some trading advice from a woman

Discussion in 'Trading' started by WhiteOut56, Sep 8, 2010.

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    That was great!
  2. The sweetheart should've showed some skin. [​IMG]
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    Great and old. It was posted 2 years ago or so.
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    ha... this is actually very realistic. now th guy can re group for the millionth time and say he should of stuck to his discipline. then he can say its good that he took a big loss and how its another great learning experience...he can then tell himself he should of listened to his gut. he should of sold earlier,he did the right thing but his only mistake was holding to long ect... jeez,howmany learning experiences does it take to go broke? i don't know many engineers that need to lose money in orde to learn something..did you see the look on this guys face??? howmany teachers,fireman.engineers,doctors,or salesman have tht kind of face after a real bad day??NONE. becasue they don't drop 10k in one day and then lose another 20k trying to break even...
    ITS GAMBLING GUYS,WAKE UP !!!! You are wasting valuable time.yeah i know, you want to give trading just one more chance!!!! 100k later and you are still giving trading "one more chance".
  5. I saw Scott Carter from TTM in the video. Who's the singer? His wife?
  6. I meant to say "John Carter" from Not Scott.
  7. Then no doubt you've heard this little ditty:

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