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    I have had quite a bit of interest the past few years in a less expensive spread trade training package. I was always (and still am) a bit concerned about clients needing real one-on-one interaction - especially during the paper trading phase. On the flip side, especially during the past few years, I have been able to record a great deal of client trade review webinars - at least 100 hours I would estimate. I have also noticed that some clients request much more time than others - the webinars are very complete these days. There are literally hundreds of trade entry setups reviewed and inter and intra market spread combinations constructed in the recorded webinars.

    So, due to the completeness of the recorded webinars library to date, and the protracted period of time over many market conditions under which this library was accumulated - a "Light" Spread Trade Training Package would make sense for some clients.

    If, for some reason, a "Light" package client wanted to transition to the "Full" package, that would be acceptable during the 12 month contract term.

    The only requisite is that the client should have some competency trading and charting. You'll need to spend about $85 per month on eSignal with delayed US and European futures data - that's the only expense you'll really need other than the initial consulting fee. (if you want to use a different charting package after you complete the training CQG works and there are some other possibilities - in addition to the eSignal .efs file I provide the coding text for the proprietary technical indicator package). I use 'Go-to-Meeting' for the personal webinars, and 'Hightail' for the secure files transfer.

    Don't worry about trade execution and choice of FCM - I'll be happy to review with you your choices about that, and there are also webinars reviewing the better options for different kinds of clients. Hint: it may be your best option to use an FCM's 24 hour trade execution desk.

    Also, please note that this is not a financial engineering grade product per se. While I am personally a Nuclear Engineer by training, please be advised that there is a fair bit of "quick and dirty" involved here. This is by design - as the majority of my clientele quite frankly don't have the prerequisite academic background for computational analytics but they truly require an alternative revenue stream or a fresh new approach to trading markets.

    These are the two packages I will be offering now in 2018:

    Full Package: $7500 USD. All proprietary studies and files; over 100 hours of recorded webinars. 12 months of personal one-on-one consulting mentorship mutually arranged through "Go to Meeting". *

    "Light" Package: $4500 USD. Includes all of the studies, files, and recorded webinars as given in the Full Package. Personal one-on-one consulting mentorship restricted to 15 hours total mutually arranged through "Go to Meeting" over a 12 month term. Highly technical or lengthy email responses count towards the 15 hour consultant time limitation. *

    * 1. Client references available and encouraged, 2. IP NDA/Consultant-Client Terms and Conditions Contract Required, 3. Credit Cards accepted with prevailing card processing merchant fees added, 4. The "Light" Package is only available to new clients signed from January 2018 and later. Previous clients have a "Full Package" Terms Contract in force.

    For some additional context about the learning process here is an email from a recent client summing up his experience to date:

    December, 2017 Email from a Client who started paper trading the system in October of 2017. Keep in mind that at the time of this email this client is very green and the paper trading performance metrics almost always improve substantially over time. From WBB: "I've been reviewing all my winning trades and all the losing trades. The result, particularly with the losing trades, is kind of funny and encouraging... Looking through the losing trades... very few regrets. Yes, in a couple instances my stop was just a hair too tight. I'll fix that going forward. The vast majority of the losses were 'signal flips', meaning the hit to the bottom line was small. My average loser was only -$562 while the average winner was +$1,237. I'd like to get the win/loss ratio up into the low 60's from the mid-50's. That ratio is currently only 54%. But it's tough to have a lot of regrets with a P & L that shapes up like this. With 26 closed out trades, the net is +$11,887." (Note: three months on a simulated $50K account) "Plus, I have 5 paper trades still open and all 5 of them are in the black." Note: this client puts quite a bit of effort into his paper trading and it shows. Personally, I'm not big into trading generalizations but I can say with certainty that a client's effort is directly correlated to how well he or she does in translating the program into real trading results.

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    www.Tradingview.com does daily spread charts for free and intraday for $19.95. I guess you may have to pay exchange fees to get them in real time.
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    Unfortunately, that chart platform will NOT support my proprietary indicator package among other requirements. Custom intra and inter market combinations, exchange spreads, etc. etc..
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    Can what you teach be programmed by a competent programmer if we sign up for the course? Why or why not?
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    I can say two things about this: 1. Plenty of traders with programming backgrounds have been clients, and 2. Being very competent with the system manually would make any programming effort much more effective.

    The other piece is that the actual construction of a spread combination, in addition to the considerable number of potential spread combinations available, would add a great deal of dimensionality and make this a different challenge than simply programming a strategy for an outright flat price instrument. And that might not be a bad thing. Fortunately, a spread combination has a singular price valuation in terms of data collection and analysis. Obviously, things are a bit more complicated than ordering up five years of tic data on ES and downloading that into MatLab.
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    I’ve had two new clients this week for the “ Light” package.
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    Add another client to the "Light" package. The new option appears to be popular.
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    Got another new client on the "Light" package. Welcome. Eager to learn how to spread trade.
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    Welcome to a new client who wanted the "FULL" package. I improved the term of his contract from the standard 12 to 18 months gratis because both my client references and myself thought he was slightly on the "green" side - and I want to make sure that he has every opportunity and a generous time window to get everything he needs out of the program.
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    Relative Value trading styles continue to be the number one strategy for 2018 hedge fund managers. Simple Google search will confirm.
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