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SRS commercial real estate melt rediscovered

  1. 14 percent and counting today, probably at least another double.
  2. About bloody time :)
  3. Not Simon though. Merill is doing ANOTHER dilutive secondary at 50 for 23MM shares and propped the stock all day.
  4. 10% now, where u guys long from if i may ask?
  5. Down 10% today.

    Where u guys long this from? The news is out.
  6. Down 15% now, very quiet on this thread...

    You heard it here first.

  8. Are you in URE at the moment, SRS in the single digits would place URE in the high single digits or at least a 100% return.
  9. I added back the half I had sold today and am again carrying a full position in SRS calls. Target is $30 within a month.