Some billionaires just got poorer

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    Remember, if it is not cold hard cash sitting under your mattress, it is not your wealth.

    And the biggest loser award goes to:

    • Coinbase's founder has seen his wealth drop from $13.7 billion to $2.2 billion, per Bloomberg data.
    The difference between 13 B and 2 B is, you can't get rug pulled again. Is there a wallet address we can donate to them?
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    any news about traders who earned billions of dollars shorting the crypto things?
  3. Most likely, there's no material impact on his lifestyle. I believe most billionaires work not to earn the next billion but for something higher like fulfilling some life mission.

    If a billionaire says he feels poor because he lost several billions this year, he'll never feel happy.
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    Imagine the biggest loser has $2.2 billion more than @Pekelo thats funny stuff.
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    Explains why he has so much time to sit on a forum and bitch about crypto all day
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    Not all billionaires

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    some people just become billionaires...
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    At least the money under my mattress keeps me cold, so I don't have to turn on the AC...

    Hey, I sympathize with these folks. I have just donated a valuable NFT to the Starving Billionaires' Fund, I am sure they can sell it with huge profits. :)

    Now I am going to read a folk tale about Elizabeth Holmes' billions....
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