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Some of IB's option quotes are wrong

  1. Order not getting filled even though I submitted the bid.

    Or even below the bid:

  2. I'm not showing any bid....though, also not showing any volume / open interest
  3. Bring up OptionTrader, guys -- there be no market where yous' is at.
  4. I agree, I think those quotes are stale. But I would have figured that when I submit an order, it would at least cause the system to refresh the quote.
  5. Also seeing no bid, ask at 1.05. You can see there is an issue as the quote your snapshot is showing is a locked market, 1 bid at 1 and 1 bid at .95
  6. The ASK I see is close to what you see (granted I'm seeing it nearly an hour later), but what should be the red flag is that the bid has crossed the ask in your screenshot. That pretty much tells you immediately that it's not real bid.
  7. those quotes are the same everywhere. it is not only at IB as the title of this thread is suggesting.
  8. I'm not sure about other brokers although I could have checked TD. How is the title misleading? I simply said some of IBs option quotes are wrong and provided an example. It's not like I'm trying to smear IB. I've mentioned several times on this forum that overall I'm happy with IB. Just wish that they would fix this issue which I occasionally / rarely see.
  9. I don't think it was misleading at all. I was seeing the correct quotes on all of my platforms.
  10. were you looking at the same quotes at the same time as the OP?
  11. IB Options Quotes frequently glitches. I have 2 TWS Optiontrader open both with the same spread. One is frozen, does not update at all while the other works fine. I've lost money before from this glitch so I always double check with 2 accounts open now.

    There is also a glitch where the quotes for the strike that you have a position in refuses to work, showing blank while the rest of the chain works fine. This is more infrequent.

    Don't get me started on rejected spread orders..

    ib3.png ib2.png ib1.png
  12. CLUES for the confusled:

    1) Don't trade markets where no one else is trading.
    ("Really? 33% above current traded price is too far out?")

    2) Don't have two identical OptionTraders up, without expecting TWS to be unhappy.

    3) Ctrl-Alt-F is your friend.

  13. What's Ctrl+ Alt+F?
  14. :sneaky:
    Part of the secret handshake.
    No lie.

    It should appear on a banner above every TWS monitor.
  15. *scratches head*

    ...so, liquidate portfolio, or update quotes? :p

    (Sorry, I'd look this up myself but on my phone on a train right now...don't want to forget to check)
  16. Oh, good. I'm not flattened out, AND my quotes refreshed! :cool:

    (funny aside: The google search link came up on ET....where else?)
  17. Thank the Lord.
  18. I took them about 3 minutes before I made my original post above.
  19. Why not? For the enough premium, I'll take any trade. If the option chain was correct (pretty sure that it wasn't...my reason for posting in the first place), then I'd be able to sell that option in the screenshot and buy the same strike for a longer-expiration, hence no risk. Of course, that opportunity would never happen for a retail trader. Machines would be quick to pick off those opportunities if they ever existed. Again, wrong quotes and the reason for making the post.
  20. since you cannot participate why raise the issue?
  21. I just checked the direct OPRA feed and at 1:55 pm ET yesterday, the market was [0.00 - 1.00] (no bid) for that strike. It explains why you didn't get filled and it shows that there were no stale quote on the market. Possibly a glitch on the IB side.
  22. Because I want to trade based on accurate market data.
  23. #confused.png

    1) Right..no one is trading my fills just falls from the sky.

    2) I have had 2 TWS open every day for the past few years. It works 98% of the time, it's only an annoyance that should be fixed by IB.

    3) Thanks, I will try this it next time.

    Thank you for your clues for clearing my confusion.