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Spyhunter adware remover

  1. Anyone use this before to remover adware and spyware;let me know your experience with it?
  2. I installed and used Spybot on a couple of computers. Spybot.com. Found and removed alot of stuff.

  3. I have both spybot and lavasoft's ad-aware. I think spybot is a better at detecting offending programs/spyware.
  4. is it possible to retrieve information from a reformatted harddrive?
  5. Does this spyware interfere with the Free Email account that Yahoo provides?

    Michael B.
  6. It appears some people claim Spybot itself has spyware components and/or causes your system to malfunction. The pattern of the product reviews on CNET is suspicious, lots of rave reviews presenting Spybot as the best tool out there but also a fair amount of reviewers guarding against the hype and the problems the software causes. I haven't tried it yet but I for one know that it's useless against adware.searchcounter (see my thread on this)
  7. Have used spybot for 18 months now, never had one problem.
  8. I was told the one instance that you cannot retrieve info was when you reformatted your hard drive.

    But, check with an expert.
  9. What kind of stuff?
  10. In some instances, yes. :)
  11. Yes, because you never really erase it....you just take away the markers....so to speak...but there are companies who can recover the data for a price....they phsycally read the platters by taking the drive apart.

    Michael B.

    P.S. There is a way to really erase a hard drive in case you sell your computer....I don't know how though....I just know reformatting does not erase.

  12. Has Spybot had an update in months? I know Adaware has an update every few weeks, my version of spybot doesn't seem to have had one since I downloaded it.
  13. Spybot has updates all of the time. I just downloaded and installed one on Saturday. I usually check for updates weekly.
  14. Try clicking the "Search for updates" button. Spybot has updates regularly.
  15. The "Secure Harddisk Eraser" overwrites the hard disk with zeroes. That way you are not potentially giving someone else your personal info if you sell or throw away your hard drive.



    The only way to make sure very very sensitive data on you hard drive can't be recovered is to take it apart and destroy it by fire, acid or what ever it takes. For enough money, even overwritten drives have a residual shadow of previous data that could be recovered by someone wanting to spend the money to recover it.
  17. Spybot is awsome and works very well and is the essence of simplicity to use...highly recomend it.

    rttrader1 -
  18. Man, I am not THAT worried about somebody accessing my old porn. If they are going to go to all that trouble, they can have at it...

  19. Hey, if you downloaded Kiddy Porn you might want to reconsider. :eek:
  20. you have to run both. sypbot wont get em all.