don't know what you mean, sorry.
  46. You mange a fund, that's rich, hahahaha!! So you go from "I'm not a great trader" to I manage a fund. Hhahahaha!! Scalping for two pips 40 times a day and you manage a fund, hahahahaha!!

    And it was positions, I edited it right after I posted it.

    And "I don't know how to manage my clients". Hahahaha!!

    Now I feel satisfied with ending my argument with you. Thanks for posting that.
  47. Have you lost it altogether?

    Ummm yes, I manage clients funds, on Oanda's FXManager. Yes I scalp for between 1 and 15 pips. Yes I produce on average 70 or 80 pips a day (my trading blotters are posted all over these forums, just type something like 'pips wins +' in search), and no I'm not a great trader, there are far better ways to trade and far better traders than me. However I'm consistent, I have a fairly smooth equity curve, no major drawdowns, and everyone seems fairly happy. Sorry, is there something wrong with that, and here was me thinking that was the aim of trading, you obviously know different!

    lol, what, you think you're the only person in the forum to manage a bit of money (even though it is just your uncle's)? Get real!

    And no, I don't think you do actually know how to manage clients if you're getting 4 hours sleep a night just to keep them happy!

    What's next, maybe you'd like to find fault with my spelling or something :D

    Quit my friend, you're making a complete arse of yourself!